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  1. OneGhoulyBoi

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Brazilian post.
  2. OneGhoulyBoi

    [Denied] Im a disgrace

    Dont worry I left LotC
  3. OneGhoulyBoi

    Im on Mobile, send help

    Its about time this was done. This is a quick thing and I’d rather not explain it over a mobile forum post Im leaving LotC for an indefinite amount of time. A break. For more info (dont guarantee ill tell u), hit me a pm in Discord (Braz_#9205)
  4. OneGhoulyBoi

    The Aspectist Support Act of 1657

    “Why though” another dark skinned elf asks this dark skinned elf
  5. OneGhoulyBoi

    The Facilities of Freedom

    "When a Nation harbors killers, also known as Ascended, they arent worth much, to be honest" Nei grumbles.
  6. OneGhoulyBoi

    [CA][Chimera] - TheTri

    oh my ******* god, WHY
  7. hello its not working

    (is this a trend?)

    1. Archipelego


      fix your monkbread system

  8. OneGhoulyBoi

    The City at Dawn

    ''weren't they gone'' asks hobbles, a peculiar halfling
  9. OneGhoulyBoi

    [Denied] Im a disgrace

    Minecraft Username: Braz_ Discord: Braz_#9205 Time zone: UCT -3 Describe your knowledge on the descendant races: I know a big deal about Orcs, Elves and Humans, mostly their background histories and characteristics. If I were to explain them all, this application would be too big, take it easy on me.. Detail what drives you to become a member of the Application Team: I wanna help new members more than just having a shitty helper tag in new player discord, tbfh. Provide an alternative way to assisting new players other than revieweing their apps: When whitelist apps where free for all players to look at, before the AT reviewed it, I sent some messages to new players I thought I could help with my own edits before the AT saw. Its a good way to help. Survey the application process and suggest possible improvements: I think a new part could be introduce (since there is one in the Wiki) that asks the player if they have any questions regarding mechanics/commands. Could be helpful to see if they need any help before the trolly players in /h and /ws chat IG mock them for talking in OOC thinking they're in LOOC. Additional information: Kyren is cute. Tell me a joke: New Zealand.
  10. OneGhoulyBoi

    Automatons, Animii

    If this is accepted and guns aren't, I'll actually cry
  11. OneGhoulyBoi

    The Knights of Arbor

    "Oh ****, weren't they dead?!" questions Hyrdwulf, a depressed Graven Knight.
  12. OneGhoulyBoi

    -= Rumble =-

    “Why?” “You need to go back.” He knew that too. How? They had buried him. He knew that. His heart. It beated, ever so softly. Under the dirt, it beated. They didn’t know. They assumed him dead. In a way, he was… He was strong. Not as strong. It was. The hole in his lung, clotted by stone-hard blood. Unhealthily so, but it was keeping him alive. His heart, though having a scratch at it’s base, kept beating for him. To keep him alive. He knew what he had to do… RUMBLE The earth shook lightly as he tried to pummel through. The anger, combined of his stupidity and the reactions of those around. RUMBLE A hole. His arm passed through and back inside. The air flowed inside the tight chamber he was buried into. RUMBLE And finally, he started to pummel through, combined forces of anger, sorrow and sadness. He came out, covered in dirt.. He met no one. Deep in the night. He didn’t expect anyone to see him… Pain… but he had caused pain aswell Pain… but he was going to heal that pain.
  13. OneGhoulyBoi

    -= Peace =-

    “You’ve finally arrived.” The voice struck him. Where did he arrive? Memories faltered him. But the person’s figure didn’t. An old love. An old known. Unlike many, all he wanted was peace. To his soul, to his mind, to his body. Peace, he strived to achieve. Inside that small, flora-filled room. It wall went past in a glimpse. A spear, a staff right through him. “By myself?” he thought, but he knew the answer. Unlike many, all he wanted to see was his loved ones. His old, lost husband. His children. It was all he wished for. It tortured him. It gnawed on his very being. Unlike many, all the ‘ker wanted was friends. Was love. Was joy. It filled him in the same way a child was when receiving a parent’s love. “I missed you, Nei…” The figure mumbled, its shadowed form cast with brightly glowing white eyes, staring right back at the ‘ker’s pinkish eyes “Is… this it? Is.. this where you have been waiting?” he asked, starting to pace outwards to the figure. He wasn’t lost. He wasn’t cast away. He felt home. He felt appealed by those he had around. The figure of his maln, his haelun, his husband, lost to the downfall of Axios… It all struck back to him, though. His return to the lair of the mali, the Dominion. Joining the Virarim, conquering new relationships. But, there isn’t a single man who comes out of it all pure. Untouched. Like many, he succumbed to the temptations of desire. Of greed. Of lust. Like many, he succumbed to trustfulness and turned a blind eye to what people seeked ill to him. He turned a blind eye to the problems that surrounded him. He was fine, in his own bubble, in his own personal life. He hid it. He was broken. He felt as if nothing could fix him. His bubble popped. His problems came to reality, flaring him and searing onto his being. A greed, a crave for something he could not even think of. Though, he knew, it is all coming to an end. At some point. We all die, let it be of age, of disaster, of love. “Stay with me, Nei…” “I never leaved you..” Pain… but no more.
  14. OneGhoulyBoi

    [CA][Sprite] Oh the irony.

    MC Name: Braz_ Character's Name: Uluu Character's Age: 1 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Sprite (Grey) Creator's MC Name: A flower Creator's RP Name: A flower Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Sprites, born from the Acerfolia flower are small, fairy-like fae creatures that have distinct personalities based on their colour. Each sprite is unique on its own way. Sprites are able to reproduce through hermaphroditic fertilisation and the result of such ritual is a very, very small seed. They range from 5 to 7 inches tall with elfish features and wings on their backs. Despite being asexual, sprites can take on both male and female characteristics. They can understand and learn (though it is quite difficult) common, and speak an odd language of their own. They are, by being fae, inherently communed with nature, being born from it. They may communicate to flora and fauna in the same way a Druii can. Each colour has a different toxin, which can be found here: Green - Urushiol: Causes an itch/rash on the person's skin should they come in contact. Blue - Formaldehyde: Causes slight pain in the nose and throat. Sky Blue - Psilocybin: Minor hallucinations if exposed. Grey - Propofol: Takes the person in a coma-like, drowsy state. Red - Hydrofluoric acid: Causes searing, burning pain after some time of contact. Purple - Tetrahydrocannabinol: Inflicts minor drowsyness, making the person act as if they were high. White - LN2: Light version of Liquid Nitrogen. Freezes a patch of skin and hurts to touch/move. Yellow - Saxitoxin: Slows and paralyzes the muscles of the afflicted area. Pink - Dopamine: Causes a rush of happiness. Brown - Trimethylamine: Produces an odd, strong, putrid stench. Orange - Monosodium glutamate: Impairs their hearing and vision for a short amount of time. Black - Ophiocordiceps unilateralis: Unique: Spreads spore that latch onto insects and fall onto the Black sprite's command. Redlines: -They are sentient beings, and cannot be domesticated. -They can only strive in areas full of flora/fauna. Deserts are a no-no. -They cannot learn any magic and despite being communed with nature, they have no relation with Druidism. -Sprite toxins cannot be used for potions/poisons. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nej Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Ja Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Ja Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nej
  15. OneGhoulyBoi

    Second Letter from the Nightingales of Caras Eldar, 1656

    "We could treat these issues together if you didn't hide on anonimity, you twats" remarks Nei, a dedicant.