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  1. Is that Carr Colborn on your profile background? Looks exactly like him!

  2. This charter application has been approved.
  3. Just some kind of coin gold, silver etc. Is what I always assumed. Though it'd be cool if there was a small lore page written on it just to add some flavor.
  4. Name of the club: The Golden Chalice What type of club is it? (Public, Private): Private What is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): Group Why should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: We're a group and clubs have been made for less :^) Who will moderate this club?: Me, Myself, and I and FM's if they want. oh and also Lukaritias and Tahmas Do you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result in FM interventions?: Mhm Are there any exemptions to the rules that you would like, if so why? (N/A if open club or none needed.): Slight NSFW at times possibly but nothing 18+
  5. Better than Viking culture #2316 +1 But in all honesty it seems like a very neat idea and nothing I've ever seen done before props for that.
  6. It's time to stop

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    2. Apeena_


      you can't tell me what to do

    3. Aqua Vita

      Aqua Vita

      all this has taught me is that pretzels are a suitable replacement for mouth guards

    4. Bubby


      I'll never conform to society

  7. Can you hurry and tell me please if i got accepted or not please 

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    2. TeaLulu


      haketa wtf is even with you literally i can't even begin

      this is why im never having children

    3. Gusano


      lEAvE raMMerJammer AloNE

    4. haketa


      i said jk you eddiots


  8. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  9. in-game the year is currently 1614
  10. im 10 10 for god sake my pc is 8 years old please accept me im bored and if you get a in less you want my dad to do it

    my granny is sick and i got nothing to make me happy shame this was supposed to help me escape real life for goodness sake

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    2. haketa


      yall could have told me the first time


    3. JasperJohn


      yeah they're kinda hard

    4. haketa


      its so hard when your 10


  11. why do i keep geting denied i did every thing right

    i just want to play the fun server 

    1. haketa


      i love the sever look and i cant play on a sever that i like why should i have made a account to play on this site if i keep geting denied whats the use in given you my info on my gmail account in less your a hacker 

      or something


    2. Apeena_


      @haketa In your applications you have failed to follow the proper Application Format.


  12. rammer could u talk to Imii plz 

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