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  1. Your character is called "Nerd".

  2. Tornado_

    A Stolen Legacy

    The Kovachev Disaster; an artist’s depiction of Castle Vilacz ablaze during it's construction A bloodied missive is sent to the Duke of Adria, John Sarkozic bearing the seal of House Ivanovich. The lands of Vilacz has been illegally seized in a blatant disregard for tradition. Castle Vilacz rightfully belongs to the sons of Arpad and his legacy, you have stolen and claimed what does not belong to you. In an effort to maintain the Emperor’s peace I shall offer you two saint’s days to vacate the landings and return the keep to myself, Konyves Ivanovich. Failure to vacate the holding will leave me no further choice but to wage war and reclaim what is mine. I warn you to not pursue anything foolish for I shall remain watchful of your actions and will respond in kind. Signed, Konyves Ivanovich the Bloodied Crow.
  3. Tornado_

    [✗] [Server] Charles The Bald Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied. Please make an appeal on given date of ban message.
  4. Tornado_

    This Server is Dying

    Yes, I do understand I have several -1's and not many +1's. But if you believe I am a horrible GM and not liked by the community then, by all means, make a forum post talking about me or make a staff report on me if I am such a bad GM who is hated by the community. But, it is best not to try and give reasoning stating just because a certain group gave +1's to a GM application that he/she should be accepted. But back to the point stating just because a certain group of people did not like me wanted me not to get a GM. If I am such a bad GM please tell me what I have done, that I should not deserve the position of Game Moderator. If I have done such a bad job, and you can show me proof then I will personally resign.
  5. Tornado_

    [✓] [Server] JokerLow Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. Please read the rules again and make sure to follow them!
  6. Tornado_

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. Please be reminded to follow the rules.
  7. Tornado_

    [Complete] Charles The Bald Villainy Blacklist Appeal

    Moved to completed blacklists.
  8. Tornado_

    [Complete] Charles The Bald Villainy Blacklist Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Reminder that continuing to preform poor villainy rp and failure to comply with the rules will result in harsher punishment. Happy roleplaying .
  9. Tornado_

    Treaty of Shifting Sands, 1669

    Strong name.
  10. Tornado_

    snarky title

    Finally a PvP Vid with some good music. Also 2:10 was the best part tbh.
  11. Tornado_

    Project Danehammer.

    PvPers want to fight three times a week... Maybe the timing of six hours can change since thats a bit too long. But I would love to PvP three times a week.
  12. IGN(s): Tornado___ Age 17 Timezone GMT +3 Discord: Tor#1841 What map did you join during?: Atlas Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 3-5 Hours (will increase as summer starts in a week) Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I have had several real life experiences in regards to moderation. Firstly, I have a part-time volunteering course in a food production factory, that focuses on food testing. I am one of the members/workers who finds ways to improve the efficiency of the food tasting process to ensure new products are able to leave the factory at a faster speed. I do this by moderating the amount of food tested each time, furthermore able to judge the quality of food through different means. Furthermore, another way of moderation is through debate clubs which I attend as a member who regulates and promotes the rules of the series of debates. This allows me to moderate and ensure the respect of rules while a debate occurs. Finally, I have been a leader in regards to sports teams which ensures moderation through the usage of preparing training, ensuring fluidity with teamwork and so on. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Throughout my time on LOTC I have seemed to notice that the GM team has always focused on aiding and focusing on the wants and needs that are asked upon by the community in both a PvP, RP and OOC Aspect of the server. I believe that allowing myself to participate and be accepted into the GM team will hopefully have a beneficial impact on the community with their wants and needs but as well as have a beneficial impact on the GM team. Certain parts that I wish to focus and help aid in the GM team as I believe that it could use support on is in regards to raids, freebuild rules such as takeovers and so on, war claims. I wish to join the GM team to take part in aiding the players having a smoother and more comfortable time playing on LOTC. Furthermore, there are many new aspects to the new map such as freebuild takeovers and so on, which I believe I personally have a clear understanding of. I wish to aid members of the community who take part in aspects that include freebuild rules, raids, and war claims, and allow them to have an easier time while participating in those certain events. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172813-deniedi-tornado___s-game-moderator-application/?tab=comments#comment-1630646 Anything else you want to tell us?: Nope
  13. Tornado_


  14. Tornado_

    [✓] [Server] Pond Ban Appeal

    This is the last comment I am going to state. You cannot give the reason you had a skirmish five minutes prior that it excludes you from all shifting in the region tile hiding behind blocks with the intent to raid bait a nation on the region tile. You may have been statused and geared, and may give that as a reason to avoid saying you were raid baiting by saying you did a skirmish. But no one after a skirmish all hide behind blocks waiting to attack someone, on a region tile. That is clearly not allowed. Furthermore you all state that I did not wish to solve the problem? I had told you what had occurred all you stated was "Oh" then RPd with Simba acknowledging and accepting his thanks for aiding him by downing me. You were in clear acknowledgment of what you all did. So you should stop stating that I was making assumptions as there are Logs that the GMs can check. Maybe you guys should stop saying I am going for your ban as I am clearly trying to state that you are lying and that if GMs check the logs in the chat, it shows I told you all off the situation. But you clearly just wanted your ally/friend to escape without getting caught. This is the last comment. I will be making. I am sure the GM team will be able to make the correct decision and whatever the outcome I will accept.
  15. Tornado_

    [✓] [Server] Pond Ban Appeal

    Firstly, you three were in the dominion region tile all geared, statused and shifting clearly ready for PvP and with three of you there, it seems like the highest chance your intention was to raid bait. Secondly, you stated that you and Pond did not participate in the aiding of the no-rp killing but I remember you and Pond attempting to swing at me with Tortuga as well. Thirdly, you all did participate was one of you had responded to Simba's emote where he thanked all three off you for aiding in downing and stopping me in which one of you nodded your head to Simba in RP. The GMs can check the chatlog on that. You clearly participated and what you stated is a complete lie and misconception to the whole event that occurred.