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  1. would smile greatly before saying “Ave my sister.”
  2. I have donated a book for citizenship and Entry to the library. IGN: DutchBros_Az Rp: Travis Savoir
  3. RP Name: Travis Savoir MC Username: KillerPandas Discord: K1ll3rpandas1254#0500 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Other~ (Wisteria Conclave/Small Guild) Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to explore the historic lands and document any information I can to try to document the lives of people then. and to explore/ rp experience. What Skills Can You Bring?: I am very good at identifying problems and possible traps. I also have the ability to bring a mass amount of information along with us and document information well we are there. Very mobile and can scout out places.
  4. KillerPandas


    Alwin Rohorn Alwin was very happy when he was little. He hardly ever saw his father, making him a mommy’s boy. His father was a Physician When he was 10 his father lost partial control of his hand and could no longer be a physician making him retire. His father turned into an alcoholic and started to abuse his wife and 3 children (his wife and two children died.). Alwin watched as his father tore his family apart. At the young age of 13 he became a orphan after his father was hung due to the murder of most of his family. Alwin lived with his neighbor. When he was about 16 he became faceted with medicine and made a 6 mile trip every day to go to a library to read books about medicine, he later went to medical school due to the teacher being an old friend of his dad sneaking him into classes everyday, soon becoming the best in his class due to his immense amount of time and dedication he would go to his professor's house everyday and talk to him about medicine. Then Alwin graduated med school and is now in his 4th year of being a Physician. Alwin can be very mean and straightforward, You can tell if he doesn't like you. On the other hand if you gain his trust he will never leave your side, He can be very loyal and devoted. The one thing he lives for is to not be anything like his father. Alwin is very passionate that he believes in Thill’al. He is not very religous. (also i had totype this in google docs bc it was glitching to where if i type something it would get rid of the writing before it)
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