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  1. rotund_man

    The Response

    I’ve dealt with TrendE in the past and I didn’t really like him. But one thing I have to admit is he isn’t a bad RPer by any means. Is he forceful, obnoxious, and occasionally way too serious about blockman roleplay? Definitely. But is he a bad villain RPer? No. Did he break basically any of the rules you’ve blacklisted him for breaking? No. Did he violate the “good spirit clause,” whatever the **** that is? Also no, at least from my perspective. To clarify things, I was present for the palace assassination attempt. There was some totally above-board villain roleplay done to close the gate and trap the defenders inside the throne room, and to initiate combat. Gusanoarentonio didn’t bother responding to a crossbow bolt shot at him and just called defender default. PvP ensued that was neither unfair for the defenders or mean-spirited toward anyone in particular. Everyone I’ve talked to seemed to have fun. No one seemed to harbor hard feelings. And the lava trap was completely legal, lava descended slowly from above the throne and every competent person who was tabbed into the game could have avoided it. I was caught completely off-guard by it, roasted for half my health, and survived. I think it ******* sucks that people went to meticulous lengths to prepare and execute a coup, and got fucked by overzealous staff members for it. “Breaking blocks to avoid LWC” and “use of a death trap” are frivolous tax evasion offenses that don’t warrant a blacklist. “Violation of the good spirit clause”, “use of wandering souls,” and “major griefing” didn’t occur. Dewper is responsible for “(using? being associated with?) alt accounts of banned players,” not TrendE. There are all sorts of things TrendE did that could have won him a villain blacklist. But the staff chose things he didn’t do. You wanna know why? Because this time the things he did (or really didn’t do, that got pinned on him) aggrieved le emperor of oren. It’s telling that this almost never happens to people who do shitty guard roleplay or mage roleplay. The staff prioritizes people with mineman power over everyone else.
  2. the id of the lotc magic rper
  3. “The next letter this despicable sycophant will write is a plea for mercy,” Joey Nicéphore says.
  4. when you’re mad that someone tried to assassinate you irp so you assassinate them ooc w/ an indefinite blacklist

  5. Joey sees his cousin’s writing as somewhat self-preoccupied, but is moved by the spirit of it nonetheless. “Long live the Republic!” He cheers.
  6. Joseph Nicéphore took a step out onto his balcony, the cold sea air kissing his face. The setting sun painted the sky above the water in fading hues of pink and orange, and he watched. The last sliver of the sun, shimmering on the water, snuffed out and dimmed the sky a deep purple. A strange elation came over him. He’d lost almost everything but his sword and the clothes on his back. But it was done, he was free. Let the cards fall where they may, Joey Nicéphore made it out in one piece. A woman screamed, off in some distant corner of the city he couldn’t see. As he looked up and breathed in, the smell of brine and sweat and piss filled his nose. Now, he thought, there was only the task of leaving this awful place.
  7. Local whoremonger Joey Nicéphore clapped his hands in fervent agreement!
  8. Having a character who has emotions and a distinct personality
  9. you’re so ******* mad lmfao why r u cryin it’s gunna be okay... This is a disingenuous post. How many conflicts are actually motivated by RP, for RP? The staff saw that the Renatus v Oren war was a conflict motivated by an OOC divide by players. The staff saw both sides complaining that they might not have a place to roleplay on the server if they lost. The staff changed the rules so that if both sides want a war OOCly, it can continue. Neither side can kick the other off of the server. Now, OP plays a halfling. The halflings do not go out of their way to provoke any major nation. They don’t act “toxic/hostile” to anyone from my experience, and they don’t deserve to have some shithead conquer them and annex their build for no reason. If you honestly think that the need for “dynamic rp” where you can do stupid wars for zero RP reason trumps other players’ enjoyment of the server, then the staff has just told you to step back.
  10. NLs control major rp centers which the staff want to keep healthy so the server stays active Really sorry to ask that the staff didn’t ask you specifically if changing the rules will make your PVP experience better! The staff of this role-playing server has priorities dunno what to say
  11. “Ide Haraccus has abdicated! His powers as Prince ended, as soon as he left our fair city’s walls, and yet now he has the authority to decide his successor as Prince? Have we now abandoned any pretense of democracy?” Joey protests!
  12. “I am the only true de Savin” he says in response, his piercing chad gaze locked directly on the man’s eyes
  13. “You are not the patriarch de Savin, I am the patriarch de Savin,” says Baozhen Dimitri de Savin y Yehenara, first of his name, Jurchen moneylender, prince of the hole under the bridge to Ves
  14. I think it’s important to separate the fictional elf fantasy morality and irl morality bud, you were alluding to real-life events and implying that “racial purity” is distinct from racism or racist violence on Earth where the desire for “racial purity” has motivated and continues to motivate actual genocides
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