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  2. To be honest, neither of us are very smart at all... just very loud.

  3. Othelu leaned back in his seat, cackling raucously as he heard the babble of questionably pure Elves talking to themselves ring out across the city with his giant Elf ears.
  4. Enumerated Distinctions of Purity PREFACE: To be born an Elf of aheral blood is to be born pure. Rich beyond measure of mind and body, clean and superior. It is these riches that set the High Elven people apart from the base lesser, the base defiler, and the base impure. Such is the virtue of our birth that no Mali’aheral may be more pure than the newborn, who comes from the mother untainted and unabated by the corruption of the lesser world. It is the sacred duty of the Mali’aheral, in following the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, to safeguard our purity. To preserve this
  5. DAWN OF A NEW AGE 4th of The Deep Cold, 8 SA Mali’thill of the blessed Silver State, our tireless labor has finally borne fruit. At long last the children of Larihei can finally reside in a new city that properly reflects the grandeur of our people. Despite the decrepit republic being but a distant memory, the lingering stench remained whilst we dwelled within the soulless confines of their so called architectural vision. No more. The City-State of Haelun'or rises under new banners, in new stride, with new vision -- reflected both in the grace of our will and surroundings.
  6. Othelu Orrar felt a pleasant breeze roll through Haelun'or, though he knew not the reason.
  7. A missive is penned in reply, distributed far and wide among the dual nations and their allies. "To friends Feanor and Cullas Sylvaeri as well as their people, How happy we are in Haelun'or to see our friends in Elvenesse return to our good graces, that they might at long last take accountability for their actions with generosity towards our Silver State. The many thousand minas, the coal, and the blades dulled against them in the war all repaired and received; with pardon of our men it is as if nothing ever happened, and we may finally move past these petty squabbles.
  8. "A folly indeed. May the children of Malin find a home in Malinor, thus that as it was before so too shall it be again, for Haelun'or seeks only that Elvenkind prosper under just rule. Not that of terrorists and degenerates."
  9. Othelu Orrar thinks, for the briefest of moments, about Celiasil's Wood Elven concubine. He frowns.
  10. Othelu Orrar thinks, for the briefest of moments, about Celiasil's Wood Elven concubine. He frowns.
  11. The journal is copied for Haelun'orian readers, but appended with words from the city's Sohaer. The page, then stamped and marked, was distributed. As was all knowledge spread under the blessed doctrine of maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. "Even this Republican sycophant would agree, in no unclear words, that the High Elves who followed the Republic abandoned their own city and retired from their jobs in public service to go and live under oligarchies and kingdoms, under the lesser, the moment the winds of change blew through their city. Like old leaves and old dust they were spirited away wi
  12. Othelu Orrar considers putting a locked door on the Dio Astore apartment ghetto.
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