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  1. Knightie

    The Sack of Ves, The Emperor Reinforces!

    Cassio frowns once his comrades tell him of this "battle". His only regret was that he missed yet another complete slaughter of Renatian troops “Maybe next time” he says before downing a whole glass of whiskey; Hoping to the future that another regiment of Empire soldiers would run to their deaths.
  2. Knightie

    [Looking for] Builders

    Im only good at interior design, so call me up if you ever need that sort of thing -Askuzai
  3. Daily reminder to eat fruit

  4. Daily reminder to not forget to put up a daily reminder.

  5. Daily reminder to not stick any of your privates into a toaster, trust me it wont do you any good.

    1. _Hexe_


      there goes my saturday night plans i guess?.......................

    2. gaurdman


      reminder to not what? I got them caught in a ceiling fan so I can’t hear you.

    3. Auriel_


      Damn, there goes my next wild ERP idea..

  6. Daily reminder to talk to the people outside of the screen

  7. Knightie

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    Lavender is a very bitter plant. Correlation? I think so!
  8. Knightie

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

  9. Knightie

    Guide to not being toxic!!!

    Good meme
  10. Knightie

    The Order of The Red Rose

    “Red Cloaks rise up" says Sir Jimothé
  11. Knightie


    Smart man, leaving lotc is the first step to a good life. Good luck. Norlandic Salute
  12. Knightie

    Demons Death Knell, the Fall of Arberrang

    “**** I missed it” says a dreamworld barbarian upon spotting the finished slaughter
  13. Knightie

    Taking What is Ours

    “Mama always said, Loife is loike ah box o’ chocolates.” remarks an elderly man
  14. Knightie

    Rule Proposal

    Rp reason would be that a fight only lasts like a minute irp, its just the emotes that take hella long. I had a fight so long that many people just started showing up out of the blue, all on their own. We didnt want a dogpile so all of us in the fight quickly agreed to kick out anyone that wasnt there for the beginning of the fight. It was more fun that way, for that rp anyways. There was no rp backlash.
  15. Fuze is a good pick for the ET team. Not only is he one of the chillest dudes I know, and can keep a good and level head. He’s very good at coming up with things and can make a build look really spectacular. tldr; Makes a sweet keep +1