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  1. Chimp


    I know this is an AT’s job but i’d like to maybe just stir your app towards a good direction before you are put on pending.. You cannot be related to any nobles or famous persons without their express approval of it, you can however say you worked as a servant or guard for example. The next part is also somewhat required to some degree, historical accuracy, it’s fine when its just small inaccuracies or minor mistakes but, courland does not exist in Atlas. It appeared extremely briefly before being put down by a coalition. The proper long lasting courland however, was in Axios which was the previous map. And so for her to be a princess of the proper courland who is still alive, she would be in her late 70s.
  2. Chimp

    [Q&A] TheDragonsRoost

    At least we don’t throw away 20k worth of carborum set just because we were too prideful to enderchest it 👀
  3. Chimp

    7.0 Annoucement!

    admins shouldnt be the one handing out land to empire vassals it should be the empire. Just give us back charters if the devs still dont have territories finished by then. But dont ever add freebuild back.
  4. Chimp

    7.0 Annoucement!

    yeah, most people said freebuild was cancer, most of the staff agreed. atlas is the most hated map ever for that but let’s add it back for 7.0 because what could possibly go wrong?
  5. Chimp

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    this poll is pointless, admins already said 7.0 had a proper territory plugin. freebuild is dead.
  6. Chimp


    ((Talos worshipping? 🤔))
  7. Chimp

    The Bhaile of Baldrich

    Almisael wonders how the big tree man passed right by such a big town without destroying it. 🤔
  8. Where is it on the map?
  9. Chimp

    this is a new level of dumb

  10. Chimp

    this is a new level of dumb

    I don't even know what to say at this point, like are we really that shocked? Carolstadt
  11. Chimp


    the man has been waiting for 18 hours for you to reply to his comment.
  12. Chimp


    at least bring back the cool custom foods and drinks bruh, its a pain in the poo poo to run a profitable tavern if u gotta spend irl money on "donation" perks to be able to brew stuff and cook custom food. cmonbrug
  13. Chimp

    With love, from Knox.

    Damn so now the only active admin left is flamb? He's gonna be super overburdened oof. I respect the fact that you grabbed your job by both hands and realised you couldn't afford to stay as an admin. I wish a Certain other admin who has barely ever been around lately would do the same so that someone else more active could occupy the immensely important position he is trudging around. Hope to see you around as a regular player in the server though.
  14. Chimp

    A Call For Aid

    "Ain't those the same high elves who claimed that everyone but them are inferiors? If you are so superior then how come you cannot even defend your own city?" Scoffs Almisael.
  15. Chimp

    Duncaster becomes an Estate

    "Where and what is Baldrich?" A man asks.