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  1. Casper Jahan Baelius dropped down to his knees before the altar of Ex. Godfrey's Cathedral. The sun reached his face from the windows, and the tears that rolled down his cheeks reflected its rays. The solemn words of the Chaplain echoed throughout the hall "O mother, may you find rest with baba in the Seven Skies. I wish we could have seen each other one last time before you passed -- to say farewell. But I shan't weep for lost opportunities, for that lies in the past. I will instead honour your memory, now and forever, keeping you close at heart."
  2. Sigmund Baruch prepared himself in anticipation to attend the his cousin's wedding. He was happy for his relative and couldn't wait to spectate and perhaps even participate in the melee tournament.
  3. Full Name of Man - Erik Othaman Date of Birth of Man - FA 1735 Name of Woman - Zita of Selm Date of Birth of Woman - FA 1779 Location of Ceremony - Providentia Date of Ceremony (Year) - SA 20, FA 1816 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Casper Jahan Baelius, Chaplain in the ISA
  4. In patientia On Patience 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1816 Patience is a virtue among the hardest to fully accept, yet it is of utmost importance that we do. Commonly, this is due to the hard trials we are put through by the Lord -- this can confuse some; why would He, who can do so much good, put us through trials where we suffer? It is to strengthen the faithful, to harden us in our faith. Although guidance can be necessary in order to achieve this strengthening, it is one’s own mind that has to be open in order for the strengthening to take place. As written in
  5. Casper Jahan Baelius solemnly signed the Lorraine as the news reached him. "May your soul be at peace General, your greatness and bravery will not be forgotten. Always shall you remain a comrade in my heart." The Chaplain then saluted the sky.
  6. Casper Jahan Baelius stared at the missive in disbelief for a long moment before it slipped through his fingers and dropped to the ground with a subtle thud. He closed his eyes as he sunk down in a chair, hiding his face in his palms. "..Baba.. No..." Casper uttered in a breath as he gripped his own hair firmly. The young man gritted his teeth loudly and kept his eyes shut tight. A breeze from the open window grazed his face when a tear rolled down his cheek to fall onto the floor beneath him. With a deep sigh he stood up again, picking the piece of paper up again to place a gentle kiss on it.
  7. Casper Jahan Baelius slowly shook his head as he read the missive. The Chaplain went to read a prayer for the soul that had fallen astray from the righteous path, sighing a bit as he concluded it.
  8. Casper would sign the cross over his chest as he heard the news. The Chaplain would then read a prayer for the deceased: "Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And may perpetual light shine upon them."
  9. Casper Jahan Baelius would mourn his friend. All memories they shared came back to him at that moment; when they first met, when he cared for her when she was sick, when they shared countless drinks at both her place and his own. "I will always remember you, Ophelia, you hold a special place in my heart."
  10. The one eyed 'ker named Goggoth held the missive firmly in his hand as he stood inside a Providentian residence. He stood faced against the livingroom wall as he read it. Once he was done he clicked his tongue a couple times and went to pin the missive to the wall, taking a step back to admire the note that hung upside down. Goggoth would wipe a singular tear from his eye and leave the room, the sound of his cane tapping against the floor echoed throughout the house on his way out.
  11. [!] On the 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1806, Ademar Castelo died due to frail heart at the age of 71 [!] The sky was clear and the air was crisp; the sun had just made its way up over the horizon. In the forests of Providentia, birds were chirping, wind was whizzing and the water in the river was rippling. The body of a man clad in simple brown robes, floated along with the stream face down in the water. With a thud the lifeless man got caught by a rock and stopped in place. A letter would be on his person, tucked in the rustic fabric of his robes. The letter read as follows:
  12. think you deserve an upvote and a pat on the back
  13. Casper Jahan Baelius shed a singular tear for his grandfather, the man he shared a name with. "It is a shame that we didn't get to spend more time together, Papu, but I hope you will find your eternal peace in the Seven Skies"
  14. Corporal Baelius saluted his fallen comrades, receiving his medal of service. Loyalty, discipline, confraternity - all values of the ISA the fallen have shown and will be remembered for.
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