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  1. “The Sutican people will be liberated, whether it be by pen or sword, their liberation will come.” Lauritz nods his head a few times.
  2. hello urara it is me gusano and i am here to offer you 10 big ones (that’s dollars to you) if you imagine lauritz but as a teenager (but its actually his son) and he’s dressed in this and also he has a really goofy haircut and then after you’ve imagined it you make it into a minecraft skin (son currently looks like this https://namemc.com/skin/c2bf1d9b0f90f95d)
  3. “I love weddings,” says Lauritz, before preparing to attend this very wedding.
  4. TOMORROW, TODAY! VOTE LAURITZ CHRISTIANSEN 1774 Hail to thee, Citizens of Helena, Reza and Owynsburg. I am Sir Lauritz Christiansen, and I am running for House of Commons in the 1774 election. The History of Sir Lauritz Christiansen I am one of the most experienced politicians in the Empire, having sat in the Senate as a Senator from Helena for the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth diet, from 1752 to 1764, where I was also President of the Senate from the Eleventh Diet until the 1764 Edict of Reform. Where I passed five bills, including the historic Paddington Act of 1756. Since then, I have co-owned the most successful legal company in the Empire, Christiansen & Wick Solicitors. I was also appointed as a Circuit Judge in 1766, though I have resigned that role to run for Commons. And since 1768, I have been fighting alongside the Haeseni in the Scyfling Invasion. Though I have still been a keen observer of politics, attending and watching many meetings of the House of Commons. For my efforts as a Politician and Judge, I was awarded a Knighthood of the Order of Merit in 1773. What are you voting for when you vote for Sir Lauritz Christiansen? These are the promises and pledges I make to you, Citizens of Helena, Reza and Owynsburg, should you choose to elect me to the House of Commons. The Independent Candidate - To be an independent candidate, without influence from the Josephites and Everardines, instead only being a servant to the Men and Women of the Empire. My mailbox will always be open to the letters and ideas of concerned citizens, no matter which part of the Empire they are from. National Business Start-up Plan - A plan ensuring that every Man and Woman, no matter class, will be able to open and run a business. This will include tax breaks and government grants. Further Legal Reform - The continued work on reworking and refining the Oren Revised Code, to ensure that the laws of our Empire are as fair and sensible as they can be, while also representing the age that we live in. It is my full intent to, with the best of my ability, continue to bring the modern age and modern policies into the Empire, to further create prosperity for every single Citizen, whether from Helena, Reza or Owynsburg. Other Candidates As per the 1733 Amendment to the Edict of Reform, every citizen now has three votes to cast, I encourage citizens to vote sensibly, with experience and capability in mind, and thus I encourage them to vote for the following candidates: Sir Lauritz Christiansen Sir Konstantin Wick Farooq Gray
  5. SURNAME: Christiansen FIRST NAME: Sir Lauritz H. ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 7 Silver Jubilee Fountain DATE OF BIRTH: 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1733 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): gusanoarentonio
  6. “Oh Juan,” Lauritz laments over the death of his friend, “At least you died doing what you loved, exploring the world.” He rubs his temple, finding some solace in the fact that he got to say goodbye.
  7. i got some bad news for tanith..........

    1. Urara


      10k minas for me boooooooiiiiii 😎

  8. The House of Lords calls upon all it’s incumbent Lords to vote on the following matters: The Recommendation of Sir Erik Othaman for Imperial Peerage The House of Lords wishes to recommend that Sir Erik Othaman be restored to his family’s ancient Peerage of Valles. In favour: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mondstadt His Grace the Duke of Reinmar The Rt. Hon. The Count of Susa The Rt. Hon. The Viscount Pruvia-Provins His Eminence The Archbishop of Albarosa HIH The Duke of Helena In opposition: In absentia: The Rt. Hon. The Count of Rochefort The final vote shall be counted after a period of a Saint’s Day.
  9. At the conclusion of the ongoing meeting of the House of Lords, the newly-appointed Lord Speaker, the Rt. Hon. Baron of Mondstadt, sends a courier posthaste to deliver a missive to his Imperial Majesty @ARCHITECUS “Your Imperial Majesty, It is the recommendation of the House of Lords that the lands of former rogue state of Rubern be partitioned between the Alimars and the Falstaffs, where both party shall receive an equal aprt of the land, and that Josef Audemar be elevated to the peerage of Count of Alimar. Furthermore, the House of Lords will be convening again at a later date to decide on the exact partition of these lands, though wish to receive Imperial Assent to proceed with these plans in the first place. Signed, The Rt. Hon. Ruslan Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Lord Speaker of the House of Lords.”
  10. “A twisted fate for someone with so much potential.” Lauritz murmurs over for the loss of Amelya, “Such a promising person, who truly could have done anything she set her mind to, taken from the arms of the world too soon.” “Had I not imagined her to become President of the Senate, or the House of Commons, when I was younger.” He pondered. Though his attempts at stoic mourning are swiftly toppled by an overwhelming feeling of sorrow over the Princess he had known since she was but a child, and tears start to trickle ever so gently down his cheek.
  11. Lauritz smiles upon reading the bull. “A commendation from His Holiness himself!” He grins, “It is simply my duty as a Canonist to protect the Pontiff, yet I must thank him personally. Perhaps I should invite him for something?” He thus falls into pondering, laying the bull away.
  12. Lauritz and Ruslan stare at each other in visible confusion, trying to determine which of the two gets to go to the wedding.
  13. Lauritz stood on the rooftops of Ekaterinburg, allowing the rain to fall on his face. The long war had tired him, the endless bloodshed continued to bother his almost sleepless nights. And yet he was no better himself, he had not granted mercy to the Scyflings he had met throughout the war. He looked up at Alexandria’s greenhouse, she had spent yet another night working there. He admired her dedication to peace, he thought it lacking amongst others, she truly desired peace for all. He sighed and glancing to the coin in his hand: “Death or dishonor.” He mused, then threw the coin into in the air, letting it land on the palm of his hand. He nodded his head at the conclusion, and headed up to the greenhouse.
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