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  1. *wheeze* 



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    1. Anisgar


      dude, ur so toxic wtf

  2. A full redo would simply lead to another mess like this. There is always salt when it comes to warclaims. If youve ever been to a warclaim you know how much of a pain it is to sit through while you wait for it to start, and then you come to find a laggy mess of pvp for the first hour or two. Most likely dying in that phase. Tl;dr Warclaims are a pain
  3. Wheres the video evidence of him being invisible anyways? All the “evidence" ive seen so far has been doctored, fake, or it doesnt match up
  4. “Sounds like a good deal to me” says Cassio
  5. “Aeyn’s publishing ban is very epic. Very cool, skygods.” says Chadio with a smile, happy to see that the man’s works had gotten through by other means.
  6. My boy flamelynx is just tryna live out his mineman existance. Free him from this injustice!!! but seriously Im surprised that this hasnt already been resolved.
  7. Knightie

    A Broken Branch

    cassio laughs at how badly Doran messed up. Yet again he thinks that Doran “The Explorer” would have made a better character in fun children’s theatric show than as the leader of a town.
  8. Knightie


    Chadio, who had witnessed this battle, can indeed back up this good man’s claim. “Who teh feck is Chuck?” he also says
  9. “Oh, another attempt to try and take the claim of Vilachia. Leave it alone will ye? Ye alreadeh tried tha’ shite wit Martius I” says Cassio
  10. Knightie


    Cassio thought the Seventh Sons have been disbanded for years now? Not to mention that they never had anything to do with Adria in the first place.
  11. Knightie

    The Ashborn

    RP Information RP Name: Cassio Race: Ive got round ears Age: Getting old, but still young OOC Information MCName: Askuzai Discord(Include #’s): You have it bud
  12. Cassio frowns once his comrades tell him of this "battle". His only regret was that he missed yet another complete slaughter of Renatian troops “Maybe next time” he says before downing a whole glass of whiskey; Hoping to the future that another regiment of Empire soldiers would run to their deaths.
  13. Im only good at interior design, so call me up if you ever need that sort of thing -Askuzai
  14. Daily reminder to eat fruit

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