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  1. Does this means Poisons could be added? If this is created? Like poisoning people and a system to roll and check if the item is poisoned? Aka More Fauna and a revamp of the Herbology Lore? Will this be an opening to that idea?
  2. When can we be RP sisters or something-
  3. VICTOIRE Written by Héloïse Thérèse de Rochefort nee Halocurt d’Artois Penned on the 17th of Snow’s Maiden, In the year of 1877 The Little Lady (1876) My bright little star Hair kissed by the embers of old Shining so brightly in my heart Laughing and smiling The frightful cold is no match As your heart is golden and pure My bright little star Soul kind and pious Many will tempt to tear you down But you shall withstand their venomous glares Victoire, thy brightest star Hair kissed by the sun above May you grow wise and beautiful May you strive and love The bitterness of winter is no challenge As thy golden heart is embraced by flames Follow the lord, follow the light My beautiful little star Stay kind and pious Let none ever dim your flames WITH LOVE, The Lady Rochefort Heloise of Artois
  5. [IRP NAME:] Heloise of Artois [DISCORD]: Orlesian#1539 [POSITION:] Poet Laureate [REASON FOR INTEREST:] To make poems for the court.
  6. The Poems Of 1875 Lady Luciano (.1870) Poems written and composed by Heloise Therese de Rochefort nee d’Artois. 1875 The Lady Of The Lake Lies with lairs The lady of the lake Conspiring with sprites For her own delight She is swift and smooth With her deck of tales Be careful with her Keep your tongue sharp Be careful with her Keep your heart close As the lady of the lake Reveals no truth Dust Trust and dust Go hand and hand Dust is an annoyance Trust lacks Who can ever trust Whenever it is like dust Their timid Play Is no match for I As it is truth Truth in its fullest Trust and dust Go hand and hand Unhappy Unhappiness Such a bitter plague I look to the streets Seeing happiness Passion shown Loyalty expressed From my high tower I only feel doubt My light fades As his brightens I am simply Unhappy WITH LOVE, The Lady Rochefort Heloise of Artois
  7. The Daughter had let out a sigh. Knowing full well who these claimants were. The ker' looked towards the rising moon as the sun begun to set. Closing her eyes for a short second. Thinking what her next move was. Either she could fight off and be ignorant to this claim. Be ignorant to the ones who came before. Or prove herself worthy enough, even if it might come with rejection in the end. As the woman pondered. Her mind was scattered. Between pride and humility. Truly, she could either deny this one and utter truth. Be ignorant and foolish for the rest of her life. Claim onto something which isn't truly hers, not by blood, but by her worth and her honor. Or she could submit. Understand the utter and only truth and embrace that truth and undertake the fruits of labor to prove herself. It was decided She will prove herself worthy. As she is a Velulaei'onn
  8. A Daughter of Velulaei sat near the large hearth, bright and lively. The niveus haired 'ker extended her arm towards her left, grappling a jagged rock. Landing the rock upon the spearhead. Brushing the rough edges of the small stone upon the blade. "The blade of the 'ker shall pierce them in the heart. They must surrender, but, their own pride will blind them. Their pride and selfishness will make them fall like all who defy our kind. Our claim will be heard. After the heiress had finished sharpening her spear, she'd walk out of the city, away from the warmth of the lively flames. Walking into the dark and murky woods of the Iron'uzg. The woman taking a deep breath. Only silence. Suddenly a small growl came from a bush to her left, her brow raising, turning her head quickly. Throwing the ferrum spear with force into the thicket, a squall coming from the unknown beast. As the woman had approached the area, she extended her hand onto the pole of the spear, pulling out what her spear had pierced. What she had caught. The spear was pulled out, the animal which she had caught. An Elysium Fox. It's neck bleeding. Deceased A foreseeing of what is to come.
  10. Wedding Of Budding Roses The Hand of Youth by Héloïse of Artois (.1868) After years of waiting. It is an honor from the houses of Halcourt and Pruvia to finally unite with the bounds of matrimony. It Is to be announced that Miss Heloise Therese Halcourt d’Artois and Mister Guillaume Louis Pruvia are to be wed on the 17th of the First Seed. 1870. Approved by HH Claude Elizabeth Pruvia nee Ashford de Savoie, Regent of House Pruvia and HL Evangeline Marie Halcourt d’Artois, Baroness of Artois and Head of House Halcourt. The invitations will include all close family members of the bride and groom, following the Imperial Household. Then all other noble peers and gentry peers of the Kingdom of Oren. After the Gentry and nobility, there will be anyone who wishes to attend and watch the union. PENNED BY Her Highness Claude Elizabeth Pruvia nee Ashford de Savoie, Lady Regent of House Pruvia Her Ladyship Evangeline Marie Halcourt d’Artois, Baroness of Artois, Head of House Halcourt The Lady Heloise Therese Halcourt d’Artois The Lord Guillaume Louis Pruvia
  11. I see what your saying. But this war’s toxicity is not even on the level of the Sedan war. People who are siding with the Empire side of this conflict are still allowed in the Kingdom Of Oren discord. They are treated nicely. But when they are those bad apples in the bunch who try to do these types of actions (doxxing, toxic behavior, etc.) then of course try in your own power to report them. No one will be able to report others for you. I am not saying your feelings are invalid. I just do not see through the liens which you see through. Also. I think many of us are trying to prevent another Sutican war situation or even a War of Two emperors situation. Which I was around for and was very chaotic oocly as a newer player. Let us all just remember this is a mineman game. A pixelated game. And they are also mods who are willing to take on reports and will take action. I am not saying oh you cannot say something is stupid. Just saying everyone should remain calm and if someone thing does happen. Report it. And keep it ooc.
  12. "You cannot disown a spouse dumbass. Does? Does this fool even know that you cannot disown a spouse? Well he was the same fool to consider a dragon a blessing from God! When only those heathen worshipers consider dragons as something which is holy! You also, need permission from the High Pontiff to annual a marriage. To make it void. I guess the house which always prided in their knowledge of law and the scrolls do not know either!" The Deputy of Civil Affairs exclaimed while letting out a thunderous laugh, teasing the intelligence of Rev. Vuiler, within the safety Halcourt Estate located in Mardon. Quickly throwing the notice into the fireplace right after. Heloise then, walked towards the large wine bottle, which stood upon the nightstand near her large bed adorned with many exotic silks. Pouring herself a glass of wine. Likely finishing the entire bottle upon that night.
  13. The Failures Of Peter The Foolish, 1868 The Hand of Greed by Héloïse of Artois (.1868) Peter. A prestigious name within the history of Horen's descendants. Peter the First, the first of the Chivay emperors. Peter the Second of the Johannian era. Then Peter the Third. The one who rebuilt the empire from ashes after the chaotic era of an empty throne. After the bloodshed of the War of Two Emperors. Now Peter Novellen claims himself as Emperor. What a shame. A shame to our empire and his very own dynasty. His great ancestors, Emperor Joseph the Second and Empress Anne the First. must be devastated at how this fool of a descendant would dare think himself worthy of the Imperial Throne. Mother Of Helane by Augusta du Gugise (.1741) After years of being away from the public eye of the Orenian people. He decides that when the beloved Emperor Philip the Third and Empress Anastasia the First had perished. To show his ugly and despicable self to all. To the eyes of the nobility, the common folk, and God. Not only have you shown that you are a power-hungry rodent. But to be heartless. Returning so quickly when your own parents are announced dead. No mourning. No honor. The Helanian Trot by Marcus Vonstrum (.1737) Then you declare yourself as emperor, what pity I have for such an ignorant brute who cares not for the empire’s legacy. Not for the stability of the children of Horen and Julia. But only power and causing chaos. So quick to show your sin. So quick to prove your parents point of your own incompetence and dishonor to their will. Showing your true colors to all to see. May God forgive you when you eventually perish like the honorable men and women who fought for this Empire. Because we the Orenian people, the children of the Exalted Godfrey, will never bow down to a traitorous, backstabbing, and horrific man like you. LONG LIVE FREDRICK THE FIRST THE RIGHTFUL KING OF OREN The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs The Right Honorable, Héloïse Thérèse Halcourt d’Artois
  14. "Perhaps I am less hated now?" Héloïse questions to her self for a mere second before dismissing the thought. "No, not a chance." Finally, letting out a hopeless sigh as she continued to walk the empty halls of Aster Court.
  15. Mourned and Remembered Alone. Alone stood the flaxen-haired debutante. Strumming the silver strings of her illuminating golden harp under the looming moonlight. The multiple celestial bodies up above looked down at the pity-filled Halcourt. Her milky gaze kept and lured towards the stars and moon up above. Still playing her aureate harp, a sad and mournful tune coming from the pearly strings plucked by the feminine hands of the Halcourt. “So much lost. My sanity fades away like ghosts.” She’d say to herself with a croaky voice, a tear falling down from her eye while she then began to dance in front of the fountain within the Palace gardens. None to view her madness but the heavenly night looming above with shadows and light. Heloise, being earthbound to the gravel which her gown’s train flowed across while dancing, doing an elegant waltz. Beginning to hum to herself, her tone depressing as the music coming from the strings of her harp. “To be scorned by so many now. My friends, my allies are none.” “Oh, father, mother, brother. I am sorry to disappoint you so much. I wish for the fields of Aeldin, where the poppies grew fresh upon the darken soils, the locks of my flaxen hair spread across the grass while the screams and cheers of children are heard. To feel the breath of fresh air from the heavens once more. Away from my pain and torment.” The Halcourt expressed her sorrow within the empty gardens, still played, even when playing and plucking the individual strings of her antique and valued harp. Performing alone. A lone rose among poppies. Her eyes, beginning to tear up more and more. Suddenly stopping her pitiful performance, throwing her instrument down. Falling down to her knees. “Aunt Amelia, Uncle Victor. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I failed you both. You two were always there but I can do nothing to pay back. John, my friend. Gone. Nikolai, my oldest ally. Gone. Carolina, my mentor. Taken away. What else must I do to pay the sin of existence and human behaviors. I am too brash, too stupid for Odessa and her rules. The court, the life of a noble is one which is chained by pearls and roses. Only to suffer. Fit into the box. Wear the porcelain mask. Keep on acting for my villains on this cruel stage.” Tears began to suddenly come out from the Halcourt’s milky eyes. The tears did not stop, pouring and pouring while she’d muffle under her arms which she laid her head upon, her head and smooth skinned arms resting upon the dry and cold stone of the fountains. Alone. No one there. None to hear her suffering. The cracks of her perfect porcelain mind became clear. Her gown becoming dust-covered as she laid there, crying her eyes to crimson red. Her face covered with a completely peachy and velvet complexion. Her thoughts, beginning to speak words which twirled and danced around her cracking mental state. “Why does this always happen?” “This is all my fault!” “People have always been like this!” “Wench! Savage! Useless!” The Halcourt suddenly stopped at the sounds of the pompous courtiers. Standing up. Quickly wiping away the tears and placing on makeup to hide the cracks of her doubts, her disappointments. Her sorrow. The red complexion was sourced from her hours of crying. Placing back on her mask of lies, entering the stage once more. One thing lingered in her mind while exiting the empty gardens of Aster Court. One word stood out amongst the shadows of self-loathing and depression which clouded her mind. Loved
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