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  1. Mariana Lucreiza di Montelliano greets her distant cousin within the Seven Skies with a tight embrace and a soft and warm smile with the infamous Nicoletta of Alstion, the coal haired woman simply letting out a soft breath of reassurance and kindness. Finally, the lone woman, was less loner then before.
  2. "Mind your own business young 'aheral." Alyssa shouted towards the Eli'bar'acal with an annoyed tone, letting out a loud sigh as she would walk off of the beach and back to the estate which she lived in. "Can I not simply rant and wash my clothing peacefully- children like you. So silly. So Foolish. " The 'aheral said while walking off, before being gone from the area where the young teen jump scared her and back at the safety of her home.
  3. Alyssa would turn to the Elibar'acal with a raised brow. "Child, why are you stalking me in this empty beach? please leave, know what. I will instead." Would pick up her umbrella, blanket, and rest of her beach items to walk off and washing bucket with the clothing still inside of the bucket! Muttering under her breath in a low tone with a very confused and slightly annoyed tone and facial expression "Crazy Teenagers, am I right?" Leaving the empty beach with the stalking Elibar'acal behind her, the Seregon feeling slight fear after this incident.
  4. "This is a funny joke. Anyways. Back to my heathen tactics and my attempts of seduction on men's hearts to make them corrupt and evil." Alyssa would say with a sarcastic tone and small grin while speaking with her mother, Dele Seregon, within the walls of the small house her mother bought in the wintry capital of Haense- the city Karosgrad. After this, she would go over towards the fireplace and toss the notice into the flames, the 'aheral's grin only grew more after it was fully burnt, then walked back to the table to go on with drinking tea with her mother. In the far east- a ce
  5. "Nice job Haelun'or! After losing all fairness in a republic! You now pissed off a warmongering nation of warriors, you guys need a medal for making a huge mistake!" Alyssa commented with a wide grin, letting out a wide laugh before going back to washing her clothing near the salty waters of Sutica. As the 'aheral washed her clothing-she would then sigh, her expression showed sadness and sorrow as she would then comment "My home really went downhill, maybe it was always corrupt from the start."
  6. Oh . . . Yikes- that emote. Uhm- Yeah that is a big . . . Yikes . . . Emotes like that, shouldn’t be so simple. It seems a bit low effort roleplay when to you think about it, mainly on the subject on doing spells and such.
  7. Madame Braun cries in the corner of her office- not ready for another season of poison and slapping contest.
  8. "I am so tempted to such a thing which might come false and shall only lower my hopes for all things I want in my life- but if I shall waste time with something as this, it will be my mistake and mine only. Hopefully I shall not be foolish to seek their services." A young 'aheral would say to herself with an interested but worrisome tone, Alyssa would then rush towards her desk within the safety of her quarters to write a letter to the soothsayer of Elvenesse with a swift manner. After the Seregon had finished wiriting her message, she would scroll up the paper and seal it with the Seregon Cre
  9. An 'aheral from the beaches of the estate she lives in, would sigh as she would simply state in a dramatic, but, very disinterested tone. "The Valah at it again, allying themselves to mages and soonly when the empire regains a mad emperor, all of the mages, will not be scholars but weapons for the wars they will rage. But hopefully that shall never happen, perhaps I have been reading too many books from the hanseti." As Alyssa finished her negative comment of this new crops to herself in the warm climate, she'd stand up with a swift fashion and walk back to the estate. Far from th
  10. "Guess Haelun'or is back to their manipulative tactics again! What fake people behind masks of kindness." Alyssa commented with an annoyed and angry tone, far away from the land of the mali'thill - seemingly not welcome as she does not live in their city. The 'aheral would simply sigh - before throwing the paper into the flames of her home, going towards her room cozy room before taking a long and deep slumber on her sheets. The Seregon dreams of not being in Haelun'or and being in the Korvassan beaches within Arcas- having a nice glass of lemonade to her left and a huge umbrella, covering her
  11. Alyssa would walk on the beaches of the estate built and bought by a dear friend- located somewhere in the south were the sands were hot as flames and the seas warm like the sun embracing one’s face after a long day of work in the Hanseti fields. As the ‘aheral walked upon the sand with her flat slippers on- she wondered. Where is Marg? Is she fine? Hopefully she has not forgotten me. Has she forgiven me? All of these thoughts swirled around her head, growing pains around the skull as she kept on asking herself until she turned to the radiant sunset. For her thoughts might cloud her and strike
  12. "MAMEJ! PAPEJ!" A scream would be heard from the halls of the Ruthern estate- "What is an A N N U L M E N T ?" The small and plump Natalya vas Ruthern asked while running up to her parents, having a bright smile, a cheery tone, and large bag filled with chocolate bars- She would ask this daring question, after, seeing the word on the title of a notice, the notice being on the kitchen's counter where she was stealing bars of chocolate from the shelves.
  13. "The Pale? Sounds like a knock-off Haelunor but in a forest." Alyssa- commented with a confused expression and a brow slightly up while drinking her tea with her right hand and holding the notice with her right hand before tossing the notice into the flames of the large flame in the center of the estate where she lived, located within the lands of the dried up deserts and fields. From the south to East a woman- the Lady Seneschal of the Augustine, Madame Braun, commented to the maid- reading her the notice. "Hm- indeed, the future duchess-consort for the house d'Arkent and imperia
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