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  1. Adan squints at the note. "... This is the second time I've seen this ad. Isn't there some kind of vetting for the notice boards?" Adean writes a letter back. Aedan, Castellan of the Purifiers. Norlandic alchemist. Half of me is made of rock and metal. Write back.
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  3. Aedan Faretto would hold his hands up defensively. "Before anyone says anything - I didn't do it."
  4. Aedan would frown behind his porcelain mask. "Mera? Get the ball. The aurum one."
  5. Aedan Faretto, despite his favorite team being knocked out cold in the semi's, would take advantage of this exciting development as the Dunes prove themselves able to contend with the juggernaut Saints. He'd begin taking bets all over Almaris on behalf of his part-time employer Velsyni Indoren, who had taught him the beauty in all events is not necessarily the events themselves - but rather the mina to be made in the process. "Father above do I love a good gamble."
  6. After much thought, Aedan decided to write back. IGN: Draiden_Kaid Name: Aedan Faretto Age: Rude to ask. Place of residency: N/A Bank account balance: None of your damn business Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, alchemy, medicine, peacekeeping One interesting fact about yourself: I am coming after you.
  7. Aedan would read over the wanted poster with a frown. "Man, I didn't really understand the importance of shutting up and covering your face when committing a crime until now - we hardly know anything about this guy, if it is indeed a "he"
  8. Aedan Faretto would look over the letter handed to him from an urchin of Verhelm, smiling softly to himself as he admired the sketch of what was a very beautiful woman looking for romance. His smile would be short-lived, however, after he reads the line "Are you rich?" His smile would fade rather quickly, and he'd crumple the paper up and toss it into his Hearth. "Blasted gold-digging wenches, the lot of them."
  9. Aedan Faretto would whoop and holler at the Beserkers' newest win, proud as can be that his brother was continuing to do the clan proud. He'd throw himself relentlessly into the celebratory riot at the Indoren Corner Club, eventually being arrested for destroying half the tavern by himself. He was quoted to have said "BESERKERS BALLIN!! LETS ******* GOOOO!!"
  10. Skjord would comment to a local news source, "Yn ov tchaem hjaet-bjutchaed mae en bjaetchwaen mae laeks. Ae tchjnk tchaet schjuld bjae ae fjovl, bjutch aetch's njotch fjoor mae tchjo haet tchae plaeyjaer oor tchae gaem - mae rjovl aes tchjo plae, aent ae schjuld plae baetchaer."
  11. Skjord would clear his throat and lean forward into the pinecone to speak to the press. "Aet vaes ae hjaerd gjaem, aend tchae Fjyxens plaeyjed vaell. Ae hjaev njotchjngk bjut raespjektch fjor thaem. Ae only hjope vae sjaem aenaergyj njaextch vaek aegaenstch tchae Krjovs. Tchaenk yjou." Aedan would loudly applaud the Beserkers' win this week alongside his cousin and fellow superfan, pleased that they had a game where their star players weren't ejected for fighting or allegedly cheating.
  12. Skjord would read over the game scores, fuming under his helmet at what all these big, complicated words meant. "Tchjs aes bjullshjetch. Thaeyj djdn'tch aevaen gjaetch maej njaem cjorraectch. Aetch's Skjord Svardssen." He'd groan and turn to Lindhardt, who had been helping him read. "Yjoor fjaeltch fjoor maekjng tchaet djumb jyok tcho tchaet mjonk."
  13. Aedan Faretto would continue to cheer on and support his younger brother, proud that he has proclaimed himself the king of making BUCKETS on these fools.
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