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  1. Knightie

    A Duel for Faith

    “Well, seems youve got a usurper on your hands” he tosses the spearstabbed note to Solvi with the spear still attached
  2. I, xxcoolguyxx, am in love. i yearn for the dew of mountins and the powerchips
  3. Name: xxCoolGuyxx Gender Identity: Whiteknight How much anime do you watch: I only wach hentai Are you an epic gamer: yes m’lady Please write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you are a disappointment to your parents: I love wearing trenchcoats and katanas and fedoras and watching anime and women but if they teject me fucm yhem theyre the fucmi h. Shrbshevcvw ******* What mental maturity do you possess? (Hint: Too much mental maturity = application denied 🙂 ) why dont women like me?
  4. Chadmyr had only stumbled on the ashen corpse once Solvi had nearly finished scraping it into the urn. “What’s happ- Oh. ****.” he said, his lips now tugging themselves into a deep frown having noticed the fallen Flamebrand near the remains; He knew exactly who it was. Chad’s mind fell to memories of the old man, Of the gilded knife that he gave him to slay the undead and unholy alike, of the evil they slew together in that dreadful forest. What a time that was to enact on the fathers will, but those times were long past, and now Tyr lies dead and with the Allftather. The last memory was of Tyr telling him the words “Do what makes you happy, damn everyone else.” Chad muttered under his breath as he stumbled over one of the Ashtree’s roots – bringing him back to reality; what was now and not distant past. “Is this what made you happy, old man?” he’d ask to nothing but the vibrant crackles of his own Flamebrand and the dwindling flames of Tyr’s; Little but embers and the occasional spark were left of the once brilliant blaze. He rests the fallen Flamebrand on a sapless part of the trunk next to Solvi. To let her decide what to do with one of the few things her husband had left behind. Only once the High Keeper was done with her task did Chadmyr walk off to the temple’s garden, to wonder of the future, to ponder as to why this had happened. Whether this was an omen from the father, Good or bad, He couldn’t be sure. For it could have been a message of the old giving way to the new or a warning that his regency will be wrought with death. It wasn’t clear to him, not yet.
  5. A man rises from his slumber only to be met with this harsh news. His lips pull into a tight frown as his mind slowly kindles, processing the event. After a solemn sigh he recollects all the time spent with his cousin. The memories between him and Edyth were mixed far and few between with some being muddled together by the girls past identity, a flash of his sword stabbing through Vladimyr’s neck, it wasnt enough to cull his feelings of dread. It had been quite a while since Chadmyr had contemplated the bottle, and this time, his premonitions rung true and his wills failed him. . . That morning he had left his bedchamber to go and perform the daily duties of a Keeper - Stumbling as he went.
  6. What about all the people that were already being interviewed? I know multiple people who worked really hard on their proposed event lines. Side note: Its very good that the team and yourself are still trying to inspire people to do more player events. They're something you rarely see these days and hopefully the ability of players to add creatures will inspire them to create stories of their own. I think the biggest hesitation people face in performing them is the fear of not being good enough and doubt. For anyone interested in making player events: Remember guys, it doesnt need to be super complicated. If you like the idea Just do it, Have fun, and Dont worry about it. We’re all here to have fun.
  7. Daryll gives a great big frown at this final incursion of the void, but his unhappiness didn't last for long. For his lips curled upwards into a pointed devilish grin – his yellowed teeth shining through. He stands tall as he once did prior to the fall of Grief’s lair. Before half his body was crushed from the fall. Before he had been forced to hop around for months with only the assistance of a cane. Before he had been a cripple. “Time to kill more fuckin’ birds.” he lets out a gnarled laugh, His emotions mixed between elation and anger for what they did to him. Elation for another chance to get at them; Anger for what they did. The man still held the cane given to him that day; Though he needed it no longer.
  8. Daryll actually laughs at how Oren was so quick to give the AIS more prisoners
  9. Daryll thinks the man needs to watch where his feet are. Slipping in goo is no pleasant thing. After such thought, He walks off to try and find where this slime trail actually is; It is simply out of nothing else to do.
  10. Narthok, id love to say I wont miss you dude, but im totally gonna be up in your dms. So im going to miss you leading Norland. You always made it fun for us and it was interesting to be a part of from Dreadlands to Nordengrad to now Morsgrad, its been a real trip. This map Godric really was a good character and it was fun watching you roast people rply. Anyways, love ya bud. Thanks for being a big man on the server. 😭
  11. “I remember the Emperor threatening to smash in his own Allies’ head; I do not believe that to be a social skill, nor is it diplomacy. Still the issues Godric had were not resolved before more problems came by way of Haense, thus the Emperor was criticized for his weakness and inability to control his own vassal. The man was so weak that his own threat got carried against him.” says Chadmyr
  12. Chadmyr scratches his beard, wondering where the cat might have gone.
  13. Knightie

    Admin Update

    Imagine defending pedos by sweeping **** under the rug again
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