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  1. APPLICATION MC Name: _Pork Persona Name: Kluirk Grimmer Persona Age: 3 Persona Gender: Male Slot #: 3a Discord: Pork#7843
  2. A short excerpt from the logs of Ludvik Vanir, 27th of Sigismund’s End, 1712 “The sounds of the gulls would beckon to ones soul, upon the open waves they call from shore….” Ludvik would proclaim to his brother beside him, eyes upon the rocky enclaves of Vasiland. “When they said it was north… I wasn’t expecting it to be so cut off from the rest.” The exasperation shows on Lukas’s weathered face. “What are the plans now Lukas? The letter the Father sent… the words didn’t sound too hopeful of our family’s situation.” Ludvik glances at his brother as usual, the swaying of the boat a too common thing. “Well, first off we don’t even know if we have a home to go back to… Iver was barely older than us when we set sail, and Klaudia still just a child clinging to father…” “If we must we will take what is needed, be it from fiend or family… our goals aren’t to just die up here in the frozen hinterlands…” 13th of Horen’s Calling, 1714 “Everything coming along fine Lukas?” The man would question upon seeing the laid out plans, the main pillars of the family home standing erect upon the rocky shores. “Although brother wasn’t much of a man, he did well picking this spot out from the rest” Lukas’s words would fall upon tired ears, his sight shadowed from the newly standing structure. OOC: Just a daily post from the logs. Expect an addition every day or so during the twins journey to get settled in the northern Haense lands
  3. Nitholiak VonSchlichten would read over the missive, wondering when on God’s day some lady married his kin. “Led by the occupant matriarch, Her Ladyship, Elisabeth Maria Preussens, Countess of Österland, Viscountess of Chambery, Anhalt and Baroness of Rastenburg” ”Blasphemy, straight blasphemy to proclaim to hold such titles of Chambery and Anhalt!” He’d angrily say from his abode
  4. Name: Nitholiak II VonSchlichten Age: 30 Date of Birth: 1680 Place of Birth: Belvitz Race: Hansetian Past Military Experience: Mercenary work in Belvitz, currently Footman Signature: Nithiliak II VonSchlichten
  5. Looking for a fun and quirky group to join? Wanna be a merchant, scholar or engineer? Active and unique family members? Come join the rabble of VonSchlichtens and enjoy the fun!

  6. Come join the VonSchlichtens! We are a bunch of oddball merchants and scientists located within the human kingdoms!
  7. Ign: VonSchlichten IRP Name: Nitholiak II VonSchlichten Age: 29 Residence: Reza Military District Discord: Boar#7843
  8. Need a picture taken? Fortune told? Wish to know what your zodiac fortells? Then head to VonCo! Home of odds and ends!

  9. Interested in dynamic family rp? Look no further! House VonSchlichten is calling out to all lost kin!

    Msg Boar#7843 for info!

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      this was the real crew. vonshlichtens real ogs

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  10. [!] A missive arrives at the Alimar store, atop lies a serpentine crest stamped in green. Inside lays a weathered letter. “Although new your wares and banners span across the lands I trek. From the lands of man, to the sutician lowerlands. Quality fitting the harsh northern peoples, yet the attention to detail... something that rivals even that of the fine-eyed peoples of the woods....” [!]The letters goes on and on... As the only of my house, I seek to revamp our crest, be it not to the standard of these new lands, nae they portray our courtly stature no more. I seek both banner and crest, of highest quality we can discuss. I shall be upon the streets of the fine Reza upon the morning hours, where I’ve been told you often portray your art.” V.S
  11. “60 ain’t old!” Halden shouts out from the alleyway.
  12. Pork

    The Institute

    Halden would read the paper. Halden would sigh after reading the paper. Halden hopes the paper has answers for Halden. Halden awaits for Haldens next adventure.
  13. next is there gonna be a meat block pit? Some of the items completely screw over any form of economy the map has to offer besides iron
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