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  1. Konyves would clench his fist, looking at the surroundings of Castle Vilacz wearing a plain black tabard "The Sign Of Mourning", this tabard he will never change again.
  2. mzd116's Game Moderator Application

    -1, hes a person who trolls and memes. Only here on the server for PvP. Is known to mess around and not take things seriously. Is extremely young and clearly through experience is not mature. Also since the admins and GM's are more strict on rules aint he not allowed to play. Since it states a player must be 13 years or older?
  3. Aether VIP giveaway

    Me please.
  4. [Denied]Violino's Game Moderator Application

    +1, Extremely capable and hardworking. Truly would be a great GM.
  5. Fool's Errand

    Al-Walid would be sharpening his sword when recalling back the event, "This man is most honorable. He was the only man of the Norlanders and their allies who truly fought. He was no coward, unlike the rest. This man died in honor."
  6. [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

  7. [✗] Ban Appeal

    Mate if the evidence was 'lacklustered' as you say... but if that argument is used, can I not use the argument that he literaly stated in the ban appeal that he was using hacks?
  8. [✗] Ban Appeal

    Maybe if you read over my posts you would understand that I had got banned for hacking. But ever since then I have stopped. I have never been accused and when I am, I am open for a screenshare. Seems though your circumstance is different. If we want to bring up past history. Would you like me to link the several forum posts of your ban appeals and ban reports, as well as several videos's that show instances of you hacking? If we are trying to bring up things from the past or the history and show how some people have learnt from our consequences and clearly others who do not learn. You state you want to take the shot at being integrated. Why could you not have done it in the several instances? Also, I am open that I had been banned for hacking. But I am also open to say that I learned my lesson and have changed from hacking. Plus if anyone does suspect me of hacking, as stated I would be open for a screenshare. I have reintegrated after my first punishment. How many times do you want to try and reintegrate? If you are saying I have a duplicitous history? Not at all. I am open that I could have been considered a hacker in my past. But it seems both your present, past and the future will be a hacker. Also I am unbanned.
  9. [✗] Ban Appeal

    Then let me say this. He should keep the six months because if this is a repetitive mistake it surely shows that he does not know how to follow the rules. So a longer ban period can make him think about it. Since clearly these one month bans did not do much other than make him repeat his mistake. It seems that if we were to want to allow him back on the server, he should have a longer ban period to allow him to think over his mistake than just waiting for the ban period to be over and appeal with a fake apology.
  10. [✗] Ban Appeal

    Being the person who had recorded you using the hacks, and also you admitting to it in this post. I believe from what I know so far is that you have been banned a few times before for also hacking. In which you also apologized on the post. How many apologies are us players going to receive until you no longer hack? Clearly giving us your apology and putting a ban appeal on the forum does not solve the problem. There seems to be a repeat or a pattern in where you use hacks, get banned, apologize on a ban appeal, then continue once again. As a player also as the person who recorded your hacks, I feel that it would be better that either you serve the 6-month ban or just not get unbanned since it seems that even if you apologize on these posts maybe I or another person who PvP's you will catch you hacking once again.
  11. Horses and their uses

    Horses do have low health but in regards to speed they go faster than running on roads with the speed boost. But the issue that should be focusd on is their extremely low health in my opinion.
  12. [Accepted] Cornivore's AT Application

    -1, he is immature, he is constantly getting in drama that is negative. He is known to be aggressive and arrogant as well as quite rude.
  13. [Denied] Cornivore's Chance at Redemption

    -1, Cornivore is not a capable in handling to be a staff. Constantly he gets known to have a bad attitude. Even though he says to have changed, but always there is something that pops up that shows that he gets in a argument or a fight or so on with another player or person.
  14. It says people are on the server, but it does not allow me to connect and keeps saying Disconnected. Ive checked the minecraft servers and their all up. Is this happening for anyone else?

    1. Dry Crackers
    2. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      Turns out even if you get on you just float through the void until you DC again


    For ss do /bme to acquire the steps to get a soulstone. For me the /modlist and the rest are working.