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  1. Ah, the dreamer, He is this handsome lads potential grandson: Features: -Make the art centered around 16yrold or 24 yr old. -Black hair, Styled pompadour -Fair skin -Blue gray eyes -Decent jawline -Light muscles -Skinny Outfit: -Sunglasses and a hawaiin shirt, add a bowler hat if youre feeling lucky -pants that aint shorts The sunglasses pose lookin at some fine ladies: -If hes holding anything in his offhand itd either be booze, hard candy, or a coconut drink
  2. "The Allfathers light smiles on us all. For by his will we have been safely guided to this new land of Nyrheim! and this new tobacco!" said Chadmyr as he enjoyed the process of drying the tobacco for future offerings and for others to enjoy the cigars dubbed Chadgars and the smaller variants named Chadrolls
  3. Chadmyr had to raise a brow at being handed the registrar. Registry Form Name: Chadmyr Ruric Year of Birth: Whenever Dunharrow was. Clan: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Son of Aeyn Ruric, Grandson of Exander Ruric, Great Grandson of Arthas Ruric and so on.
  4. So I pulled out my gat and went yat yat yat.
  5. “Im down.” says Keeper Chadmyr, for he hadnt cracked any skulls in a long while. “Need some batting practice.” he said walking away from the High Keeper just after hearing the news of the Raguk clan’s crimes.
  6. @nickrocky213 giv temp coal vip thx
  7. “What the **** you brushed over my fathers death. The Caunters leaving crippled Dunharrow in part, but it was still very much alive. What truly dissolved Norland at the time was when High Keeper Aeyn, The Caunters, Ein, and Cassio were all found dead. Which left Edvard II with no council and thus he had to dissolve.” Chadmyr grumbled at the womans paper in a need to fruitlessly correct what was already done. “My memory might be failing me, but I remember the shouts and clamor of fighting well.”
  8. Chadmyr Edvardsson Ruric turned to his cousin Halvar to ask the question “He kneeled!? He ******* KNEEELED?!???” @DAENGIE
  9. Chadmyr wondered where the original letter had gone as his tent wasnt too large. Skygods must have sent a gust of wind to have it land under some rug somewhere. Either way, he labeled it as Orenian trickery. When word had spread of the childs story he had the same response even if he hadnt the paper prior. “Have we scared them on the field so much that they will attack anything moving for fear it might hurt them? Cowards, Cravens, and Murderers the lot of them.” he said from his warfront tent to the other men around him – Only serving to spread word of the child’s killing further.
  10. Chadmyr holds his pet dog close, wondering what in the world his dog could have done to deserve getting tossed away by this new Orenian Platform. War crimes.
  11. [!]A letter comes quick quickly by way of messenger. They had come long and far to track down the source of the original note. “By your name I do suppose it suggests that you are a woman. If you were truly a Ruric, you’d know the old law well enough to know that the line of succession and the heralds blood does not pass down through female lineage. Staying in hiding and away from the current Norland has spelled complete and utter certain doom for the legitimacy of your claims. For the Rurikid Registrar was made some time ago during the late Duke Godric’s reign to keep track of who was left alive. All those who did not register themselves were declared Ashed. So I must refer to you as Erika Ash and your son as Barthod Ash. Simply said, The old and very well known fact that the lineage passes down through the men and the registrar’s existence makes your claims false. May the allfather forgive your deceit and lack of wisdom to learn the culture from which you claim to hail.” -Chadmyr Edvardsson Ruric, Keeper of the Red Faith
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