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  1. "Am.. Am I still asleep?" Dramyr questions his sanity with all the things that have happened so quickly.
  2. "Man this progressed quickly" -Dramyr
  3. "Call it again shithead!" Dramyr called from nearby with much agitation in his voice. "Oh wait you cant!"
  4. Dramyr goes back to bed and tries to sleep. It wouldnt work. He was too restless and convinced he had woken back up into some sort of nightmare.
  5. "I ******* wake up and this is whats going on!?" says Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric, who is known to some as having been in a coma for the last four or five years. It was a wonderfully long dream. "Dont mess with my good cousin Halvar. His reign has been long and arduous and he just wishes to keep the peace as best he can. I was right from the start, Allies are a hassle."
  6. "What can we say? The Master of Coin likes his coin. Ka-ching. There was a more grand insult than just a bar brawl anyhow." Dramyr shrugged with outward splayed hands.
  7. Keeper Dramyr's smile widens quite radiantly from within his comatose slumber. He felt the bright light of the Allfather grow within the realm of Norland and it's subsidiaries. "A dream realized." uttered his lips in quiet whisper, heard only by one of the palace servants who was tending to him at the time.
  8. "Oh ****" said Dramyr on being handed an invitation. "I didnt even know he died! Didnt even hear. Guess i'll have to try and attend to honor him. If not, why, there's always the afterparty!" he remarked in his head
  9. "Sweet! A birthday bash! I wonder who or what we are bashing at the party!" Dramyr exclaimed, excited at the prospect of another party in Norland. Yes, you should get a pinata.
  10. Dramyr cant help but laughing when he heard the news, and oh boy, did he laugh hard. By the end of it he thanked the man he'd heard it from and said "Thats a funny joke youve got." before he went away for his afternoon nap.
  11. Dramyr muses to himself. The news of the coronation had no bearing to him. He was just happy with the new tax documents Norland came up with that allowed Priests, who had no invitation mind you, to no longer get an immediate boot, but a choice to get documentation to stay. Should they wish it. Anyways, he took a nap after this musing.
  12. Dramyr hadnt heard the news. He had recently been dreaming about their few interactions together. They werent the worst. What was more nefarious was that his foot would remember her for her crimes against feet, his foot would always remember those sharp tacks breaking through its skin, it just doesnt know that it can no longer exact its revenge yet. How unfortunate.
  13. A travelling elf by the name of Kalev had somehow managed to cross paths with this writ on his passing through the Haenseti city. For he had overheard discontent regarding the Red Faith and was curious as to its source. So he got his hands on a copy of the newest drama. "Ah, I remember this. Good times that, when the Red Faith and the Renatia united in arms to take down the Norland crown. Really shouldnt have thought that just any fire would do for worshipping the father. Arthas' firestaff did remind them well that it wasnt the case." he thought, the elf's eyes continued to cast down the page
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