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  1. Rosilya sat back, sipped her tea, and enjoyed being in the last shot of the scriptures. Yeehaw!
  2. Rosilya sips her tea as she smiles down upon the parchment, ‘Grand Princess Iaria’, “I like the sound of that,” she mused.
  3. Uhm, excuse me, E-Girls care JUST AS MUCH about their fuckability ratings as the E-Boys imo
  4. Rosilya grinned cheekily as her arms draped about the ‘fenns neck lazily from behind to surprise her! “Y’know, no one should be safe from prosecution. Otherwise order won’t prevail!” she jeered, lifting her arms from the woman, and stepping about her to pour one more glass of wine, “Besides, if they ARE guilty, it just means some other, more suitable people may take their place.” She smiled, “I’d rather not have someone stain a silver seat with their DIRTY BOTTOM, after all,” she shrugged, sitting opposite Vexalia to finally take a sip of the Uradir-Visaj vintage.
  5. “Wonderful!” chimed the Okarir’akaln as her eyes glossed over the letter, a smile sprouting forth, “A wise decision, perhaps prosperity will return to the Mali”, she panned then to her daughter, who’d been fiddling with some sort of banner “For all our sakes...”
  6. House number: 31-C Your name: Rosilya Lae’rinsyr Do you live alone? No Names of additional occupants: Rinaedith Lae’rinsyr Rhaelanthur Lae’rinsyr Ryossa Lae’rinsyr Your relationship with the occupants: Rinaedith (Daughter) Rhaelanthur (Son) Ryossa (Niece)
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A rather illustrious board found itself erected overnight where the remnants of the Tree of Druid Conspiracy was slain Dear, fine citizenry of our most esteemed Silver State, This is my first address to you all as Okarir’akaln, and I’m thankful for the opportunity of contributing to our Haelun’or in such an important way. However, I find that there are many who’d like to take up an Okarir position, just as I once did. This is a marvellous thing, as it shows us that the Mali’aheral are as ambitious and driven as ever toward Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. With that said, the seats of the council are full and we have begun our methods to better the cihi for everyone who lives here. There are, however, more seats available than the ‘Silver’. The Medi’ir is a position granted to each Council member to give to someone they feel they need by their side. This means that each Okarir may yet have a position to be filled, who could do with the support in their relatively new position. I have decided that I should not choose my Medi’ir, but that it should be left to one of the defining qualities that my new role has stricken me with: The management of Haelun’orian Resource and Funds. The establishment of Funds to be able to manage are my primary concern at this point; building an economy that allows us an income, though I am not opposed to donations from the ‘thilln who wish to contribute in a monetary way. That leaves the management of Resources, which we will all need as time progresses, wars are fought, expansions are devised and plans are made. It is for this reason that I leave the position of my Med’ir, who I shall work with personally and who shall share my voice, to the citizen who contributes the most in the way of resources. I shan’t pick a friend, I shan’t be biased. Whoever contributes the most will earn my respect as Okarir’akaln, and shall share in my duty as my Medi’ir. It is important to remember that whoever might contribute more than my Medi’ir will thus be named my new Medi’ir. I shall thank my previous for their service, and they will have to step down. I feel this offers a competitive side to contributions with an official position as reward. ‘Contributions’ will be defined not by donation of mina, but by donation of ore resources and other varieties from the Mines. I will keep track of all contributions personally. In the case that my Medi’ir is overtaken, it will be up to them to overtake their competitor within the remainder of that Elven year (1 week). The new Medi’ir will then be named as a result. Please inform me in person if you wish to contribute and you’ll be added to the roster, or sign your name on the poll Only ores will be counted as score, otherwise someone could just purchase the refined iron and cheat Roster and Scoreboard https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pqBOHuvaO3oiaml2ZcQjHc9J_loSzI-61cr1_TEFU8Y/edit?usp=sharing Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Okarir’akaln Rosilya Lae’rinsyr _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. @Proteus Your discord link had expirrrrrred
  9. :OO😄 MC Name: Anseran MC name of those living with you: Just me. :RP: Head of household: Rosilya Relso’zo Family/individuals staying: None. Number of Children: None. Would you be willing for shared housing: Yes. 
  10. Thank you for the bust of Whitlock! I really appreciate it! :3

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    Imi's Tailoring shop

    IGN: Anseran Skin details: This'll be a casual skin for Whitlock after he's Ascended, and I don't mind it being girly due to his Trap-ish nature. Since it's just his clothes References: Something similar to this, however using colours of gold and white - Holy, in a nutshell. He can have the skirt and the corset, but it's best he also has trousers (pants) instead of simply a dress... Frills are cool too, yes. He has a feminine physique as it is, bear in mind. Skype: templar.1112
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