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  1. Tornado_

    Im quitting LOTC

    Cya guys. Going to quit LOTC. Special thanks to Trol (Charlemagne), Kyle(person with a dead trim) and Dane(NordicGod). Seems like a long enough post. Cheers lads.
  2. Tornado_

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    I didn’t resign because of request, it was due to school work, just thought I’d verify that fact.
  3. Tornado_

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    I wasn’t removed, I resigned. @Fireheart can verify.
  4. IGN(s): Tornado___ Age 17 Timezone GMT+3 Discord: Tor#4680 What map did you join during?: Vailor Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 3-5 hours (school calmed down and i’m done my exams and coursework) Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I have been a Game Moderator once before for which I served for a few months (2-4 months) under Fireheart as GM Director/Head at the time. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? Taken from my last application: In the time since I was last GM, I have helped manage and control a business convention with upwards to 700+ people as a team leader as well as lead activities between my school community with 100+ people attend, this had occurred several times. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Taken from my last application: I still would like to change the things that I set out to do so before, more importantly, I’d like to help assist in pushing through the new war rules which I believe to be personally great. During my previous tenure as a GM, I felt that I was effective in catching cheaters, dupers and helping maintain raids. I strongly believe that with freebuild heavily reworked for next map that it has the potential to be the best map of LotC’s iteration, I’d like to be a part of that journey and help guide it in that path. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172813-deniedi-tornado___s-game-moderator-application/?tab=comments#comment-1630646 Anything else you want to tell us?: N/A
  5. Tornado_

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Muhamamd would laugh “Your Kingdom was weak and so was your reign. Prove me wrong?”
  6. Tornado_

    The Constabulary Act of 1690

    Muhammed ibn Qasim would look in disgust as he would consult with his brother-in-arms of House Bartham in the streets of Carolustadt ”What is this man thinking? He wishes to create a set of armed soldiers under his control and take the jobs and duties of the Legionnaire?! The Parliament and Administration would surely think this wrong, to put hard-working men out of their duties over this abusive mayor creating a group of men that he is in control off!”
  7. Tornado_

    Bring Back Lances

    No point to even suggest this... if the coders aren't listening to the suggestions of improving horses.
  8. Tornado_

    The Tale of a Black Crow

    “Conflict is my will, strife is my strength, I shall never yield.” - Konyves Ivanovich within the Yatl Wastes - Konyves strode atop a black mare, cladded in bundles of fur, leather and cloth. It was not his typical black plated garb. The fur itches and smells of urine and manure. The sewing on the cloth lining was of poor quality, and the leather seemed to be coming undone with each leap and bound his stead made in the rocky snow terrain. He missed his pinewood forests and lush moors of his homeland, Styria. However, this was no time to be homesick, for his tasks were in the depths of hell, within the wastes. He and his small retinue of men had found a clearing within the thick layers of snow and made camp for the night, the roaring hearth of the campfire was all that kept them from keeling over and succumbing to the wrath of the cold night. Their horses were not faring well either, for they had lost two already out of the ten they had come with. The south was horrifying, and untamed. All matter of beasts waited within the blinding flurry of blizzards and snowstorms. They had been ambushed not but a few kilometers away from the city of Markev. Spectral soldiers bearing the Vaeyl order’s colors had slain three men, before being banished back to their black hold in the south. He had never truly fought these wraiths of the South, and only heard tales about it in court. He recalled the superstition about the beings, and the denial many northern nobles made about their existence. “The Haensei not lie about their babayaga…” Konyves mumbled to himself, as he drank from his flask filled with carrion black. “Nyet they did not, to think they told truth all time.” Syd would state, the lord’s scribe and council member from Styria. “We make move at dawn, your grace.” Syd would grumble, “Best to sleep now, if you can.” Syd would gripe as he’d move towards his bedding around the fire, and slip into its warmth. Konyves would soon follow, slipping into his own bedding, laying on his back. He’d stare into the night sky above. The aurora above them was mesmerizing, and bathed the night sky in its flare og blue and pale green. Truly if the lands around him hadn’t tried to kill him at every turn, this place wouldn’t be so bad. As he gazed at the lights, his vision began to fuzz and he slipped into a deep sleep. … “Your Imperial Majesty,” Konyves would address the emperor of man, Aurelius Horen, “I have come, at your behest.” “ My Lord of Styria, dire news has come from the south. The land is locked in an eternal night, and winter is worsening. Evil is afoot, and we want you, to go south,” the divine Aurelius would state, locking his eyes with Konyves, a sense of stress and worry could be felt over the aging emperor. “Yes, your majesty, what is task you wish of me.” Konyves would press, unsure of why he was to be sent southbound. “It is because we trust your sword arm, we command you and a group of your choosing to scout out the source of this nefarious evil, and attempt to put an end to the darkness plaguing the south.” Aurelius would be quick to respond, a man who was always close to the point, Konyves noted. “Very well, I move at first light tomorrow.” … The cold had battered the small group, as the mounds of snow piled around them as they trudged through the harsh blizzard. Every step was a challenging, as the snow sought to envelop those who trampled on it. They neared the ice wall in the distance, but the land around them was eerily tame. Snow, rocks, and more snow for as far as the eye could see. Save for the menacing walls of ice ahead, but other than that, nothing. Not a spark of life, just death all around them. It was then a call was echoed in the distance, and all the men froze in their place. It chilled their spine and made their skin tremble, as the icy howl of a horn erupted the silence that was about them. Death was coming. Everyone drew their swords and dismounted, huddling into a circle. With their backs to each other, they stared outward into the greyish white mist that had encompassed them. Then a figure akin to a bear burst from the mist, disrupting their defensive position, knocking over everyone that was in the figure’s path. A man’s cry for help was cut off by a meaty crunch of bone and flesh as Konyves recovered from being knocked over by what felt like a horse that had ramed him. He looked toward the direction of where the cry had came from and froze in fear. A massive white beast, similar to a bear had been devouring one of his men, a farm boy from Styria, he grimaced and quickly rose to his feet. Around his men were fighting the specters of the Vaeyl, the sword clashing with the illusions. Konyves rose his black mace and brought it down onto a charging specter and layed into its form with a metallic clang. It fell backwards and collapsed into the snow, before slowly dissipating. He had no time to recover as another specter flung itself at him. Unable to react as fast he felt a blade run into his left shoulder, a pained cry was all he could muster. It was then the cackling specter tore away it’s blade and made ready to strike again, that it too was cut down from behind, collapsing into the snow, and dissipation in a similar fashion.”Your grace, we must move!” Konyves looked up, and recognized Syd, although the man has a cut down the left side of his face, taking an eye. He simply nodded and the two men limped away into the storm. The men around them were being butchered, but gave their lives to protect their margrave. Both men rushed through the snow, in a blind panic. The sounds of clashing behind them had ceased, and the eerie silence had returned. Konyves and Syd both scanned around them before another horn call was made, directly behind the two. “Your grace, you must go. I shall hold them.” Syd said to Konyves. “I cannot do that, what man would I be?!” Konyves angrily shouted at Syd, fury and anger in his eyes. The council member simply smiled, “You have family to return too. Whilst I?” he grunted with a bloody cordial, before spitting a wad of spittle and blood, “I do not, go. Go to your son, to our people.” Syd stated, a stoic and serious tone had come about his tone. Konyves looked at Syd then with a pained sigh he nodded, “Godan protect you and may the Emperor bliss your courage, Syd.” the margrave said to his loyal companion. “May he protect us all,“ Syd stated before a second blast was made, and he pushed the margrave, “GO! NOW!” the man shouted as he turned to the direction of the blast. In an expression of resentment and anger, Konyves turned and began to run into the blinding blizzard. … “Come on you motherless bastards… COME MEET YOUR END!” Syd would taunt into the mist around him. It was then figures began to materialize from the mist, cladded in mystical armor and brandishing blades of woe, “That’s it… come on…” Syd would echoe again, as his eyes widened and was dumbfounded. The numbers of the specters just kept steadily growing, it was like a swarm that had found its prey, a pack of wolves to a wounded sheep. Syd simply began to bark out in laughter and hysteria as he charged forth into the nearest specter. He waylayed his longsword into the specter’s blade before he found an opening in the left side, and cleaved his sword through, causing the specter to collapse into the snow. He then parried a strike that came from his right as another attempted to end his life. He turned and ran his longsword through the specter’s facial visage and ripped it out, watching the being fall backwards into the snow. Then a sharp pain burned in his back as a specter brought a slash down onto his back. With a pained cry of anguish he turned around and quickly went to dismember the torso from the legs of the specter, sending the two parts collapsing into the snow. It was then a spear thrust was sent through Syd’s abdomen. Syd spewed forth onto the snow a torrent of blood and vomit from his mouth as he collapsed onto his back, having the spear rip out of him. He laid there on his back, gazing to the sky above, wheezing and gurgling on his blood. A metal foot was planted on his chest, crushing his ribs below. He gazed into the soulless figure above him, it’s helm was fashioned similar to a skull. Syd simply gave a blood stained smile, and began to chuckle, “Be seeing you..” was all he was able to mutter as a blade was ran through his throat. The death throes of Syd were quick, before his movements were stopped altogether, his life ended. … Konyves trekked into the blinding snow, the fighting behind him again had silenced, and a calm befallen about him. He panted hard, as each breath he blew out emitted a raspy thick frost. He was tired, fatigued, and broken. His men had given their lives to him. His friend had sacrificed himself so that the margrave may return home. He had appeared a strong man, unyielding and fierce, but now he was a shattered husk. The horrors of the south had petrified him, how can GOD allow such beings to exist? He wondered about life and its meaning, for everything around him was filled with images of his life. The refounding of Styria. The dissolution of his rivals in Adria. It all flashed before him, but then it was shattered. A high pitched horn blast echoed around him, breaking his thought. The clarion call had sounded, beckoning him home. (Written by Wolfdwg)
  9. Tornado_

    TheDragonsRoost's Coder Application

    -1, don't give this guy any power in my opinion. I feel like he just wants to gain popularity as fast as he can to get attention.
  10. Honestly, he is very mature and can get a lot of work done. +1.
  11. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Tornado___ Ban Reason Harassing a streamer on stream - MCVDK Players Involved MCVDK TheDragonsRoost By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned because I was continually annoying and harassing a streamer on stream, while he was at the Empire of Man, trying to record the roleplay occurring at the court session. I had used that to my advantage to annoy and harass him by continuously message him with false or harassing messages as well as started to hit him in-game while invisible. This caused him to get severely annoyed, and he was not able to continue his roleplay and stream. Why should you be pardoned? I believe that I should be pardoned, since after the one week ban I was able to rethink on the actions that I had committed, and understood the wrongs I had committed, and wish to use that as a way to improve my OOC and Roleplay interactions with people. I have been able to understand clearly, that harassing streamers even through just messaging can be extremely annoying and can disrupt major roleplay or streams as it shows, and will ensure for it to never have it occur. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? To prevent similar circumstances that led to my ban, I will not go ahead and annoy streamers by messaging them, but just observe and watch their stream without disturbing them. Furthermore, I will also attempt to further help continuously if need be, instead of just annoying them. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following the community, guidelines are a key aspect of the community. The main one that I have learned to follow through my week ban is "Be Encouraging and Open", and that is to relate continuously to having courtesy and dignity to fellow players in both RP and OOC. If we were not to have people being courteous to other players and have respect for others then the server will not be able to function. The community guidelines are created to have set rules and behavior that all people should follow, because if players do not follow it, then it would be chaos, with several players being disrespectful, harassment and many other rules to be broken. I had not followed the Community Guidelines and the rules, causing my ban, and it shows the effect of the Community Guidelines and how it is a barrier to stop any sort of harassment or rule-breaking. Hence that is why it is important to promote the Community Guidelines as it allows for the LOTC community to be much more respectful and kind.
  12. Tornado_

    Looking for people to start a settlement

    You dont think you a bit late to be in that stage of “finding free land and starting a settlement”