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  1. a debauched, syphilitic, baron harkonnen-esque figure who, through his exploits, inspires genuine ooc hatred in other people
  2. “Can I join your Fatherist polycule?”
  3. Ferran kneels down for his daily prayer, including in his exhortations that God might keep the massive cube of bricks from toppling over Talon’s Grotto and crushing his beloved friend Rhaella.
  4. Joseph Nicéphore weeps for his cousin.
  5. “I wonder if Mario and the Lord Protector are going to squabble about that whole ‘Margrave of Adria’ thing in the future.” Joseph Nicéphore thinks out loud.
  6. Joseph crossed himself, then said, "Truly we must establish a fund to investigate the cause of this heinous Gout...”
  7. congrats u made the only one of these that’s actually good
  8. “why would I buy a failing venture?” Joseph Nicéphore asks himself, after seeing the ad in the weekly parchment
  9. given that actually happened in the past this is a totally valid point but it’s not going to stop me from being rah rah mad at the staff
  10. this lol a service that runs off of donations because users voluntarily create content for it should probably stay out of its users’ content
  11. “Rubbish!” Joseph Nicéphore spat, enraged that such a publication would air such allegations against his beloved cousin.
  12. Looking for a new character. Anyone in Morsgrad (or w/ Norlander culture generally) have a family I could join? 

    1. sophiaa


      Zachahadey, Stratonis and maybe ferdaboys can all hook you up. Afterwards, I can help you find a job! Let me know, sophia#6666. Add me and I can get you a discord link!

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