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  1. Wiki – Uniformity Update

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    And we are still not done! WUHUUUU!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Navtables were all really old stuff from Axios afaik

    3. Lsuvsfar


      The Navtables deleted were Oren, Sutica, Haense, Norland, Kaz’Ulrah, Warhawkes, Renatus, Santegia, and Courland, so 3 active nations, 1 nation from this map, 4-5 nations from Axios depending on how you count Courland.


      Either way, typically being old hasn’t been cause for deletion.

    4. Ragnio


      A problem with the old Navtables was how outdated (Many since 2018) they were, including information which weren’t valid since months and didn’t hold the new format. At the moment we are implementing a lot of changes, including a ticket-system for the Wiki, which will allow Nations to request new Navtables. Nation-Leaders are also receiving a PM from us, asking them to give us the new information that we need for the Navtables.

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