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  1. RP Information RP Name: Ulfar Race: Human Age: Late teens / early twenties OOC Information MCName: Ye_Haw Discord(Include #’s): You got it
  2. [Ooc] Username: Ye_Haw Activity Rating (1-10): 5 maybe Skype: Nop Discord: EzFlow#8828 Do you have teamspeak?: Yeah, but I dont use it Timezone: Cst [RP] Name: Naefir Annungilben Gender: Male Place of residence: N/A Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes!
  3. Name: Rodrik Race: Human Age: 35 Any past military experience?: Sorta Kinda ((OOC)) MC Name: Ye_Haw Discord: You have it Timezone: CST
  4. Sounds interesting enough to me, +1
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