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  1. THE BALL An artist’s depiction of the Celebration at Otistadt, 372 ES. The sun had moved to a high position over the Rimeveld hills that surrounded Otistadt. The cold winds of the Rimeveld, along with tiny flakes of snow that landed gently in Harren’s lap. The wheelchair’s wheels crunched against the path of dirt and gravel that led to the Ludovar keep. He looked behind himself to Adalia as they arrived near a particularly icy stretch of path, “Be careful.” He said, “I do niet want vy breaking vyr legs too.” He jested, chuckling quietly.
  2. THE STREAM An artist’s depiction of the Ibor Strat, circa 372 ES. The sun hung low over Greyspine, a summer breeze rolled over the hills, and past the castle, snow in the outer perimeter of the Rimeveld melted gently to watery pools, where birds landed for refreshments as they continued their scavenging for food. Harren grasped the wheels of his wheelchair, and began to roll himself down the makeshift path he had created to a little hill, overlooking the Ibor Strat. It was the words of his cousin that echoed throughout his mind, that m
  3. RUTHERN-ASTREA PRESENTS: CONSTRUCT-A-COMPANION A depiction of the Ruthern-Astrea Construct-A-Companion store on Crown Avenue XV, circa. 372 ES. Tired of buying the same old boring toys, plushies, and dolls for your children? Well, look no further, because Ruthern-Astrea Construct-A-Companion is the place for you! They offer a large variety of collections, plus the ability to commission your own toys! CURRENT PRODUCT LINES: Customised Item: The main attraction of the Ruthern-Astrea Construct-A-Companion is the ability to desi
  4. Franz opened the window from his chambers in the Nikirala Prikaz, glancing off towards the maze in the gardens. He reminescended briefly of his younger, much more turbulent, days, and a certain blonde. "Hm." He hummed some to himself, shaking his head. "At least I've moved on." He commented idly to himself, as he saw a young couple hurry into the maze hand in hand. Elsewhere, Harren, having noticed the Hearsay coming out, albeit not reading it, expectantly looked up at his room's clock, mentally preparing for Adalia to burst through the door... Any moment now. @shay
  5. "Vy know, maybe I should learn how to cook so moy can we make sure she eats healthy." Harren nodded a few times, mulling over that thought for a moment. "And maybe she would use the badminton court more if vy played with her, playing alone is niet any fun." He then suggested to Adalia!
  6. "Adalia, Adalia." Harren stated, calm as ever in the face of the wrath of his fiancée, for he had, quite frankly, gotten used to such by now (or had he? Only time would really tell). Nevertheless, he nodded his head, "Da, da, this tabloid is nie dobry, vy should make a Duma Bill to make it illegal. Or, even better, make it so that all tabloids have to write dobry things about vy." He stated sagely!
  7. Harren, if he had been able to read these notes (which he was not) would have agreed that Adalia was a spectacular announcer, though likely under duress and other threats of violence.
  8. Harren read the missive with some confusion from within Greyspine, scratching his chin, he wobbled off to find his fiancée, Adalia de Astrea. "Do vy have a clue what vyr Aedypapej is up to?" @shay
  9. "My wrist hurts!" retorted the young Ambassador, "But da, yam glad that we will continue to protect Godani and the clergy. The Church should niet be affected by war." With glee, he then hurried home to Greyspine, and waved the Convention proudly in Adalia's face. "LOOK, MOY NAMED IT AFTER OUR HOUSE." However, the young man was so excited, either by the contents of the Convention, or from the sight of his fiancée, that tumbled backwards down the stairs. @shay
  10. Harren laments the fact that he's getting married around the same time as his father is getting married for the second time!
  11. "Holy **** the mad man is actually getting married?!" exclaims Franz with great surprise, though he was nevertheless eager to attend his good friend's wedding, for he loved Fionn very dearly, like one loved a brother. Franz had always had a strained relationship with his brothers, the monarch Josef, the absent manwhore Stefan, the silent Aleksandr... But in Fionn, he had found a most agreeable man, one of the few whom he considered family.
  12. "****!" exclaims Harren, having hoped that he would have avoided participating in the Lifstala by proposing at a campaign rally, before going to kick over one of the "VOTE ADALIA DE ASTREA FOR ALDERWOMAN" signs in front of Greyspine, though, fearing retribution from the woman who was now his fiancée, quickly put it back upright.
  13. Franz hid himself within a crowd as he read over this edition of the Hearsay, especially as he counted his own name mentioned six times! With a weary sigh, he finds solace in the fact that he was, as the Hearsay stated, running unopposed! "Dear Godan..." mumbled Harren to himself as he read over the edition, shaking his head some. "W-well... At least they spoke highly of Adalia!" "I-I'm just fascinated by armour!" claimed Lauritz, sweating profusely at the claims about his sexuality!
  14. IGN: gusanoarentonio Name: Ludvig Friedrich Johann Helmuth von Lissendorff. Age: 17. Place of residency: Fields of Reinmar. Bank account balance: Five grains. Hobbies: Poverty and borderline starvation. One interesting fact about yourself: My father is (allegedly)... a farmer. I don't know, my mother won't tell me. Why should Tatiana choose you?: Please, I'm starving. I just want to eat a nice meal for once, I can barely feed myself scavenging grains on the farms, and the rats steal most of my food. I just want to eat a meal for once, please, and the opportun
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