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    Vasilisa was raised on the outskirts of Helena, where she grew up with her aunt, Anika. Her parents had passed when she was little, and she had no other family. She had a very simple childhood, quietly tending to the garden and few animals they had. Being just the two of them, she always had chores to do, and learned how to keep up a home, and how to cook and sow. With all the chores she had, and the isolated nature of their home, Vasilisa never had any friends growing up. She wasn’t lonely, but this lack of social exposure gave her a shy disposition. Her aunt was kind and loving, and her childhood was happy. A few months before she turned 18, her aunt fell into a sudden illness, passing away in a matter of weeks. With the only family she had ever known gone, she decided to move away from her home. She decided to go to the Archduchy of Suffonia, where she met the Petrovya family, and was soon employed by them.
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