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  1. Lauritz put down his book, turning to stare out at the lake outside of his Valwyck Cabin's window, nodding his head a few times, he began to brood over the news of the Galbraith. "You weren't even that old. You had plenty work left in you, George." He spoke with a sigh, the almost eighty year-old retiree returning to his writing.
  2. Francisco di Frisco-Disco, an aspiring Illatian legislator and good man of GOD living in the slums of Karosgrad, panics as this bill was publicized. Exasperated, he hurries home, beads of sweat on his brow, likely from the sight of the utter heresy that was going on in the Godless Haeseni Kingdom. He kicked down the door to his teenage son's room, and exclaimed the following: "Vittore XVI di Frisco-Disco, ai, look, how they've butchered the law! They've changed nothing!" He wept into the arms of his young teenage son, who was above all confused about his father's outburst. The hour
  3. Harren read the alternate history with a bright smile, head bobbing up and down a few times after he read it, "Da, da. Ses dobry. Ea lisoemskmar supaem. I'll show Adalia sometime."
  4. Harren grinned brightly at the announcement of a badminton tourney, the makeshift badminton court (which he proceeded to build after his registration) would finally come to good use. "Nie one can beat me..." He murmured to himself, looking across the river and into the mountains opposite Metterden with determination, "well, maybe I'd let Adalia beat me." Name - Harren Anastasyus var Ruthern Age - 6 (7, at the time of the tourney) Association Member? - Nie Describe your level of ability and experience playing badminton - Niet any. (Denn ea zwemar velsk ve haurulniy).
  5. Lauritz sat in his Valwyck retirement cabin, peering out over nearby waters. He blinked as he spotted a fishing boat with two familiar yet distant faces on it. "About time," he mumbled to himself, "Thought Konstantin was going to die in office." He rose, pressing his hand to the window, "It looks like they're having fun, at least." He marched over to his desk, shuffling through some old papers marked with CHRISTIANSEN-WICK SOLICITORS on them, before he sat down again, resuming his writing.
  6. "Forward." uttered the disheveled Franz somberly to his own mirror reflection. He then grasped that letter he had read moments earlier, stuffing it inside a drawer, before he moved to seat himself on his bed, reflecting on nights many years ago.
  7. SEVENTH EDICT OF THE BARBANOV MAERSHIP ZELVZYR EDYKT I VE BARBANOV MAERSTAT Issued on 3rd of Wzuvar and Byvca, 360 ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL While the Grand Maer is elected as the representative of the people of Karosgrad, they are but one man, one person. To represent such a bountiful, prosperous, and diverse city is something that one man can hardly do alone. It is only natural that the Grand Maer enlist the help of those various different people within Karosgrad. It is so that th
  8. Harren uses one of these missives to wipe his nose.
  9. NAF VE PRINZENAS ROYAL AG VE BOSSIRAS VAN ANTIOCH On the Princess Royal and the Baroness of Antioch Issued on the 11th of Msitza and Dargund, 359 ES INTRODUCTION The titles of Princess Royal (Naumariav: Prinzenas Royal) and Baroness of Antioch (Naumariav: Bossiras van Antioch) are recent additions to the vocabulary of titular titles used by the Royal House of Barbanov, having been only used three times so far in the history of the Kingdom. Their existence and usage within the Royal Family can be traced back to Princess Analiesa Reza, the el
  10. Franz curiously read over the invitation that a courier had delivered to him. As he spotted the name of Wilhelmina Beatrix, his lips curled into a faint smile as he recalled her from a previous event in Providence. With that, he eagerly began preparations of crafting a mask.
  11. Franz recalled a dream he had when he was younger, of the six faces of himself and his siblings, slowly fading away until they were nothing. Josef had been the first, a weary face burdened by that heavy crown atop his head. As he woke up that morning, he already knew what had happened. The aura around the entire palace was different, only something he would notice. He stuffed his hands deep inside his pockets as he usually would, hiding the nervous twitches that were all too common. Death was not a new thing to him, and it never had been. In a way, he had always envied Josef, he ha
  12. SIXTH EDICT OF THE BARBANOV MAERSHIP ZEGZYR EDYKT I VE BARBANOV MAERSTAT Issued on 21st of Msitza and Dargund, 358 ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM ROAD CONNECTIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATIVE The connection between the Haeseni people is one that is essential to our nation, not only the spiritual and cultural connections between one another, our metaphysical bonds that drive us together as a people, but also the physical connection between us all, the access to all corners of the Kingdom. Many of the vassal lords have finally
  13. IGN: gusanoarentonio Character Name: Franz Barbanov Age: 28 Place of Residence: Nikirala Prikaz Position: Maer
  14. IGN: gusanoarentonio Skins: CottageCore Discord: garentoft#1990 Bid: 110
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