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  1. Tavish would stare blankly at the note that Solomon had written for him, an odd flurry of emotion swelling inside. It seemed apparent to him that the dead had nothing but sweet words on the final chapters of their lives. He didn't know Solomon when he was Sohoro, and only through vague statements did he understand the man's past. He knew Solomon as a troubled soul looking for redemption in an unforgiving world. Tavish folded the missive and set it down on a nearby table. Through the scope of his faith, and of his own life experience, he felt that a guilty conscience would seldom a
  2. The Barrel Court By the Barrel King The Barrel Court resides in the heart of Norland, often taken as a jest made in the taverns throughout. Those who are unlucky enough to find themselves within the contempt of the people or breaking the just laws dictated by his his beloved Fatherland, however… They would find themselves dragged by the courtiers of retribution and brought before the Barrel King. They will be brought to his court - not like the filthy squalor of the Norlandic sewers, but rather a clean and well-kept alley stocked with booze, foodstuffs, wa
  3. Jager and Tyr would become extremely mad at this decision from their posts in the Father's afterlife, starting fights with random faithful souls at random and shouting at the top of their lungs incoherently. Tavish, on the other hand, could care less.
  4. "Aw hell, I got specifically invited." Tavish would remark, looking down at the invitation. "I guess I have to go, then."
  5. IGN: Draiden_Kaid RP Name: Tavish Nation/Settlement/Charter: Norland
  6. Tavish would return from his monthly hunting trip, sweat heavy from his brow despite the freezing cold. His armor was heavy, his pack laden with the pelts, meats and fish he had caught in the week. He'd find the missive stabbed into the Barrel Throne. much to his surprise and dismay. After a quick read-through, he'd let out a sigh. "Iron from Ice. Looks like I'll take my armor off some other time."
  7. Keep Your Dreams Simple "I've survived so much worse. I can't die here. Not like this." Jager noticed about a year or so ago that he was slowly dying - At first it was just fatigue. Then it was his poor appetite. He had been able to cover that up well enough - denying his deteriorating health and masking those symptoms with quartz powder… Then he started coughing up blood. Everyone noticed almost right away. After that, quartz wouldn’t give him energy anymore. He’d lost his appetite altogether. He could hardly breathe at night, leading to countless hours of sleep lo
  8. Jager would furrow his brow, rereading the header. "... Oh, True Faith, Keeper of Canon..." He'd crumple up the missive and throw it in the campfire. He'd muse to himself, "For a second there, I thought it was something worth reading. Man, I Might need to get some reading glasses..."
  9. ... Jesus, you really didn't mess around with this.
  10. Jager would look up from his reading at the very much not forgotten urn that is sitting on his mantle. “Ope... I don’t like that...” He’d say in a concerned voice. He’d take the urn and walk it out of his home and into the tax office, grabbing his tools and setting to work. After smelting down more than a few Highland Marks, more than enough to fill the rest of the urn, he’d pour the contents in and let it harden. Finally, after the urn had set, he’d throw it off the bridge of Morsgrad, to sink to the bottom of the sea.
  11. Jager would smile to himself as he read over the document. “I’m glad she liked my steak recipe.” He’d comment to himself, opting to tuck the essay into his satchel instead of his tradition of throwing things he’s read into his campfire.
  12. Jager would read over the missive, as would Tavish in an otherwise empty Hearth Temple. “I can’t believe we’ll see some resemblance of peace between our people.” Tavish would remark, not looking up from the paper. “Don’t be so sure.” Jager would reply dryly. “We’ve always hated them, and they’ve always hated us. Before our feasting, our funerals and our faith, fighting them has always been our oldest tradition.” Tavish would laugh at the grim sentiment. “Ja, and we now have demons, undead and all other manner of corruption to fight instead. Maybe it’s a new dawn – one that sees a humanity no l
  13. Addemdum added 18th of Snow’s Maiden, 1780 in accordance with the Hearth Council convened in the Sun’s Smile of 1777.
  14. Jager blinked hard, reading over the document again. "... Either O'Hara is an excellent calligrapher or a terrible one - this looks like it was penned by an Orenian child... And dammit I love it."
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