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  1. “I hope that you have learned, Ascanius, and that you have finally found the guiding light you needed,” A certain elf said as he prayed to his old friend after hearing the news, “And I also pray for your redemption in the afterlife, may the Aspects and The One have mercy on you.”
  2. I did help but they sarcastically took the info, at first I thought they really did appreciate the information but then I understood that they thought I was joking you see, as well as some other people who were trying to roleplay with the player. That’s why I’m annoyed with some new players, it’s as if they don’t want to be helped. I think it was a good idea for you to find another group of players, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough when I wrote the post. But there are players which just seem to do their own thing without wanting opinions on their roleplay you see, they don’t want to be helped.
  3. So, as you could see in the title, I’ll be ranting about the AT. Perhaps this has been done a million times but it has to be adressed over and over again until something changes; Recently, I’ve roleplayed with a few new players, and they deeply annoyed me... They were using abbreviations, broken english (Pretty much broken grammar and not knowing how to properly write words. I’m not going to say that my english wasn’t bad back when I joined but at least I had an idea of what I was writing and I was smart enough to google a word if I did not know how to write it) ,and it seemed to me that some of them were able to be accepted without even reading the rules and the most basic lore of their own race; Back in Vailor, which was the current realm during the time that I joined, the Application Team was much more competent, you had to perhaps apply two times at least if you didn’t have a near perfect backstory with race lore, a decent backstory with actual story from the server. You went into the server with the basics of its backstory as well as the backstory of your race and you could create some decent roleplay out of that, but now... New players join and don’t even know how the biology of their race works, powergaming as much as they can, saying that they can do this they can do that even if it’s clearly written in wiki pages that they cannot; Even if it is a player’s job to accept a new one and teach them the how everything works, then at least the AT sould make sure the new player is somewhat decent with server knowledge. The filter has become too loose, please do something about it AT, it’s in your control after all.
  4. Oh hell yeah, even if this stuff is consequence heavy, it’s balanced and all, great for humans to be honest if they don’t want to die of age. It’s dope though, I like it, and they gotta do some dragon ball searching too which is nice. Pretty balanced.
  5. Huckleberry was clearly confused by the poster, "I... I didn't get a grimoire..." And so he quickly dashed off in search of his clearly lost grimoire! "SARRION! DID YOU SEE MY MAGIC BOOK THING?!"
  6. Name: Huckleberry Allegiance: Adria Profession/Skills: Alchemy, previous explosive making and cooking What do you hope to gain from joining the Merchants Guild?: Money, everyone wants money! Besides that! Who doesn't want a firework or two to play around with their friends? And who's the elderly man that doesn't want a remedy to their back pain! This will bring in a lot of money for sure! ((MC Name)): Jakraes ((Discord)): Jakraes#7180
  7. Garb Type (Armour, Clothing or Accessory): Clothing Race (if relevant to request): Not relevant Gender (if relevant to request): Male Description of item (include as much detail as possible): This piece of clothing is for a performer, someone who shows off his abilities like magic, although the man performing has no actual magic. The clothing needs to offer a mysterious vibe so a dark blue or a dark purple would be a good colour but if you have more colours that also offer a mysterious vibe it's cool too! It needs to have gloves and a hood, and also mask with a colour that fits the outfit, it has to be made out of a metal so a purple mask and green masks won't do it. A necklace would also be nice as well as a wristband. ((Reference art if applicable)): Something that kinda looks like a dragon priest, kinda like this regarding the mask and a bit of the robes that are shown too but with a darker colour. Preferred Tailor (Alwin ((TheKingofTheMoon/ Mordew)) or Aerenna ((Aerenna/ Bunemma)) if applicable: The one that has more experience in making the type of clothing that I'm asking for.
  8. Jakraes

    Edgy skin needed

    Need someone to skin an edgy outfit for a coven/cult of sorts. I can pay up to 3k mina, once you message me, I'll send the reference pics. Add me on Discord: Jakraes#7180
  9. I have no idea on how to ping an admin
  10. So I was casually going to play on Lotc, and when I logged in today my server info was wiped, my personas did not exist anymore, I had the [New] tag, and what not, it was as if I was just whitelisted, I lost items, money and much more, I've been playing for almost 2 years now and this never happened. No I don't have screenshots about it, but I'm sure you can see the logs to check it out, please help me out since this is a bit incovinient.
  11. Add me on Discord so I can give you the information about the skin that I want Jakraes#7180
  12. Jesus man, this is a whole new level of art, tbh I'm in love with your style, keep up with your truly incredible work
  13. MC name: Jakraes Character Name: Rhova'dir Discord (Optional): Jakraes#7180 Race: Wood elf Age: 140 Do you know any magic currently?: No Which subject do you plan to learn?: Alchemy, Defence against dark arts and War tactics Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes
  14. Those A E S T H E T I C S though. +1
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