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  1. "Culinarym-" slams the +1 button. I never knew I needed to see this until I saw it.
  2. Maybe increase the font size a tad? The current isn’t exactly easy upon the eyes.
  3. -=Roleplay=- Name: Eris S. Naromis Race: Elvish Age: ~150 Are you a citizen of Elvenesse: Yes Previous military experience (Not necessary): N/A -=OOC=- MCname: SorairoDays Discord (Required): Sora#7125
  4. Sorairo

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: SorairoDays Discord: Sora#7125 Character Name: Amaryllis Taliame’onn Age: 61 Race: Mali’ame Reason For Joining: Learning opportunity, as well as assistance for advancement within medical studies. Affiliation: Talus Grove, visit many places frequently
  5. Amaryllis just takes her brother by his shirt and drags him away. “I do not approve of this stranger joining the family.”
  6. RP Name: Amaryllis Taliame’onn MC Username: SorairoDays Discord: Sora#7125 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: To explore the aged landscape and to mostly record notes of the encounters experienced upon the travels. As well as to assist fellow members of the Druidic Order that comes along as well. What Skills Can You Bring?: Basic medical skills (keep stable until help arrives) , a sword, common sense, puns that make Prince Feanor look tamed, and well sanity.
  7. ((Misconception, you're right. I really want to see this go far, from a distance for now.))
  8. The mad man got a team to do it, and they did it well! <3 +1
  9. 你多大? :> Also, is my Mandarin good based upon past interactions?
  10. **MC Names of all involved** SorairoDays @Sorairo **Description** I was on a boat upon the way to a distant nation, and as I jumped on it and started rowing the map kinda freaked out and didn’t load completely. This is a tad normal so I just waited a bit for everything to catch up until I kept rowing... But before I know it, I’m falling though the map and was dying. Even before I could take a proper screenshot of my items for a refund that might of happened due to said glitch, was insta-popped. Good news is, I did have a screenshot of the important items I was carrying to give to somebody in help in building. **Date of occurance** August 1, 2019, around 11:30ish AM CNT **In game specifications** Amaryllis Taliame’onn **Steps to Reproduce** Not sure if I’m able to do that other then getting on a boat again and just keep rowing without letting the information load. **Expected Behavior** Nobody falling though the map and rowing safely to Llyria from the dock of Sutica. **Actual Behavior** I fell though the map. **Additional Information** https://imgur.com/a/6BjJmnW ← Inventory of the dyes **Error Message** N/A
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