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  1. LaffenOutLoud

    ¤°✿。 The Druidic College 。✿°¤

    An extremely colorful mali’ame covered in wreaths upon wreaths of carefully placed flowers sat cross-legged in his grove, studying the bag of flowers placed infront of him, grinning with a crazed look as he prepared to spread gayness Tiva.
  2. LaffenOutLoud


    A druid sat cross-legged in the depths of the Druid Grove, both arms dangling outward, carressing bunches of flowers, bushes – And general foliage on the lush, dense grassy surface floor. Streams floated by wispfully, his fingernails emitted a soft Lavender glow that lit up the foliage softly as his hands brushed past the plants, humming as he communed with them. His hums weren’t positive as usual. For the first time, his hums were remorseful, sorowfull, the hope shining in his eyes dimming down as the seconds passed. ”Now I truly know.. I am sure, that the prince is not sent by the Aspects whatsoever.. forming attacks towards the other cities was one thing – But how dare he attack a sanctuary, a lush paradise devoted to the Aspects?” He spoke, voice trembling, he was not ready to abandon his home. Teardrops formed in his eyes as he peered down to the inner grove, eyeing the Soul Trees, Dryad Trees, the Elder Tree. All will be destroyed, and for what? This is not balance. This is not Natural. The prince has crossed the line, and the Aspects are looking down on him in disgrace.
  3. LaffenOutLoud


    Skylar wonders why the Prince would want to destroy the grove, as there is nothing unnatural about a Druid Grove
  4. LaffenOutLoud

    No Consequence RP

    Because this is an OOC issue of people not Rping consequences correctly, OOC action must be taken to regulate the magic. Banning a magic ICly as a ‘fix’ to this issue won’t do much to help the server other than your kingdom and is indeed bringing OOC into RP. Even though many cultures in LoTC see this magic as unnatural, there are equally as many who see it as a beautiful artform and accept it. It’s unlikely they’d ban it.
  5. LaffenOutLoud

    No Consequence RP

    Sorry, I have no reason to have a go at him? I’m simply saying, if there’s an OOC issue, you fix it OOCly. Ignoring it or banning it ICly with no IC reason is bad RP.
  6. LaffenOutLoud

    No Consequence RP

    Okay this is definitely possible and can easily be done. It’s the consequences that people fail to RP that is being adressed here. This isn’t the answer. If it’s an OOC issue, it needs to be fixed OOCly. IC banning of magic should have it’s own IC cause. Don’t mix the two.
  7. LaffenOutLoud

    No Consequence RP

    [Druidism isn’t a healing magic, we can enhance the potency of herbs but not heal.] There’s already things done about this, such as in Healing Potions mutations are a possibility and scars are almost always present. The problem is, the people who use them likely don’t know the entire lore of the potion, or the patient chooses not to RP these consequences. Also, people often ignore the toll sped up healing takes on your body. At least with regeneration potions – Your body will tire out healing the wound and you can’t just get up and return to combat. Not sure how this could be enforced, but hopefully potions should have these things written in their description – And a reminder to read the lore before. Patients should be informed oocly of all side-effects and mutations (I honestly would like to see a roll for abnormalities/mutations in healing, something like anything under 2 out of 30, not sure.) I’ve heard before that Clerics too are weakened or disabilitated after healing depending on the severity of healed wound. tl;dr, almost all, if not all of the things you mentioned are already implemented, it’s the players who are failing to RP this correctly.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Congratulations, your changes made were perfect. You will soon be implemented into our server, be ready! If you need any help - The Application Team invites you to our New Player Discord: https://discord.gg/uYUJkT4 Again, Welcome to LoTC! We are so happy to have you!
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Congratulations, your application was beautiful You will soon be implemented into our server, be ready! If you need any help - The application team invites you to our new player discord: https://discord.gg/uYUJkT4 Again, welcome to LoTC! We are so happy to have you!!
  12. LaffenOutLoud

    Fake Elegance

    The Loftywoods thrived as normal. Lush, giant trees towering over peaceful fauna, prancing about the forest-floor in perfect harmony. Insects buzzed, birds chirped. Butterflies flapped by, occasionally stopping on a lovely flower. It was perfect, untouched. The wind blew calmly through the gaps of the large trees, perhaps causing a gentle howl, causing leaves and foliage and bushes to sway. Gentle dewdrops were seen amongst the crisp blades of grass, visible only by the small rays of sunlight piercing through the large canopy. Perfection. What one wouldn’t notice, a boy. A small boy.. is that.. an Elf? An elf. Pacing around his grove, his body cluttered in flowers. Something was worrying him.. anxiety amidst this lush scenery seemed impossible, but how true is that statement? Marriage. This elf is supposed to be married, married.. married. If marriage is such a joyful occasion, what could possibly be wrong? With a sigh, he extended his hand to the gate of his grove. A gentle glow took over his fingernails, a beautiful tattoo on his hand and back. A lavender glow. Lavender. Peaceful, serene, calm. Contrary to how he was feeling. The tattoos; His Mother’s Mark. Did he deserve this? Does he do enough to help people? How can he care for others, if he can’t care for himself? The tattoo on his back, so lovely. His fiance did it.. his fiance.. too good. He did not deserve this man. As the tattoos glowed, the gate rumbled – Strong roots slithering away to open up a small gap, allowing the Elf to exit. With strides, less graceful than normal, he hurried out, beginning to walk through the forest. Walking past his grove, he remembered. He saw his tree, his lovely tree. The tree he grew in his Dedicancy, for his task.. with Nei.. Nei, Aspects.. He shook his head, and attempted to look away. Curiosity drew him in. The scene, the scene of rage.. regret. You see, his task wasn’t done alone. A rather large tree nearby, there was something scratched out on the base. A heart? No, there was words in there. Nei + Skylar, encircled in a heart. Why did he put a heart? Hearts are broken too easily, he thought. Perhaps this man was why he was feeling so much anxiety. His experience, events.. stupid, damaging events. A house stood beside him, completely burned down. Burned down.. was that.. his old house? Oh god. He couldn’t, it was too much. He swiftly looked down, covering his gaze with long, pianist-like fingers. Elegance. His stride, his movements.. so elegant. Why did he pretend to be so elegant, so calm? So kept, so collected. He knew it wasn’t real, so why did he continue to pretend? Could it be that all the people he loved appear so well-kept together? The women he looks up to the most are elegant, they seem so perfect. If he’s elegant, could he be perfect, too? Secrets. Secrets are hidden by the way you present yourself, nobody can know about your secrets, nobody. He continued to walk with elegance, straightening his back, he needed to be collected. The wind blew his hair softly, was his hair too long? His hair was too long. No, it’s fine – Too long. How does one make up their mind? His husband loves his hair.. was he lying? Is everyone lying? To make him feel better? Beads of sweat began to form on the Druid’s face, rays of sunlight that pierced past the canopy caused these water droplets to glisten with a golden glow. Do the trees care? Do the animals care about what he’s feeling? At this moment, perhaps the only thing he could vent to were the large, towering entities, crowned with foliage. How could trees be more perfect than an Elf? These thoughts.. have become so, ridiculous. He needs to calm down, how.. how could he calm down? Flowers. He brought a hand up to a wreath on his arm, Aspects, he wore so many flowers. Why? Why is he so obsessed - It’s pathetic, isn’t it? Why does he love flowers so much, did he really like flowers? Perhaps the beauty, perhaps.. he was envious. He would never be as beautiful as flowers, beautiful enough for his Fiance. Maybe that’s why his past lovers left him, abandoned him, hurt him. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe it was his fault. It probably was his fault, right? To please, to please them was his goal. Why couldn’t he please them? Why wasn’t he good enough? Would he ever be good enough? Would his future husband care enough.. would he.. be enough for him? He isn’t. A weak elf doesn’t deserve a perfect one. So perfect, so strong.. so caring. Why did he care about this flower-addict? What is so special about a tree-freak? ”You’re perfect.” ”You’re adorable.” ”You’re sweet, and kind.” Are those all lies? It’s getting dark. Has he been out here.. that long? What did he do with his day? Nothing, nothing relevant. The sun began to lower, casting less rays of light as shadows from great trees darkened the green surface. Is that the moon? The moon.. secre- No, you can’t think of that. Never speak of her.. Secrets, again. What’s with all the secrets? Secrets that caused him to leave his previous circle, to let down all those people. He let them down. Did he even let them down? Who cared? Did anyone care? His guide, maybe. Would anyone even go to his wedding? What if he.. he has to have the wedding. His man is perfect. Would his man do the same? As the plant-man, the dark elf? The plant-man.. one he almost never speaks of. Flowers, his obsession with flowers. Is that why the elf loves flowers? What kind of twisted logic is that? Flowerboy.. his first husband, flowerboy. That can’t be why he loves flowers, is it? It’s been decades, no, more.. how long has it been? What would this elf do if his new husband abandons him? It will be fine. Fake a smile. Fake your elegance. Cover yourself in more flowers, you’ll look happier, right? Have a wedding. Be excited. Be in love, love.. [I was inspired to make an RP post, this is my first one, it isn’t that great, but I guess I should start practicing somewhere.]
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    Lovely, sweetie. I’m inspired.
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    Changed Status to Denied
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    Denied for failure to make necessary changes and to contact me within the 24 hour time limit. This isn't the end, though! You are invited to make a new application.