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  1. “A man responsible for killing my father, killing my countrymen, killing my friends,” Joseph sighed, “who didn’t deserve what he got. May he rest in peace.”
  2. “I hope we can still have peace in our time.” Joseph hummed.
  3. Joseph smiled somewhat in amusement, realizing that Vladrick and Adrian Sarkozic had essentially traded fiancées.
  4. would probably feel pretty betrayed by my romantic partner if they were doing cybersex w/ someone else on mineman. separation of rp and ooc my ass, it’s a matter of trust that would imply I had a romantic partner though, lol
  5. a portly man throws down his copy of the missive, face red with fury. “but ... wha’ – … what about vassals’ rights?!”
  6. bring back VAs hehe i’ll give u guys a hint bandit roleplay isn’t really motivated by a desire for loot, when you boil it down you just have ppl who power trip off of killing defenseless rpers. this behavior is obviously not compatible with any sort of cooperative or fun roleplay environment, and should be discouraged seriously iffy about banning “bandit roleplay” or even “loot-based bandit roleplay” because you’re going to end up ******* over the unlucky 1% of players who want to actually roleplay something interesting. at the same time conflict blacklists hit the wrong people for the wrong reasons, honest to god some sort of rudimentary villain app that weeds out the laziest shitters might be good for the server
  7. “Calm yourself, and read the missive again. No one knows the truth, and yet already your voice calls for bloodshed. Surely this is not what our late cardinal would have wanted!”
  8. “Perhaps our church should turn its attention to the Xannite heathens that murdered a Cardinal, instead?” Joseph ponders.
  9. >3 people cause trouble in your nation >you invariably outnumber them and choose the rules of engagement via defender default >you need a 2 day cooldown to get rid of them because it “hurts your community” pure crybullying, you hate to see it
  10. there are some parts of this post I agree with and some parts that I find really off-base, but who cares to be honest, we all have opinions. you were a cool guy to rp with for the brief period we interacted. good luck elsewhere bbbladerz 2 words bro: clout sharks
  11. hey if in a few weeks or so ur feelin bugs crawling under ur skin bc of the mineman withdrawal, hmu @carp#1818 on discord and I’ll buy you an alt
  12. “To the outcast Fyre Vanvir, There is a deep and purulent rot at the heart of your intentions. A stench, if you will, that pervades your words and makes them intolerable. You have used your word as an elder, which would be respected, to besmirch my seed and libel my children. For you see, dear Vanvir, I am not an Ashwood. And neither is my daughter, the ‘ker who sits on the throne. Your line has shown that it is incapable of stable rule, each scion falling over the next to claim the right of clan leader. I implore you to reconsider Xavis’s wise decision. It is for the good of all ‘ker-kind that a ruler without “noble blood” was chosen. I pray that your family finds peace with each other, and I urge you to remember that you will always have a home in our Princedom. But for your sake and ours, make no claim to the throne of Vira’ker.” Signed Csaba Val’Ullr-Puerir, husband and father, mali’ker.
  13. have omar die of advanced syphilis so he takes the hundred something characters that he ftb’d with down with him
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