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  1. "Based." mutters a young Eirik Baruch, surely inspired by the heroics and progress of woman across the Empire.
  2. ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM THE BARONY OF GHAESTENWALD Ehr 388 - 392 E.S. A compilation of announcements from the Barony of Ghaestenwald between the years of 388 and 392 E.S. HEALTH OF HRH THE DUKE OF SCHATTENBURG Published on the 6th of Vzmey and Hyff, 388 E.S. I have worked as the personal physician to HRH The Duke of Schattenburg for nearly thirty years now, and do consider myself a close confidant of his. It is not without good faith that I write this public announcement regarding his health, and I trust that HRH The Duke of Schattenburg would acknowledge and respect my reasons for doing so. For where he continues to diligently maintain his body through daily routines, preserving his good physical health, as appropriate for a Knight of his experience, his mental state has greatly deteriorated over the past few years. While I shall not delve into the details of his ailments, as such would be deeply inappropriate, and a breach of the trust that exists between myself and HRH The Duke of Schattenburg, I must announce that, based on my advice given to him, HRH The Duke of Schattenburg has decided to retire from public life. I have furthermore advised him to abdicate his peerage as Baron of Ghaestenwald, to which he has refused, believing himself capable of continuing with his duties for the immediate future. Martin Gruber, Personal Physician to HRH the Duke of Schattenburg. CELEBRATION FOR LADY NIKOLETA Published on the 10th of Jula and Piov, 390 E.S. HRH The Duke of Schattenburg would like extend his dearest and most fond congratulations to his daughter, Lady Nikoleta Barbara Bihar-Kovachev, not only on her engagement to HRH The Duke of Akovia, but her recent legitimisation by the Crown in the Edict published yesterday. It has for a long period been HRH The Duke of Schattenburg’s wish that his daughter through Miss Natalia Elaine Kovachev were to be legitimised as a member of his family, and this development has pleased his person immensely. Nevertheless, HRH The Duke of Schattenburg would wish to protest the naming methods used for the legitimised Lady Nikoleta Barbara Bihar-Kovachev, as it ignores the Morovar heritage through his line, and will be expecting to meet with the Crown in the near future to discuss this matter. It is also the desire of HRH The Duke of Schattenburg to host a celebration in Ghaestewand, once his health has improved enough to see such a plan to fruition. Once more, congratulations, my dear daughter, you have me immensely proud. Your mother and I wish you the best of luck with your marriage, and just as I were, you now appear to be the progenitor of your own line, that of Bihar-Kovachev. Ludwig Bech, Scribe of Ghaestenwald. His Royal Highness, Franz Leopold Morovar, Duke of Schattenburg, and Baron of Ghaetesnwald. WRIT OF ABDICATION Published on the 1st of Wzuvar and Byvca, 391 E.S. Ongoing issues with the mental health of HRH The Duke of Schattenburg have continued to deteriorate, and HRH The Duke of Schattenburg finds himself unable to fulfill his duties as Baron of Ghaestenwald as expected of him as a Peer. It is therefore with heavy heart, that it must be announced that HRH The Duke of Schattenburg has opted to abdicate the Barony of Ghaestenwald, which shall be inherited by his eldest son, HH Prince Otto, henceforth becoming HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald, or in full, His Highness, Otto August Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald. HRH The Duke of Schattenburg shall retain his title as Duke of Schattenburg, as such is derived from his royal birthright, something which he shall only be deprived from at death. For most of my life, it was my desire to work to form a new cadet line of the Bihars, to fill the void left by the expulsion of the Alimars. After all, there had been tradition of a secondary line within the Kingdom, first Bihar, then Alimar, and in a Kingdom where tradition is held in such high regard, this desire fuelled me to work until I achieved such. Yet, such desires were to be fulfilled by the time I was nearly fifty, and not the shrewd young man I once was. It is now, as a new year begins, that I wish to pass on the title to my eldest son, so that he may further the family into the prosperity that I had wished it would come to. I wish you all the best, Otto, I will always be there for you, and the rest of the family. Ludwig Bech, Scribe of Ghaestenwald. His Royal Highness, Franz Leopold Morovar, Duke of Schattenburg. UNION OF THE BARON Published on the 6th of Jula and Piov, 391 E.S. It pleases HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald to announce that he has joined in holy matrimony with Lady Anne Eleanore Pruvia-Provins, now HH The Baroness of Ghaestenwald. The couple have been courting for a period of many years, and their union took place within the Basilica of St. Henrik in the Royal Capital of Karosgrad.. HRH The Duke of Schattenburg, HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald’s father, was also in attendance, in what was a rare public appearance. May their union be blessed, long live TH The Baron and Baroness of Ghaestenwald. Ludwig Bech, Scribe of Ghaestenwald. DISAPPEARANCE OF HRH THE DUKE OF SCHATTENBURG Published on the 7th of Jula and Piov, 391 E.S. It is with utmost concern that HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald reports that his father, HRH The Duke of Schattenburg, has gone missing. He was last seen departing from the celebrations of HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald’s wedding, in the direction of the Barony of Ghaestenwald, whilst in a drunken stupor after allegedly drinking five and a half bottles of Carrion Black. HRH The Duke of Schattenburg had been, for a period of many years, struggling with declining mental health, which is the cause of great concern among the population of Ghaestenwald. Any information regarding HRH The Duke of Schattenburg and his location should be reported to HH The Baron of Ghaestenwald as soon as possible. Ludwig Bech, Scribe of Ghaestenwald.
  3. 391 HFSR SNAILULA ONE RULES AND REGULATIONS Official logo of the HFSR, by Eirik Baruch, circa 391 E.S. INTRODUCTION: The HFSR (Haeseni Federation of Snail Racing, formerly known as the Fédération Internationale de l’Snailomobile) held the world’s first Snailula One Championship in 354, consisting of a total of three races held over the year. Since then, the HFSR has been focused on developing and updating the rules and regulations of Snailula One, so that the next championship will be filled with excitement and proper racing. THE CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Racers’ Championship: The Racers’ Championship is for the individual racers and their snails, allowing them to show their superiority on the track with their snails. The scoring for the racers’ championship is based on their finish in every race, with the top ten being awarded points in the following order: 1st: 25 points 2nd: 18 points 3rd: 15 points 4th: 12 points 5th: 10 points 6th: 8 points 7th: 6 points 8th: 4 points 9th: 2 points 10th: 1 point The total of the racers' points is added together to create the racers’ standings, which will be decided by the total tally of the racers’ points, with the highest scoring becoming the HFSR Snailula One Drivers’ Champion. The Teams’ Championship: The Teams’ Championship is for teams of racers, allowing them to show their ability to train and cooperate together to consistently perform well as a team. A team may consist of two individual racers. The scoring for the teams’ championship is decided by adding the two total tallies of the racers’ championship scores for both drivers, to create their total tally as a team, with the highest scoring becoming the HFSR Snailula One Teams’ Championship. RACING RULES: Basic Movement: At the start of every round, all racers will have to do a /roll 20, their snails’ movement (or lack thereof) depends on their roll. The rolls follow the rules: 20 out of 20: Very successful, Snail moves forward two spots. 10-19 out of 20: Successful, Snail moves forward one spot. 2-9 out of 20: Unsuccessful, Snail does not move. 1 out of 20: Critically unsuccessful, Snail does not move and stands the risk of crashing. Crashing: When a racer rolls a 1 out of 20 on a roll, their snail stands the risk of crashing on the next turn. Whether this crash or not is determined by the usual /roll 20, but following rules: 20 out of 20: Snail does not crash, and moves forward one spot. 10-19 out of 20: Snail does not crash, but does not move. 1-9 out of 20: Snail crashes and is out of the race, classified as a DNF (Did Not Finish). A crash will trigger a Safety Snail. Safety Snail: When a snail crashes, a Safety Snail will be triggered. All Snails must stay behind the Safety Snail, which will be placed in front of the leading car. The Safety Snail does not move forward, but the cars behind it does, this, in theory, allows the cars behind the lead car to catch up to it. During a Safety Snail, all snails, except for the one that crashed and the lead car follow the basic Rules and Regulations. The crashed snail, which determines how long the Safety Snail is present for, uses a /roll 20 adhering to the following rules: 10-20 out of 20: The crashed snail is removed, and the Safety Snail ends the following turn. 1-9 out of 20: The crashed snail is not removed, and the crashed snail must roll again the next turn. Pit Stops: A Snail is required to make at least one pit stop during a race, during which the snail is fitted with new slime to make sure it can make its way through the entirety of a race. It is up to the racer when they want to do their pit stops, as they can be done at any time. Pit stops have mixed results, and adhere to the following rules. First, a roll must be made to see how many turns the pit stop itself lasts, this is done using a /roll 3: 1 out of 3: The pit stop lasts one turn. 2 out of 3: The pit stop lasts two turns. 3 out of 3: The pit stop lasts three turns. After the conclusion of a pitstop, the racer will roll three times in immediate succession during the same turn, which shall follow the normal rules for movement. This allows the racer to move far up the grid, with enough luck. Shortcuts: Each Snailula One circuit is constructed with a series of shortcuts, which lucky snail racers gain the opportunity (or misfortune) of using during the race. While shortcuts will generally shorten the duration of a race, snail racers stand higher risks of crashing. On a shortcut, the movement rolls are decided by a /roll 20 according to the following rules: 19-20 out of 20: Very successful, Snail moves forward two spots. 10-18 out of 20: Successful, Snail moves forward one spot. 3-9 out of 20: Unsuccessful, Snail does not move. 1-3 out of 20: Critically unsuccessful, Snail does not move and stands the risk of crashing. IV SNEGLEO MANN, His Lordship, Eirik Matyas Baruch, President of the Haeseni Federation of Snail Racing
  4. "And when the sun shines in the east, the moon shines in the west," proclaimed Franz L. Morovar to a charred tree, which he had moments earlier witnessed falling to the ground after it was struck by lightning, "I must admit that I saw this day coming in the flames many decades ago, how terribly predictable people are," the Oracle mused as he carried on past the tree, further into the woods, before he discovered a large tree with a hollow trunk, "This'll do neatly." He added, knocking on the wood, before he paused to pen a letter to his nephew. "Dear Henrik, It has been a pleasure to endure your reign, our Kingdom has seen the work of my brother continue under your reign, and I believe we stand stronger than we have ever before. I must thank you for allowing me to work as closely with you as I have, for I feel as I truly, whether it be recognised by the public or not, have made an impact on the realm in your company. I hope that you do enjoy your time in retirement, I am glad you chose not to wear yourself out like my father and your grandfather did, for such a fate is truly despicable. Your uncle, Franz."
  5. Racer Name: Eirik "The Airborne Ayrian" Baruch Sled Name: McLaren MP4/4 Dogs' Names: Niki, Alain, Ayrton, Mika.
  6. Eirik Baruch prepares to halt his depressive episode in due time to attend the wedding.
  7. Rosita, being a foreign Hyspian, is completely unaware of Haeseni history, but proceeds to cook Andrik's favourite dish, chili con carne, after they made love three times during the day. She also remarks the following, "Mi amor, puedo escuchar a los niños llorar desde aquí."
  8. "Why is it Bihar-Kovachev and not Morovar-Kovachev? Ridiculous," says Franz L. Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and (legally recognised) father of Nikoleta B. Bihar-Kovachev, who in his opinion has been named inappropriately, to his "friend" and (legally recognised) mother of Nikoleta B. Bihar-Kovachev, Natalia E. Kovachev, before he breaks into a rough cough, which lasts about seven minutes, before he promptly projectile vomits onto the shoes of a street beggar by the name of Orwalt, realising that he also had stained the rest of the edict, which was now unreadable, he meandered back home to Ghaestenwald, where he would enjoy a cup of espresso coffee, in the company of his newly legitimized (legally recognised) daughter. @shay@zuziee
  9. i only rlly like birds for non-combat situations where its just for convenience sake of retaining some kind of rp while communicating with someone
  10. BATTLE OF THE RHEIN: THE SOUTHERN FIELDS UNRUSTLED A Sutican artist’s abstract rendition of the Battle of the Rhein, 387 E.S. The quiet crunch of freshly signed mercenary contacts crumbled under the feet of Haeseni boots within the Barony of Rhein. They had meant nothing in hindsight. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska had come to the aid of their brethren in the south against upstart rebels and for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl whether in the frozen north or the sandy south: a rebel savage shall be cut down all the same. A group of Haeseni soldiers outside of Rhein, including Lord Marshal Ailred Ruthern, Sergeant Flemius, Garrison Commander Henry Bishop, and Sergeant Ruslan Baruch, 387 E.S. Earlier on, the blazing heat of the southern sun had struck upon the Haeseni garrison, who ever so confidently had turned this small and abandoned Barony into their temporary home. Near the rivers, groups of Haeseni shoulders bathed to rid themselves of the heat, and elsewhere others had begun to tend to the fields to increase the already vast amount of supplies they had. The picture to be painted is not one of battle; for in truth, it was nothing but a slaughter. It was only an hour before the battle or so that the Haeseni finally began to armour up, and a few enjoyed cigars as the sound of distant armour finally began clanging throughout Rhein: They had finally arrived. First came the rowdy and clumsy sound of metal clanking against metal. The rebel forces came wobbling down the road disorderly as expected of this class of mercenary. If it was not their unruly sound, it was certainly their smell. It is unknown what they rebel about in truth, perhaps it is common hygiene. A barrage of arrows was then struck upon the rebel forces, which scurried into the town surrounding Rhein. From thereon, the tide of the battle was set. Arrows were exchanged besides the two sides, before the rebels attempted to move further into the city, only to be met by a Haeseni charge. Rebels were cut down as they turned to flee from the far superior Haeseni force, and many men were struck down as the rebels routed, to flee into the deserts or into the waters. The Haeseni garrison, unwilling to allow the scattered and doomed rebels to escape from the scene, laid chase. In one place, Haeseni Soldier Viktor Belyaev struck down three of the fleeing rebels. While elsewhere the duo of Prince Nikolas of Haense and Prince Antonius of Vilachia bested and captured Corbin Wick, an alleged organiser of the rebels. Elsewhere, upon a cliff high above the sands, Ruslan Baruch wrestled with a rebel, throwing him to his death as he splattered against the rocks below. And on a small island, Edmund Barclay grappled with a dagger-wielding rebel, before he was graciously saved by the blade of Franz Morovar. And far off into the Southern lands, a large group overwhelmed and captured another rebel for interrogation. The captives were taken to the Sutican Capital for a swift execution, and the Haeseni garrison returned home to Rhein, where their chefs had prepared a grand feast for their return. It was a merry night that the victorious Haeseni had that day, and they certainly looked forward to the next day, for word was among the soldiers that the King had ordered a shipment of Carrion Black for them.
  11. A letter bearing the seal of the House of Morovar eventually too did arrive for the Lord Speaker, delivered by a blonde man dressed in all black. "Dear Lord Speaker, I also vote in favour of Lord Yvo Mondblume. Signed, Franz."
  12. "We do a little intervening," stated Franz Morovar, sat on the backside of a carriage inbound for the Southerland of Almaris.
  13. "Looks like vy can nie longer consider vyrself a Norlandic mail order bride," Harren nudged his wife, Adalia de Astrea, chuckling thereafter. @shay
  14. finally @FionnTWG can begin to recover his sanity! rejoice.
  15. Humankind.

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