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22nd of Tobias’ Bounty, 1939

From the Diocese of Buron




To the faithful


Know that the Church holds strong, and acts with all the temperance expected of it. Know that it holds its faith toward the pious Judite Sisters of Whitespire. Know that it condemns the falsehoods and lies conducted by the Sisters of Petra. 


In this, the Diocese of Buron proclaims its admonishment of any who would so seek harm upon any member of our flock, and upon any sister operating in our midst.


In the lands of Petra, we condemn the actions of those misled by the Deceiver, and condemn callings for indiscriminate killings.


Thusly, do I call for sense among the Canonist folk of Aaun. This is not the domain of the layman, and certainly it is not in the domain of the layman to enact judgement upon any who has been sworn into the ranks of the Church, as cleric or monastic. Further, I call for coordination among our Canonist folk, through the Church as communal vessel. In this, I call upon the aid of the Princes of Canondom, and I ask that they pay credence to any calls for meeting.


To the Petrans


Know that your timely reaction is valued, and that your adherence to the Holy Mother Church’s authority is praised. As such, until word is sent by Callahan Bishop Gelimar, I call upon your aid in the handling of these most troubling matters - I ask for no interdiction in the Church’s testing, questioning, or actions otherwise, and I ask that any such resources, be it material goods or records, be granted in a timely manner.


Forasmuch as I have named those actions of virtue, I must question the belated action of the Commonwealth’s Government. Merely Saint’s Hours prior to the bounty’s posting, I had been made aware of such concerns by the Reverend Mother Anna of the Abbey of St. Jude. From this, I can be certain that such condemnable actions of the Sisters of Petra were known and acknowledged within Vallagne and its surrounds. Thusly, I urge that such matters be brought to the Church’s attention with more haste than was given in this matter - for we must not be slothful, and our acts must not merely be those of simple reaction.


To the Aaunites


There is much to chastise here. I, alongside my superior who sits so diligently upon the Council of Regency, have our seats in Whitespire. You hold no Churchly authority in this region - you hold no right to condemn or call for the capture of nuns, regardless of any actions which are purported to have committed. No layman shall be permitted that judgement which is reserved for the Pontiff and His Auditor. 


And so, I decry the actions of the military. Not for their lack of consultation of the Holy Mother Church, or for their rashness, but for the defiance which they have so shown toward the Church. I urge you to take some inspiration from that deference of the Petran Queen, and I command the rescinding of the missive of Merryweather.




In Faith

Father Mikhael

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Penned by the Prince of Merryweather

 in the year of our Lord, 1939


Peace be with you Bishop Mikhael and other concerned officials of the Holiest Mother Church. This letter is an official response of Merryweather to the section of your letter that is dedicated to us. There has been a lot of evil going on in the human realms in recent years. We all know about the dangers lurking behind every corner. Firstly the cultists who kidnapped Father Stanislaw are still on the loose. Secondly the false nuns are now going around the cities with the aim to poison our people. Truly terrible times are upon us, yet I believe that with God's help we shall overcome those obstacles.


On behalf of my people and the Princely House von Alstreim, I admit that our letter was not written in the best way possible and that a few things needed to be corrected. Despite that I think anyone who knows the history of my House knows that no Alstreim nor their soldiers would ever hurt a real, pious and kind servant of God. We do not support acts of violence against any real sister bound by vows to the Church. It would be foolish especially as my own sister, Gisele Franziska von Alstreim, has donned religious vestments not too long ago.


I would like to add that I am personally awaiting an official response or action taken on the Church's side regarding this particular matter. It is immoral for canonist officials to allow darkspawn to impersonate servants of God and hurt their flock. The Principality of Merryweather is willing to assist in the apprehension of the false sisters, assuring that if any are captured in the lands controlled by the Principality, they will be taken into custody until the arrival of the relevant Church authorities. May God protect all his faithful and keep us from evil. Amen.





HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine,

Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater, Lord Vandalore

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The High Curator, being both privy to correspondence within Aaun & from Father Mikhail, compared the two letters in his office in the Hand of Horen. He leaned over to his page, Ambactorix, and bade him to ride across Aaun & the nearby nations to instruct his Cingedoz kin & those adopters of the tribal tradition to be wary around any dressed or making mention of their being members of any Aevosian nunnery. Keep one eye trained on those dressed in full modesty, not all dressed this way do so in God-fearing honestyTrack them like those boars we espy, might be we need to arrest them for their lie. He folded the bounty letter discreetly and tucked it against his chest inside his tunic.

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