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    The light golden glow from the blue sky spread evenly across the lush field of sunflowers. The large, yellow heads were all coordinated in staring at the sun. The flowers moved and grew towards the sun, their lifetime spent in searching for more sun to sustain themselves. An elven figure lined in flower-wreath patterns was seen squatting in the field. He whispered to a small elven child who wore the larger elf’s bright, green eyes and his thick brown hair which the golden rays of sun lit up. Moments passed as an older wood elven women stood close, watching the pair peacefully. The little girl whimpered as she threw her small arms around her father’s slim figure, refusing to let go. He hushed her, and promised her one last thing, his mutters soft and caring, bouts of sniffling heard in his words. The daughter slowly nodded to her father and would proceed to remember the promise for the rest of her life: That he would return to her one day, bringing her lost mother with him. Their embrace ended and the father glanced over to the nearby aforementioned wood elven woman. Silence followed for several lingering moments as the woman began to walk off with the little girl, gently holding her hand. As they walked, the daughter kept her gaze locked behind her, facing her father for as long as she could, until they dissapeared within the forest. The elven man inhaled deeply, droplets of cloudy water streaming down his soft features. And so he spun around slowly, facing the direction the sunflowers faced. He squinted as the rays of sun entered his eyes, begining his journey into the open field, moving towards the direction of a sun. The forest right behind the flower field was heard rumbling as a wooden humanoid-creature stumbled out, following the elf. It reached it’s right arm down low, its large wooden, mossy hands gripping softly onto the elf’s much smaller hand which had to be raised up to be held. And so he went off into the field, following the direction the flowers faced, the sun, and leaving the forest he once called home behind him. He would walk on and on, the voices of nature and the ent he brought with him never allowing him to feel lonely. He wouldn’t stop soon, spending his life like the flowers, forever moving and constantly growing in the direction of the sun.
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    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: LaffenOutLoud Screenshot of the Item: https://prntscr.com/mdkaz4 How you got it: Giveaway by Jaeden Username: LaffenOutLoud Screenshot of the Item: https://prntscr.com/mdkb4f How you got it: Giveaway by Jaeden
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    What Pokemon would your character have?

    ….............................you get it
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    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Hello! Can I have: Seashells of Cerridwen Seashells of Cernunnos user: LaffenOutLoud
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    A calm breeze whistled as it flowed past towering trees, as fearsome as they were magnificent, in the lush Loftywoods. A grove far in its depths, behind shrubs and bushes and thick groups of trees, contained ethereal, vibrant flora and sacred herbs. Calm animals such as deer, squirrels and horses all frolicked past healthy foliage and grass, maintaining peace and serenity in the security of the grove. The large canopy that hovered over the Loftywoods casted a slight level of darkness, yet occasional gaps in the clusters of leaves above allowed gleaming, golden rays of sunlight to gently illuminate the grassy floor. Drops of dew on blades of grass and plant-leaves glistened as the sunlight sparsely touched their surface. A pleasant, verdant scent of freshly watered grass and flowers flowed through the air, joining the crisp smell of clean river rapids in spreading throughout the grove. Various birds joined their voices in tranquil song, the sound of which cheerfully flowed through the wilderness. In the heart of the lush grove, a large tree loomed over the others, casting an even deeper shadow and coolness to the area under it. A stream besides the shaded area gently muffled the sound of a cooing baby, occasionally giggling as a proud elven father’s fingertips gently tickled the smooth surface skin of his daughter’s neck. His fingernails casted a calming, tranquil lavender-hued glow, which stood out amidst the lush greenery and shadows under the treetops. The scene was overjoyed with the love shared between the father and daughter, the father’s back set against the side of the grand tree, carrying the infant in his arms. The baby outstretched her short arm, grasping at clusters of flowers tied onto wreaths that the father wore around both of his arms. The father glanced down to the wreaths he wore, nodding once before his gaze returned happily to the daughter he carried, bundled in his arms. “They’re all shaped by the Mother.. Each with her delicate touch and beauty.. Just like you,” he muttered in a quiet voice, knowing that his daughter couldn’t come close to understanding him just yet, yet proceeding to proudly teach his daughter with a beaming smile, regardless. The infant lowered her arm as the pair of bright, emerald green eyes curiously darted across the canopy above. The father’s gaze followed that of his daughter’s, exhaling with calmness as he began to spoke once more. “..The trees tower over us, having the strength of Cernunnos and the beauty of Cerridwen - Watching over both you and me, protecting us,” he comforted. Long, pointed Elven ears twitched as the daughter cooed, the father’s head tilting somewhat as the two still gazed towards the towering canopy. “..I pray you’ll come to understand that no matter what, the forest watches over.. Is a friend, and will protect you, in any circumstance. You’re always safe,” he murmured to the infant, speaking what he wished he had been told as a child. A sudden snap was heard in the distance, the hoof of a deer breaking a twig fallen from one of the many trees. The sound was quite loud compared to the otherwise tranquil and joyous forest, standing out and echoing past tree-trunks. The deer stood frozen on the other side of the river, head proudly perched up as he looked over the grove. His antlers raised up on either side of his head, twisting and turning into a beautiful display. The baby flinched at the sudden noise, frantically turning towards her father. “..Hush, it is but a stag.. You will learn much about the wild animals, and befriend them.. Reflect the will of the Huntsman..” he spoke with a smile. He knew that he did not reflect the bravery of Cernunnos, but he had faith that his daughter would learn to. After many moments, the deer’s head suddenly turned to the right, darting away as hoofs silently pounded on the grassy floor. The stream that flowed serenely next to the shaded part under the large tree created noise that sparked the interest of the baby, her gaze tilting curiously to the calm river. “..Allow yourself to flow, as both a raging storm and a gentle spring,” he repeated quietly, nodding as he recalled the quote commonly spoken in his religion. A ray of sunlight hit the surface of the water as it shone brightly like a diamond sunken deep underwater, catching the baby’s eye as she reached her arms in the direction of the glistening water. Moments of silence passed, before the father finally spoke. “The lady of light.. Illuminating the darkness in this realm..” he spoke with a smile of appreciation, outstretching his grasp of the baby so small rays of light would hit her cheek, warming and illuminating the surface. “You will grow to be a shining light.. You are the offspring of the Eclipse Druid and the Rainbow Druid... ..Daughter of change and promise.”
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    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: LaffenOutLoud Screenshot of the Item: https://prntscr.com/m53owc How you got it: Created by Cielosoro’s Spriggan, who then gifted it to my Druid Username: LaffenOutLoud Screenshot of the Item: https://prntscr.com/m53p9u How you got it: Given to me by Eranikus, who it was given to by Hedgehug Username: LaffenOutLoud Screenshot of the item: https://prntscr.com/m53psb How you got it: I forget the username, but someone gained the item in their possession and sought out and sold to my Druid because it appeared Druidic in nature.
  7. A druid cluttered in flowers shook his head as he clicked his tounge several times in disapproval, nodding along to the Autumn Druidess.
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    [Mani] The Angler, Ape, Bovine, Bee, Lizard, & Ratite

    Save the bees!
  10. What is your minecraft username? LaffenOutLoud What is your discord? sadboy #9413 How long have you played on LotC? One year How many hours per day/week are you available? On discord & forums I am available 5-7 hours a day, generally. Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? No. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Do you believe you'd be able to summarize these pieces in a concise manner? I have a solid grasp on several areas of lore, but not nearly as much lore as there is on LoTC, but there are several areas I am comfortable with in my understanding. Do you have any creative writing experience? Yes! I’ve posted some on the forums before.
  11. LaffenOutLoud

    LaffenOutLoud's Wiki Team Application

    Username: LaffenOutLoud Forum Name: LaffenOutLoud Discord Name and Tag: sadboy #9413 How do you wish to work for the wiki? I'd like to write lore not present as well as update and fill gaps in present lore, wherever it's needed. Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? No. Which lore are you most familiar with? Alchemy, LoTC Flora/Plants, Druidism, Mani, World Lore such as minerals etc. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Druid_Magic - As it is a magic page it should be specifically explaining the magic, and as such I believe the explanation on Dedicancy should not be there, but instead should be in a separate page for Druidism as a religion. - The entire page focuses on connection to nature but does not mention much about the Aspects and how they are the source of the gifts - Nature’s Control makes it appear as if a Druid bends and shapes Nature to their will, when it should explain that it is actually favors and requests, which nature may deny. - I believe Nature’s Communion and Nature’s Control would look nicer if they were combined into one section, Nature’s Communion & Control, as it is referred to in many other LoTC pages. - Most of the submagics, especially Blight Healing and Herblore are missing detail on how the magic is casted and more on how it works. - Nature’s Healing appears to be outdated and quite inaccurate. It should be called Herblore, and it focuses on healing and someone reading this would assume it is a healing magic. It is far from this and in fact works on all herbs with any properties. As I stated in my previous point, it is also missing further explanation. - It is missing the Awakening ability as well as mentioning ungrowing. - I find it awkward that Shapeshifting is in a different page, as it is indeed a part of Druidism and it’d be neater if it was in the same page. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning The races pages – For this purpose I will be using the Elf page. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Elves - The beginning parragraph is well summarized with accurate history and physical descriptions, someone may decide if they want to play one or not with the first parragraph as it highlights the general makeup of the race. - Accurate and lively history is written, yet not too much to bore someone with unnecessary details – They can come to the forums or other history pages for that. - Each subrace have their own more specific physical description – And the most important thing I found was that they included a skin to visualize what their skin could look like, it seems very helpful. - Culture is highlighted throughout the page and you can definitely feel the immersion coming to life. Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) (Using a piece of lore I submitted earlier) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FdgDcp-mEO4nkh3gLZg4eRKfFIFmvhPlwbzql_l7Nqg/edit
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    my thots

    I agreed with everything except the point highlighted above. It’s a players fault if combat capacity is lowered and they are left with a weak character. Magic isn’t the answer to getting a powerful, succesful character. This should encourage people to learn more mundane combat skills and to not be edgy kids who can easily wipe out people who took the time to learn combat iRP, which I find to be better and more enjoyable RP than having magic, honestly.
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    The Death of A Prince

    A sprite, elegant and white in color, flies in a circle excitedly as it returned to the Druids and public, able to be trusted once more, and free from the Prince. A druid covered in flower wreaths smiled softly at the defeat, moving to gather and heal the injured. Later, standing near the blight at Caras Eldar, his lips pursed with worry.
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    [Flora] Saproot!

    Sure, why not. +1
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    [✓] [Mani Submission] Kholibrii - The Hummingbird Mani

    Hahaha, thank you!