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Found 13 results

  1. Looking for players for a dark elf child by the name of Selene. She is a curious child with a knack for chaos. She will be raised to follow the wild faith’s ideals, though as she gets older you’re obviously free to stray from those if you wish to. She has ashen skin, purple eyes, and raven hair. She is curious and bold, and a little too adventurous for her own safety. She will be living in Neveahlen, and won’t be allowed out of the city without an escort until she’s 13 and has been taught how to defend herself. She is not playable until April 1st, 2024. So you have time to respond if you are seeing this late. If you’re interested, DM me at evalte on discord.
  2. The child of Amber and Ferrum A little girl, no younger than the age of five, giggles as she runs around her bedroom. On her tail is her mother, trying to catch the mischievous child. "Brianna! It's time for bed!" The woman exclaims through her chuckles. The giggling girl hides behind the desk chair, convinced that her mother can't get her from there. "But ah wanna see Dada before ah go to sleep!" The child argues. Aurora Kervallen, her mother, stops and looks at her daughter with a soft, warm gaze. "Dada is busy with work, sweetheart. He will be back when you awaken." she says and walks closer to the little girl, picking her up from the other side of the desk chair. Carrying the child to her bed, the woman tickles Brianna's little sides and in doing so making her giggle and wiggle about in the mother's arms. Eventually the woman gets the little girl to calm down, enough so she may drift to sleep, but before the little girl slips into the blissful state of sleep, Aurora tucks her in and leaves a soft kiss on her forehead. "Mama, Can ah be an adventurer like you and Dada one day?" the little girl asks sleepily. The woman smiles and runs her fingers through the girl's hair. "Of course, my little one. You may be whatever you like and do whatever you wish when you grow up." she says softly. "Now Sleep, my dear, for an adventure awaits for you when you awaken.." Brianna Kervallen closes her eyes as her mother blows out the candle, drifting off into a blissful sleep and dreaming of the possible adventures ahead. (Thank you all for taking the time to read this!! This is another child persona that is up for grabs, the daughter of Aurora Kervallen and *insert top secret father [:eyes:]*. If you are interested in playing this persona, please contact Otakuu [.otakuu.] on discord and I will give the information for the child of Amber and Ferrum)
  3. Recruitment for House Temesch et Martiel of Petra - Introduction - House Temesch et Martiel, a Comital vassal of the Commonwealth of Petra holds the lands of the County of Martiel, the Viscounty of Mies and the Barony of Resmore. Currently, there is one available child character in the mainline, born to the Count Adrian @Kaii, and Countess-consort Wilhelmina (née von Augusten). He is currently 9 years old. Please DM fire1003 on discord if you’re interested in learning more about / playing the kid below, and a skin can be provided: N/A - Family Lore - The Temesch et Resmore Household traces its roots to the founding of the Commonwealth of Petra. Since then, it has thrived as a part of Petra; with its history stretching back to the younger brother of the Commonwealth's Founder, Charles Joseph Temesch. Godfrey Marcellus, the son of Charles, emerged as one of the first individuals to attain his titles upon settling in the new lands. This marked the beginning era of a lineage that stands as one of the oldest noble families still thriving in Petra. Godfrey, a past figure in Petra's governance, served as one of the Grand Speakers of the Petra. In addition to sitting as Grand Speaker, Godfrey aided in funding exploration and the expansion into the lands nearby the City of Vallagne. As the Viscount of Mies, Godfrey, and Lorena were blessed with four children, with the youngest, Adrian Godfrey, assuming the title of Viscount following the revocation of his elder brother’s titles from the Commonwealth. In keeping with his father's legacy, Adrian took on the roles of Viscount and Grand Speaker of the Garmont Assembly. In 1953, he entered into matrimony with Wilhelmina von Augusten of the Viscounty of Azor in Petra. The couple was blessed with the birth of three children in 1954, followed by another in 1955, and 1956, thereby continuing the lineage of the Temesch et Resmore Household. In 1959, Adrian Godfrey saved the life of Queen Catherine in a valiant battle, and was rewarded with a County due to his service, and the contributions made by himself and his family during their span as a Viscomital House. In 1961, the royal house of the Petra took their historical surname Temesch of the Petra, and Temesch of Martiel split into a junior branch of Temesch et Martiel.
  4. Looking for someone to play a male High elf child, dont worry about the skin, ill do that. if your interested feel free to dm me on my discord at tyrones_creations. i can be found on the main LOTC server! thanks ty edit: All good now, thank you!
  5. The Wintercrests are looking for someone to play their two kids. Simon and Sypha are the son and daughter of Devrick and Amelia Wintercrest, a human family living in Adria who work as professional monster hunters for the Band of the Crossed Claw which operates out of Amathine. We have a home with PLENTY of room for the kids to grow up in. Simon: Simon is 7 years old. He is usually very quiet and has been known to scare people at times by either sneaking up on them or by staring at them silently. He enjoys archery, caring for animals like the wolves his father keeps, pranking people, and going on hunting trips with his mother and father. He is known to cause a lot of mischief in his free time and enjoys pranking either his parents or other people around him. He dislikes authority but because of his love for his parents he listens to them and them alone. He has also picked up a bad habit from his mother of either cussing people out or flipping them off when they have upset him. He has reddish brown hair and light grey eyes. We already have a skin for him but if you have an outfit you like feel free to use it. Sypha: Sypha is 5 years old and is in a lot of ways the polar opposite of her older brother. She is calm, reserved, and very polite to almost everyone she meets. She enjoys reading, going with her father to diplomatic events, playing with a wooden sword she was given, and for some reason, shows an interest in working out. She is extremely intelligent and despite always treating everyone with kindness she has been known to punch people when they make her mad. She has dark black hair and green eyes. We have a head for this character but once again if you have an outfit you like feel free to use it. Looking for SERIOUS ROLEPLAYERS only. Please no meme rp. If interested please contact us here on the LOTC page, or DM either of us on discord at paniczealot, or _kindle_fire_.
  6. Orphanage of helious Over the years I have come to the realization that there are many needs in life. Food, water, education, and protection, The need that I come back to most tho is the same one i needed so long ago. A Home, A place to be safe and sound and away from all the dangers that Surrounded me. A place to come back to where there is always food and a bed. A place where I would be educated without having to worry over where I would go to sleep that night. I see a need for a place where Orphans, such as I once was, to be Protected, fed, sheltered and educated till they can be Matched with a set of Guardians or a single guardian who wants to build a family. Or until they have become adults and are then old enough to make their own homes. Therefore I am proud to announce the coming of an orphanage in Helios where all children that are lost, scared, alone, or hungry are welcome. no matter where they came from, who they are, or what they are. The First Orphanage of helious, Fox cubs orphanage, will accept them. the Grand opening of Fox Cubs Orphanage Will be announced as soon as possible. I will be building the orphanage with my own two hands. Once it is finished we will start accepting children Immediately. Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  7. ~A Broken Boy~ An LOTC Rp story of a minor haunting wearing off Musica Emptied glass bottles could be heard clanking and clattering outside Haense’s walls. A boy had lined them up atop the smithing forge next to the city’s farm fields where he’d begin knocking them down with a slingshot that launched corks - some of the falling bottles shattered upon impact with the ground as others made a loud bang and rolled off to the side. This boy looked, aside from being too drunk to utter a word, somehow both angry and fearful. These expressions both adorned his face like permanent markers staining a piece of printer paper. The last bottle then hit the ground leaving the boy to let a long angry grunt out. He was left staring at nothing but the shards and splotches of glass and hard liquor that were scattered around the ground, “Even when I am drunk I don’t feel right,” the boy dropped the slingshot and sank to the stone floor allowing for his head to sink down onto his knees. His weary exhausted eyes closed shut - however, something clearly was plaguing him and his young mind. It’d take seconds before the boy brought his head back up in terror of what he had seen when his eyes closed shut. His body then trembled and shook as violently as the glass bottles did while shattering chaotically all over the ground. His dry, tear-stained, face started to produce a long long stream of tears that left him up for the whole night; this boy was so sick that not even his pained tears could bring him to sleep. Morning came along and the boy’s thoughts gathered. He was free for now from his traumas and such. But he was not in fact free from the Bottle’s alluring calls and endearing warmth that the boy yearned for. As the calls were answered in the tavern, and the boy gripped the neck of the bottle. People’s haunting words of judgment from all around him started to overwhelm him. The boy could only take so much before he broke a little bit more. He stood from his seat in the bar and left the judging and afflicting crowd to wander the teeming streets of Happy Haense. His inner monologue started to unravel itself out to him. It was as though it had been hidden away behind a curtain for far too long. . . “Adrian. If you keep this up then your whole family will no doubt leave you and hold great shame to your name for many generations - especially your Modir and siblings. You must fight your crippling addiction so that you can figure out who killed your father and make him proud by accomplishing the feats you had set out to do when you were just a happy boy. He was a good man and wouldn’t in any way shape or form tolerate your idiocy the past few months. Grow up.” The boy wept a few tears before tossing the bottle of Jaegermeister into a garbage bin. Of course, it didn’t go in. He was drunk. Very. . .drunk. But it was a sign that the fragmented shards that resembled his once happy life had finally started to try and desperately tug and string themselves back together. This boy then closed his eyes for a moment again in hopes that days and weeks of insomnia and pain would let up and allow for a small brief respite. To his surprise a pleasant array of cooling feelings overtook his entire body; specifically it most prominently effected his head. This overpowering release of his paranoia, hysteria, and ‘fog’ was so strong that it’d drop him to the ground and leave him incapable of moving for minutes. While prone on the pathway, the boy even began to see things while the bad exited his body. As Haeseni citizens who’d assume the boy passed out from alcohol wandered the streets around him, this pulsing feeling started to subside along with the vision that was projected out to him of two hands held out to him surrounded by a warm golden glow and clouds that looked as fluffy as a pillow of cotton candy. These hands weren’t exactly special in any certain way regarding their physical features, but it’d still emanate this otherworldly presence that comforted this boy and his broken mourning state. The boy let a long deep gasp out as he came to and stared around in a calm and mellow manner. The pain, fear, and irritated expressions that had followed him around anywhere he went were now gone. Completely vanished as if they weren’t ever there to begin with. A few stray tears escaped his eyes without the boy even realizing he was crying. He pulled a finger up to a rolling tear and dipped the tip of his pinky into it to see what was happening. Once he confirmed it to be nothing more then a tear, of what was likely joy, he let out a big hearty laugh. This boy didn’t even believe that what just happened could have happened; perhaps he even thought himself to have gone a little mad. His reinvigorated gaze then pulled away from his hands and met with the sheet of blue clear sky that seemed to bear no end - he’d mumbled out at something - or rather to someone up above. “If that was you Pappa - thank you for lessening my burdens, no matter what they might have been. I felt as though I were trapped in a box by them. . .” A small grin beset onto the boy’s face, “I won’t completely give up drinking though. It’d be too hard and alcohol tastes very good. But I promise that I won’t let it ruin my life Pappa.” With those parting words Adrian Andrik Colborn, this boy, had a purpose again - a purpose and path that could very likely lead to one’s demise. But this broken boy was ready to embark on the daunting adventure ahead - even after crossing its foreboding peripheries. Signed, Adrian Andrik Colborn
  8. Attention, children of Hanseti-Ruska! For a long time, the Kingdom of Hoonse has been a form of stra stagataion inactiveness and stuff. And now we are going to come back and be a good kingdom for the kingdoms kids like us, and because theres is a lot of us so we can be a good place and have a lots of fun 😊. We have remade the Hoonse place too! The queen (beatriss) is the best queen ever and will help plan a whole bunch of things for us and then the king (arik) will try to be cool and lead us to props Pospter posperlity Prosperity! ALSO! If any kids from Balian or Oren want to come and see how cool hoonse is, they can come too! Unless were at wor, then will hit them with sticks! But if were not then we can have cool parties and we’ll go visit eachother and stuff. ((OOC: Messages from the monarchs)) ALSO! If you wanna come with the group to do some cool stuff… thatd be cool. Itll be in like 2 months or something… SEE YOU THERE! ((OOC: Some Art I hobbled together in celebration of Hoonse)) SYNED Beatrice!! <3, Queen of Hoonse Aurik, Hoonse of Kin King of Hoonse
  9. Looking for Players Looking for players for the Scáth family, currently living in the Duchy of Rozania. The mother is a goblin, Ezra Scáth. Originally from Krugmar, and had moved to Sutica. The separation of Sutica and many in Sarissa left her and her husband Brawly to go with the Sarissans to a new settlement, now known as The Duchy of Rozania. The father is a human, Brawly Scáth. Living in Sutica and Sarissa his whole life, he is a trained medic. He is a part of the KAR (military) and the Master of Medicine in Rozania. There are also other siblings within the family, Paige Rynn-Scáth, sister of Zahira and Soren, who has left her adopted family, to find her real parents. She comes around occasionally to check in on her younger siblings. Yerro Scáth, brother of Zahira and Soren, who is still living with the family. Players needed: Zahira Scáth (daughter) A female human-goblin hybrid. She has blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes. Zahira is a mild-mannered child who loves both of her parents. At this time, she has not developed much as a character, but will gain more character traits as she is RP’d more. A blank slate of a character, as of now. She has a family that speaks Blah, but she herself does not need any knowledge of that yet. Soren Scáth (son) A male full goblin adopted by the Scáth family. This goblin kub is brand new to the Scáth family so his RP is currently open to interpretation. He was found abandoned in Krugmar with no hints to his prior family besides a generic note written in blah that stated that the previous caregiver was no longer able to care for him. He has knowledge of Blah, and uses that as his main language. If you are interested in playing either of these characters, contact on discord. Discord: Dope Bob weed pants#8972 animallover23#0171 Both persona’s are under 14, and subject to interpretation. Skins are able to be edited lightly, if you want with permission from the parents. We ask you to be active, about one to two times a week. Timeszones are PST/CST Fun Group to RP with, and really great ooc vibes, we are a irp and ooc fam, so only real serious players please. Thank you!
  10. Anyone interested in playing a child? Well I got one for ya! His name is Theriion Davorn Lasfaen and he is currently twelve years old. His mother is known as Thalia Lasfaen, and his father is the deceased Davorn Lasfaen. He is of the Adunian race but has the features similar to a half elf. He has black hair and bright blue eyes. His features are defined like his father's yet soft like his mother's. Ever since the fall of Ando Alur, Thalia has been on the road constantly with Theriion when he was but a baby. At one point they stayed at the Melphestaus Estate in Oren until Theriion got old enough so Thalia could feed him proper food and keep a close eye on him. For years they kept in the same vicinity as Oren and rarely traveled outside of the Holy Oranian lands. The only fatherly figure that Theriion ever had in his life was from another Adunian male by the name of Xander Castington, to whom he hasn't seen in years. They are currently still wandering around Oren, managing to stay out of trouble and away from bandit attacks. (If anyone is interested in playing Theriion, please hit me up on my discord, Otakuu#5502. More inside information will be given once you have been given the character to play. Happy Roleplaying everyone!)
  11. ✵The Castington Family✵ [!] Fliers are spread across almaris, both paper and pristine feathers drifting to the ground, where onlookers may receive them. A sheet of fine ivory would be found, either lying on the ground or intercepted from the skies. The Castington family is proud to announce the celebration of Xander Castington, and his soon to be brother! A private family celebration shall be hosted in the Castington residence, any others invited at the host’s discretion. [OOC] ✵Currently we are looking for two players to play The Following✵ Both children are presented with the opportunity to learn magic, as well as participate in exciting adventures with the family. Both children are of the same age (7 years old at this date), though only the biological son, Xander Castington, has a name and a skin. The Wood Elf is entirely left to your creative freedom, so long as they possess fluffy ginger hair and a joyful personality. For more information, contact Oh_Ontario#4000.
  12. In this post i am trying to say that i am looking for a char that someone needs a person to play as. I am bored and need something to do, i am active almost every day around 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Est. please DM me at Arcane#1332 or PM in game at _ArcanePresence_ Hope to hear from you soon.w
  13. Introduction~ One of the things I’ve heard complained about frequently but nobody seems to do anything about is poor child roleplay. This is kind of funny, since child rp should actually be fairly simple. It’s like playing someone very dumb, and watching them get smarter with the help and influence of those around them. The biggest and most common mistake I’ve seen is that people play children as if they were adults. With the mental capacity to be willful, arrogant, rude, or even just overly intelligent. Hopefully this guide helps a bit~ Mindset Going In When making or choosing to play a child character, it’s important to realize what that means. More often than not, with time, you’ll end up with an adult character with a far more fleshed out backstory than most. This also means being willing to accept that whatever happens to your child character will greatly impact their life, can change their personality almost on a dime, and isn’t entirely up to you. If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough, it’s that if you play a child character well, that character’s personality is completely out of your hands. What they’re like as a child is something you can choose, but being fluid and affected by the world around them is part of being a child, and thus, part of playing a child. Learning From Parental Figures(?) As a child, your personality will be a cumulation of your character’s learnings under their parental figures. While their alignment will probably be set going in, that can easily change over time. (IE, a true neutral child fleshes out into lawful good.) It’s important that you realize that as a child, your character is learning their entire moral code from their parents, or, failing that, their interactions with other characters. If a child is told that something is bad, or something is good, they’re probably going to just believe it without question. “Druids are losers? Pah! What losers!” Of course, over time, they may develop their own opinions on what they’re taught, but that would most likely be in late teen/adult years, when the influence of others around them is less profound. The fact remains, though, that to correctly play a child, you might have to play outside of your comfort zone, or follow a path you might not have originally imagined for your character. Is this a bad thing? No! Sure, you might have wanted to become an uber-war mongering noble, but if your family winds up being a little band of farmers and bakers, that’s probably not where that character’s going to wind up in life.In the end, this unplanned route is a huge what makes child roleplay so appealing to so many. The other part, of course, is getting to play a little cutie, but you have to understand that that cutie isn’t going to walk into life with a plan. Reacting to Danger We all like the idea of being brave, but evolution alone says that as children, we wouldn’t be. Admittedly, in a fantasy world of swords and White Rose and elves and orcs (this doesn’t apply to orcs at all, really), we find it easy to either forget or justify the fact that children could be braver than it would be realistic to be. In most cases in real life, when a child is in danger one of two things happen. This also depends on the situation, but they either; Kick, scream, and flail or Run away This is most commonly referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ response. It’s something evolution has deeply ingrained in everything living, because that’s how they manage to continue living. It’s stronger in children, since they don’t have the capacity to process the level of a threat most of the time. A child could easily be just as scared of a spider as an undead necromancer, so they’ll just run away from both. That said, not all children are timid. Some might act brave, but they feel more fear than an adult in the same situation 100% of the time. Reacting to Harassment, Authority, Etc. Children don’t react well to being yelled at. Ever notice this? When an adult snaps at a child, their reaction is to shy away, or break down crying. From an early age, regardless of fantasy culture, children are not only taught but also realize that adults are inherently above them in the overall scheme of things. They don’t have the capacity to think ‘I need to learn everything so I can grow up like them’, instead they’re just thinking, ‘this person is in charge, I have to listen to them’. That’s not to say that rebellious children and teenagers don’t exist; teenagers especially. Teenagers are at the point in their life where that mental capacity starts to develop, and children can be rebellious, though it has to be for the right reasons. “Testing their limits” is common, more common among children around non-parental authority figures as they see if they can get what they want. You also have to keep in mind the parenting style used on your child has a massive impact on them. If mommy yells at you every time you try to eat a cookie, you might hate them. Or if you still want one, you might see if your dad will give you one instead. VAT shopping gets you blacklisted, parent shopping gets you cookies. Similar principles. Sort of. Harassment, as well, has a massive impact at this stage in a person’s life. If they’re constantly made fun of for their hair, for example, they will very likely dislike their hair for the rest of their life, even if they can’t remember why. Psychology Now understand that it’s not only your authority figures that will shape your character. Events that simply occur around you can have a profound impact on how your child’s mind develops. If your child sees someone get killed (hell, even your adult for that matter) it can be a profoundly traumatic experience. If your child spends too much inside reading and being a know-it-all, they’re probably going to become anti-social. Simple everyday behaviors that they perform, or witness can alter the character in far greater ways than the authorities can, but sometimes, more subtly as well. It’s also very important to remember that children are very, very easily manipulated. If a child is talking about something they shouldn’t be, an adult can just say, “Hey look!” and they’re instantly distracted. (At least, for under-ten-year-olds.) Especially at younger ages they believe everything they’re told without question, and aren’t even slightly in control of their own minds. This can be a bit tricky to rp, since we are in control and forget what it was like to be kids pretty easily. Just try to get into the mindset, one you’re there it’s smooth sailing~ Development 0-5: Children will be learning as much as they can in the years before their brain has even fully developed. How to walk and talk, how to act and when to say please and thank you. Though a lot of child characters aren’t played at this point, it’s good to get a feel for what happens during these years. Were their parents around a lot? Do they have a strong connection to them? How are their language skills? Can they read? What are their favorite toys? (That one may seem pointless, but can actually mean a lot.) The little things about a character at this age translate into big things at a later age. [10/8/13 4:09:29 PM] Boidwasperer: You should mention for the 5 year olds that they ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS [10/8/13 4:09:38 PM] Boidwasperer: What is that? Why? Is that yours? What is that? [10/8/13 4:09:54 PM] Boidwasperer: It's a hairbrush. Because it brushes hair. Yes, it's mine. It's a hairbrush, I just told you this... 5-7: Around this age, children are full of energy. Regardless of their personality they are able to bounce around and have fun. They tend to be competitive, and needs outlets for their boundless energy. They’re very concerned with rules, and have wild imaginations. They start to become more aware of the emotions of others but can’t always grasp how their actions affect those around them. They often struggle to make decisions, though they like the idea of ‘winning’. 8-10: This age group is starting to get into the ‘me against the world’ mentality. They’re very sensitive to praise, and their feelings are more easily hurt than younger age groups. They get to be choosy about their friends, since being accepted by their peers grows exponentially more important to them. They’re eager to answer questions and impress, so they can learn more. 11-13: This is where kids really begin to test their limits, and can become more of a ‘know it all’. This is where puberty starts to come into play, along with all of the awkwardness and self confidence issues it brings. Children around this age can begin to develop more fine motor skills, making them better at arts and crafts. Conformity becomes doubly important, if they have peers of a similar age group. They tend to demand perfection, at least of themselves, and can become easily frustrated when they don’t get it. They want more independence but in most cases are fully aware they’re not ready for it, and they begin to have a longer attention span as well. 14-16: Even more prone to testing limits, though very emotionally vulnerable. They’re insecure, fear rejection, and prone to mood-swings. This is around the time where it’s common to have a ‘role model’, an adult the child would strive to be more like. Notably, they usually have a very big appetite at this age. They have a better understanding of morality, and well developed fine motor skills. At the point where they’re right between childhood and adulthood, they might feel the need to act more like they think an adult should act, though they’re still self conscious and fear rejection. Other Useful Tips At the end of the day, the sun goes down. An apple a day might be bad for your teeth. Cheaters never prosper. Ouity is a gaylord. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you ‘cause I’m rubber, you’re glue! We didn’t know what to write here so now it’s just… yeah. +1 Ouity and Fiend Wrote This <3 Togehter. IN TANDEM. Google Docs is awesome. Yes it's messy and all over the place, but hopefully you take something good away from it! Feedback is welcomed~
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