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  1. Can we get a GM on soon?

  2. MC Name: Fuze_Tyler Character's Name: Fuze Yaander Character's Age: 200 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Wood Elf Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: Parkins Creator's RP Name: Gravelord Adremeich Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A Morghuul is the lifeless reanimated corpse of a being. Morghuuls wander the lands in search of lifeforce found within the living, feeding upon it to survive. Lack of lifeforce will cause a Morghuul to slowly lose their sanity and eventually perish.. Morghuul's are created after their old bodies have been found and reanimated by a necromancer. A Morghuul's main weakness are holy magic, aurum, and fire. This however is not the only way a Morghoul can be dispatched, other methods include decapitation, severe limb loss, drowning, and extreme cold temperatures. Morghuul's cannot wear plate armor, because of their frail and rotting physique. Morghuul's may listen to the orders of necromancers that have given them ‘life’, but in the end don't have to, and can think for themselves. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  3. I can appreciate good timing in videos, what do you use to edit?
  4. If Nexus isn't removed this'd be a good alternate option, Really agree with the bow nerf and the removal of diamond armor. Personally id like it if levels stayed in one way or another as its something to work on late in the night and it gives a sense of growth.
  5. Ive seen a lot of his work in the past. Lion puts alot of time and effort into his work, I know he would be an amazing addition to the team. +1
  6. Exander Brann would be walking through the forests of Tahn to unwind after a long day of work, the scent of pine and wet grass soothing him as the slow pitter of rain drops made a rhythm against his pauldrons. Turning from the path into the brush, Exander laid onto the damp ground, allowing the moisture to cling to his tabard, and chill his chainmail. Out of the corner of his eye he would notice what seemed to be movement, his head rising to look around. Perhaps it was his imagination? he thought to himself, though the feeling of being watched never left him. Exander rose slowly to his feet, noticing an empty trap beneath a nearby bush as he rose 'does someone live out here?' he would think once more, his eyes scanning the surrounding tree line. He would shake his head, droplets of water flying from his hair as he did so. As Exander made it back to his hall he would sit in his throne, the thought still bothering him, did he see someone out in the forest? Exander would let out a sigh as his eyelids grew heavy "I'll just have ta go back another day and find out . . ." He would say as he let out a yawn "perhaps they could join my House" he would let out before giving in to his exhaustion, falling asleep to the sound of his hearth.
  7. Exander Brann would gaze upon the poster as he walked to his hall. "That . . . that's just silly" he would mutter to himself as he continued down the path.
  8. MC Name: Fuze_Tyler VIP Rank: Coal In-game screenshot of your tag and username:
  9. Fuze Yaander would get Ser Hakon his daily prune juice. Saddened by the state of her once middle aged friend.
  10. Fuze_Tyler / RisingRebels
  11. One of the few things that I've agreed with you on, the video shows everything that happened and it speaks for it self. Unless warrior would like to say something, but after his last messages I doubt he would. And teegah, +1 have a good day.
  12. The reason I had originally said I didn't see your "stop orc" emote was because the way you had described the event was that you had said that THEN warrior came after me, but in reality it was the opposite. And you claiming that I tried to run through you to is as far from the truth as it gets, I had only taken a few steps and there was no rp to "continue" (even with the video sped up you can tell that I stopped walking). I was chased with pvp after being told to stop in looc, nothing else. Then right before I was downed I was given a "glorified halt" emote (going to call it that since teegah swears up and down that it isn't a halt emote) and made to rp in a situation that I had no obligation to be in from the start. Had I not been randomly attacked and downed I could have continued running which as stated in the rules I was allowed to do.
  13. Edit: serious. Watch the video again closely. You can see warrior begin to hit me, I react in looc, THEN right before they down me you see the emote that teegah claims he said before warrior set chase to me. RIGHT as I'm downed he says it. The proof is right in the video that I was chased then downed by their party without any prior rp, only warrior telling me in looc not to run. It's at 6:04 (Maybe go to like 5:30 to see it all, pay close attention to the chat, Cedrick is teegah)
  14. Forgive me for confusing your character with warriors, but you did rp with me, at least it would seem you did when you emoted *Cedrick draws his axe when you were right in front of me. Which to me looks like you were ready to try and rp'ly kill me alongside warrior before I eventually emoted dying because I felt pressured into emoting by warrior in ooc, he had downed me once, what was to stop him again.