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  1. Princess Tatiana’s countenance bundles with subtle mirth, heavily garbed forearms feld beneath her bosom. She dips her head in satisfaction to her late cousin’s wife, the dowager Queen, and the Princess Margaret of Kaedrin. Somewhere else, Queen Milena, rightfully restored to the stratum where Princess Mariya ‘Blackwing’, and her children – wholly and righteously Barbanov in their own right -- reveled in GOD’s grace, boasts a smile of utter pride. “For you, Marelika, my dearest Maya has brought our plans to fruition. May the generations of our people to come know your name, and virtuous patronage of the arts, be it within the Adrian City of Renz or the Imperial Palace Novellen.”
  2. ON IGNORANCE Education, and certainly the achievement of such thereof, should be a paramount aspiration in the mind of any self-respecting and ambitious Orenian. In recent years, we have become subservient to war; but instruments reserved until one of our fickle adversaries encroach with impish intentions. Now, I am of the select few in this demesne, at least explicitly, who observes my brothers-in-arms -- be they ordained members of the retinue, their compassionate brides, or their wistful child who long to, in eventuality, supplant their parentage in servitude to their Empire. Then again, any child which lives within the bounds of our Empire is habitually reminded of the dangers of the outside world where the rebel fiends lie in wait, anticipating the arrival of their cherubic peers so they may feast upon their carcasses. With that in mind, why wouldn’t the youth of our Empire be inclined to take up arms and defend their respective commonwealth, even if it were to cost them their lives? Now, my kindred, do not get me wrong: I do not contest, nor do I argue, against valor and patriotism. As a matter of fact, I am all for it -- so long as it is not fueled by a blind assumption of victory. As with all parties, there are bound to be those with staunch intellect, and those remiss of it, be they amongst an assemblage of dignitaries or a brigand of savages. To enter a conflict, obtuse and vacuous, may very well be considered bovine (either definition is readily applicable here). Such is a death sentence, fueled by one thing: IGNORANCE. Surprisingly, ignorance -- and not stupidity -- is the bane of humanity, and ergo, any advancement which comes with it. Through it, we stifle growth, advancement, and any semblance of learnedness a populace can attain. Let us not belittle anyone, not even our enemies, when we’ve so much to learn ourselves. Therefore I say: Read, converse, and enrich yourself, for no one else will go through the trouble on your behalf. IN NOMINE DEI Her Imperial Excellency, Henrietta Valtian-Novellen, Countess of Pompourelia, Undersecretary for Civil Affairs
  3. A FUTURE, UNBESMIRCHED I was once a girl, not too long ago it seems: an heir, succeeded only by my young sister, Heidemarie, to the Alstions of Aeldin. We were raised proud and shrewd, made certain by the various lectures of our good father, Prince Charles. Even through his exile, he maintained influence on me through his letters, bolstering the pride I’ve come to have in my family. For, to my father - a once Imperator, son to John the valiant and brother to Blessed Adeline, the late and beatified Holy Orenian Empress - Oren was more than the city of Helena and its vassals. It stood as a bastion for those with righteous intentions and those with a staunch whim to persevere and become learned -- the betters of their contemporaries, be they adversaries or even kinsmen. I lived in Helena out of necessity, at first. It was a safer alternative, especially for a maid of my age, than to live in the war-plagued Ruberni city among him. It was a begrudging choice that we made unanimously. However, it is not living in Helena, nor Oren, that I regret -- but doubting it. I was raised by one Orenian in particular, the Archchancellor Simon Basrid, who always took a fond interest in my upbringing, instilling within me knowledge I could have only initially yearned to know. I have been an heiress, bureaucrat, matriarch, bride, and now mother, in my lifetime -- all gifts from GOD himself. Since my father’s exile, I have come to a realisation, albeit morbid and grim. My house -- my bloodline, upbrought into glory by the Imperious John the First, reforged and saved by the mighty Prince Charles Elliot, died with my father’s grandfather, Blessed Alexander Frederick, the last Imperial Prince of Johannian Oren and shall not ever assume a similar strata of repute. No living member of my house, besides myself and my sister Heidemarie -- whom is wed to Yves Bartholemew Anion -- has produced legitimate issue bearing the name Alstion. Any unverified issue is hereby baseborn and unrecognized by myself or my issue, of which is the newborn Peter Amadeus Valtian-Novellen. Therefore, it is with great sobriety, in reverence to both the efforts of my ancestors and the illustrious Oren my uncle, Emperor Peter the third, has rebuilt, that I -- Henrietta Karenina -- dissolve the titular Principality of Alstion and hereto for abandon any claim to Oren held by my House of birth. May humanity continue to prosper, as it has, in perpetuity. With GOD, and better judgement, a future, unbesmirched, is possible. PENNED BY Henrietta Valtian-Novellen, Countess-consort of Pompourelia, the final matriarch of the House of Alstion
  4. Princess Henrietta Valtian-Novellen swoons
  5. Queen Milena of Adria remembered the day as she dwelled in the blight of purgatory, remembering the contorted expressions of fear on young Maya and Aleksandra’s respective faces. She frowned then, merely thinking on how unfortunate it was for children to endure strife so young and so tender, their innocence consumed by the conflicts of irksome men.
  6. The Princess of Alstion glances momentarily over her shoulder, attending to Joseph’s musings. She grins wholy, nodding somewhat as her brows screwed together, beginning to account for the applicants. “As expected, Skill is in abundance in our fair city. We need only let it fester.”
  7. Princess Henrietta of Alstion, great-granddaughter to the last Imperial Johannian, and the last of their living ilk, grieves at Alexander’s burial sight, flanked in reverence by her aunt Vespira and the Archchancellor. “I have found comfort in knowing he is in GOD’s blessed company,” she hoarsely muttered, hands interlaced above her stomacher. ”Yet with him died Horen, a family beyond the scope of the Pertinaxi and Johannians. That is naught anything to be taken with a grain of salt.”
  8. THE UNION OF VALTIAN-NOVELLEN Union of Lord George of Adria and Princess Henrietta I of Alstion With the grim demise of HIH Alexander Frederick following the marriage of HIH the Princess Imperial and HG the Duke of Helena-Adria, so came the demise of an era. Moving past the strife of old corresponding to their ancestors, particularly the feud of their fathers, HSH the Princess of Alstion and Lord George de Sarkozy cement the union of their houses via wedlock. The marriage will occur within the Basilica of the Final Revelation on the Sun’s smile of 1754. OOC: Sunday 2/9/2020 5pm EST (Helena, Oren) SIGNED Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Alstion, Henrietta Karenina .Lord George Casimir de Sarkozy
  9. MISSIVE FOR ORENIAN ARTISANS To the People of Oren, It is the will of the Novellen’s chamberlaintry to seek out artisans of any field with an interest to further the advancement of Imperial Helena’s more delicate sector. Any learned scholars of the subjects listed below are behooved to apply: Painters (oil, canvas, or fresco) Sculptors Writers Tailors Engineers Mages with specialties in Arcanism and Evocation Accepted candidates will be provided with adequate board and resources to fulfill their duties, their tenures patronized by the Imperial Crown itself. Application Format Full Name: ((IGN: )) Age: Subject of Mastery: IN NOMINE DEI His Excellency, the Governor of Palace Novellen, Jahan Basrid Dyl#5096 Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Alstion, Henrietta Karenina vesetta#1948
  10. Henrietta of Alstion lauds the union, eagerly awaiting the reception of her first cousin’s marriage!
  11. In death, Milena Ekaterina longed for the embrace of her son, as she had for some time. Yet, she was a woman bereaved of such as a result of a various mistakes, all based on her own preservation and that of her husband’s crown. She found nothing but comfort knowing her son, Andrew IV – veritably sired from the loins of Andrew III – was in GOD’s eternal grace. Many thoughts and laments coursed through her head, most prominently amongst them: her regret.
  12. Henrietta Karenina is startled, having been roused by reverie by an approaching page, deep within the Novellen’s depths. She slackens her hold on the quill in her right hand, beckoning the youth forward. ”What is it?” The page merely extended a letter, bowing steeply to the young woman, uttering, ”Your father has left a copy of his will to you, Your Highness,” briefly before he took his leave. She leant into her chair, peering at the cerulean waters from the Archchancellor’s office, succumbing to contemplative silence.
  13. Maria of Beaufort, princess of the Imperium Septimus and the elderly mother to Titus, jiggies mirthfully, relieved with the runt’s death!
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