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  1. "This man almost killed his own child! He deserves no proper rest in their canonist faith or respect, my my my this makes my blood boil! Valah are such the silly type sometimes" Comments Alyssa Seregon while drinking their morning or evening tea, it was hard to tell, in the NGS Museum's mini-bar.
  2. “I must tell the governesses to teach the young ladies of the de Joannes household such customs of the imperial court and trends of the Imperial Court!” Butler Alfred Worthpenny said while writing down reminders and such for the daily duties of a servant for the de Joannes household. [OOC : Well Done ]
  3. "Hold up is this author calling a person fat? Gossip is gossip but that is just mean as hell." Butler Alfred Worthpenny commented among his fellow servants of the de Joannes household. Being very sarcastic with his words, then he'd go over to one of the servants and smack them on the head, the servant shook a bit as they were slapped. The Butler shook his head as he screamed the lower servant to go back to his work, as the man screamed, this servant would run off to work like the little rat like he was.
  4. “Hm, maybe they are some Valah who are intelligent and ambitious, sometime I need to have a small chat with this interesting gentleman. I do really need to change this ‘rude’ mindset huh.” Alyssa Seregon said in the NGS museum’s mini-bar while drinking her morning tea, seemingly very entertained by the event which had occurred. The mali’aheral reading all which was on the paper, all them juicy details.
  5. "Finally Haelun will come over to Karosgrad!" Alyssa Seregon smiled as they would start to mediate peacefully within the member's lodge for the NGS's museum.
  6. "How horrible! The Helvetii has gone mad! Truly a tragic time." Butler Alfred Worthpenny prayed loudly for countess de Falstaff for her fast recovery.
  7. "So Haense decides to execute one of the lords of Oren without any word it seems like? Or without communicating to them of such? This is one of their lords my lord, no pun intended! Madness I call this! Madness!" Spoke the loud Orenian Butler Albert Worthpenny while commanding the servants in the de Joannes manor.

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  9. Time to become cringe : I deeply concur with thee mine own cousin, to apply 'r not apply (I became cringe and used a Shakespearean translator.)
  10. I was assuming rply, just emoting what my butler is assuming. Oocly, what I am thinking is a no no no pk. [Apologizes. Sorry for so may edits but]... I thought I saw ncar in her post saying "Dying Bed." so which I came to assume such.
  11. "My Lordship de Joannes, shall I prepare a many things for the de Falstaff household? It seems like the death of their countess is soon." The loyal Butler Albert Worthpenny said while giving his lordship the three plates of stake, goose, and many other fating foods as requested. Albert simply looking at him with a bit of sorrow with his expression and tone. [Edit] He assumed much of this, assumed that she was dying, thinking how can one survive so many blows.@yopplwasupxxx
  12. "Impure they are! Goes down the bastards who had poisoned the land." Spoke the well trained Butler Albert de Perra as he cleaned the de Joannes mannor.
  13. Butler Albert de Perra sent the High Pontiff, without his signature and anything on the letter which can show his identity, a picture.
  14. "Hm, the orenians have problems, no, all valah now have such drama." Says Alyssa Seregon in a calm voice tone, simply drinking her tea within the NGS museum mini-bar for organization members only. Simply holding the picture of which and where it speaks of his mare, Anne of Novellen. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/760304690385780797/796921143558799370/Capture.PNG "Our own pontiff! I must tell of his lady and lordship de Joannes that the High Pontiff is a snake in the holy gardens of GOD!" Butler Albert de Perra freaked out as he went over to his lady and lordsh
  15. “ As the Valah would say, I do think this poor Mali was ’bit*h slapped‘ with some solid facts.” Alyssa Seregon said with a joking tone and a cocky smirk as she’d let out a couple light laughs while in the NGS museum’s minibar, drinking some red wine.
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