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  1. Lauritz roots for Rutledge, as he has for many, many years.
  2. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 5th of Vzmey and Hyff, 347 ES by the Crown and represented by High Justiciar Lauritz H. Christiansen and Royal Jurist Lord Matyas Baruch, the Duke of Valwyck, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Oskar Wick to appear before it and answer the following charges: 414.061: The crime of slandering the Crown, Aulic Government or royal family shall constitute a treasonous offence; 414.031: The crime of attempting to sow dissent and intentionally stoking violent sentiments towards the Crown, Aulic Government or royal family shall constitute a treasonous offence; Arisen from these circumstances: Near four months ago, Oskar Wick published a public letter titled “On Haeseni Freedom”, in this letter, Oskar Wick discusses his ideas on Freedom of Speech. Nevertheless, while doing so, Oskar Wick makes multiple statements of both seditious and slanderous nature, particularly he proclaims that the people must free themselves of slavery of thought, and that the Kingdom has repeatedly trampled upon the rights of the people. While Oskar Wick did a month go on to rescind his claims in “An apology, a response”, it is the opinion of the Crown that such statements must not be allowed to be made, nor rescinded, so lightly, particularly not due to the nature of the damage that these words may and could have caused in the period between these two public letters. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Lauritz H. Christiansen garentoft#1980 Lord Matyas Baruch hippo#0985
  3. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 4th of Jula and Piov, 347 ES by the Crown and represented by High Justiciar Lauritz H. Christiansen and Royal Jurist Eleanora Mannox, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Lord Hektor Stafyr, the Count of Nenzing to appear before it and answer the following charges: 412.01: The crime of intentionally spreading false information about another individual with intent to harm the reputation of that individual shall constitute a middling offence; 414.031: The crime of attempting to sow dissent and intentionally stoking violent sentiments towards the Crown, Aulic Government or royal family shall constitute a treasonous offence; Arisen from these circumstances: Lord Hektor Stafyr, the Count of Nenzing, has recently, on multiple occasions and in public, spoken ill about the HRA (Haense Royal Army), particularly Lord Marshal Manfred Barclay and Sergeant Fyodor Erdhart. Among the attempts at defamation spoken by Lord Stafyr are that the HRA is committing heresy and colluding with the undead, additionally he referred to the entire HRA as criminals. Lord Stafyr has also accused Lord Marshal Manfred Barclay of being corrupt and being a “disgrace to the nation”. Lord Stafyr also accused Sergeant Fyodor Erdhardt of being undead, a most serious accusation. Furthermore, Lord Stafyr attempted to make the crowd rise up against both the law and the HRA that he deemed as corrupt. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Lauritz H. Christiansen garentoft#1980 Eleanora Mannox MikoMonster#7384
  4. IGN: gusanoarentonio Character Name: John Martin Jorgensen Age: 37 Place of Residence / Street Address: Amelya IV Position: Tribune
  5. Franz reads the study with keen interest, "Our lives are such curious things." He mumbles.
  6. Franz idly leaned onto his palm as he read the interview, humming something about hoping he'd be interviewed too sometime.
  7. A QUIET DAY The Barony of Mondtadt, home of the Amadors, circa 1792. It was a cold day of Malin’s Welcome, or was it night? He didn’t quite pay attention to those things anymore. Ruslan Amador leaned back in the tavern room he had rented, his manor currently occupied by some form of poltergeist, or so his granddaughter, Sosina, had told him. The minds of children were so vivid, he thought. They could imagine all manner of curious things, all sorts of fantastical adventures. But Sosina was no longer the child she was in his mind, none of them were. His first son, Ruslan, had died years ago in an accident. Warren was off working somewhere or another. Katherina, too, was off in some foreign land. And Charlotte had married the Duke of Valwyck. His nephews and nieces were growing up too, Leonid was married and a proud member of the Church, and Rosalind was recently allowed to court the man of her dreams. But all of this seemed so distant to him, he did not see that, he was stuck where he had once been. He frequently recalled the memories of Athera, where he had accompanied Sigismund II, he lived through this trip every day, over and over again, and every day it brought him immense joy. Today was another day. He had received the letter from Charlotte yesternight, that she had given birth to his first and only grandson, Petyr Baruch. He had promised her to stay alive until she had her first child, and stayed alive he had. Sometimes he had wondered if he would be able to, if he even could live that long? But on this today, he gathered up Sosina and Rosalind, along with a few Baruchs in the square of Reza, before they all headed to the cold northern Valwyck. They were greeted there by Charlotte and Petyr. His smile grew wide as he saw the newborn, and even wider as he was allowed to hold him. This was what he had waited for, this was the last thing he needed to see. He was overjoyed, he had not been this happy since Sosina had been born, and that was nearly two decades ago. As the few Amadors headed into the Valstadt keep, he listened idly to the others conversing. He was growing tired, his eyelids were heavy, so heavy. He could barely make out the conversation anymore, only two distant voices that were too familiar to be true. “Join us, our son. It is your time.” He looked up one last time, to the sight of his father and mother, Henrik and Tamar. He smiled. LETTER TO MY FAMILY; MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To my dear family, the House of Amador, This is perhaps one of the last times that my mind will be clear, for I can slowly feel that I am losing it, much as our own father lost it many decades ago. I wish to thank you all, for staying with me for all these years. I know that I have been… absent, in my old age. But trust that there is nothing I wouldn’t have done for this family. I have penned a little passage for each of you, at least… the ones of you that I remembered to write letters for. To my granddaughter, Sosina, Sosina, you may not know this, but I am quite proud of you. You have an incredible sharp mind, like a true Amador. I am sorry that your father died when he did, it should not be your duty to inherit the House after me. I am sorry that this duty will likely fall upon you when you are still young. But know this Sosina, I know that you will do the right thing, and I know that you will be a good Baroness. I will be proud of you, and in your heart I will always be there to support and guide you, if you ever need me to. I love you, my granddaughter. To my daughter, Charlotte, My, the things you have accomplished, eh? I do not think you ever expected to become a Duchess-Consort, did you? I certainly do not think you did. But here you are, the proud Duchess of Valwyck, and you have adapted so well to it. Perhaps you were born to be a Duchess, the caretaker of your father’s hospital, you have the compassion and the wit for it, I assure you that. You have me immensely proud of you, for all of the work that you have done. I know that I am some of the last family that you have left, but do not despair when I die. You are going to make your own family, be as protective of them as you have been for the rest of it. I love you, my daughter. To my brother, Edvard, Edvard, you old dog! How long have you been the Lord Treasurer of Haense for now? Many, many decades! You have always been around, my dear brother. There is not a moment that I have not been able to rely on you. In truth, you have done so much for our family and this Kingdom, it makes me feel quite inadequate, a little jealous, even. But I am still incredibly proud and thankful for the work that you have done, and I hope that you will be able to keep it up for many years to come. I love you, my brother. To my brother, Karl, The family politician, and what a career it has been? You were the first man to ever tie and election for the Senate, isn’t that something incredible? And then you sat in the House of Commons for many years, and now you are the Maer of Reza! An admirable career, for certain. We may not always have seen eye to eye, but we are brothers nonetheless. Your diligence in all of your positions has proven that you are tried and true in your craft, a most incredible man. Thank you for everything that you have done, for the family, for our Kingdom, for everyone. I love you, my brother. To my niece, Rosalind, Rosalind, where do I even begin with you, you troublemaker? I have never received this many letters from men wanting to court any of my relatives before. My mailbox was truly full of letter after letter asking for your hand. Sosina has made the right decision in allowing you to decide who you want to marry, and there is nothing I want to see than for you to be happy with who you love. Stay well, and live a happy life, Rosalind. But do remember, not everything is about you. I love you, my niece. To my nephew, Leonid, There must always be a man of the Church in our family, so it has been ever since we were blessed by the Pontiff. I am proud of you for stepping up to be that man. You have done a lot of good for our family, know that. And I hope that you can continue to do good work with the Church, it would be quite something to have another Amador Pontiff, eh? That could be you, Leonid. Stay true to yourself, and stay true to God. I love you, my nephew. My titles, my property, and my money, are all inherited by my granddaughter and legal heir, Sosina Ottina Amador, I write this with a sound mind. I thank you all for everything that we have done together. You have all been my family, and I am proud to call you all such. Goodnight, my family, may we meet again in the Seven Skies. Ruslan Amador with his dog, Vladrick, in the Wickwald, circa 1790. REQUIESCAT IN PACE Ruslan Jan Amador, sixth Baron of Mondstadt. 1726 - 1793
  8. A painting of the Prince Franz Barbanov with his dog, Fenika. Tansetval i Gencikz The Lord Hauchrevar of Prinzen Franz Barbanov Ball of Opposites The Beautillion of Prince Franz Barbanov Gronna and Dobra, 346 ES A Lord Hauchrevar, or beautillion in common, shall be held at the Ekaterinburg Palace to celebrate Prinzen Franz Barbanov’s 16th name day, the youngest son of the late Koeng Sigismund II and Koenas Viktoria of Metterden. This occasion is to commemorate his ascent from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are welcome to introduce themselves and offer gifts to the young Prinzen during the festivities. As per the request of the Prinzen, the ball shall be centered around opposites. As such, everyone in attendance is requested to wear clothes belonging to the opposite gender: boys shall wear dresses, and girls shall wear suits. All colours are welcomed, the more unique and unusual the better. After the general merriment of the Beautillion, hopefully after many hours of dancing, two events shall take place. The first shall be the best dressed contest and secondly, the poetry contest. Best Dressed Contest All guests may partake in this competition to show off their fabulous outfits, judged by the Prinzen himself. Step into another’s shoes and slip on fine jewellery for the evening as there will be a prize for both a male and female winner! The Poetry Contest To honour the Prinzen’s love of poetry, a second contest will take place. He encourages his attendees to pen their thoughts and dreams into verse, to be performed aloud by each participant. A winner will be selected on both the quality of their work as well as their gifted oratory. SIGNED, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Franz Leopold Barbanov, Herzen van Skattenburg. ((OOC)) Saturday November 7th 4pm EST
  9. what pokemon am i? (beldum is correct answer)
  10. Amazing slideshow, amazing animation, amazing community.
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