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  1. POLICIES OF THE TREASURY OF ELVENESSE, 22 SA issued 11th of The Amber Cold, 22 SA Contents I. PREFACE II. REGARDING TAX EVASION, INDEBTMENT & PROPERTY SEIZURE III. CONCERNING THE FINANCIERS TAX POLICIES ARTICLE I: PREFACE Upon the transferal of power from his majesty Sea Prince Feanor Sylvaeri to newly ordained High Prince Evar’tir Oranor, the following amendments have been ratified by the Treasury of Elvenesse. These changes are effective immediately following the publishing of this dossier. A
  2. Airebys skims the message, folding it neatly and tossing it onto his desk because he's neither a nincompoop nor an arsonist.
  3. The Treasurer of Amathea pours over the notice at his desk high in the Citadel; a shiver running down his spine from the schadenfreude he felt upon realizing Haelun'or's latest dilemma... "Oh, the irony." he mutters to himself in his comfortable isolation, folding the paper into a small glider and launching it out the window to sea. The mali' takes his pipe from a pouch in his coat, lighting a plug of herbs and pondering more to himself. "This Vane Freysson is certainly a shrewd man, if not a clever one. I should meet him..."
  4. A NOTICE TO THE TAXPAYERS OF AMATHEA: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE 14th of The First Seed, 17 SA Contents PREFACE REGARDING TAX EVASION, FINES & PROPERTY SEIZURE CONCERNING THE FINANCIERS TAX POLICIES ARTICLE I: PREFACE Upon the substantial notice of previous, current, and mayhaps future residents, foreign bodies, and full citizens of the city of Amathea failing to adhere to the contract rendered by Steward-to-Citizen and/or Steward-to-Commercier contracts being breached; it is henceforth noted within the follow
  5. [[OOC]] Username: Waibiao Discord: Maury#8922 Timezone: EST [[RP]] Full Name: Airebys Sylric Race: Elf Age: 218 Why do you wish to join?: It is my understanding that the Elvenesse militia has undergone some significant changes in an attempt to bolster its arguably scarce numbers. The previous commander, Aesilnoth Tundrak, is a close friend and asked me during his tenure if I would join; though I declined at the time due to poorer health. With my strength coming back to me, I would be honored to offer it and my past military experience to aiding th
  6. A certain veteran elf of the Siege of Helena nods his head in approval.
  7. A certain Mali'fenn, resurfacing from his time away from society, hefts the paper in one hand and ponders to himself in the comfort of his apartment, "My homeland is dead, but at least my remaining kin do not clamber and claw at some sense of life and relevance so pathetically."
  8. Just so I'm not confused about the prices - does each individual improvement (clay, lava, ground, etc...) cost the 2500 mina + 50 mina/week upkeep, or is it an all-in-one improvement for that price.
  9. With all other races being shelved, it is time for the Monke uprising. With our 800lbs grip strength and four hands we'll turn the humans to twigs.
  10. Hou-Zi got harambe'd.

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