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  1. “Oh woe me, I am such a stupid magi who knows not the danger of the void!” Alyssa comments towards herself while having a joking manner and taking a sip from their wine glass filled with Pruvian Port within the safety of her home. The ‘aheral was not annoyed or enraged at this article at all, but simply, amused.
  2. Maria Ashes would be in her room, brushing her hair softly on the seat in front vanity. Then, the woman had gotten news of the mighty Antonyus Horen. The young girl would then smile and simply comment towards the young maid whom told her of the news. "This is an epic moment, indeed." After her comment with the cheery tone she spoke with, they would then go back to brushing her hair in front of the mirror of her vanity within the de Savin estate.
  3. Natalya vas Ruthern would be playing her dolls as she heard the cries of her maids, brother, then other relatives from her mothers room. She thought that nothing could be wrong- maybe she told some sad story- but then. "MAMEJ! NO!" screamed out her younger brother. She knew- something was not alright and ran from her room into the halls to see her mother, gone from the world. Nothing could hold her back as she crashed onto the lap of her dead mother, crying and crying. Her eyes where fully red and watery. "MAMEJ! WHY DID YOU GO!" As the child cried she would think of all the things that her a
  4. You could maybe try to play or make some big bad evil dude who wants to destroy the world or whatever. Maybe try some dark magic? I wouldn't know who to suggest or whatever for those special magics or whatever but like. More vilians are needed. Or maybe make some merchant man. Those are nice.
  5. The Seregon's Sorrow Music : Around the descendant cities, on tavern boards to walls in the alleys, they would be paper pinned to the walls and boards, the paper saying if read. Greetings all who come upon the rant, my pen which shall speak of how my heart is filled with wrath for all who walk upon the world, the ones who push forward for more blood. The dwarves have lost their minds thinking the Azdrazi reside near Providence. They truly need to read the room and realize that Azdrazi exists everywhere. Not just in
  6. An ‘aheral would clutch her left fist as she punched the door of her room with passion and anger, the woman clearly upset after reading the news. “This isn’t war, this is straight up starvation. They are brutal, the Norlandic people. But their children and mothers do not deserve to starve. The orenians are not gods, their emperor is mortal and will die painfully for his sins, not by blood but by whatever deity of the world.” Alyssa commented while trembling, her expression enraged. She knew she had do to something, and with that, they went to their vanity and started to write.
  7. Natalya vas Ruthern would smile as she simply sat upon the soft seat with many of the ladies enjoying their time- but then, Mary and Elizabeth left. Then Anna and Juliya left, she followed along, walking and keeping up an elegant pose with a slight haste. The little Ruthern child still keeping up a smile while leaving.
  8. Maria Ashes is terrified to meet the Duchess of Savinia- frightened to say. The bastard would take a deep breath and prepared herself to meet the matriarch. "Lord have mercy on my soul." Commented the amber eyed woman while signing the lorraine with a calm tone and mere seconds after she had decided to see the Duchess.
  9. “For the death of the man who brought my teacher pain!” Alyssa said while opening a champagne bottle and pouring the golden liquid into a wine glass where she would take a large sip from the glass, before, doing a little victory dance with a cheery smile while inside of the garden at the sea side estate she lived in, the sea this day being nice and smooth, the sun bright but the wind was cool and calming
  10. "Hmm....." The young Ruthern child, Natalya Theresa, thought while practicing her writing within the County of Kositz, located near a wide and cold river within the lands of the Holy Orenian Empire. Then in mere seconds of her first thought which was spoken loudly, she would continue speaking with a calm and elegant tone from before. "I do guess the Carrington branch of d'Arkent has been very successful but always had their deep flaw for drama and scandals- what a shame." As the small girl finished her thought, she would go back to her studies- taking a sip of tea from her left, then a bite fr
  11. I really like this idea for the clerics because I would think the clerics would be all happy sunshine and rainbows but how your written it is beautiful as it seems clericalism is way more strict then the path for that good ole high elf purity. Kinda seems like Clerics would live sucky lives to be honest- and I like that idea. Cause to be honest in a situation of someone following a god of purity or whatever, they would most likely be super unforgiving and with strict rules or whatever. (I dunno it is just beautiful love it here you get that good green plus one! +1)
  12. Axelu one of the many best players of lotc - Silky
  13. Alyssa would look at the letter with slightly widen eyes of shock and horror- then quickly without a single thought the Seregon would throw the notice into the flames, watching the letter burn into the roaring flames for a couple minutes until commenting with a stern tone. "Hell. No. I will NOT- get any demonic shat! No thanks!" After the 'aheral's comment with her stoic expression, she would grab the tea cup in front of her and silently sip it and looking into the beautiful ocean view within the gardens of her home.
  14. "Yay! I will have a new auntie!" The small and cheery Natalya vas Ruthern commented with a bright smile while having lemon tea and chocolate chip cookies given by her step great grandmother with her sheep plushy Mister Bastion and her hamster, Mister Buttercup. Mister Buttercup would have lettuce instead of the chocolate chip cookies, of course.
  15. Mariana Lucreiza di Montelliano greets her distant cousin within the Seven Skies with a tight embrace and a soft and warm smile with the infamous Nicoletta of Alstion, the coal haired woman simply letting out a soft breath of reassurance and kindness. Finally, the lone woman, was less loner then before.
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