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  1. The Second Proclamation of Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt Let this proclamation serve as the first guiding words of Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt, as penned by the scribe Libris X. Nihilo, spoken in good spirit and under witness of his lordship the Prince Oliver Renault and the eyes of the most holy GOD. A well regulated militia, being essential to the security of our state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Let the laws of this, the blessed cradle of man, the Princedom of Savoy, shepherd us ever closer to the grace of holy GOD. For too long has man languished in contentment under His splendor, that he has not spread the good word of the one true GOD to those who would defile His world and His blessings in ignorance. For too long has man ignored the witch, the heretic, and the heathen; refusing to raise word or sword to combat the influences of the unholy. Know this, to languish in stagnation is to ignore GOD, for his path is the virtuous path; and the blessings of the Virtue shall fall before the righteous who tread it. And so when soldiers marched out to the heathen capitals of Almaris, they did so not in shame, but with the blessings of Virtue before GOD. Virtuous was their journey that they prevailed without loss, shepherding the souls of the maligned to Savoy where they could be purified before GOD’s light. The first wave of heathens, the unrepentant, did not cross the threshold to the city. With nooses around their necks, they were set free into GOD’s waiting arms. Their bodies were nailed to hang at our bridge; a warning to those who would come after that the soil of the cradle of man shall not be defiled by the ill omens of the heathen soul, for ours is a city on a hill, and without GOD’s virtue we are nothing. To their own benefit, their souls carry on to judgement before GOD now, a quick death being their last earthly reward for honesty in the face of fear. Praise GOD. The second wave of heathens, the converts, were treated fairly and with just intent. To the rallying crowd of the city, they were pulled from their would-be pyre one by one and brought to the safety and healing waters of the most holy church. Every one a convert, every one a new believer. Like their souls, they avoided damnation of the body, and in the wake of their redemption was the faith of the holy Canon made stronger and more unified before His light. Praise GOD. But some creatures are beyond redemption, and to those we can afford only the purifying light of the holy flame. By the time the converts were pulled from the pyre, only the witch remained. A beast of sap and wood and foul, glowing magicks. A sorcerer and warlock both, corrupt to its unholy core. The beast burned, corrupted sap flowing deep from the wellspring of ruinous magic within him. Not man, but creature, donning a descendant shell. An unholy beast removed from this world, and a violation of the Creator’s natural order expunged. Praise GOD. Praise GOD, and praise to the men of the Esheveurd Brigade; who carried out my orders worthily and loyally, who struck deep against the heart of heathendom in Southern Almaris, and who showed today their merit not only as warriors, but as healers of the soul alike. Praise GOD. Signed, Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt Scriptor Libris X. Nihilo Savoy Directorate of Official Printing and Publications
  2. The First Proclamation of Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt Let this proclamation serve as the first guiding words of Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt, as penned by the scribe Libris X. Nihilo, spoken in good spirit and under witness of his lordship the Prince Oliver Renault and the eyes of the most holy GOD. A well regulated militia, being essential to the security of our state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It is with great honor that I, a commoner and enlisted man both, accept the privilege of serving this, the cradle of man, The Princedom of Savoy, as its sovereign protector and Lord Marshal; the organization of which shall remain unchanged, bearing the rank of Initiate, Armsman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Lord Marshal respectively. For too long has Man, beneath the eyes of GOD, chased accolade and decoration without the holy fervor of service. This service I shall render to you through my own power, and through the agents of the supreme good with which I intend to staff this nation’s defense. Let every current officer of the Esheveurd Brigade know that they are relieved henceforth of their duties, obligations, military titles and ranks; such things being earned and not given, as are all things ‘neath the light of GOD, so says the Canticle of Diligence, that you will draw nearer to HIS throne by your labors. Let the following also be true, such is my word and my wish... - That I will let the ration of bread, cheese, and wine to every enlistee, such that they worship the most Holy Canon, be doubled for this month of my ascent, as is in accordance with the Canticle of Charity, that this blessed brigade might earn favor before the eyes of holy GOD. - That I will release every man of the Esheveurd Brigade to freely roam the city on days of worship, such that they attend the services of the LORD, that they would not worship fallible men before the greatness of GOD in HIS fullness and HIS purity. - That all women currently serving in the Esheveurd Brigade shall be relieved of their duties, obligations, military titles and ranks, and be forbidden from service henceforth, that they might bear the next generation of man in safety and sanctity under our holy watch. - That the Esheveurd Brigade shall henceforth be considered an arm of the state’s holy judiciary, unbeholden to the law and authorities in the arbitration of the will of Prince Oliver Renault and the most holy GOD, save through punishments rendered by an officer of this holy brigade under agreement from its Marshal, or by word of the Prince himself. - That any heretic or heathen currently serving in the Esheveurd Brigade shall receive twenty lashes by tailed whip and offered a chance for repentance before almighty GOD daily until their conversion, or be put to death for desertion. - That any soldier shall be allowed to keep company of their spouse, such that their union is recognized before the eyes of GOD, within their own homes and properties, or be allowed that their wives accompany them on journeys lasting a span of more than one week, that they might perform a woman’s duties for their husband even abroad. - That the armies of the vassals of Savoy, and their levies, shall be beholden to the will and justice of the Esheveurd Brigade while on the soil of Corazon and its surrounding countryside. - That the unofficial rank of Chaplain shall be created for priests of the Holy Canon, bearing all the duties and responsibilities of an Armsman, and all of the privileges therein, such that they minister to the men of the brigade, with potential for promotion to Chaplain-Sergeant and Chaplain-Lieutenant. This is my will. It is with honor and privilege that I introduce my corps of officers to carry out my will, the will of our Prince, and the divine will of the most holy GOD. Let these men, in their great diligence, be inducted into the Esheveurd Brigade and elevated in rank effective immediately, that they might serve as protectors and guides both, and be entitled to the citizens’ and soldiers utmost respect. Captain Antonius Vilac Lieutenant Andronikos Moreno Lieutenant Mattis de Brellad, Medical Officer and Princely Coroner Sergeant Ernst Barclay, Lord Steward and Princely Exchequer Sergeant Ostomir Carrion V Sergeant Bruce Summers Sergeant Ryan Cael Signed, Lord Marshal Joseph Brandt Scriptor Libris X. Nihilo Savoy Directorate of Official Printing and Publications
  3. Joseph Brandt brushes up on the articles of the Lex Savoia, in specific Book III Chapter I articles 29 and 34, as well as Book IV Chapter III article 53, for the coming festivities.
  4. "High Elves 'ave been a menace evah since tha' Elf Othelu Orrar died!" Bellowed Dolgrim sourly.
  5. Dolgrim could not read the missive as it was a private letter not addressed to him, even despite it being posted publicly on the Lord of The Craft forums. EDIT: After opening the spoiler at the top of the page, Dolgrim did eventually read the notice. He smiled and nodded at the piece of paper. He had no interest in its contents beyond the mention of jewels, which he very much agreed with.
  6. "Anotha' kinslaying. Whole damned continent es fallin tae chaos. Good fer business, bad fer tha cholesterol." a sour Dolgrim muttered, biting into a big juicy pork chop on his trip to swindle Savoyards sell casks in Savoy.
  7. Dolgrim took the missive, sunken eyes peering over the document with rising fury unseen outside the lands of molten flame. "Traitor! Defiler! Yeh wuuld declare war on yer own kin? Yer own people? Cast tha sons 'nd daughters uv Urguan under tha stone an' rock uv the mountain? 're we not brothers of blood an' spirit all? Or has tha' dragon Azdromoth spoiled yer heart 'nd vision aloike? I beg ye' brother, dunnae turn yer back on tha Brathmordakin an' your people. Repent, say I! Spill nae blood of your kin but yeh own, 'nd swear upon it tha' ye will raise no arms against yer brothers 'nd sisters from this day until yer last." With a heavy, ragged breath, he lifted his fist from where it had pounded against the stone of his tabletop -- voice lowering to a low and dissappointed drawl. "Let this missive be yer shame, brother, and yer reminder nae tae let yer heart sink below tha call and loyalty uv yer kin."
  8. It's nearly impossible to ignore irp. If you can skate past the constant mention of the void's denizens, the mishaps resulting from the void like Ando Alur and the corruption of the countryside into glowing hostile plants spreading as far as the central square of an Elven capital city, and the fact that every other mage including the person who taught you knowing for a fact that these things verifiably exist -- then someone who hates void magic because it's on par with necromancy for the most plane corrupting descendant-wielded force in our world is going to scream your head off about it the moment they see you cast. Void mages are forbidden from and hunted in many places in Almaris, and for good reason. As it stands, seeing what void mages have done I'd be hard pressed not to classify it as a dark magic irp. It's put me off being a wizard for a really long time. You're absolutely right in that you would have to be a 40k Ork to use it without noticing.
  9. Idk man. It is until some green name waddles up and says that your magic item killed all the plants around you or turned them evil, that powerful spellcasting makes the hair on any holy man or druid's neck stand on end, that it corrupts your body into a weak gnarly husk, and that any significant wellspring of voidal magic is a demon summoning rift. If the void isn't evil 40k warp ****, then the ST have done a really poor job of not making it visibly that with the advent of voidal horrors, voidal behemoths, evil void gods, etcetera. This lore is basically unfinished, but it's really a cry for help from the players to see a type of magic that fits with their fantasy of what a wizard is and not like... whatever kind of weird void warlock thing LotC has going since all lore is written and managed by dark mage roleplayers; so I support it hard in concept. Much love for my man Kunuk.
  10. The narrow vision of the Story Team and their proclivity for monopolizing the knowledge of the known systems of the server (ex. Voidal Magic, of which it has been shown that there can be no conventional arcana besides since it would ruin their often 8-10 irl years wasted theorizing about the big black empty that block people draw spells from) will ensure that this lore does not pass, but I wholeheartedly hope that by some divine miracle Joel is smitten with another fit of trademark insanity and accepts it regardless despite the wailing of his leashed neckbeards on the team. +1
  11. Joseph Brandt threw an old cabbage at the front door of the MoJ building on his way home to his barracks in Bastion, the half rotten veg exploding into pieces against the wood and sliding down to attract all manner of vermin to the building. He spit on the floor for good measure.
  12. Joseph Brandt smiled from his quarters as the missive was shared between members of the ISA. "Seems like something's finally getting done 'round here, I say. Never much a mind for politics, but this I can abide."
  13. Joseph Brandt, already on return from the rescue of Vortice's people from the Rustlers and the liberation of their keep, assessed the wounded and dead men at his side. To call upon the might of the Imperial State Army for their protection, only to sign with the Dwarves across the world? Had their suffering been for nothing to the people of Vortice -- even as they watched the red coats fight and die for them mere yards from their own gate?
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