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  1. Infighting mostly. I think the coup was the nail in the coffin but the government was in turmoil long before that happened. The vassal system was really fun, but Savoy was a personality driven project by Lionbileti. When Lionbileti stepped back because of family affairs, the council under him started to squabble and the nation fell out of contact with the people who populated it. There were multiple differences in direction, vassals began to go inactive or feel left out, and the capital military dissolved and had to be rebuilt completely because of conflicts in outlook and strong personalities inhabiting the same space without a clearly defined leader being present to direct them. Did I win Blacklisted
  2. I just make fun of people on the forums now. I used to be NL of the High Elves. I pissed a lot of people off but it was pretty fun. I've never been wrong about anything and even the things I was wrong about I got proven right about later so don't waste your question. Look at this chimp he's doing a thing that humans do. That's ******* wild?
  3. Balance default: stop roleplaying with one another and focus on the combat! Maybe this patch will finally be the one to make it so mods don't have to use their braincell when combat devolves into chimping (not likely).
  4. I don't think this is an administrative problem as much as it is a there are few consistently online players remaining on LotC who are not already part of a clique problem. Freebuild doesn't work when you don't have actively participating players. Little settlements don't work when you don't have actively participating players. I think staff should be more flexible and offer up slots of land freely to players (that means no taxes to the GMs like you're playing a dead korean MMORPG) for sure, but I don't know if a server-wide discussion on freebuild should be the administration's top priority rn. Something something carts and horses. LotC culture is rotten and it's not because of people like me even though I'm hella toxic. Gotta look inside yourself and revivify the interest to fill the rooms you have before you start investing in building more shit.
  5. "I really hate when roleplayers/character types/roleplay groups/nations do these things." Ok stop roleplaying with them.
  6. Do you consider LotC a...

    PvP Factions Server

    PvP Factions Server w/ Roleplaying Elements

    Roleplaying Server w/ PvP Factions Elements

    or a Roleplaying Server?

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    2. Caelria




      the world is a pvp factions server if you think about it

      So true.

    3. AnonymousAlexa


      LotC is what you make of it. A year ago, I would’ve said it’s a factions pvp server with roleplay elements. Today, I’d say it’s a roleplay server with minimal pvp. In actuality though, roleplay should always come first.

    4. wowj


      Its a 

  7. Scrolling through people's feeds seeing international government officials and imperial lords malding over random players just saying "haelun'or" in their status. Anyway this server is fuccing epic

    1. Venomous_Pup


      Wait hang on..

  8. Sorry my brother in Christ. I wish I could help you out but it is hella hard to navigate these dweebs power hunger my man. They're crazy about this stupid ass game fishin for tiles like the map ain't gonna change in a year and tryna dom other people so they can look good in front of little boys. Good luck. Shit is twisted just try to find some chill ppl. I'm sure some goons gonna reach out to you after you post this tryna make you fight in their army so be careful reading between the lines on those messages.
  9. Just FYI I hate change so if you change anything about LotC or even make a suggestion about it I'll get really upset and dismissive.

  10. A random Elf soyfaced at doing that thing from a long time ago again! "Let's do it again! Let's do it again! Going backwards in time is progress!" cried the Elf.
  11. I don't think a lot of random people hate me on LotC! If they do, I'd be at least a little surprised! I've given a lot of staff members (those of whom who don't often roleplay, to be honest) a reason to not like me by being so overwhelmingly critical and a bit trolly, but honestly I've been on hiatus for like 6 months and I don't think most random folk going road to road are seething over the name Caelria. I see usernames of people I don't know all the time, but maybe I'm just not that connected.
  12. Usually I'm trolling but this one's for real no big lofty speech. I'm maybe just popping into places at bad hours, but it feels like everywhere I go for random unscheduled roleplay there's maybe one person bobbing around per city that's actually willing to do or doing anything roleplay-adjacent. Two at most. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy one on one roleplay, but just talking with one person and having nobody new to interject with anything nor a band of merry friends to organize anything with feels desperately lonely, especially in these gigantic builds. It can be really hard to stay interested. Should I just give up on trying to seek out roleplay with strangers and join a Discord community to go to all of their dinners and play iphone games between replies? Only log in for events? If this is a common problem, how do you cope with only being able to roleplay within your own friend group -- or do you prefer it that way? If you're a hero of random encounters, where do you usually go for them? Do you often find yourself mingling with multiple people on quests or journeys, or just making small talk with one wandering stranger about the weather or whatever else is on the top of your head, getting exhausted or bored, and moving on feeling unfulfilled? I guess what I'm trying to say is: is roleplay with strangers dead on LotC?
  13. I will be going back later this afternoon
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