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  1. For all the folks that aren’t in the LOTC-Discord (incl. New-Player-Discord), as promised.... here is the update in regards to Wiki-Character-Pages:

    So, greetings to all you LotC Players once again- I have come with an update regarding the character pages. Over the last two week and few days the Wiki-Team worked on a project, mainly focusing on Character & Figure Wiki pages. Throughout said two weeks the members responsible went through 472 pages two times and checked them for their content and general status. While that was going on, the members created a document, marking all pages down including their status and if they are following the new rule in regards to character pages. Out of 472 pages only 302 are up for updating, 33 up for archiving, and 24 up for possible deletion- If you do not agree with what is up for possible deletion or archiving, just fill in the form down below (To claim the page for an update) or send me or @Ragnio a PM. Do not flood the lobby chats.

    Basically! Everyone can claim a page for updating, as the Wiki-Team will be able to provide them with Google-Documents for you to update the required pages. The pages themselves will then be updated by the Wiki-Team on the Wiki, based on your documents. In addition, you all will have 4 weeks to update the pages (15th of March), possible extensions can be given out on specific requests aka send me a PM and pages not updated in time will be archived instead.

    Spreadsheet with all the pages: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RvvpsEdO2c4ifGPBgay_7XVZkxnItKQS3T94jyzHkXA/edit?usp=sharing

    Form to claim a page for an Update: https://forms.gle/pfUf5ipVnLbFejYd8

    Wiki-Rulebook: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wiki-Rulebook


    If and when you do claim a page, we will contact you and give you the google-document to write the update on~

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    2. Vaynth


      Ahhh I see. The community manager in charge should probably give people 4 weeks from the time of the official forum announcement then. Giving a deadline that people won’t know about is bad.

    3. Gusano


      what exactly are the updates that need to be made will this be elaborated on somewhere else or in discord pms (as it may be specific for different articles)

    4. Ragnio


      Discord PMs @Gusano.

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