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  1. someone’s angry. 🙈
  2. hahahaha you thought this server had events, get baited 👋🤡
  3. “Death with honour” a man murmurs.
  4. Almisael wonders why the supposed orenian emperor is playing pen and paper when his relatives were captured. Then he remembers that Joseph is a pen emperor.
  5. Chimp

    The Human Crisis

    “The tyranny of Aurelius who was offered the marnan throne by the marnan king, oh wait, or was it that time he protected haense from rebels and bandits, making the haensetic king willingly vassalize under him? Such a tyrant..”
  6. Chimp

    To Fireheart

    the thing is that ur comments make it seem ur both for a redo and against one, which confuses people.
  7. Chimp

    To Fireheart

    lol can you imagine, each side would just bring mages
  8. “Shouldn’t you just say Ave oren? Why do you have to say the full name.”
  9. Give us the joys of the heavens, release us from our cyber yoke. Give us our salvation 🕯️
  10. you never played that archeage private server with me seannie, this is my way of getting revenge for being left out.
  11. yeah they are biased against renatus which means if they had seen any remotely criminalizing things about nordic he wouldve gotten banned here and there.
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