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  1. Just a person who been here since 2017 , I only know few people but may as well just post something saying bye
  2. Some of you may know me some may not, I'm taking my leave the reasons I don't wish to discuss. I had some good memories and bad. Made some good friends. However lately I felt that this isn't the place for me anymore. So goodbye and have fun
  3. Cancelled request didn't respond to private party message
  4. APPLICATION OOC Skype name: none Username: Angel_mystic IC A roll of paper makes its way to you. A set of seemingly familiar initials had you been born within the tribe. Either way, this parchment calls for your attention. You open the letter that is cold to the touch. The letter reads: "We are looking for our brothers and sisters that when we landed on Axios were lost. If you believe yourself to have been one of us in another life, or are a lost brother or sister, call for a hawk. They know our people's spirits. They will bring your reply to us." What is the name you were given at birth? Keishara What is the race you were born as? Dark elf Whose words are final? chieftains Do you have ancestry within the Warhawkes? I'm not sure If you were to be lost in a place you couldn't recognize, how would you find your way back? I try to retrace my steps or i try to find help otherwise I just keep walking (I'm new at this sort of thing)
  5. can't remove post so just removed my application.
  6. Minecraft Username: Angel_mystic Character Name: Veriswen Character's Gender: female Character's Race: High elf Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) - Full skin (300-500m) Reference picture: Dress: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Lily-Flower-373627457 Make the sleeves cover sher shoulders. Colors dark green and light green. Take your time may take a while to raise money as I'm new to the server
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