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  1. “Those fools of Balian, that Casimir. Making so many fumbles. First insulting and threatening the Archduchess of the Petra with a letter to this? Just a joke they say, but how many jokes will it take for them to understand that words are stronger then a blade.” An exhausted noble woman expressed to her butler while sipping on her tea. Watching the construction of a summer estate. The Regent af Brasca letting out a sigh as she placed down the tea cup upon the table to her left. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the river Petra. ”He does not have the blood of dragons flowing through him. He is only a homely frog when compared to a dragon. Foolish boy. He will learn, and he will be humbled hopefully. I pray he did not inherit his mother's stupidity and loud mouth to easily insult foreign dignitaries or monarchs. Though, I unfortunately think he did." At that, the playwright of Valfleur would clap her hands softly. Requesting for another cup of tea, sill watching the Brascan people hard at work building a summer estate. The woman, letting out a smirk and a proud expression at the progress of the estate so far as the sun begun to set.
  2. “I see my regency is not seen as legitimate, considering my long missing brother is listed.” The Regant af Brasca exclaimed in a disappointed tone.
  3. Penned by The Scribe of House af Brasca, Egmont Yorbe Halcourt af Brasca The Coat of Arms of House Halcourt af Brasca UPON the year of 1934 the 15th of The Grand Harvest. The House af Brasca announces the unfortunate illness which plagues the current Baron af Brasca, Baldwin Pascal Halcourt af Brasca. In his steed, his young sister, Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca will take the position of regent over the Barony af Brasca until the Baron is able to recover and attend to his duties to the Barony af Brasca and as a peer of the Commonwealth of the Petra. UNTIL the Baron af Brasca is able to attend back to his duties which comes with being a peer of the Commonwealth of the Petra. Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca has sworn upon God and her ancestors that she shall attend to the duties left unattended in the time of her brother’s illness with diligence. Any issues with the Brasca Household shall be handled by the Regent af Brasca, which is Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca. MAY GOD BLESS THE BARON AF BRASCA! LONG LIVE THE REGENT AF BRASCA! His Serene Excellency, Sir Laurens Henri "the Unwavering" Halcourt d'Artois, Chanzlè of the Commonwealth of the Petra, the Marquis du Clermont, Warden of the North, the Baron of Noufeille Valenstrata, Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, Hero of the Petra, Harvest Lord and Protector of the Auvergnians Her Ladyship, Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca, Regent af Brasca The Right Honorable, Sir Baldwin Pascal Halcourt af Brasca, Baron af Brasca
  4. The First Villainess by Madeline of the River(1933) Penned by Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca Synopsis: This is an artist's response, through poetry, to condemn the unholy action which has been committed by the inquisition. This playwright and poet publicly condemns the actions committed by an order, an inquisition, which calls themselves Holy. As how can one listen to words spoken by an inquisition who only sees death as the solution for an unborn child? The ones who punishes those who sin when they are filled with blood on their hands. As a devoted follower of the Canonist Church, one has to question such. This story is a tale from the perspective of a young mother while being sentenced to death for her sin, a punishment for her betrayal against God and all of his teachings. Question is, will this mother be able to save her unborn child from the sins of her own? PART ONE LIFE Please listen to when spoken to. Saint Julia with joyful prospects and news. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Please bless the one unborn with bliss and patience. Life of innocence is grown at home under dawn. I worry with a tainted mind, an unkind soul. My child be eyed with disgusted lies. Savages in palaces show shadows of doubt. They be exposed and loathed, then disposed. Saint Julia with joyful prospects and news. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Please guarantee the one unborn be here with cheer. Defend and secure the one who is unborn. Almighty God bless thou. Amen. PART TWO SIN Please listen to when spoken to. Saint Julia in a breath of horror and fear with dread. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Harm be declared upon the unprepared and scared. Madness be spread by the sadness of plagues. Last eve some achieved in burning those who sinned. Last eve some achieved in harming those who are unarmed. Last eve some achieved in spreading ferocity through atrocities. Last eve someone achieved in condemning me to death. Saint Julia in a breath of horror and fear with dread. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Death with a cold grip comes for me soon, please. Protect the unborn with the grip of God. Almighty God bless thou. Amen. PART THREE DEATH Please listen to when spoken to. Saint Julia in a breath of distress and regret. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Dammed am I for sins, dammed is my unborn child. Sins begin in darkness and ends in darkness. Today will weigh with sin on some. Today will spread regret to all. Today I accept the effect of my neglect. But please spare the unborn first-born. Saint Julia in a breath of distress and regret. Matron of humanity, Patron of humility. Please spear the unborn first-born. As ones below shall not spare any air. Sins of a mother they say it is. Too late they say it is, too late. Today the unborn first-born dies. Tomorrow they grieve with guilt. Almighty God bless thou. Amen.
  5. If you could smite a nation, which one?
  6. "Man. I cannot believe this. Its over. The peace is going to end and the Adrians are going to burn our crops while they take children and woman as sacrifices to Iblees. Dammed our Archduchess for pointing something a tad petty out! How dare she worry! What a horrible woman! Must be a puppet for Adria!" A playwright of the Petra said with sarcasm in her voice while going through copies of her newly written play, printed by the famed Petran printing company, the Vallange Printers. "Though, sarcasm aside, I do think he should have prayed but; who am I to control people? Besides, don't really think it matters anymore. What is done is done. Even if it is not the most smart choice or even to say a petty choice. The Koeng picked his choice, no changing that. No changing that at all, well, besides GOD. He could change that. But, enough my ramblings and back to work with me! Besides, at least someone said something about how it was a tad weird, but who cares. As I said. What is done is done." The Halcourt commented to the workers at the Vallange Printers, the woman looking through the prints of her newly written play. Throwing the article which condemned the Koeng of Haense to the trash.
  7. “Lord Of Sin” by Madeleine du Brocius (1607) Penned by Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca Synopsis: In a tale as old as time, here is a story of love. But a forbidden love of passion and kindness prevented by the abrasive and malicious husband who only cares for himself and his cheap courtesans from the streets. Here is the story of how an Archduchess escapes a golden cage created from the sorrows of betrayal and abuse. Be warned, this story, this tale, has themes of abuse. Both physical and psychological abuse and is not for the most faint of heart. You are warned, dearest patron. Major Characters: Anthony Anthony is a young and strong lord of the Commonwealth of Petrusa and the current husband of Archduchess Helena. As well as the son of a powerful king to the south, making him a foreign royal. Anthony is considered a cunning fighter, leading the armies of the Commonwealth of Petrusa. The youthful lordling is described to be a young man with black hair, sunkissed olive skin, and dark eyes.. Helena Helena is the monarch to the throne of the Commonwealth of Petrusa. The young archduchess is seen as a capable and young ruler, being able to complete problems affecting the state through proper means. Helena is also the devoted wife to Lord Anthony. The Archduchess is depicted as a young woman with light ginger hair, pale white skin, and gray eyes. Audemar Audemar is the youngest son of the foreign King of Haenstia. The young foreign noble currently resides within the Capital of the Commonwealth of Petrusa as the Haenstia Ambassador to the Commonwealth. Audemar is seen as a charismatic man with a silver tongue, being able diplomatically demolish anyone in a debate of any subject. Besides his silver tongue, he is also known as an excellent fighter. Aduemar is described to be a young man with black coal like hair, pale skin, and navy blue eyes. Minor Characters: Lady-In-Waiting Court Doctor Theatrical Props: Golden Goblet Wooden Brush Fake Ferrum Sword #1 Fake Ferrum Sword #2 ACT ONE ACT TWO ACT THREE EPILOGUE
  8. "Going to chop this man's hand off." Ada simply stated with no emotion, the diplomatic playwright turning to violance. "Wait, not just one hand, but both hands." The woman corrected herself, writing this task down on her to-do list.
  9. "Is Irene okay? Sounds like she needs some tea or something." The Halcourt questioned while preparing herself in front of her vanity. Ada, staring blankly into the reflection of herself caused by the mirror. The woman's ginger hair flowing through the air passing through the opened window. Ada, finally finishing her hair and light makeup, placing the copy of the literary piece upon the vanity. "This is just so depressing, I think she needs a hug or something." After the Halcourt was finished speaking to herself aloud, her thoughts known to all within the Halcourt chateau. Ada would begin to search for a gift. Something which would able to lift up the lowered spirits of the Basrid consort. Running out of the chateau in a hurry and straight into the markets of Vallange. Her hands touching fine silks to silver accessories while searching for a gift under the misty dew which blanketed the capital of Commonwealth of the Petra in the early morning.
  10. "This is art! I must get the permission of this amazing playwright to produce this within the lands of the Petra and perhaps the world!" The young Halcourt af Brasca would exclaim to a maid with a smile painted on her face while the soft cool breeze would cut through her air while she sat in front of her vanity. Ada Bel would store the copy of the play into a cabinet of her grand vanity, quickly finishing up her hair to begin penning a letter to Madame du Varoche. Saying to her maid before she was dismissed, a finale remark on the subject. "Perhaps Madame du Varoche and I may become great allies in the world of the arts! As it is never too bad to have artist as friends."
  12. Ada Bel, is indeed a Halcourt and with such, will attend the family reunion. Being super happy.
  13. Vhaela of House Aeramor would smile at the sight of new land.
  14. I am so proud to be apart of this cute and amazing project! Let’a go pride!
  15. The sickly sick ill'ridden Carolicz woman is sick and sad. But is proud of her friend showcasing his research for such vile creatures. The young woman of Petra also hopes her many friends are safe and well.
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