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  1. Coolio is a good man +1
  2. gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8
  3. Welcome! Glad you're enjoying the server thus far and that you've found a good group to join!
  4. 1: As Thomas said, please everyone just chill out. 2: From looking through the conversations it doesn't seem like you'd be mature enough as a staff member. As a few other's have said to take disagreemtns in a way and respond as not to antagonize the other person further. I understand that you believe you are right same as the other people. But contiuned arguments do not paint a good picture for yourself.
  5. Good lad +1
  6. Ian frowns from his forge upon hearing of the incident "Let blood be repaid with blood. And let that be that once the head of this rouge agent is brought before you."
  7. Philip sighs "I had hoped for an end to the bloodshed for at least a little while longer"
  8. Philp stands on the balcony above watching on at his brother's coronation. "The Kingdom is in your good hand's brother. Long may you reign."
  9. I'll assume it's real but congrats on mustering up the courage to say it first step in becoming comfortable in your own skin.
  10. Name: Augustus House: Pasquier ((MC Name: NotTeegah
  11. I love this +1
  12. Ian frowns upon hearing of the old lord's passing. "Honorable and kind man from the little I knew of him. May he rest well in the skies."
  13. @Babadooks This is a picture of my dad (or mom I've never really been able to figure out) if its any indication
  14. https://gyazo.com/33b2608707509e130c5a578fa903a3c1
  15. I'll give you 550 minas for Slothteegah