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  1. Along the craggy and uneven trail did one carriage progress, wooden, and unadorned. Inside, the bitter Cecily of Beaufort rested, her thumb stroking upon the cheek of her sweet child. She examined him closely, watching as those grey eyes of his own moved to survey the changing terrain — no longer in the shadows, she thought, and no longer kept from his true home. She too drew her own beguiling glance outside, staring intensely to the fading yellows of the eventide sky, and yet still her attention faltered not from the contrivances, nor the deep brooding of her own mucky matters and unyielding thoughts of indignity. “My son. We have almost reached Valdev.” she speaks, cheerlessly, as he burbles in her arms, “Are you ready?” As blackness befell unto the foreign city, a shamed woman stirs from within the palatial chambers. Haunted and begrudging; still her incessant thoughts would not cease, still the ghastly and loathsome look the Grand Princess had spared her repeated — over and over in her mind. “There is no use wishing for your future, Cecily. You have to take it.” rang the teachings of her mother, the artful Caesonia of Pronce, in all of her faux righteousness. Morality was never an option. That next morning Cecily of Beaufort wakes, alone, to a chamber drenched in sunlight. Her steel gaze makes sense of a single perched crow on the sill, a leer of its own looking back to her. She remains conscious of that crow, and that morning a guileful smile finds its way to her lips. So doth her two skulking fingers walk themselves to the fine cabinet at bedside, snaking up to take hold of a deep, and deserved, goblet of wine.
  2. IGN: gohliad RP NAME: Alice PERSONA ID: 83387
  3. The Baroness of Brandthof rushes down to the parading streets of Kanunsberg, joining the many a Reinmaren marching and singing out with glee.
  4. gohliad


    will be missed!! was always a good time when we rped and a really solid guy
  5. -=- Laid in solitary within the confines of her chambers, as most of her days were now spent, a lowly and gaunted clergywoman listens closely to the sounds of the square just outside her window. War, they cried, impassioned and patriotic for their cause. She listens closer, drawn by the striking cries of the crow. This same worn woman now exhales, unsteady. Faltering. “I’m crippling.” She thought to herself as her stare burned into the wall across from her bed. Unmoving. Unwilling to move. “I’m dying.” Then came, a thought most striking and new. “I’m dying.” she says aloud this time, and with it a visible breath comes to break through the frigid air, no candles for warmth or light. “Decaying.” she mutters in comical spite, too aware of the larger picture to really feel. And she knew it herself, as it had always been that way. Too much thinking — too many thoughts. In her old age, the woman had resigned to these thoughts, made a recluse by the perils and hyper existentialisms of her own mind. Though, this woman was once a mother, and a daughter, and a sister and an aunt and a wife. Now, all that was left is the memories. Memories of her dear Father, and his union of the shattered and faltering Heartlands of Almaris. Of her Mother, the overbearing Queen Eleanor and her ambition for Anna. Of her late Husband, executed viciously in the Adrian rebellion, of the house they shared in the heart of Velec. Of her brother, James, and her murdered nephew, Henry. And of his son, too, the baby Edmund. Slain — and reduced to a memory. And as her bones grew weary, this woman accepted that her time was running thin in this world. She could not hold that sadness, truly, for deep within her heart she had always known of the lacking importance any of it truly held. She had lived to live. In the following days, Anna had begun to draft her will, sifting through an abundance of papers and thoughts. Everything that she had to show for her life, there, laid out before her. She had seen four kings reign upon the Paradisian throne in her lifetime, heaving along with her the burden of time. Burden no more. Last Will and Testament of TRM Anna Lucilla Varoche née Alstion. In the name of GOD, Amen, I Anna Lucilla Varoche nee Alstion of House Alstion and the Principality of, being of sound mind and memory, do make and ordain this as my final Will and Testament. THE ABBEY OF SAINT JUDE & IT’S HOLDINGS Of which shall be devised to the Reverend Vicar of Buron and Pastor of Whitespire, Father Leofric. This includes the physical three-storey Abbey located in the North-East region of the City of Whitespire and the surrounding area and land previously designated to it. This also includes the title and responsibility of Abbot of St. Jude to govern and serve in the Order and memory of the late Saint Jude. This also includes any other holdings the Abbey of St. Jude may hold; Such as, the Priory of Andregrad. This also includes responsibility for governing and caretaking of Owyn’s Flame to be used in any important proceedings involving the State, as well as the title Keeper of the Flame. @MCVDK COLLECTION OF VINTAGES & FINE JEWELRY Of which shall be bequeathed to my only son, the Baron of Napoliza and his wife, the Baroness of Napoliza as well as the House of Varoche. This includes all fine Jewelry and wine purchased or gifted from the continents of Almaris, Aevos, or Aeldin. This does not include Royal jewelry paid for at the expense of the Crown. This does also include the remaining excess wealth gained independently after joining The Church of the Canon. @Enlightenment @Cubicita THE LUCILLIAN TIARA & WEDDING DRESS OF HENRIETTA, PRINCESS OF ALSTION Previously on loan to Princess Charlotte and The Baroness of Napoliza respectively, will be ceded back to the ruling House Alstion and the Aaunic Crown as property of it. This includes any other fineries designated for Royalty. @Ramon TOMES ON PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION Of which will be bequeathed to my only daughter, the Marquise de Haute-Epine. This includes all written diaries, findings, and travel journals as authored by myself or by servantry on my behalf. This also includes all unpublished studies or philosophical works. This also includes my beloved Astrolabe, gifted by the late Grand Prince of Minitz. @neii AS SIGNED BY, TRM Mother Anna, Abbess of St. Jude ANNA LUCILLA ALSTION 1883 — 1954
  6. It is with great jubilance that the House of Tiber declares the Barony of Bourgh c. 1943. With the acquisition of said title, lands were granted to House Tiber for the service submitted to the crown. Therefore, the Barony of Bourgh boasts the Castle of Bourgh and the Chapel of Bourgh, and invites all those listed to attend the Revelry at Castle Bourgh. To welcome all guests that wish to marvel at the Castle Bourgh, Ser Gawyn Tiber shall host all attendees within the Grand Hall and give a commencement speech of the events of the revelry. After the commencement ceremony, the guests are invited to tour Castle Bourgh and enjoy festivities in the courtyard. Dancing, drinking, and merriment are part of the itinerary. This shall also bleed into the recruitment drive for the desired function of the Tiber household. If you have certain capabilities that include swordsmanship, governing of the house, education, or are part of the church, there are plenty of opportunities at Castle Bourgh. Housing is provided for those who wish to use their skills with the House of Tiber. → His Royal Majesty, King Edmund of Aaun and his respective denizens @Caranthir_ → Her Royal Majesty, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of Númendil, and her respective denizens @AstriaS → Captain-General of Veletz, Sir Gaspard van Aert, and his respective denizens @M1919 → Her Highness, Princess Veynora of Talar’nor and her respective denizens @iFractal And friends of House Tiber, → Her Royal Majesty, Queen-Mother Adela Alstion @ncarr → His Highness, Prince Heinrich II Lothar and his household @Olox_ → Her Grace, Oksana Sarkozic @milkyi →Her Excellency, Lady Melina Dieuxmont de Rosius @liz → His Eminence, Cardinal Arnaud @Sander → His Lordship, Ser Leopold Haverlock @CuteSebby → His Lordship, Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki @ratlordmagic → His Lordship, Siegmund Otto von Reuss @Timer → His Lordship, Iskander Basrid @Bogatyr → Her Ladyship, Olive Victoire de Rosius @clonky → His Lordship, Cunimund hal’Cingedoz @Ibn Khaldun → Her Ladyship, Idaline de Vilain @Heartesy As well as, Any and all denizens and peoples of the realm that are in good standing. HH Ser Gawyn Tiber, Prince of Beaufort, Baron of Bourgh HH Caesonia of Pronce, Princess consort of Beaufort, Baroness consort of Bourgh
  7. [!] Flyers would begin to appear around the continent of Aevos, pinned outside taverns, bakeries, farmsteads, etc. THE COBBLED STREETS OF ‘NEW PARADISUS’ c.1938 Located to the right of the main square, the Plane is a three storey open-air theater directed and managed by the Baroness of Virdain. Named by the late King James during initial construction plans for the city, it is a nod to the artistry of stage production and how the blank slate of an empty stage must be rectified. Only a short stroll from the main square, following the road from the West gate will take you to the Temple of the Exalted Prophets of the Canon, a grand Basilica renowned for its grandiosity and artisanal charm, and the surrounding gated district designated to those faithful members of the Albarosan Archdiocese. King Charles Square is the very center of the city and thus surrounded by a variety of popular buildings; The Hall of the Royal Society of Saint Godwin, of which houses the public library on its lower levels, a wildly popular ‘Boon and Bane’s’ storefront, and The Black Rose Inn on Charles Avenue. Standing tall at the head of the city is the illustrious Hand of Horen, home to the Royal Court and the ruling family of House Alstion. Built in 1927 upon the mass voyage to Aevos, the structure is an architectural wonder and a must see. The native population of Aaun believe that the Hand is built on the site of the original marble citadel that stood tall during ancient times and was the namesake for the archaic city of Whitespire, thought to have been built by the third king of Aaun, Caelwyn, centuries ago. Charles Avenue, the major road that leads into the city, is full of a variety of different shops and market stalls that are well worth a visit. The newly opened ‘Beaufort Atelier’ offers bespoke tailoring, Barclay Bargains is full of various nick-nacks, including a selection of books, alchemical herbs, and weaponry, while Alstreim Ventures and Steel next door offer all the necessary standard wares and intricate crafts. Heading right after ‘Georgies Booze n’ Food’ will take you through the Arc de Lewes and into Market Square, where there are stalls and cuisine aplenty, many of which made from the surrounding farmlands.
  8. Mother Anna laments in her sorrow on the eve of her brother's passing, wailing ringing throughout the royal quarters and indeed the towering Hand of Horen itself. The death of her sovereign, her brother, and her beacon; of which he always and indubitably was, was sure to take it's toll on the now aged Alstion woman, further than ever from the court-ostentation she had held in her younger years. Still, behind all of her own miseries, Anna thought to her dearest sister-in-law, her prayers for her on that dark night. @EnderMaiashiro
  9. In the year of our Lord, 1936 HOLY FATHER SAINT JUDE, PRAY FOR US. — Founded by Saint Humbert of Bar in the year circa 1715, the Abbey of Saint Jude was a monastic band of monks residing in the Haeseni region of Leuven wherein they practiced and lived by the rule of Saint Jude, oftentimes known as High Pontiff Jude I. Under Saint Humbert, the foundations of the order were established; foundations of strife, knowledge, and the pursuit of wisdom. Herein they lived, abiding by his word and rule, bound by the vows of chastity, obedience, solemn prayer and humility, seeking to preserve the good name and knowledge of their Saintly patron, Holy Father Jude of Petrus, of whom has since inspired a great deal of scholastics, authors, and philosophic minds. In its earliest days, the Brothers of Saint Jude were expected to isolate themselves entirely, only later amended by Saint Humbert after their move from the Apostolic Palace of Haense to the Abbey of Saint Kristoff. With this newly spared time, the monks dedicated themselves to spreading his word, telling all of the many published works and theses of Saint Jude, many of which had been thought lost prior to their rediscovery. In the month of Tobias’ Bounty, 1737, the Abbey of Saint Jude was granted to former Imperial Princess, Adela Pieta (formerly Julia Adelaide Alstion), by High Pontiff John I following the death of Saint Humbert. Prior to her ascension to the role, Adela had garnered a small grouping of nuns to follow her in spreading the good Judite word, and thus the Judite sisterhood came to fast fruition. However, a little over a month into her tenure, the Reverend Mother Adela was privy to the destruction of Reza, leaving her to be scourged by blistering flame and hellish beasts. It is said that before she died, Adela flung open the doors to the Abbey to aid in shepherding people within its walls, though she was unable to prevent the fiendish beasts from entering and all those within the Abbey were sadly killed, including the remaining Judite Sisters. Because of this, no successor was able to be properly chosen, and the Abbey was left to perish. Today, the rule of Saint Jude is brought to light once more. Tucked away neatly from the metropolitan bustle of Whitespire, the Abbey of Saint Jude can be found in the furthest corner eastwards of the city, adjoining with the flowery Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisus. Whilst the Judite sisterhood begins humbly, no more than three or so sisters instated, one may be able to catch a glimpse at those very nuns tending to the gardens or kneeling before the altar in prayer, as those Judite brothers once did in times of yore. The Abbey of Saint Jude also encompasses the Priory of Andregrad located in the industrious Duchy of Stran, which serves as a clinic for the local people. In addition, the sisters of St. Jude are entrusted as ‘Keepers of the Flame’, taking on stewardship and diligent responsibility for the preservation, upkeep, and employment of Owyn’s Flame. In these times of social modernity wherein women and girls are afforded more opportunities than they have ever been granted in history, it is the Patron Saint of scholastics and theses that shall guide us to navigate such broad change, and prepare us for the future to come. Let it be known that piety amidst our realm is faltering, and those sisters of St. Jude shall be unwavering and rigid in their guidance of the daughters of Julia to the good and holy light. HIERARCHY Mother Superior - The role of the Mother Superior (and therefore Abbess) is to govern and lead the sisterhood at the head of the Abbey and its pertaining sites. The Mother Superior will rectify those within the sisterhood should they break with the Rule, assigning a penance; often prayer, extra work, or flagellation in accordance with the rule in question. In death, a new Abbess is chosen, either nominated by the previous mother or voted for amongst the sisters from their rankings, should a successor not be chosen prior to the death. Mother Anna of Alstion @gohliad Sister - A woman who has taken full vows to the monastery. She is bound to follow the rule of the Abbey and the rulings of the Abbess. Sisters can be ordained, though it is not a prerequisite to becoming one — her life in the Abbey is to be spent in prayer, teaching the word of GOD, and fulfilling the work and guidance of the great Saint Jude. Sister Ethel of Whitespire @hauntel Sister Amadeya of Mardale @ydegirl Sister Orda of the Heartlands @Kart20 Sister Gisele of Merryweather @clonky WARDS Lady Adelheid Mathilde of Velen @Cubicita BECOMING A JUDITE SISTER I. All vowed sisters must be women and elect to live within the Abbey. II. Women of any age and race are accepted, so long as they convert or are already of the Canonist faith. III. Upon induction, a Sister belongs to the church until she does perish or is removed by the hand of His Holiness, or the Abbess. IV. Sworn sisters must adhere and subscribe to the tenets of the Sisterhood and the Church or face reduction or removal. TO JOIN Send a letter to Mother Anna with the following details; Name Age Race Birthplace Place of Residency * Do specify in your letter if you wish to apply as a sister or as a student or ward of the Abbey! — ECCE QUAM BONUM, HABITARE SORORIBUS IN UNUM BY THE GRACE OF GOD, The Reverend Mother Anna, Abbess of Saint Jude, Prioress of Andregrad, Head Keeper of the Flame
  10. The mother of the bride, long retired to the cliffside Abbey of one St. Jude, rendered conclusively appeased, at last, by the news. In her prayers that dawn, driven by the early morning mist rising from the silver sea and it's swell against that towering cliff, she reflects on the close bond she and her daughter held, and the many years she had spent raising her by herself, lonesome, and yet with her whole heart, being, and soul.
  11. The Abbess of Saint Jude lights a candle on that night, within her hands clutched an aurum chaplet, engaging in her evening prayer looking upon the vast ocean, shining and twinkling in its orange haze. And that candle flickers on as she remembers all those whose lives had been lost in a conflict gone on for far too long, and so she prayed upon this peace, and for the cries of humanity to be heard and amended.
  12. One issue of the public letter finds it's way to Aaunic land, and onto the desk of one Abbess of Saint Jude, as so many other Canonist ongoings do. A tut produces from those very lips once having read the missive over. "I cannot imagine why a stigma would not exist, given the excommunication of so many residing in those heretical lands. If this 'Oksana' should wish to follow in the path of GOD, then I duly hope her eyes may open to see that that very path remains spat upon by those within Adrian walls."
  13. Anna of Alstion took a nondescript middle pew whilst attending yet another mass within the church of Minitz, thundering rain just now beginning its bellowing descent upon the Heartlands. Tears seemed to the woman, now, entirely useless, and perhaps it was her own detrimental sadness to blame, though nonetheless every dismal circumstance felt like a stab at her soul. The soul of which came from her father’s very own. The father of whom she adored, the father with a dream to unite the heartlander people, to serve humanity, the father who cared for unification and cultural advances. And how humble he was, Anna thought in silence, herself and her two children only illuminated by a nearby candle as the realm darkened beneath the drab downpour — how humble he was, and how kind. “All rise for prayer.” remarks a clergyman, drawing Anna to her feet. And as he went on, the world around Anna reduced to no more than a buzz or hum. Father, she spoke to the skies, you were truly an honourable man. What shall I do now, father? What should I do? “I’m living in a world of delusion, and my bones are not strong enough to get me out.” Anna hushes under a breath, eyes stuck toward the holy service unwaveringly.
  14. Several years later, a copy of this chapbook is settled down within a still and solitary room. Wistful grey eyes follow every word, every line, to one excerpt in particular; "Epitaph" Anna swallows the word down, a hefty lump settling within her throat. Those same stoic eyes, now, go to her two children fussing about within the courtyard. She sighs out, for they bore his eyes. They bore his hair. They bore his tongue. And, for as long as her aching heart remained devoid of Sigismond Pertinax, she could only hope they bore his same love.
  15. "Where are the real and true Adrian peoples in support of Heinrik?" Anna asks. "So few and far between, it seems, though I suppose it only viable considering his interest lays not with the people."
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