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  1. Chimp

    Out With The Old

  2. Chimp


    Man, that sucks 😞
  3. Chimp

    Religion of the Velians

    ((Why pontifex though, doesn’t that not literally translate to pontiff? That’s not very original lol))
  4. Chimp

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    i mean you arent gonna last long eitherway lol
  5. Chimp

    The Heartland Schism

    “Schism and yet you are alone.” says a man.
  6. Chimp


    Just giving you some nice lore tidbit corrections so that you dont come in confused, the imperial capital is called Carolstadt, Renatus is a kingdom in the heartlands of the empire.
  7. Chimp

    The Anti-Cloud Temple Movement

    ??? whats discord wtf u dont use skype??
  8. Chimp

    The Anti-Cloud Temple Movement

    ty :DDD pls join
  9. The Anti Cloud Temple Movement *A young man would walk to the middle of the camp shouting for his brothers to come closer* “Come here you idiots, I have something to announce” “It has been some time we left, that we left Monk grounds. But I just thought about something, something you guys should also have realized. That Cloud Temple that got created many centuries ago. Is a bunch of bullshit. And I think it is time to put an end to that bullshit. Nobody has tried it but, we can do it, with force or without force has not been decided yet. But it will be done. So I hereby announce that from this day, the Anti Cloud Temple Movement has been founded, and we will do everything to put an end to this cursed Temple , and everybody who wants to help is willing to stop by and have a chat with me at my welfare office. if you can find it at least. *epic smugface* This new movement will have one goal, To put an end to the Cloud Temple and all who are associated with it. Bottom font Bottom font ps joey pls come back 😢🤡 dm my skype (Fatchimp9022x1) to join pls more merrier 🐵
  10. Chimp

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    “Shouldve done that when nordengrad was rebelling, its a bit too late for that now” remarks a cynical man.
  11. The term CB is stupid in this case because CB’s historically were used by christian nations to justify going to war (remember the thy shall not kill?)
  12. -1 Yeah let’s add a guy that abuses his ET pexes to spy on RP to the gm team, what could possibly go wrong 😂
  13. Chimp


    (Just a clarification, does it appear in the kadarsi? Because the kadarsi is apart of the empire. 🤔)
  14. Chimp

    On Schism

    “From all the canonist settlements? So you mean the entire empire that he governs?” A man scratches his head as to how the pontiff intend to boot the emperor out of his own empire.
  15. Charter system with an upkeep should deal with a lot of dead settlements in 7.0