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  1. sneLf

    The Big Dogs are Back

    We didn’t start the fire.
  2. sneLf

    The Peasants Tourney

    ((Username)): MCPancakes Name: Lyulen Daemyr Age: 129 Clan (If Applicable): Volaren Title (If any): Defender of Tavern. Chosen Event/s: All IF IN DOUBLES DUEL: Dueling Partner’s name: Vydrek Volaren ((username)): McPancakes Team Name: Volaren boys
  3. sneLf


    Honestly, Switzerland should be erased.
  4. sneLf

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Lyulen Daemyr Clan: Daemyr Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid
  5. sneLf

    [Denied]FuzeAlt's World Developer Application

    what a WACKY DUDE.
  6. Is a nerd with toxic values. +1
  7. What a toxic player. Flippin' madman. +1
  8. Elrith is toxic. Sakura is toxic. +1
  9. sneLf

    The Legion of Ord

  10. sneLf


  11. Honestly a pretty chill dood, even back then. He'd make more than a good addition to the event team since he no longer is apart of any groups.
  12. sneLf

    Reivers Big Pvp club

    you're fuckin' stupid -silent
  13. sneLf

    Lobby Server!

  14. sneLf

    [Denied]SambreroMan's Game Moderator Application

    God bless this man. He's one to never try to break the rules, and is just a chill guy in general.