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  1. Juliya Basrid held her own grandmother's work close to her once her wide eyes had at last concluded the reading - a wondrous, albeit doe-eyed expression seeming to be stuck to the page. In light of her awestruck, it was certain the child would likely be seen studying the missive once or thrice more in pride of her beloved relative and her fascinating work!
  2. Juliya Basrid sits within the drawing room as the page is delivered to her and those she coerced with. Undoubtedly, the female murmured something to her closest company; "Ah, yes. I have heard much of this as of late - I will be sure to join!" And - with that - the missive is passed forth to whoever may beckon for it next.
  3. At the notion of the Governess' exit, Juliya hopped up from her seat - kitten in arms - and wandered off further into the palace. "Adio, then!" She chimed to the remaining few.
  4. "I only have two nice dresses!" Juliya Basrid whined in response, though a beam settled upon her lips. "I will help to auction, ai?" She bobs her head once proudly.
  5. "Ai!" The young Basridi chimes upon her attention being piqued. "I think it is a great idea. I also, as suggested by her Imperial Highness, wanted to perhaps make something with a few of my friends' help to donate."
  6. Juliya Basrid, from the drawing room, couldn't help but to tug her lips into a deep-set frown as the missive was read out. "War.." She remarked solemnly, continuing to brush her gloved palm atop her kitten.
  7. Juliya Basrid, from somewhere along the sidelines of the ballroom, picked at the paper with a readied interest. Once skimmed, the child stuffed the folded extract onto her person, eager to read up on the do's and don'ts later on!
  8. hey bestie.... is there a specific race/nation/overall roleplay experience that you have not yet tried but wish to? if so what ( p.s. old hag lol... )
  9. Skin: Golden Flowers Bid: 60 Minas Discord: coven#3346
  10. Juliya peers unto the desk of her father, appraising the invitation upon it and somehow making sense of most words printed. Or, enough to raise a beaming grin and a coveted desire for a new dress, that is for-certain!
  11. Pink Imperial (FEMALE) - $3 Greek Princess (FEMALE) - $4 Red In Summer (FEMALE) - $16 coven#3346 @Onika
  12. Pink Imperial (FEMALE) - $3 Greek Princess (FEMALE) - $4 Red In Summer (FEMALE) - $10 Aphrodite (FEMALE) - $9 coven#3346 @Onika
  13. Pink Imperial (FEMALE) - $3 Red Royal (FEMALE) - $9 Red In Summer (FEMALE) - $7 Aphrodite (FEMALE) - $6 coven#3346 @Onika
  14. Porcelain Doll - 30 mina Juliya Basrid coven#3346
  15. Pink Imperial (FEMALE) - $3 Red Royal (FEMALE) - $5 Red In Summer (FEMALE) - $4 coven#3346
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