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  1. Anna of Alstion took a nondescript middle pew whilst attending yet another mass within the church of Minitz, thundering rain just now beginning its bellowing descent upon the Heartlands. Tears seemed to the woman, now, entirely useless, and perhaps it was her own detrimental sadness to blame, though nonetheless every dismal circumstance felt like a stab at her soul. The soul of which came from her father’s very own. The father of whom she adored, the father with a dream to unite the heartlander people, to serve humanity, the father who cared for unification and cultural advances. And how humble he was, Anna thought in silence, herself and her two children only illuminated by a nearby candle as the realm darkened beneath the drab downpour — how humble he was, and how kind. “All rise for prayer.” remarks a clergyman, drawing Anna to her feet. And as he went on, the world around Anna reduced to no more than a buzz or hum. Father, she spoke to the skies, you were truly an honourable man. What shall I do now, father? What should I do? “I’m living in a world of delusion, and my bones are not strong enough to get me out.” Anna hushes under a breath, eyes stuck toward the holy service unwaveringly.
  2. Several years later, a copy of this chapbook is settled down within a still and solitary room. Wistful grey eyes follow every word, every line, to one excerpt in particular; "Epitaph" Anna swallows the word down, a hefty lump settling within her throat. Those same stoic eyes, now, go to her two children fussing about within the courtyard. She sighs out, for they bore his eyes. They bore his hair. They bore his tongue. And, for as long as her aching heart remained devoid of Sigismond Pertinax, she could only hope they bore his same love.
  3. "Where are the real and true Adrian peoples in support of Heinrik?" Anna asks. "So few and far between, it seems, though I suppose it only viable considering his interest lays not with the people."
  4. A PALATABLE EVENING OF VINTAGE DISCOVERY Penned by Princess Anna C. 1915 Having recently found a great deal of interest in the matter of oenology, the Countess of Varoche welcomes all of Adria’s inhabitants to an educational evening of guided wine tasting upon the Little Raev riverbank, so that she may share her favored pastime with those who may deem themselves interested as well. ~-+-~ Itinerary IN PRIMO LUOGO Guests will firstly be briefed on the standard wine tasting etiquette, including the use of the five senses to form one’s opinion of any particular wine. Carefully crafted charcuterie boards shall be provided for all guests to pluck from, hosting a selection of meats and cheeses. The tasting will commence with the lighter wines first, starting with white before progressing into rosé and lighter reds. IL FINALE To compliment the latter half of the wines, those moving into stronger and eventually sweeter tastes, secondary charcuterie boards shall replace the first featuring a richer selection of cheese and nuts. Once those wines have been served, the tasting shall conclude with a dessert wine serving. To finish, guests are welcome to pick a wine in which they favored the most during the experience and are encouraged to take it with them back to their households so that all may indulge. SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Anna of Alstion, Countess consort of Varoche
  5. Princess Anna’s hand swirls about a glass filled rich with vintage, maroon velvet in colour, and into it she stares. How when her wrist coiled in such a way, she could see directly down the middle, like the eye of a storm. “Her soul was much one ignited.” Anna spoke with envy, though grief. “One on fire.”
  6. THE MATRIMONY OF PRINCESS ANNA & COUNT SIGISMOND Penned by the Princess Anna & Duchess Austina C. 1909 After many months of engagement, it is a great joy for the Royal House of Alstion and the Comital House of Varoche to announce the union of the King’s youngest daughter, Princess Anna Lucilla of Aaun, and Sigismond, the Count of Varoche. ~-+-~ Itinerary THE ESPOUSAL The nuptials will commence in the sacred walls of the Basilica of Saint Alexander of Furnestock within the capital, Vienne. The Bride to be will be preceded by three flower girls, three bridesmaids and guided to the altar by her father, King Charles of Aaun. As the girls pass the pews, flower petals will be sprinkled and as Princess Anna reaches the end of the aisle she will be handed off to the bridegroom symbolically. After such, they will be wed by His Holy Eminence, Pontain IV. THE EXCHANGE Thereafter, all will be asked to exit the Basilica to follow the newly weds on horseback to the Duchy of Adria where Count Sigismond resides. All are encouraged to ride freely and join the couple as they experience their first journey as married folk. THE ENJOYMENT The celebration shall continue in Adria with a clearing made in the forest past St. Emalyne Castle. Festive bunting shall be hung from tree to tree with a large oak table cut that morn for guests to dine in. A brief speech will be recited by the couple and then gorgeous dishes designed by the Varoche children will be served to those in attendance. ~-+-~ Invites Those with special invitations to this merry occasion include; His Royal Highness, Charles, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree @seannie The Comital Family of Varoche His Grace, Heinrik, Duke of Adria, and his noble pedigree @Beamon4 The Right Honorable, Jan, Count of Vaska, and his noble pedigree @Optimus420 His Lordship, Stefan, Baron of Eulersburg, and his noble pedigree @Gaja His Lordship, Robert, Lord of Ruland, and his noble pedigree @Norgeth His Princely Grace, Ottomar, Prince of Merryweather, and his noble pedigree @Ramon His Grace, Leon, Duke of Minitz, and his noble pedigree @GoodGuyMatt The Right Honorable, Louis, Margrave of Haute-Epine, and his noble pedigree @rep2k The Right Honorable, Guinevere, Margravine of Velen, and her noble pedigree @Marshi The Right Honorable, Jan, Count of Warsovia, and his noble pedigree @Olox_ Her Ladyship, Cosima, Viscountess of Hohengarten, and her noble pedigree @Frank_Dog The Royal Family of Balian @Shmeepicus The Archduchess of the Petra @tilly SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Princess Anna Lucilla of Aaun His Grace, Sigismond Varoche Count of Varoche
  7. Somewhere in the eastern regions of Almaris lays a copy of these wise sayings, annotated to death, inevitably to be sealed into a notebook of philosophical ramblings and eclectic findings.
  8. Anna of Alstion, from her born place amidst the monotonous heartlands, studies over the text for the fourth time that wintry evening. And while perhaps she was not quite there yet, a yearning for meaning and an uncertainty on life assured that soon enough she very well could be.
  9. Anna Lucilla, under alias as the pitiful 'Anna von Provins', sulked from her corner of the cell. "This is dreadful." The woman lamented to the Daelish handmaid at her side, almost in deadpan fashion. @Axelu
  10. i’m all for this and i’m all in for no hubs and making the map a living and thriving atmosphere, really pleased with everything i’ve just read
  11. A Falcone girl; Somewhere, some lowly evening by some water, thought to the past. To all of the moments shared between her Papa and herself and how no matter the circumstance, he always made her feel.. "Bellissima.." Carlotta hushed into the cold sky, allowing for it to swim elsewhere with the open breeze - and to wherever he may lead her next..
  12. Princess Claudia weeps and weeps and weeps.
  13. A certain flaming-haired Lady Chamberlain cracks a smile with a crazed glint in her eye. “What an exceptional young woman,” she then regards of the grand mistress von Preussens once concluded with her daily readings, “So detailed in her ventures for the court.”
  14. The now not so young Rosina Helvets paralleled a younger Owyn in that moment; her heart hardened and her cheeks no longer stained with familiar tears. For as much death as she had experienced in her life, this surely had to hit her the hardest. And, in that moment, perhaps her mind was elsewhere. With Andrea, her mother, her father, her aunt, and now finally her beloved uncle who raised her. Only nineteen and yet here she stood with the blankest expression of them all - for this world had done nothing but tease her with the love of a family, all too quickly taken from her once more.
  15. The happenings of the Stassion court; Vol I 5th of Sigismund’s End, 1872 “Their Majesties at Promenade” by Rosina Helvets, 1870 FOLLOWING the ascension of the King and Queen to the Orenian throne, and thus the court workings under a state of reimagination and improvement once more, the Queen Vivienne deems it fit for the establishment and introduction of the Queen’s Gazette. It will focus primarily on happenings and the changing fashion of society. While her majesty does not partake in authoring this newsletter, it is wholly dedicated to herself as the leader of court workings and will be published in her name. Fashion as the very way we know it is now more prone to change than ever. In recent months, veils have come ever more into style, a continuation of the rise in hooded-styles we saw throughout the tenure of Empress Anastasia and her piety. While the hoods themselves seem to be fading out of general favor between ladies, we are also beginning to see the decline of fitted bodices and corsets for the first time in a long period. Perhaps it is not yet appropriate to deem them as ‘out of style’, though their decrease is most certainly something to keep an eye on in the future for any ladies who wish to remain present in style. While royal purple overtook red as the color of the Empire, a dark and sophisticated fuchsia seems to be the mark of King Frederick’s reign, as seen on both the King and Queen in their respective wedding garb. The donning of necklaces, too, appears to be growing in popularity after a brief stint whence they were sparsely seen on Orenian women. The classics will likely always prevail, we find, and so a lady would do better picking a qualitative necklace than their most grand. The resurgence of lighter colored dresses is surely something of note, perhaps reminiscent of an era long passed, yet with the drastic change in silhouettes as of late it is assuredly a new era in itself. Also envogue; the draping of sleeves on the back portion of the hand so that only the front portion is left exposed. This can be achieved by using fabrics lighter in weight and less restricting at the seams. As for the men’s fashions, padding on the shoulders is IN. Usually leather or steel armory padding covered by the fabric of one's attire is the prevailing style, though in some cases it is seen to merely draw attention to the shoulders with solely structured fabric. Collars, too, have now weaseled their way into the styling of the men. Prominent but not overbearing is the way to go. -+- ENSEMBLE OF THE ISSUE Seen on Lady Adelheid Antonina Ivanovich neé von Preussens. As touched on briefly above, the ascension of Queen Vivienne as head of the Stassion Court indicates that significant changes will be made within the first five-or-so years at her station. Above all we can expect, due to Her Majesty’s austere nature, many altercations and refinements on the topic of royal etiquette. Words from courtiers even suggest court reforms are well under way, removing, adding, and altering a variety of different roles within it. Court was held by the Queen, in light of King Fredericks absence due to a sickness, and the Archchancellor on the 15th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1872. During which she regarded the court with a speech of merriment regarding the country. In addition, the March of Grodno was officially oathed with their peerage letters being published soon after the conclusion of the session. Most notably, when the floor opened to petitions, many witnessed the old Viscount Provins (prior to abdicating in favor of the cloth) stand before the Archchancellor and ask permission to settle in Oren. Considering Philip’s history during the Brother’s War, in which he attempted to swear fealty to the Emperor-pretender, this did not settle too well. In consequence he was dragged from the court by a number of guards with many attendees even claiming that his wife, the Lady Provins, hacked up a wad of spit into his face. Talk about estrangement. Queen Vivienne hosting a court session, 1872 Two years following the birth of the Princess Royal, the long awaited heir to the throne, Prince Frederick Aurelian of Oren, was born in the year 1871. The King and Queen are said to be elevated by the birth of their son and we can only hope that the new Prince of Providentia proves to encompass our passion for our country. Though, we cannot forget that alongside him did come a twin sister, little Princess Maxima Anastasia who is said to have quite the fondness for bumble bees! Palace courtiers have revealed that a market is in the works amongst event planners of the court. While little exact details have yet to be revealed, we can only assume that with the spectacularity of the carnival, we have much to anticipate. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Vivienne of Savoy, Queen consort of Oren, forever August, Queen consort of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess consort of Ves, Duchess consort of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Countess consort of Mardon, Baroness consort of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. THE HONORABLE, Rosina Helvets, Lady Chamberlain of the Stassion Court
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