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Found 4 results

  1. This was written by ImCookiie before they left LOTC. This was going to be the template that we would start to develop, but then stuff happen ooc and irp and it just didnt make sense for me at the time to start making a bunch of changes. Maybe that was wrong of me, idk. But, I thought I would show you the players this. This is my plan for the next map. To have a council that everyone can participate in, no matter how big or small the role is. This isnt set in stone and is subject to debate or correction. I wanna hear your thoughts and concerns and ideas. PREFACE: An update to the current Halfling council could provide more activities and responsibilities for deserving players of the community— whilst working towards more activity and a steady retention of newcomers. This would also differentiate responsibilities and lessen the burden of upkeep to a singular or small group of people. Nowhere near complete. Suggestions are welcome. The Halfling Council THE THANE’S OFFICE — THE THAIN As is tradition, an esteemed member of the council is elected to become the Thain and furthermore hold executive and political power over the halfling populace of (village name). — THE MAYOR Right-hand to the Thain, helps with anything that is needed Also could keep finances of the village in-check — THE SHERIFF Keeper of culture and law — THE ELDERS Advisors to the council cos of age and experience THE COMMON OFFICE (order subject to change for final edit) — THE STEWARD Housing stuff + shops and stalls — THE LIBRARY Someone to keep track of books and museum — THE MILITARY Unlike their descendant counterparts, the wee-folk of (village name) are oft seen in practice, mounted on steeds of smaller stature and slower speed (donkeys basically, thought it’d be funny) — THE ARCHITECT Someone who helps build + organize future and current builds (more so a role to offer those who are willing to help) — THE HIGH PUMPLAR A player interested in creating and propagating lore and culture to the halfling community (eg. knox) — THE PARTY PLANNER A player who wants to run events, in accordance with permission from the council THE PUBLIC OFFICE — THE PARRIARCH Patriarch of renown families who aid and participate heavily in discussion of topics and verdicts (major changes, trials, etc) — THE VIGIL Members of the populace deemed righteous by the council to undergo private investigations (to accommodate for stuff like b.o.o.s.e)
  2. Bonus Conduct - Out-of-Character Manipulation Introduction Welcome back again, okay okay. Forgive the shortage of these, with the War Claim and a host of other things I figured a brief break would be nice. Anyhow, this one is going to be a little short given the singular topic. There isn’t a great deal of stuff to cover, but I’ll do my best to be as concise and explain as much as I possibly can. Once again, I shall bold all the important parts so anyone reading who doesn’t want to read every last word can skim over the necessary parts. What is Manipulation? So, here we go again. Oh man. To manipulate, in this definition, is to “control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unscrupulously”. Manipulation is considered a negative thing to do, for good reason. To control someone or a scenario is generally seen as possessive, though it entirely depends. Manipulation can be used for good, and when it comes to roleplay, being manipulative is almost a necessity in politics. However, this can only be said for things that occur in character. Manipulating someone in character for their land, their money or their resources is entirely possible and oftentimes encouraged to provide and entertaining experience. Out-of-Character Manipulation Now let’s get to the point of the post. In-Character manipulation? That’s allowed. Manipulation Out-of-Character? That is not allowed. Manipulating a real life person for anything, not just for your own aspirations in character, is disallowed, against the rules and downright wrong. Anything in roleplay should and must stay specifically in character, and anything out of character should and must stay specifically out of character. If someone does something against you out of character, you are expected to take the necessary measures to ensure that person is punished for what they have done. By this, I mean reporting them to the appropriate member of authority. (AKA Server Staff, or in severe cases the police). It should not, however, leak into your character decisions. How about some examples: The Scenario Player A and Player B are having are not exactly the closest of friends. Player A and B are in a skype chat, and Player A isn’t particularly being the nicest of individuals. Player B calls A out on it, explaining their behaviour will not be tolerated and essentially sasses Player A out. Player A is upset with this, and because of that A starts to speak poorly about Player B in all kinds of chats. The scenario escalates so much so that Player A and Player B begin to rival one another Out-of-Character. Because of this, Player A decides that he wants to spite and attack Player B because of the scenarios occurring OOC. Player A then targets each of Player B’s characters, either wanting them killed or exiled, sent away to a location which will essentially make the character unplayable for Player B. The Problem This one is as simply as the others. Player A, despite the arguments and disputes with Player B, should not resort to leaking Out-of-Character into the In-Character world. This is not allowed, and essentially makes the entire situation and atmosphere unpleasant for everyone. Especially if Player A is of an influential position, and can cause sufficient damage to Player B. not only can this make Player B feel disinterested in playing their characters, it may also make them reluctant to create a character of the same type or even another character in general, out of fear of being targeted. This isn’t fair, for anyone involved. The Solution The solution here is simple. Do not leak anything Out-of-Character into In-Character. It is not allowed, and it isn’t fair for any parties involved. Simply put, the solution is to not let the two worlds cross. It causes problems, and not only can it lead to meta and powergaming, it causes disinterest and loss in motivation for anyone in the damage radius. If you are having problems with someone Out-of-Character, leave it out of character. If it reaches a point of problem, then report it to the appropriate people and allow them to handle it. Under no circumstances should people be afraid of role playing or creating new character out of fear of being targeted. Summary In brief? Don’t do it. It’s easy to want to punish someone or hurt someone because of Out-of-Character stuff, and no one will blame you for wanting to do that; however, it cannot actually happen. It’s not tolerated, in any means. As I have mentioned several times so far, it’s demotivating and inappropriate to target someone just for out of character means or measures. Never do this, never. You wouldn’t like it if it is done to you, so why should you do it to others? Limiting the Roleplay experience for someone simply because they’ve ticked you off Out-of-Character not only makes no sense In-Character, but it causes mass detriment to the server and roleplaying scene as a whole. But yep, all done. Cool stuff. Once again, questions, corrections. It’ll help us all. -Tahmas (Thomas) (Don’t be a nerd. Don’t be uninformed. Ask the questions. Do it.)
  3. My character is looking for small land to set up a cottage and farm, she can pay with a negotiated price and amounts of the crops she farms, along with other services she does like lumber. if you have a land for sale that isn't to big nor pricey then please either pm me or comment on this post!
  4. Usually OOC mistkes are fixed with a simple ((*mistakes But if one were to turn this grammatical error into an IC event- unique and entertaining roleplay is instantly formed. Example one- Player one: “How do ‘ye do? Me’ name is Frank.” Player two: “Howdy, would you like to purchase a cattot?” ((Here, player two obviously pressed the ‘t’ key instead of the ‘r’ key.)) Player two coughs abruptly, his voice caught in his throat. “Carrots, my good man. I’m getting old!” See here how this simple mistake spurred roleplay, it could also have created some kind of ‘inside joke’ between the two characters, possibly forming a friendship and creating more roleplay. Example two- Player one: “Mark! Get over here!” his arm flails in the air as he Mark him over. Player two: “What is it, Damen? What do you want?” Player one: “Please don’t kill.” He shakes his head. Player two’s eyes widen. “Who would I kill?” In this roleplay, player one meant to say ‘kill time’ but OOCly forgot the ‘time,’ which instantly sparks interesting roleplay. Example three- Player one: “I’ve never seen you around before, what’s your nam?” ((Player one typed ‘name’ incorrectly)) Player two: “You say the word ‘name’ in a very funny way, sir. Is it your accent? And I’m Ryar.” A conversation could instantly start here about player one’s accent, creating more roleplay. On another note, larger scale OOC events can be turned into a RP event- such as a group of people leaving the server- something that happened fairly recently. Using this as an example, in these circumstances roleplay can be created through turning the OOC situation into something IC, such as a plague or genocide. The truth to the matter is that people do mess up. People stutter, people miss words, people pronounce things incorrectly, people don’t always speak perfectly, and this is the same as roleplayers- which translates perfectly if one uses their mistakes within roleplay. Next time you make a mistake ingame, think about correcting it in roleplay, not OOC. Not only does doing this make you look professional and unique, it makes you look much better than how you would have looked if you simply fixed it OOCly.
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