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  1. You know what’s weird?

    This server. This server’s weird.

    We spend hours talking to other people as people we aren’t, and those other people aren’t people.


    1. Telanir


      pretty cool huh?

    2. Bluee


      Welcome to the future.

    3. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      The magic of roleplay. But there’s still a faint resemblance that shines through our characters from our actual character. 

  2. I joined around the 6th month of Atlas. I’ve never transitioned between maps before.

    I’m pretty hyped, honestly.

    Edited by ashenyx
    1. w_ill


      for sure lol, things usually get pretty wild around map transitions, but it makes for a lot of RP too

    2. Bluee


      Map transitions are always pretty fun.

  3. Yes. Heck yes. Heck frickin’ yes.
  4. i’ve found that when playing a child character, you must strike a careful balance between endearing and WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT YOU STUTID TINY HUMAN STOP. Too much towards the former, and you’ll be boring. Too much toward the latter, and everyone will curse you to Iblees. 

    1. Jondead


      Indeed, I also find Child roleplay to be more fun in the long run as you sort of develop, feel and endure with that persona, and thus you ”become” them over your journey as that persona, I'd always give it a spin as long as it is interesting! 

  5. ashenyx

    Quick Vaeyl PSA

    i don’t know why i didn’t see this post until now, but HECC YEAH
  6. anybody else feel their rp lives are basically nonexistent?

    i guess this is a consequence of being on a giant minecraft server where most people aren’t on when you are,

    but it’s not really just that. both my characters don’t really have anything to do. they feel sorta empty.

    and that’s mostly my fault. obviously. 

    maybe it’s just because haense is so empty all the time?

    or am I just going on at the worst hours possible?


    thank you for reading this incoherent rant. must sleep now.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Elk


      I suggest making goals for your character. That ensures that there is always something for them to do/work towards. 

    3. zaezae


      This would all be better if we only allowed 5 cities to exist on the map ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Ford


      Agree wholeheartedly with zaezae. 

  7. um




    came here hoping to post something witty, but I have no idea what to write

  8. The man woke with a start. Glancing wide-eyed at the corners of his bedroom, he found nothing remarkable. The nightstand was sitting to his left as it always did, a heavy oak thing with a single unlit candle on top. In front of him was the bedroom window, which at this time showed nothing but blackness; and to his left was the bedroom door, slightly ajar. Just as he had left it. The man softly exhaled, relieved. A strange terror had gripped him just after he woke, and it was reassuring to know that nothing lurked by the nightstand, or crouched on the windowsill, or stood behind the door. Whatever nightmare he just suffered was over. Everything would be fine. He rolled over to his right side and slowly let his eyelids close, contented. And then the door moved. It was only by a hair, barely visible, and if it hadn’t creaked, it certainly would not have been noticed- but it did, and the man’s eyes flew open. Startled and rather annoyed, he glared at the door for a solid five seconds. When it did absolutely nothing, he rolled over, attributing it to a stray breeze, though he had felt none. As he closed them for the second time, a painful orange glow cast itself on the back of his eyes. Blinking fast, he saw through slits that the candle on the nightstand was burning merrily away. The man immediately sat up and rubbed his eyes. When the flame refused to disappear, he turned over again to his left side and squeezed his eyelids shut. Maybe he was just hallucinating, the man thought. Maybe it would go away if he just went to sleep. Maybe all of this was a dream. The door began to creak again. The man reached up to cover his ears, but it the sound only grew louder. He gritted his teeth and pressed his hands down harder. Nothing. The creaking became progressively sharper, as if the door was moving faster. A breeze from his left caressed his face with icy fingers, which became a freezing wind, rattling the shutters and the nightstand but somehow leaving the candle burning. Shivering, the man pulled the covers over his head and begged someone, anyone, to stop the horrible noise. And just as he had thought that, it ceased. The wind stilled. The candle blew out. The man lay there in silence for a few moments, eyes open, then slowly peeled the covers from over his head. The door was completely agape, he noticed. Beyond it lay nothing but blackness. Confused and somewhat relieved, the man rolled over to see his nightstand, the candle still smoking, and a cloaked figure staring down at him with voids for eyes. A chill ran through his body. He pinched the skin of his left hand, but the figure didn’t vanish. With a pit of dread in his stomach, the man stared at it- but not for long, as the figure reached out with two icy fingers and slowly lowered his eyelids. ...And that’s why you don’t eat spooky bread, folks.
  9. Having heard this, Simon Birchenwald places his near-empty mead down with a loud thud. He looks over to Demetrius, a single eyebrow raised. “I can’t say I know most of zem either, but how haf you not heard of Steward Dhoon?” he says rather loudly.
  10. ashenyx

    Edgy skin needed

    Sure. My discord is uniquename.yx.
  11. I suggest that there be a command to hide specific ooc channels. For example: /hide ooc /hide trade /hide help Et cetera. This could help players who wish to roleplay without seeing a random ooc message every five seconds.
  12. If you ever come back, you might want to change up Rose’s backstory a bit; I’m getting some serious Victim Sue vibes. It isn’t very realistic for everyone she meets to either abuse her or die.
  13. Appearance- Simon is tall and wiry, without much muscle and with even less fat. He has a large, thick mane of dark blond hair, which he usually pulls back into a ponytail. Thanks to his father’s genetics, the hair is fast greying. He has really awful facial hair (think Van Hohenheim, but with a horrible, scraggly goatee as well as weird sideburns). Simon is usually seen wearing a frayed dark blue waistcoat over a white shirt, with brown trousers and dark grey boots. He also has disproportionately large hands and long fingers. He looks to be in his late twenties or so. Height: 6 feet, 4 inches Weight: 170 lbs Hair color: Dark blond, sparse grey streaks Eye colour: Reddish brown Age currently: 37 Simon (pronounced SEE-moan) was born in 1639 in Norland, the illegitimate son of a Heartlander citizen (Ellen Sterling) and an Adunian named Andreas. Shortly after Simon’s birth, Andreas vanished from Norland in such haste that he left his jacket on Ellen’s bedpost. Ellen kept it in a drawer for seventeen years afterwards as a sort of memento until Simon took it as he fled the country. Simon was teased by other children and called names for being fatherless. One such name (Birch-forest, for his thick golden hair) stuck, and Simon took it as his surname. He grew to be a reasonably healthy young man, with nimble fingers and skill in brewing and cooking. When Simon turned 17, a family tragedy was blamed on him. Having watched what little reputation he had left crumble, Simon became a nomad until his 22nd year, when moved to Haense. He lives in Markev at 2 Red Square and owns a restaurant aptly named “SOUP AND PIE”. It sells soup and pie, among other things. Traits: Physically weak- Simon is, to put it simply, a wimp. He cannot lift heavy things or fight well. His only strength on the battlefield is archery. If made to fight against any random bandit, Simon would lose very easily. He can, however, run fast. Impulsive- Simon is rather intelligent for his species, though he sometimes (lots of times) lets his impulses cloud his judgement. He tends to do whatever he thinks sounds fun at the moment, and to throw caution to the wind. It’s not like he doesn’t recognise the risk- it’s that he simply does not care. Chef- Simon has a knack for cooking, which he has taken advantage of with his restaurant. His specialties are stews and pumpkin pie. Introverted: Though he doesn’t mind getting together with friends sometimes, Simon will usually be found sitting in his house above SOUP AND PIE, drafting poetry and experimenting with recipes and attempting to play his recorder (when he isn’t working, that is). Amateur poet- Simon has written several short poems in his spare time, and translated one song. He is actually a fairly good wordsmith, but is a bit too self-conscious about his work to sell any of it- at least, not under his own name. Loud- Simon tends to speak loudly, especially when drunk. Random fun facts- Simon has a faint German accent, which tends to thicken the drunker he gets. Simon is extremely protective of his awful facial hair, and thinks that it makes him look stylish. Others do not share his sentiment. Simon taught himself to read and write. He has awful handwriting and spells things wrong. Simon is bisexual.
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