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  1. Eh-leh-kay sounds prettiest to me. Also, this has a lovely aesthetic. I’m glad to see unique CAs!
  2. whew chile the forums rly got spammed today

  4. “Compassionate Mother.. grant us the health to survive this enemy. Fearless Father.. grant us the strength to destroy this enemy..”
  5. so.... are we gonna talk about how complaints about pedophilia on lotc were deleted from the live stream chat? 🥱 chile.... anyways

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    2. Harold


      I know LoTC has had and still has a problem with such, it’s one of the reasons I’m goneso. Please get in touch if you want to find out where I went.

    3. ScreamingDingo



      You know as a boomer that pedos are an RP medium issue not solely just an LotC one lol



      stop advertising and commit to your new venture. 

    4. Harold


      do something about it

  6. [!] The following scroll is rolled up and present in the Siramenor library, set besides the adjacent scrolls about the Mani. Brothers and Sisters of the Green Priesthood: The purpose of this scroll is to encourage all to develop their personal bond with and understanding of their patron Mani. When you envision the Mani that you worship, what do you see? Not the spirits that arrive after being called forth through ritual, but their unseen forms, how they appear beyond this realm. Are they simply another animal, with a superior consciousness, power, and intelligence? If so, what is their gender? What do they sound like, what is their demeanour? All of these questions can theoretically be answered with time and research, however for your daily worship, it is critical for you to have a strong personal vision of the Mani you are praying and giving offerings to. With these thoughts in mind, I have developed a theory based off of the natural world itself. Everything that exists has a certain duality to it. I’ve come to understand this more deeply through alchemical arts, although our roots as Mali’ame give us examples of this from our experience in nature. The element of fire can be a gentle candle or a roaring disaster, the element of water can be a life-giving stream or a deadly flood, the element of earth supports life as we know it or it can be a rock fall that crushes the same life. There is a dual interpretation in everything, two sides that represents two Aspects. It is known that each piece of the balance is brought forth by the Aspects, but what about the smaller pieces within this balance? My first teacher in Druidism taught me that even grass can represent Cernunnos. Sure, at a first glance it appears delicate and vibrant; but some grasses are strong and durable, and can survive in very harsh environments. Something much more commonly seen as representing Cernunnos is a large beast such as a bear. However, this animal still shows the qualities of Cerridwen by being known as a protective, wonderful symbol of motherhood- as seen with Bolomormaa, the Bear Mani. A recent theory of my own is that if the Aspects designed the Mani as they did nature, then the Mani display the same duality as everything else within the balance. Some within the Wild Faith often struggle and have disagreements about what gender each Mani is, or if they are masculine or feminine. Some address this dilemma by saying that the Mani have no gender, but what if it’s the opposite? Perhaps Bolomormaa can manifest in two different ways: a Prince, being a powerful animal with strong capabilities; and a Princess, a protective and wise mother. Similarly, we know hummingbirds are both vibrant yet very, very territorial. What if Kholibrii has two sides? A masculine side, a Prince that represents the protection of one’s own territory; and a Princess that represents vibrancy, spring, and flowers? If one applies this train of thought to the rest of the Mani we commonly worship, the same pattern trails behind. Note that this scroll merely presents a theory to deepen one’s own faith, and is not meant to replace nor correct the personal beliefs of others. I encourage you to use this theory in your worship if you have struggles envisioning the Mani, for if you cannot envision them clearly, how can you worship them? As always, may the Aspects and Mani bless your path. Signed, Skylar Taliame’onn, Archpriest of the Green Priesthood.
  7. Yeah that’s not what any of these potions did at all Great idea! I’ll add that right now
  8. After thinking through your suggestions, I modified that bit to still require a woman present, while still having an ingredient explanation.
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