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  1. RP Name: Amaryllis Taliame’onn MC Username: SorairoDays Discord: Sora#7125 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: To explore the aged landscape and to mostly record notes of the encounters experienced upon the travels. As well as to assist fellow members of the Druidic Order that comes along as well. What Skills Can You Bring?: Basic medical skills (keep stable until help arrives) , a sword, common sense, puns that make Prince Feanor look tamed, and well sanity.
  2. Amaryllis Taliame’onn would move to stand after her maln, rolling her shoulders figuring it’s about time to speak her mind. “I'm not one to speak many words about a topic, but I do not intend to remain quiet about this matter. As addressed by Skylar- No, you cannot change a system overnight during a cancelled meeting and expect people to simply stand back while you place yourself at the top. It saddens me to discover the fate of the Emerald Prophet Eryn, who was kicked out by you after he challenged your actions. This is insane to me, for if I remember correctly, it had already been established in Artimec's case that the High Priest could not be the High Chieftain, or as it is now known as, the High Prince.”
  3. ((Misconception, you're right. I really want to see this go far, from a distance for now.))
  4. Amaryllis wonders if they ever open up the book to read it’s contents.
  5. The mad man got a team to do it, and they did it well! <3 +1
  6. 你多大? :> Also, is my Mandarin good based upon past interactions?
  7. **MC Names of all involved** SorairoDays @Sorairo **Description** I was on a boat upon the way to a distant nation, and as I jumped on it and started rowing the map kinda freaked out and didn’t load completely. This is a tad normal so I just waited a bit for everything to catch up until I kept rowing... But before I know it, I’m falling though the map and was dying. Even before I could take a proper screenshot of my items for a refund that might of happened due to said glitch, was insta-popped. Good news is, I did have a screenshot of the important items I was carrying to give to somebody in help in building. **Date of occurance** August 1, 2019, around 11:30ish AM CNT **In game specifications** Amaryllis Taliame’onn **Steps to Reproduce** Not sure if I’m able to do that other then getting on a boat again and just keep rowing without letting the information load. **Expected Behavior** Nobody falling though the map and rowing safely to Llyria from the dock of Sutica. **Actual Behavior** I fell though the map. **Additional Information** https://imgur.com/a/6BjJmnW ← Inventory of the dyes **Error Message** N/A
  8. Correction, Amaryllis starts to design his most flamboyant Kholibrii outfit as she’d already finished with her own costume.
  9. Ama puts on her Sun dress and gets the flowers ready to be woven into Tiva.
  10. Which character of mine was your favorite. (You've basicly seen all of them.) What was your first impression of me? Is Kasfer's tree as small as him?
  11. Why did you let Eris kick Mystery's butt so badly in fight night? Also should I make an AMA? Do u know da way?
  12. In an instant, a thought flickered within the young, yet not young, woman’s mind as she stare towards the shipyard they’ve departed slowly disappear into the mist, growing smaller and smaller within distance. She’d continue to stare; thinking, negotiating, compromising silently for a couple minutes. Debates, arguments, counters, wishes, hopes, and reasoning all at a standstill, one group not overcoming the other, invisions of likely outcomes not as appealing as another, cons and pros at match… Until she’d suddenly lift both her hands, her eyes analyzing and taking in details, as if that would solve her current issue, same thought that threw her into this mess. Her eyes narrowed, annoyance growing on her face. “Scarless.” Scarless from overexposure to the Light. Scarless from lack of use. Scarless, such as her face and arms were old scars could of been once found, once upon of time, but alas, they were no more. As if nothing happen within her life. Even if the fact is far from the truth. She’d glance towards her right palm, “scarless” eccos within her mind once more, seeming to make an attempt of recognition of the broken vow made over a century before, back to a time of a beloved elder sister and mother that’d fade into time one way or another, or the siblings she’d kept an eye out during the years that followed. One of the few things that, no matter what anyone told her, she didn’t exactly regret, nor would take back. Nor the young ones, may they seem to be too busy to visit her sometimes but the youngest, that she’d adored since their births. Her eyes refocus back upon her hands, the thought coming back to haunt her, tease her… “How did you even get so far?” the thought asked her, and for the longest, she’s yet to answer, didn’t have an answer. “The question is, how did you get so twisted and behind?” An answer, may it just be correcting the question, was simply her answer. To which, the answer for such a question, was maybe too complex or even too simple for her to correctly and fully answer. Isn’t that how you’re supposed to answer questions? Understand the problem at hand and take steps to solve it? She didn’t know, and to be trueful, I don’t know. Though, a fresh start might be in call. New series of adventure to learn from and develop and learn. It sometimes make me wonder, if the most influenceable card within tarot is Death, the signal of a new start with foundation of the past. Unlike it’s Fool counterpart, in which calls upon the inexperienced and clean slate. She sighs, closing her eyes and take a deep breath. Mentally taking up scissors, the melody of snip, snip, snip, snip, snip echoing within her soul and body… Heavy burdens that retained for much of her life cleansing from them both. “Welp, that happen.” Strangely, she didn’t shed a tear as she thought she would, only felt her lungs breathe easier since forever. She’d began to wonder, how long it would take to gain something that was lost. “I guess,” she’d started to speak out loud, for anyone and anything to hear, she didn’t care, “it depends on the subject lost.” She’d once more glance back towards the docks that long since disappeared, rolling her shoulders as a much more pressing matter crossed her mind. “Now when am I going to get him his milk…” she whistles, stretching her arms.
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