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  1. Frederick Baden smiles from the Seven Skies, reminiscing on when him and his mates tried to install Jan Sigmar as King of Sutica.
  2. “The Church endorses the right man for the job, as I would have expected.” Says John Achilles.
  3. Guys if you like pokemon go buy pokemon on the switch store you (probably) wont regret it.

    1. sergisala


      "probably" what If I regret it though? :C

  4. i think ban reports should be purely handled through roleplay from now on.

    1. Salty


      its litteraly just a ST playing a aengul coming down from the heavens and smiting someone

    2. sergisala
  5. taylor swift is cute, but not as cute as @UnBaed

  6. im with the skater girl said see you later girl

  7. can we please sell the server to datecraft

    1. PapiZapii
    2. frill



  8. Gusano

    Safety Team

    i already feel incredibly unsafe... please @telanir can u make me feel safe...
  9. @UnBaed did you know that you’re cute

  10. hey i think ur rly rly cute

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gusano


      @UnBaed he might be rly rly cute but ur RLY RLY RLY cute

    3. UnBaed
    4. ferdaboys69


      thats mad fucked up

  11. i just wanted to say that i have a crush on @ferdaboys69
  12. Gusano

    A Dragons Ire

    Achilius wonders why the House of Cascadia was not invited to participate.
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