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  1. Somewhere in Arcas a man thinks the snelves would boast too if they were capable of winning anything.
  2. “4 v 1” Snickers a man
  3. ok but why are you pausing the entire war for this. Just keep it going and then apply the new rules next war or when they are ready. Honestly im getting tired of this war and you changing rules midwar and pausing the whole thing just ensures that it will last well into the summer for no god damned reason.
  4. can anyone explain to me why the staff are redoing war rules for the 9999th time in the middle of a war? Why cant it wait till the war is over for christ sake, now its gonna take upwards of week for the staff to get the rules written up and approved. I dont want this stupid war to go on through the summer for **** sake.

    1. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      To be fair to staff, which is rare due to the fact that rightly they are pointed out for incompetence. Sometimes rules need adapting to changing times, like any system. I’m honestly not invested in the wars going on right now so I haven’t given the current rules a good read, but from what I know from the CB rules is that they’re very human-centric and need heavy rework to fit with the other races. Since things like “Blood/Marriage” Claims are entwined for human nobility, but not so much for Dwarves, Orcs, Elves etc.

  5. “What a smart and reasonable man!” A reader proclaims.
  6. “That’s not a very nice thing to say about the Ves guards, at least they fight to the death unlike your so called nobles who cower in fear. Considering one of them sacrificed themselves to keep your sister alive, the one whom you did not seem to care for before, i’d say you already owe them quite a lot. If the Adrians were to try to grab themselves a deal much like the Curonites have, you would be more screwed than your ***** mother was.” ((Void this if its not the brother of that girl we kidnapped, u and all ur chars))
  7. “Wait a minute.. Blood sacrifices? That sounds like something an Iblees worshiper would want.. So the Orenians are not only led by a ***** son bastard who is too feeble to carry a sword made of anything other than softwood, they are also led by a blood seeking Iblees worshiper who pretends to be the vicar of GOD? What kind of madness has befallen on this world?” Asks an inquiring man.
  8. someone’s angry. 🙈
  9. hahahaha you thought this server had events, get baited 👋🤡
  10. “Death with honour” a man murmurs.
  11. Almisael wonders why the supposed orenian emperor is playing pen and paper when his relatives were captured. Then he remembers that Joseph is a pen emperor.
  12. Chimp

    The Human Crisis

    “The tyranny of Aurelius who was offered the marnan throne by the marnan king, oh wait, or was it that time he protected haense from rebels and bandits, making the haensetic king willingly vassalize under him? Such a tyrant..”
  13. Chimp

    To Fireheart

    the thing is that ur comments make it seem ur both for a redo and against one, which confuses people.
  14. Chimp

    To Fireheart

    lol can you imagine, each side would just bring mages
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