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  1. The young boy Philip would run to Ponce with his wooden toy sword thinking it surely enough to strike down the cult.
  2. Application: In-character name: Augustus Pasquier MC name: NotTeegah Professions: Breeder Do you have skype and ts?(If so, message them to me on the forums or message KIIWIKILLA, Bubby_64, or Big_Sexy_Teegah on the server.): You have it
  3. I'll sign sure we need more gnomes
  4. This was a pretty good meme
  5. We must stop him from taking full control of the server. Also he may actually die if he gets any less sleep.
  6. ((We didn't see eye to eye on some things and most of the time on opposite sides both IRP and OOC. But it is always sad when someone leaves and you've done something I feel like I couldn't build up a decently successful duchy and I respect you for that.
  7. The young boy Philip stares blankly at the paper with the hypothesis on it. "...What just happened."
  8. It'll kill nation rp everyone well it's not that bad of a thing would be in the tavern trying to recruit new players or just sit and wait for someone to bandit.
  9. I could see it as an event creature maybe not something that could be made and applied for like Golems, Ghouls etc. Also nice work in writing it.
  10. Why is this not already a thing +1
  11. I thought he could just go up to people and make them do things
  12. "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. But continuing down this path. The man who stands atop the mound once the dust has settled shall be met with the only ash and ruins of what previously stood." An old northern man says to no one in particular.
  13. I agree, I'm glad that seemingly the team is working on putting rules into place that actually tell us ' You can do this and you cannot do this' but it is somewhat to late in regards to some things that could've played out much easier IE: Riga, Haluen'or, Metz
  14. To play devil's advocate here. I know I missed the portion when the thread initially blew up. And also I could be totally wrong in saying this. But wasn't Veg the primary region owner during the Riga situation?
  15. Yeah, I do not agree with how either situation happened. All I am saying is because even if you kill the character with those thoughts you still also have that person with ooc hatred towards that person.. Well yeah thinking more about it, it does come full circle I admit I was wrong. I do not feel like OOC hatred will ever not be a thing. As much as I'm sure everyone would like it to be.