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  1. I believe Staff have said that they are comfortable with giving players access to fly when building on another post, don't remember which one but it wasn't that long ago.
  2. yes, but rply people who weren't undead wouldn't know this. You can say its unfair all you want but the bottom line is that in the "world of lotc" there are different standards and ways of thinking. This isn't 2017 america where you can be whatever you want and people have to accept it. This is a fake world with its own laws, and moral code. Your RP has consequences that you just have to accept, one of them being that the majority of the living don't like the dead. Tough cookies.
  3. Realistically a guild should only be able to form outside a nation if they have the resources to stand on their own, this would severely cut down the massive amount of empty "guilds" we had littering Axios. Along with that I don't think anyone should just be able to start a "guild" whenever they feel like it as in the majority of cases guilds are sponsored by a city who pays them to do specific tasks which could be anything from slaying monsters to raiding other nations. Its just my personal belief but a "guild" that isn't being sponsored is realistically just a club of people who hang out and do things. Guilds don't get to be treated as nations or nobility, in the end they should only exist outside of a nation IF they can support themselves with resources, wares, and mina.
  4. There was once a time where guilds were ran within cities, and those who wished to make their "headquarters" outside of a city did so by gathering all the resources then building it by hand without LC.
  5. He is a Craven

    Exander Ruric would recall the duel, giving a small chuckle to his half cousins cowardice.
  6. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    "Your grasp on the common tongue is horrifying... anyhow the fact that we fled shows otherwise as we were not properly equipped for a fight, and did not go there with hopes of fighting. Your ability to warp situations for your benefit is astounding though." Exander would say "We originally were going to hire 4 but only 3 came" Exander would say in defense of his father "And are you really one to talk about getting information wrong?"
  7. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    "only 3 of the men were hired" Exander would say with a deep laugh
  8. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    "You were already locked in your hall when we got there, and not a single mention for us to have our hired guards leave was spoken on your side. all you did was fling insults."
  9. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Exander would read over his cousin's (?) words "My father wishes not to just place me on the throne as Javier has done with Jevan. that would make us hypocrites. My father only wishes for a moot to be held as they always have. you yourself are a candidate for this moot Jory."
  10. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    "That would require the lot of them to be literate father" Exander would reply
  11. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    He did, as it was not decided by a moot, as Javier himself, and all before were elected.
  12. Let the Craven eat Crow

    "They're far from the only ones"
  13. Let the Craven eat Crow

    Exander Ruric would give a small laugh "Hundreds? nay, Hundred... perhaps" he would say with a hint of sorrow in his voice. his fingers would tighten on the book he held, its contents telling the many stories of Seahelm and the Nortruppen "This... this is when we had hundreds... thousands perhaps" he would give a light sigh "Our peoples salvation is within our history, and our culture. The true sons and daughters of Norland have all left the shallow husk of what it is now, your 'King' has driven out all who made this nation, and his son will doom all who remain." "You have called those of the faith barbarians" Exander would give a small chuckle to himself once more "The priests of the faith were nay the ones who went out raiding, they were not the ones out slaughtering men for the enjoyment of it. You blind yourselves and see your actions as just" "It is a sad day to think the Nation my Family proudly built will be torn down by a family of illegitimate bastards and fictitious 'nobility' that speak out against those who have been blessed by the very power that has guided our people from our beginning. Norland needs the All Father, but the All Father doesn't need Norland, that will surely be shown in the time to come."
  14. Let the Craven eat Crow

    Exander Ruric would let out a light sigh, ruffling his sons hair "Asher, pay attention to all that has happened, and nay make any of the same mistakes as your Eirikson cousins. Listen well to your grandfathers teachings" he would say, letting him go so he could play with his sister once more. "Seems the family just got a whole lot shorter" he would pause "perhaps a whole line shorter"