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  1. “Deeply interesting! What an amazing view of houses!” Said in interest as then lady Halcourt was preparing for bed.
  2. “Ah deeply interesting! I must attend this event! Shall we the people honor our history!” The young and beautiful Sabrina Halcourt would say this to herself, when right after she’d take a sip from her evening tea. Lady Halcourt right after taking a sip from her tea would then be preparing for her deep slumber.
  3. “Well the man has my vote!” Lady Sabrina Halcourt would of had said in a very happy mood, as of right after of saying aloud of her support of Ser Demetrius Ruthern, Sabrina took a small sip from her tea.
  4. “Why does our own clergymen serving God care about politics? Politics and Faith are two different subjects, I frown in this moment as now as it seems like the clergymen only care about politics!” Lady Sabrina Halcourt said while sipping her morning tea, the young woman having a sorrow expression.
  5. “Wow this is amazing Auntie Vivaca!” The small little Mariah Marie Rutledge said to herself, then taking a large drink of her apple juice.
  6. Lady Sabrina Halcourt said in a joyful but as well saratasic voice tone. “This will be great for me..” Right after making her comment, the young lady took a long sip of her tea.
  7. “Ha...... This is very funny” The young woman said while drinking her tea.
  8. “Yes a fair ruling for a younger person you pigs!” Lilianne shouted in her room.
  9. The Lady had a deep frown after reading of the recent news, then saying in saddened tone “I shall pray to god for your rest, and may Bralt the villain die in a painful death.” After this comment, Lady Sabrina Halcourt, signed a Lorraine cross, with a prayer for Bralt’s brutal death and then to the House Barclay and any friends of the fallen warrior. The now retired medic said “The kid, when I met them, had a open path of life, she could had been anything. But now, she is six feet under, at least she died a hero and heroes never die in the hearts of people.” After Lilianne saying this, walked off with a sigh. Trying to not cry, questioned why she would cry for someone she barley knew. Then while walking down one tear, fell, and more came, and then she’d break down crying, the tears pouring from her eyes.
  10. “Ah yes, a child could murder three grown men! And this is why sometimes you really have a terrible reputation for having children die easily, by stupid law or just corruption.” The doctor said to herself, in an annoyed tone as right after the woman made her statement she’d take a long sip of tea.
  11. “Alas, the villain, the sinful servant of Iblees is caught” Lady Sabrina Halcourt said in a grim tone while she’d comb her long black hair in front of the vanity in the Halcourt Keep. After a couple of seconds, the woman said right after her statement said. “Shall her soul be blessed from all of her villainous and sinful actions to God.” After the woman’s other comment, Lady Halcourt, moved her hand towards the hot tea on her vanity, taking a long sip.
  12. “How the game of thrones goes, turns and twist like the ocean’s waves.” Sabrina, sipped her tea, as the young Halcourt, read of the current events after the hanging of the Rubern Wench. Lady Halcourt then saying with a sigh, taking another sip. “But the smell of war is coming everyday..” Lilianne, sorting the medical supplies of the medical tent in fort buck. The doctor saying. “Ah yes, another bit-“ The woman would censor herself from saying a vile word. “From another land, well guess boomhill the second part is coming for Rubern!” Lilianne laughed right after the last part, having a sad look in her face a couple seconds after.
  13. Raised a brow seeming to be not impressed. “Ah yes place a bounty on the Mayor of the Capital of the Orenian empire, which is filled with guards and lots of defense. Smart idea there.” Lilianne said, while drinking her morning tea Sabrina Halcourt gasped, as she’d grow a worried look reading the bounty “Dear lord! Who would do such a thing! This savage must be brought to justice!” The woman very worried for her friend signed the Lorraine cross and prayed for her friend’s safety. Aravos Atmorice, seeing the bounty, lets out a soft chuckle. “My oh my, how greedy the world can be sometimes, if only us descendants can talk things out, but no a unknown, never would come true dream. Finished his statement in a frown, as the young mali’fenn would walk off from the bounty board.
  14. EgirlSilky

    Haenseni Shores

    “Well guess its time for me to come out of vacation right now.” Lilianne said while drinking her wine glass near her desk, writing and writing into her many notebooks, then the woman said to herself. “Guess I should be packing up for a long long time.”
  15. Beautiful art of lots of writing.
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