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  1. Konyves would state while looking at the missive with a cheeky grin “This is the start of their fall”
  2. Magic should be more rare to find. Every other person I have encountered knows some sort of Evocation or Magic.
  3. PACT OF DRAGON AND MAGI “We stand proudly with our allies” - Antonius I 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1711 This pact hereby entails the principles to an accord agreed upon by the signees, to be adhered to by both their respective civilians and military alike. Should either principle be broken by a respective participant of either nation, then a truce will be inherently invoked, ergo allowing a maximum of three saints days wherein efforts to re-evaluate the accord, and, or, deem the accord no longer viable. Henceforth, both parties will adhere to a strict non-aggression agreement that will be enforced. Regarding the flow of goods and trade, no customs will discourage any exchange. Mobility between the nations will be enforced by both, and the roads swept of bandits who may harass our fair people. Both parties will aid one another in obtaining fugitives and criminals to their respective civilization unless one has a pact with said respective nation from which the fugitive hails from. Both signatories hereby establish that both parties agree to support one another with no less of the entirety of their military, should it be an offensive or defensive campaign. Recognizing the supremacy the primary signatory holds over the Elysians if this supremacy is contested then for the duration of until the end of the next war, the pact will ascend into a vassalization pact in which the Elysians vassalize under the primary signatory. HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Antonius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, Kaz’Ulrah, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Carlostadt,Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Pacha, Eastcliffe, and Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, First Human Prince of Malinor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera Archmage, Auriel aet’Vaelii Lothryne, Archmage of the Vale, Preserver of the Void
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    Un Vers Méconnu

    Yury would think in his head, recalling the time where he was also there aiding in the killing of Timeo as he would anger as he would be left out ”This is all fake. It does not even list me in it!”
  5. when the emperor kills millions of people

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  7. “It seems the phrase ‘People learn from their mistakes’ does not apply to Norlanders”
  8. Cya guys. Going to quit LOTC. Special thanks to Trol (Charlemagne), Kyle(person with a dead trim) and Dane(NordicGod). Seems like a long enough post. Cheers lads.
  9. “CRUSH THEM! BURN THEM! MAKE THEM HOWL!” - Ser Bogdan Barrow, addressing his men- Ample time was given, yet nothing. No response, no plea, no acknowledgment was given towards the Radovic forces trenched outside of Sun’s Smile Hold. They had their chance to safe face and leave these lands, but arrogant men they are. “Give them volley!” shouted Ser Bogdan Barrow atop his white steed. A line of Radovic men aimed their various woodworks at the keep, and let loose a hail of arrow fire. After mere moments of flight, the arrows lodged themselves in the stonework, and wooden supports. Very shouts could be heard from the castle, as lights were given life, the defenders were mustering. The small Radovic force that had entrenched themselves outside, were soon joined by the bulwark of the Styrian host. Various icons and heraldry flapped and fluttered in the brisk cold wind. Soon Ser Bogdan was not alone. To the side of him was the lord marshal of Styria, Ilya Ivanovich atop a black steed. The man’s stern stoic gaze fell on the keep, eyeing the scrambling defenders. “Give them steel, no mercy,” he stated, unsheathing his longsword, and pointing it towards the keep. Soon the area around Sun’s Smile Hold erupted in sounds of siege. It had begun. CB’s: Enemy of Nation Side A: Margraviate of Styria (EoM) & Allies Side B: The Defenders of Sun’s Smile Hold & Allies Proposed Date & Time: 27th October 2018, 3:30 EST Proposed Rules: Server Rules in place Location: (Dynmap is not up to date) Ingame Structure Discord: Tornado#1841 + Khozydwg#7648
  10. I demand respect like marimbamonk.

  11. “You laugh now, but my name shall be legend.” - Arpad Ivanovich before the Duma of Haense - The lands of Styria are a vast wooded area littered with mounds and knolls of rocks and earth. Founded by the late Arpad of Ivanovich, the margraviate was a small title, claiming the castles of Vilacz and Radom, along with the manor of the Churchills. The margrave boasted well in commerce and war as it supported the crown with a substantial levy, along with a large sum of coinage. However, with the passing of Arpad, the margraviate fell into a state of stagnation and rapid decay. The Churchills hid from the empire, whilst the strelts of Radom all but vanished. Vilacz was all that remained of the former margraviate, as its border were encroached upon by outside entities forming small hamlets. In recent times, Konyves of the house of Ivanovich has brought about an age of renewal to the region, staving off marauders and lawless brigands. Fighting unruly vassals of the Empire and securing it’s most northern border from the other races. It is now with the margrave’s borders nearly secure that it looks to renew its infrastructure and raise about new vassals of the ever-expanding Empire of Man. The current Margrave House: Ivanovich Current reigning Margrave, Konyves Ivanovich Heir, Ilya Ivanovich Council Members Marshal, Ilya Ivanovich Steward, Bogdan Barrow Scribe, Syd Kreznov Advisor, Hans Rovin Aristocracy Konyves Ivanovich - Margrave of Styria, Baron of Vilacz, Titular Duke of Krajia, Titular Baron of Vsenk, Imperial Knight of the Realm Bogdan Barrow - Master of the Ostrog, Ivanovyy, Knight-Errant Hans Rovin – Baron of Arnheim Gentry Gnaeus Domitius - Knight of Jakova Notable Figures Alfred Rubens - Squire to Konyves, Baron of Leeuwenhof “Drive them into the dirt, make them fear the name Ivanovich.” - Krajian Rebellion - Notable Locations Castle Vilacz Located on the upper echelons of the Baltas river stands a mighty bulwark of stone. Appearing similar to the town across from it in design, through having slight variations in its stone-work. This is the seat of the House of Ivanovich and the capital of Styria. ... Castle Jakova Constructed in a single saint’s day, this castle is small in stature and rests at the begging of a slope that leads to the higher plains of the Styria heartland. It is the northern fort of Styria and for the Empire as a whole. This is the seat of the landed knight Gnaeus Domitius. ... Ostrog Ivanovyy The southernmost border of Styria, in the past it served as a fort against the Reiver menace that plagued the heartlands of Renatus before it’s imperial ascendancy. The tower now houses the Master of the Ostrog, Bogdan Barrow. ... Castle Arnheim Arnheim has seen many masters and occupants throughout its life on the Baltas. It has been a safeguard for the river-crossing into the Styrian south, and remains a bulwark of a trade outpost. Recently this hold has fallen back into the Rovin’s hand under Hans of the house Rovin. Projects and Developments Written by Council Member Syd Kreznov of Styria Approved by his lordship Konyves Ivanovich - Margrave of Styria, Baron of Vilacz, Titular Duke of Krajia , Titular Baron of Vsenk, Imperial Knight of the Realm
  12. Konyves would read keenly at the imperial letters before stating to his Knights and men "For as long as we have breath in our lungs, we shall protect these lands, uphold its laws and lay down justice! These lands will prosper by the graces of GOD, His Imperial Majesty Aurelius Horen. Ave Imperium-Septimus! Ave Aurelius! Ave Styria!"
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