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  1. The aging monk fell to his knees on the cold stone floor of the main hall. His hands were clasped together before him and his eyes were shut. The simple robes he wore offered little comfort to the harsh cold weathers of the north. He then began praying, speaking the words aloud for all around him to hear. He prayed for courage; he prayed for mercy; he prayed for peace.
  2. A Monk's Short Thesis on Humility 6th of The First Seed, 1795 Humility is the seventh and last of the virtues that are listed in the Scroll of Virtue, which Exalted Horen received at the throne of GOD in the Seventh Sky. We need to remind ourselves that we mustn’t stand above anyone else; we must learn to set aside our pride for it makes us oblivious to our own capability of wrong-doing. And how can we follow our great virtues, if the sense of right and wrong is obscured and clouded? If we do not humble ourselves before GOD, how can we have compassion for one another? If we see ourselves above GOD, how can we find confraternity with our fellow men? Our pride cannot get in the way of compassion, nor in the way of fellowship. Our pride cannot obscure our faith, for faith is a necessity - without it, the world as we know it shall crumble and we shan’t reach the Seven Skies upon our death. A way of thinking has swept in over the Capital of The Holy Orenian Empire, Helena. This way of thinking clashes with the morals that The Scrolls, and GOD, teaches us, as this way of thinking advocates a secularism that is anti-canonist. Such would have no place in Orenian politics, hadn’t pride and a lack of faith clouded the human mind. Those with such a way of thinking do not fear GOD, our Lord and Creator, thus their sense becomes clouded and they are led astray by their pride. They see themselves as equal or above GOD - but GOD knows no peer. With humility and faith they could be guided back to the righteous path, the path that our Lord wishes for us to take in order to reach the Seven Skies and achieve complete harmony. Written by Brother Ademar
  3. “Very well, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” Ademar Castelo “And your age?” 60 “I know it may be clear, heh, but it is for the sake of records. What race of the descendants are you of?” I am human. “You are able to read and write, yes?” Yes, I am. “And with that, are you at all familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism of our Church?” Indeed. “You are of course baptized?” Yes, of course. “Good, good. Are you married? Do you have children?” I am married with children, although, my wife I have not seen in many a year. “In what way of the clergy do you wish to serve? As a Priest, a Monastic?” A Monastic. “While this may not be accepted by the Prelate, depending on the needs of the Church, in what Diocese would you prefer to serve in? You can simply name a city or Kingdom.” Oren preferably. “A rather personal question, why have you chosen to walk this path in God?” I have chosen to walk this path since I just recently retired from the Palatine Guard Order of All-Saints, now being Grandmaster emeritus. Now I remain an advisor to the Knight-Regent, however I also seek to become a man of cloth and humble myself before GOD. Thus, I chose this path, the path of the Monk. “And at last, are you truly devoted to this way of life? Prepared to take any vows involved with ordination and commit oneself to this lifetime bond with the Lord Almighty?” I am. “Wonderful, then that should be all.” he says as he gestures you out of the office with a smile, “This shall be brought to His Eminence, Manfried. You shall hear word of your acceptance and placement soon enough.” he nods before saying finally, “God bless you.” as you walk out and say so in return.
  4. Goggoth read the missive using his functioning eye. He nodded a couple times to himself, humming. "'Em Orcish spirits... Hmm" The 'Ker then went to pocket the missive in his jacket, letting out a sigh as he leaned onto his homemade cane. He shut his eyes as he tried to process the text but quickly gave up due to the fact that he was getting hungry. "Time for a sandwich!" He called out into the morning air, though suddenly he frowned "Where did they go..? Could've sworn they were here..." Another sigh left the 'Ker as he noticed the satchel that rested on a rock on the other side of a brook. Goggoth clenched his fists and prepared to overcome this obstacle in order to reach the precious food. As he took his first step into the cold water he slipped on some loose dirt and fell onto his stomach in the water. Drenched he slowly stood up and found himself on the opposite bank. He opened the satchel and found it empty. The one-eyed 'Ker let out a sound that reminded of a war cry and darted into the woods with the empty satchel in hand. After a while he stumbled upon a branch and the missive that he had in his pocket fell out and looked like a soggy mess. Goggoth eyed the small pile of soaked paper for a quick moment before he shrugged and kept running, leaving it on the ground.
  5. The Grandmaster prepared to attend the coronation to provide protection for the High Pontiff.
  6. "Praise be to the banner that Archangel Michael sent unto us for this battle!" Cheered the Grandmaster after they had landed safe ashore.
  7. Grandmaster Ademar got down onto one knee, his hands resting upon the hilt to his sword as the point was aiming the ground. He lowered his head before the altar, shut his eyes, and prayed in preparation for the upcoming Holy War. “GOD wills it.” He said aloud after he had concluded the prayer.
  8. Holy Ser Ademar mumbled a prayer for the soul of the dead priest, signing the Lorraine cross upon concluding it.
  9. The Knight Code of Chivalry Issued by Grandmaster Ademar Castelo The Light of Horen, of The Palatine Guard Order of All-Saints, on the order of Cardinal and Holy Sir Johan Vuiller Horen’s Giant, Knight-Regent of The Palatinate State of Aqulia. Head of house Vuiller, Protector of the people of the Canon, Knight of the Order of the Black Sepculchere. A Holy Knight shall remain loyal to his liege both in thought and in practise. A Holy Knight shall stay true to GOD and at all times keep the faith. A Holy Knight shall uphold and preserve the tenants of the Canon. A Holy Knight shall at all times live by honour and glory. A Holy Knight shall never back down from any quest begun. A Holy Knight shall protect the weak, and defend the honour of his fellow Knights. A Holy Knight shall never turn his back to a foe, nor flee from battle. A Holy Knight shall always speak honestly. A Holy Knight shall never draw blade upon a fellow Knight outside lawful combat. A Holy Knight shall show mercy should an opponent be deemed deserving. A Holy Knight shall refrain from the use of arcane arts and witchcraft. A Holy Knight shall live by these Knightly values, even if it should mean their demise.
  10. “What is your baptismal name?” Valentín Castelo. “Hm, and how many years have you lived?” 87. “I see, interesting. And where were you born?” Stettin, Marna, Atlas. “Aha, and your ethnicity?” Heartlander. “Are you able to read and write?” Yes. “I see. And your family? Are you married, do you have children?” I am no longer married, my wife is deceased. I do have children. “How do you wish to serve GOD? As A Monk? A priest? A layman?” A Monk. “And finally, do you have any issue with taking up oaths of chastity and devote yourself to our Lord GOD?” I have not.
  11. I think it’s safe to say that you made everyone’s time on lotc more enjoyable as well! And also an awesome post, my guy, wish you the best in the future outside the pixel life. That being said, peace man and good luck!
  12. The old man, who had considered Ser Stefan a friend, sat down in the church of Saint Tobias in Rubern. With hands clasped he mumbled a prayer for the fallen knight. After the prayer was read he signed the Lorraine across his chest to honour the man, wishing he could have taken Stefan's place. Wishing he, who had already lived for eight decades, could have lied dead instead of the until now prospering knight of Lorraine. "May you find peace with the Lord.." He mumbled before he got up to leave.
  13. “The man tries to murder his wife, the Princess of Curon? That must be a sign of her incompetence as a Curonian leader, must it not?” An old man thought to himself as he eyed the label of a Haenseni bottle of vodka. Its bitter taste left a distinct imprint on his tongue long after the sip had been swallowed. He wondered if Curonian liquor would taste akin to this, or if it would be far worse.
  14. The old man, who had never before hesitated upon coming to the Empire’s aid, now was ready to draw arms for the cause of the so-called rebellion. “If that does not speak in the favor of AIS, that a man that has been loyal to the Empire and her Emperor for over five decades, now would doubt the leadership enough to fight against its cause. Either he had grown a feeble and clouded mind, or the Empire truly is not what it once was.” He thought to himself as his gaze eyed the address which he held in his steel-clad hand.
  15. Viggen92


    “Let us show the brutish, barbaric excuse of a people some manners by silencing them with fine Imperial steel!” Exclaimed the Elderly Knight with his right, gauntlet-clad hand made into a fist.
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