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  1. To whomever it may concern, I am nothing if not a conveyor of the truth. For a long time I wanted to expose myself within The Silver State, however it was my offspring’s due diligence that kept me from it. Wanting to keep their image pure and what-not whilst I wanted to be accepted by my peers. My daughter and son; Rinaedith Lae’rinsyr and Rhaelanthur Lae’rinsyr respectively, have now sought to forge documents to etch me from their lives once and for all. I will not blame nor will I attack them for this. I want only the best for my children and if believing in some fantasy may better their lives within Haelun’or then I am glad that they may live it. For a long time I lived a lie, and ultimately it was my downfall. It is my hope that they one day accept their roots and avoid the same mistakes that I have. For this reason I support their attempts to be rid of me, whilst offering my utmost condolences and love. The facts are as followed for any would-be investigator or interested person(s): They are both my children, I have never heard of an Adoraline so I can’t have impregnated her. Rhaelthar spent a great deal of time away from Haelun’or and I cannot say that he’d have met a Seregon of all people to breed with. A family trait is the green eyes, which both of my children have inherited from myself. Her birth mother’s were purple. Rinaedith was born a short league from the gates of Haelun’or, in the forests. This my wish was to be a mother, and her birth mother granted me this happily. This was why I arrived in Haelun’or with my infant daughter Rinaedith. Rhaelanthur was born and raised in Sutica whilst I handled a larger threat that loomed in the previous continent. Please be safe, my children, and prosper in your new endeavours Kind regards, Rosilya Laerinsyr (As a bottom line, Rhaelthar never had any ambition and if you TRULY believe it in your heart that he is indeed your father, then you must wonder why he’d abandon you so in my care, only to return once we’d built something for him to take – I was never close to him as a child)
  2. Rosilya Lae’rinsyr sighs, “Well that’s straight up bull ****, though the lies we tell ourselves to find some sanctity in life is far more common amongst those who are doomed to walk it a thousand years over.”
  3. “I fully endorse this candidacy.”
  4. “Give it time,” huffed the notorious ‘aheral, blinking to the stars once an unnamed figure read aloud the transcript. Once more, almost a whisper, she’d repeat “Give it time...”
  5. If you buy it too so we can play it together, that'd be awesome ?
  6. Rosilya Lae'rinsyr prepares to attend the banquet by taking up the nude lipstick and applying it simply.
  7. To the Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen missives arrive with courier. PURITY TRIBUNAL: CAESTELLA VALARIETH EMPOWERED BY THE OKARIR’TIR IKUR SEREGON, I DO, AS OKARIR’AKALN OF THE BLESSED PEOPLE; SUMMON CAESTELLA VALARIETH TO THE PURITY TRIBUNAL. With the Blessed Citizenry as witness, Caestella Valarieth is to be brought before justice within the marble Citadel, the heart of the Enclave. To protect the citizenry from her further acts, it is advised to document any and all actions she may take between now and the trial with extreme prejudice. For she stands accused of MURDER, ATTEMPTIVE MURDER, SLANDER of the SILLUMIR. She is also accused of consorting with ‘inferis’ (demonic) entities for her own impure gains. Blessed citizenry, I advise you caution. All details of her crimes will be brought to trial in the next Elven Day for the severity and the inpredictability of how she may act should she be given more time. Caestella Valarieth will be summoned to answer for the accused violation of following General Laws; Hael | The Slander Regulation Vailu | The Common Sense Regulation As a result of the crimes unnamed in the GENERAL LAW of HAELUN’OR, should she be found GUILTY, this Tribunal is advised the harshest of punishments; Vailu | The Fourth Tier, ullral For the most heinous of crimes, only death is fitting. Their names will be stricken from bloodline records, their bloodlines and any close to them investigated and rehabilitated. Their atrocities will be recorded and noted forever in public file, and they will be remembered as little more than animals in clothing. Due to investigation, it is believed that her husband, the Okarir’maehr Nerithil Valarieth, has not been made aware of her wider, more serious crimes. It is for this reason that his full and honest testimony will lead to him being exempt of any punishments delivered unto Caestella Valarieth, and thus pardoned completely. By grace of the Okarir’tir, should Elrion provide a full and honest testimony, he will be pardoned. @emmanatalyia [[THE TRIBUNAL WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SILVER CITADEL TOMORROW, on THURSDAY AT 3 PM EST / 20:00 GMT. ALL CITIZENS ARE WELCOME AS AUDIENCE.]]
  8. Rosilya grinned cheekily as her arms draped about the ‘fenns neck lazily from behind to surprise her! “Y’know, no one should be safe from prosecution. Otherwise order won’t prevail!” she jeered, lifting her arms from the woman, and stepping about her to pour one more glass of wine, “Besides, if they ARE guilty, it just means some other, more suitable people may take their place.” She smiled, “I’d rather not have someone stain a silver seat with their DIRTY BOTTOM, after all,” she shrugged, sitting opposite Vexalia to finally take a sip of the Uradir-Visaj vintage.
  9. House number: 31-C Your name: Rosilya Lae’rinsyr Do you live alone? No Names of additional occupants: Rinaedith Lae’rinsyr Rhaelanthur Lae’rinsyr Ryossa Lae’rinsyr Your relationship with the occupants: Rinaedith (Daughter) Rhaelanthur (Son) Ryossa (Niece)
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