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  1. Rammer

    Character Art Raffle

    Hey raffles are pretty cool
  2. Rammer

    [Accepted] [Trial]Youngie's GM Application

    Good man with good family values. +1
  3. Rammer

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    It does seem like a good idea in theory though I've personally never been fond of the idea of forcing someone to pk a character as annoying as it can be encountering the same bandit characters all the time. It's a -1 for me I'm afraid.
  4. Rammer

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Icarnus

    He'd do good +1
  5. Rammer

    [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    Absolute madman but he knows his stuff when it comes to magic couple that with his work ethic and you got a amazing choice here +1 ((But make sure you sleep more this time around yeah?
  6. Is that Carr Colborn on your profile background? Looks exactly like him!

  7. Rammer

    [Denied]Moose Re re re coming back to GM

    Did well in the past +1
  8. Support for my fellow southern man +1
  9. Rammer

    [✓] nikabell's Ban Appeal

    Hello there, seeing as you have served the length of your ban and seem to understand and acknowledge what happened. Your appeal has been accepted. Though do try your best to take care so it won't happen again :)
  10. Rammer

    [✓] Lotdu'Octeva Land Charter

    This charter application has been approved.
  11. Rammer

    Put a lock on the elven race

    I disagree with this because as a new player if you come onto the server and someone says "No you cannot play this race that is arguably the most common and popular in all of fantasy unless you get the ok from a player to play their child"
  12. Rammer

    [Self Denied] aqua goes for that pink tag

    Has always been a very helpful, calm, and friendly guy. I feel like he'd fit perfectly in the AT if given a shot.
  13. I just needed something to do
  14. Rammer

    [Denied]best gm app 2k17

  15. Rammer

    On the State of PVP/Nexus

    From the responses to this thread I'm a huge minority here. I like Nexus, just gives me something to do if I'm the on the server late night when nothing else is going on. Light your torchs and grab your pitchforks I guess.