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  1. “No great loss.” Lauritz mumbled as himself and Konstantin arrived at the Ekaterinburg Palace, unloading the many boxes off of the wagons without trouble. A stray piece of paper was blown away with the wind, an old case of theirs, regarding some unlawful eviction or other in Helena. It was all awfully distant to him by now. As the two carried the boxes upstairs towards the office, he thought of another missive published by the Everardines. Suddenly, a box escaped his aging grasp, tumbling onto the floor of the office. From it fell the early drafts of legislation, from anywhere in between 1754 and 1786, typical for the most prolific politician of his time. With a sigh, he beckoned Konstantin for help gathering his belongings up again. “We work quite well together, y’know.” He remarked with a grin, patting Konstantin on the shoulder again. Christiansen-Wick Solicitors had been the most successful law firm yet, but now the two had a different project to work on. At the conclusion of their unpacking, Lauritz hung the painting of himself, Terrence May, and Konrad Stafyr on the wall. A fond reminder of his time as President of the Senate. The two patted each other on the shoulder. And so their work began. @Xarkly
  2. The Accursed Kings series by Maurice Druon. Edit: Realised it’s a top 3 list. 1. The Accursed Kings (by Maurice Druon), a series about the fall of the Capetian Dynasty in France. 2. Pelle the Conqueror (by Martin Andersen Nexø), about Pelle Karlsson, a swedish immigrant to Denmark set in 1877. 3. The Brothers Lionheart (by Astrid Lindgren), technically a children’s novel, about two brothers.
  3. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 10th of Vzmey and Hyff, 340 ES by the Crown and represented by Lauritz H. Christiansen, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Zharm the She-Orc to appear before it and answer the following charges: 404: Assault 404.01: An individual who intentionally inflicts bodily harm on another shall be guilty of the middling offence of assault. 413: Trespass 413.01: The crime of refusing to leave a private property upon request or returning to a private property in which the offender knows they are not welcome shall constitute a minor offence. Arisen from these circumstances: A barkeep was assaulted by a she orc by the name of Zharm. The assault in question was Zharm kicking the bartender Caedric Edvardsson II in the crotch. An onlooker by the name of Zodd Calliban called for guards to the tavern for the assault before the Zharm fled the scene to be found then slipped the HRA once more. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Lauritz H. Christiansen garentoft#1980
  4. “Well not exactly.” notes retired Imperial Tyrant, Lauritz Christiansen, now in the employ of the Haeseni monarch.
  5. A young Prince, struggling with the art of reading and writing, previously unaware of the works of Dietrich von Jungingen, finds solace and inspiration in the works of deceased Poet.
  6. Lauritz Christiansen furrows his brow as he reads the missive. He hurries to his office, scavenging through his belongings. At long last, he uncovers the original of the Mouse Prince, written by his own hand in 1752. He quickly pens a letter to Rosalind Amador. @Lorelei “To Lady Rosalind Amador, I am incredibly flattered by your decision to turn my oldest work of literature into a play. I did not expect the book to meet such sudden traction, especially thirty-four years after it was first released. Of course, it does pain me a little to not see my name mentioned, but I would not like to dwell on that. Instead, I would like to offer my services in aiding with the auditions and the play itself, so that I can see my work brought to life in its fullest possible extent. Signed, Sir Lauritz Henrik Christiansen KM.”
  7. “We should vote for people based on competency, not gender.” Mumbles Lauritz as he reads the missive that was mailed to him by Vivaca.
  8. Franz taps his pocket, which is surprisingly large for a nine year old. It’s never too early to become a shopaholic after all.
  9. “Isabel has cooties.” Franz remarks to his older brother, whom also read the invitation out loud for him. @Xarkly
  10. Lauritz signed the Lorraine over his chest, sighing at the passing of the only Emperor he had ever known. “Long live the Empress.” He said with a firm nod, before returning to his work.
  11. A letter is delivered to the President of the House of Commons, bearing the Swans of Kalden. “To the good President of the House of Commons, Lukas Rakoczy. I do apologise for being unable to attend the session today. My mind and body have been preoccupied with work elsewhere, as well as my moving to the countryside for my soon-to-be retirement, which I seek to enjoy the fullest. Alas, I must still send in my vote for the House of Commons, as to be expected of a proper member of such an institution. Thankfully, my mind is as sharp as ever and I have duly considered the votes in question. But first, I must tell you a story from my youth. You see, back at home, Miss Belinda would milk the cows every day. We had plenty of cows, twenty at least. I’m sure that there was a certain comfort in knowing what to pre-occupy your day with, for Miss Belinda surely had enough to do. Anyhow, one night while Belinda was milking the cows, she got to the eldest of the cows, Old Doris, as we called her. Old Doris, being up in the years, was also the rowdiest of all the cows, and kicked Belinda square in the face! My! Belinda was disfigured for the rest of her life, her head half-tilted to the side. It was a horrible sight, so we had her replaced with a new milkmaid that we could bear look at. Of course, this leads me directly to my votes on the two motions in question. I shall vote aye for both. Sir Lauritz Henrik Kalden Christiansen KM MHC.”
  12. Gusano


    what’s the square root of 582 divided by 5 plus 6 minus 11,38 times 87,3?
  13. Name: Franz Leopold Barbanov Age: 6 Areas of Study: Culture [MC Name]: gusanoarentonio [Discord]: garentoft#1980
  14. The young Franz stares intensely at the invitation that he was so courtesely delivered by a courier. However, upon the conclusion that he cannot read, he runs off to ask his older brother Aleksandr what it says. @Xarkly
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