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  1. Narthok, id love to say I wont miss you dude, but im totally gonna be up in your dms. So im going to miss you leading Norland. You always made it fun for us and it was interesting to be a part of from Dreadlands to Nordengrad to now Morsgrad, its been a real trip. This map Godric really was a good character and it was fun watching you roast people rply. Anyways, love ya bud. Thanks for being a big man on the server. 😭
  2. “I remember the Emperor threatening to smash in his own Allies’ head; I do not believe that to be a social skill, nor is it diplomacy. Still the issues Godric had were not resolved before more problems came by way of Haense, thus the Emperor was criticized for his weakness and inability to control his own vassal. The man was so weak that his own threat got carried against him.” says Chadmyr
  3. Chadmyr scratches his beard, wondering where the cat might have gone.
  4. Knightie

    Admin Update

    Imagine defending pedos by sweeping **** under the rug again
  5. Chadmyr had helped a lot of the reinforcements get inside the palace with his water buck- I mean ROPE!
  6. “Dug a shithole and jumped into it didnt ya Talon’s Grotto?” chuckles Chadmyr, going off to speak to Godric about this matter
  7. A Reply to Rosalia’s Response to Modern Purifier’s: “In this matter I believe you fall more into the ways of a Tyrite. To the knowledge I have, Tyr made no distinction between Purifier and Keeper, but rather wanted all Keepers to take up the role Purifiers had served in Arthas’ lifetime and before.” It is not that I fall into the ways or ideals of a “Tyrite” in this topic, I simply state the manner in which history has occurred. The Purifiers truly had not seen glory days since the dawn of Arthas’ time. In the time since, no High Keeper has had many, if any, Purifiers. From this decay of our once great branch of the Faith has fallen asunder and change may have been needed. As you know our Faith is not as numerous as it once was, and perhaps that lack of bodies is why the two had to be combined into one branch by Tyr and others before him. “You ask whether or not Purifiers are necessary in this day and age, which I find troubling.” I posed the question as to if they are not necessary not to go against the Third Tenet, of course that is necessary, It is always necessary, but it was to point out that in this current age they have been replaced by this new era of Keepers and Wytch Hunters alike. As you go on to say “Men of the new military will be wholly of the Faith.” Again, what would that make the difference between them and the Purifier? They exist while the Purifier still does not? Will the Purifier simply be enlisted in the Brotherhood and know of the rituals necessary to purge undead? “Men of the new military will be wholly of the Faith.” Once again we visit this line, who is to say that every man or woman recruited into this new military will be of the Red Faith? It is a choice, and I doubt Godric would be willing to exclude a countryman, based on his faith, that is willing to fight. We cannot compel th soldiers to become a part of the faith, but we can teach them of it and perhaps they will join. “I believe the best course of action will be to recruit Purifiers from the men of the military, those who show genuine loyalty and belief in our Father.” I wholly agree with that, they will be the ones to learn the rituals to dispel and offense the mere existence of the haunted: Such as salt lines, the Mercy, and Cleansing. This will only occur after Godric’s army has been expanded upon though, so for the time being, it is our job to spread the word of the Father unto these new recruits coming in. “As for Flamebrands, I do not believe we should burden the Father with the smaller tasks of life.” The point of giving a creature Mercy, no matter how far gone it is from the grace of the Allfather, is an attempt to release the soul from the bonds of its corrupted flesh to be sent to the Allfather’s embrace. A second chance, if you will. This is stated directly in this excerpt taken directly from the Third Tenet: “The All Father’s mercy. They are to be tied to a stake and purified with Holy Fire. This will give them some small chance of being purified of their corruption and sent to the Father’s own embrace.” -Arthas, “The Third Tenet” Is that Holy Fire he speaks of not our Hearth fire that we tend to so diligently today? I believe that it is, and it is our job to cleanse the unworthy so that their souls naught be sent to the abyss, to fester with the undeath and arrive again in our mortal realm. The flames within us are not enough to set alight one of these corrupted as you well know. So there must be an outside source of flame to free the soul. Another quote speaks of the Holy Fire that burns the corrupt and abominable: “It is death by the Holy Fire. There is little explanation needed. It should be clear that there are many ways to carry this out, All using holy fire as a base. One can tie a tainted soul to a stake to keep them still, or even simply just light them into a blaze. After this maybe then the Allfather will be merciful and let them back into his grace.” -Initiate Galen, “Thoughts on the Unworthy.” This excerpt also shows that you burn a corrupted being with Holy fire to send them into the arms of the Allfather. To give them that second chance at being welcomed into the Allfather's embrace. As it was their flesh that tainted them, there is a slim chance that might not have been so with their very soul. An Argument Against that Holy Fire can only be used to purge the unholy is found within the context of Aeyn’s “Fatherism, An Introduction”: “Their flesh having corrupted their soul. Generally the Fatherist will attempt to save these poor unfortunate individuals by freeing their souls from their flesh. That they may perhaps escape damnation. This of course being done by burning the flesh so that the soul may escape its prison.” -Aeyn, “Fatherism, An Introduction.” You can see that it is another attempt to free the damned from their jail cell of a body, but this time, it refers to the fire as just any fire. As not all Fatherist’s will have ready access to the Holy Hearth fire that Keepers use to perform the Allfather’s mercy. Perhaps then, by this insight, Our Lord on High has bestowed a fire more effective at freeing the souls of the wytches we so seek to eradicate. Reserved only for when a Keeper is present to give Mercy unto the arms of the Allfather. “Apostates, perhaps. Godless men, no. They do not deserve the Holy Fire.” The blind will be blind, and thus the fire must be brought to those proven to be absolutely corrupted to their core. An apostate can still pay penance for his deeds and redeem himself on this world, but when we speak of the Godless there is but only one option for them. For when Arthas wrote Concerning Godlessness it says: “In summary the godless must be routed out, and should be considered the lowest of the low worthy only of the All Father’s mercy.” -Arthas, “Concerning Godlessness.” The godless are not able to pay penance or renounce their deeds for their sin of seeing themselves as above the father. It is why we seek to give the Mercy to them, as they are only worthy of such. The Father himself is to cast judgement unto these sinners so that their misdirection will not take route in the fouls of lost spirits. You can see them exactly as an undead, a fully corrupted corpse, a lost soul that had been blind to the light far too long. It must be purged with the flames of the Father to have any chance of being welcomed into the father’s arms. “I believe you misunderstand his writings when it comes to initiates of the Purifiers and of senior Purifiers.” It was not clear to me that Keepers might be able to transfer to an equal rank of the other branch. Thank you for this Clarification. Hopefully further light will be shed onto if they did wield Flamebrands coming up from initiate. “I offer you a question in response, how do we define a representation of the All-Father’s presence?” The Allfather’s presence is simply the Hearth Fire, as it is a direct connection to him, It is needed to free the accursed from their unholy flesh. Sometimes there is a need to pray to the Allfather or the Paragons during or before battle. “The High Keeper is the ultimate and final say in all things Faith, as defined in Arthas’ ‘The Red Priests’. The Lord Purifier would fall below the High Keeper within the Faith, and as such, this should not be as much of a concern as it is made out to be.” Aye, that is true, but as you know, Our High Keeper is busy most of the time and not able to tend to a Purifiers every whim. A Keeper may temporarily be needed to be given the rank of Lord Purifier in order to make sure the Purifiers keep in proper order under the Allfather’s eyes, Until a man possessing a portion of Bjorn’s leadership arises again. -Initiate Chadmyr
  8. Galen’s ashes shift slightly.
  9. Modern Purifiers and Questions regarding them With the passing of time the Purifiers, the Defenders of the Faith, have fallen to stagnation and are no more. These days it would be hard pressed to find one, if any still live. Back in the times where the Purifiers did live it was said that “The purifiers are the shield and sword of the faith” -Arthas, “On the Brotherhood of the Holy Hearth.” It was not the main duty of the Keepers to go out and fight the corrupt and ill of soul, and yet since then we must keep going as the Third Tenet calls for us to always fight against the Long Dark. The Keepers were forced to pick up the torch from their fallen branch and become the new fighting force of the Red Faith while keeping themselves true to the Second Tenet, Spreading the Flame. That being said, are Purifiers even necessary anymore? How are we to re-inspire a new revolution of the Purifiers so that Keepers may go back to focusing almost wholly on the Second Tenet? Godric has begun to solve this issue for us by turning his armies’ training regime to include that of wytch hunting with his call for Eternal Crusade against the Dark. This solves that issue of the lack of Purifiers. The issue is, Will those soldiers follow our Allfather against the forces of the Long Dark? Will they be given the title of Purifier even if they don’t, since they are working under the Defender of the Faith? Will the Hearth Council have any control over what wytches those men go after, even if those ‘wytches’ are of innocence? Or will it just be Officers of the military controlling those men? Mayhaps a solution is that the Officers and the Keepers can work together as brothers under the Allfather, but time will tell Now, if a true Purifier of the past were to reemerge. What would be the difference between them and one of these new wytch hunters? They follow the Allfather devoutly, surely, but what else? A passage from our texts depict the equipment a Purifier might carry: “They are often equipped with heavy plate and bear wytch hunting materials. Bonds and weapons of aurum intended to subdue those who are infected with the magicks of the ancients, or in turn to give them mercy if they cannot be captured.” -Aeyn, “Fatherism, An Introduction” What is there here that any old wytch hunter can't simply replicate, apart from the All-fathers Mercy. Perhaps the average wytch hunter doesn't follow the orders of the High Keeper or Guard the Hearth from threat. Perhaps the old Purifier is a more professional wytch hunter than a mere soldier also meant to fight in field combat? But, I believe the main difference is that a Purifier knows how to perform the basic rituals of the Faith to purge or Cleanse an undead of their corruption. The Allfathers Mercy, an important tool in our fight against the Long dark, is something that no devout wytch hunter can perform without our Holy Fire and Belief in the Allfather: “The All Father’s mercy. They are to be tied to a stake and purified with Holy Fire. This will give them some small chance of being purified of their corruption and sent to the Father’s own embrace.” -Arthas, The Third Tenet. Just any fire will not suffice in the complete and total eradication of corruption. but how was a Purifier to perform the Allfathers mercy back in the day if they did not have a Flamebrand? I am unsure if any Purifiers were given the rights to wield Flamebrands back then, as that is the only known vessel of the Fathers fire other than the Hearth. I dont see how they could perform the ritual without one. There are some passages that suggest that they already had a Flamebrand before even becoming a Purifier: “Senior Priests of the faith that have reached a level of competency and fluency in the teachings of the faith as to warrant specialization. . . Dedicants choosing to specialize as Purifiers will take on the majority of martial tasks and duties bestowed upon the Priesthood.” -Arthas, “The Red Priests.” As you can see, Senior Priests were the ones allowed to become the more militant Purifier within the faith. By this point a priest surely had a flamebrand within their care and could choose to become a Purifier upon becoming a more Senior Priest. But then there are other documents contradicting this that say the opposite: “The Initiates the lowest rank in the Purifiers. They consist of lower gentry/ peasants. It is merely the first step in the right direction. They make up the body of the Purifier Order and require no weeks of service but you must be a member of the Red Faith to join.” -The Purifiers. It clearly states that the lowest rank of the Purifiers were made up of peasants rather than something along the lines of Senior Priest. Perhaps this was during a time where more Purifiers were needed or there could not be enough supplied. Either way, I pose these questions, What constitutes becoming a Purifier in today’s age? Just how much does someone need to learn? Can a Purifier have a Flamebrand? And can a Keeper be both Keeper and Purifier? If a new Era of Purifiers should arise, and those Purifiers not be wielders of Flame-Brands, are they still a representation of the Allfather’s presence should a Keeper’s Flamebrand or Hearth fire not be nearby? And hypothetically, if a single Purifier emerges, one can assume that they’ll just be one member of our brotherhood, but if a whole group emerges? Who will lead them? A Keeper or perhaps a resurfaced Purifier? Certainly the new Purifiers wouldn't know about the Red Faith enough yet to warrant a Lord Purifier again, till they are ready. As that could cause issues and put the Allfather’s name in a bad spot. Would it not? -Initiate Chadmyr
  10. A look into the History surrounding Branding History: You may be new to the faith as am I, but I had the luck of having Aeyn as my father when he was still alive. He taught me many things about our great Allfather, some of which included the teachings of Tyr. Due to a follower of Tyr’s teachings having been a Keeper under him. Now as you might not know, The first Tyr of Faretto came from the very same era as Arthas did and there are less scriptures written by him truly. Perhaps those rituals and knowledge that Tyr performed back in that time were passed down by word of mouth rather than by way of pen. Perhaps this led to the passing of knowledge down to this new Tyr. That Tyr was the Keeper under Aeyn and our last High Keeper from the times of Pinemarch, of which the branding may have originated, if not from that prior time. I am unsure. It truly is a difference in teachings between two different Keepers of the time. It is written that Arthas had a very simple way of inducting someone into the Red Faith, and while unwritten, The way of Tyr is more brutalistic in its fashion of Branding and Symbols. In times before them, the people of the Red Faith were baptised in the blood of Bulls. And more recently, During the time just before Tyr’s rule in Pinemarch, The time of Dunharrow, High Keeper Aeyn recorded his own way of initiating someone into the faith in Fatherism, An Introduction: “To accept the truth into one's heart is a simple affair. Approach a Keeper of any sort. This keeper will ask the supplicant three questions. This will be followed by a sprinkling of holy oils. The Keeper will then baste you with the presence of the All Father. Igniting your blinded soul and revealing unto you the All Father's glory. This will be followed by the choosing of a patron paragon, to whom the individual agrees to offer a portion of their income to in exchange for blessings and intercession.” -High Keeper Aeyn With Norland having been thrown in chaos when High Keeper Aeyn was killed in his temple along with other important members of the society. Violence in the temple is forbidden, may those who killed he and the others forever writhe in the agony of darkness. Norland was dissolved shortly after by King Edvard due to issues stemming from that very incident, looters had burned down the Temple library in Dunharrow, some of the books were saved on time, but much was now gone to the new Keepers of this Era who had not been fully taught by Aeyn. Luckily now those texts have resurfaced here in Morsgrad, but in any sense, The Teachings of Tyr was all they had to go off of as Tyr Faretto became the next High Keeper. So of course this other way of how Allfatherism is taught overshadowed Arthas’ till his texts resurfaced. We see this difference of teachings most in Keeper Gareth who was personally taught by High Keeper Tyr. Answers to your Questions: Now to go over those questions you had. Branding someone into the Red Faith as a means of initiation will certainly be permanent unless forcibly removed. I have not gone through this branding process myself due to the fact my father Aeyn followed a variant of Arthas’ way of initiation. However, I can say for a different, equally permanent, ritual involving the Induction into the Brotherhood that Keeper Gareth had offered a substitute option of being bathed in Bull’s Blood instead. I chose the prior option of marking the symbol of Donovan into my very flesh. But for the less dedicate who only wish to see and hear the truth of the Allfather, I myself am further on the side of how Arthas’ once taught, but I do not have the authority to change such a thing as a mere initiate. If someone were to rescind their vows to the Allfather, that would make them apostate. In the past and now it hasn't changed. Apostates are a people to be hunted and given the Allfather’s mercy as they forsook the Allfathers light. It is not forced conversion if we do not use violence or blackmail them into the Faith. As High Keeper Arthas himself said, “Firstly all children of the All Father are forbidden to coerce heathens into the ranks of the Faith via the expression or threat of violent action. One cannot be a true convert if they have been compelled, thus those compelled have not truly taken the All Father into their hearts and souls and cannot be properly defined as a real convert.” -High Keeper Arthas We cannot threaten violence to convert a man or woman into the Red Faith as they will still be blind to the light. Does a baby bird appreciate being pushed out of it’s nest before it is ready? It does not, as it will be forever be dead. As a forced convert will be forever blind to the truth. You are correct that we are to be proud of our Faith as we are to be proud as a people. The Allfather created us through his Justice, as my Father Aeyn had once told me when I asked about the Red Scrolls during my youngling years. I believe that in the doctrine of Tyr, Having the skin branded or tattooed is more seen as a form of dedication to following the Allfather through pain, If you are willing to go through pain and suffering for the Allfather and his paragons, surely you are dedicated to him? It most certainly does not give the new Allfatherist the chance to hide their faith should someone be testing them for following Arthas’ second tenet. Spreading the flame openly. However, the argument that tattoos and branding are both corruptions of skin is viable in the eyes of an Arthas’ follower, though there be no written documentation of such. That is up for High Keeper Solvi to decide. I do much rather follow the path of Arthas when speaking of Branding as his way of initiation, and by extension my fathers which is quite similar, it seems more closer to the more peaceful routes of initiation into the Red Faith. To each their own. From what we’ve seen in the past, most people select their paragons for life and it was very rare for someone to have changed their paragon. It is feasible but not something to be done often at all. I had this very same discussion with Keeper Gareth about what would be done say a new paragon has fallen more in favor, As you cannot easily remove a brand. Perhaps it is my opinion that we should bare a mark of the Allfather rather than our paragon of choice as to allow for such changes, but that is another decision up to the High Keeper. A short excerpt by my father Aeyn in Fatherism, An Introduction should clear up the exact principals around changing a paragon: “If one wishes to change paragons they must inquire with their local HEARTH KEEPER a mere keeper is insufficient for this process. The applicant will then in the presence of the hearth fire, with the attention of the All Father (as called by the Hearth Keeper) renounce the patronage of their patron paragon. Generally casting whatever icon of said paragon they had carried into the fire. This will generally enrage the paragon and it is not unheard of for discarded paragons to curse those who abandoned them. The applicant will then swear to a new paragon as they would do so at a consecration ceremony. It is worth noting that this new paragon will be less inclined to assist a supplicant that has shown a lack of loyalty to their original paragon. It is not advised that one switch paragons.” -High Keeper Aeyn And to answer your final question, If an apostate is caught, he is more likely to be given the Allfathers mercy to be judged before the Allfather himself. Whether he is to be given that second chance at the truth or not. On rare occasion an apostate could, in theory, be branded instead and pay penance for his sins and go back to his life looking up to the Allfather to learn the truth. Even if our views do not totally align. I thank you for Keeping our lord on high deep within your heart. We are all brothers and Sisters here in the land of the Allfather. -Initiate Chadmyr
  11. “Monday night my ass.” Says Chadmyr, who cant go.
  12. Registry Form Name: Chadmyr Branch: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Chadmyr from Aeyn from Exander, from Arthas, from Beo, from Edvard, from Thoromir
  13. “What is this dude even trying to say, tries too hard to sound smart” says Chadmyr
  14. Chadmyr can’t help but wonder why the grass around the riverbank, near his home town, has gotten quite the crunch under his boots
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