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  1. Sabrina Halcourt said in annoyance while doing her make-up near her vanity in the Barony of Artois. “I would rather be shot a million times with crossbow bolts and burn then marry or court one of you hogs.” Mariah Marie Rutledge, a small child asked her father with curiosity in their small but nice home. “Why are most boys or adult boys so stupid?”
  2. “Ah yes the rejects of Arcas who have committed crimes, or done some thing to get the empire mad. Like lets say murdering members of the Imperial household is a reason to just be smart and go against a super power of the whole entire realm... good idea boys. Just you guys love to do terrible things like the terrible people you are” Sabrina Halcourt teased as they sipped on there evening tea in Barony of Artois’s dinning room.
  3. “As much as we had fought and such, I never thought she would pass. I did truly think she was a strong woman. Stubborn at times and a sailor mouth but such a beautiful young girl, a woman to say, a woman of honor and pride. I hope you, Alexandra shall rest, and someday in the future I shall see you again.” Sabrina Halcourt said as she wept the death of Alexandra, this all happened while the lady Halcourt sat near her vanity in the Barony of Artois.
  4. The old Mali’ker woman spoke from the soul-stream, saying with a voice filled with annoyance. “Finally the name of my home and death place shall be renamed, I wouldn’t want to remember my bastard husband.”
  5. “Hooray! for mister Carrington and his future wife!” Sabrina Halcourt commented out loud in her dinning room of the barony of Artois. As they read of the news they also drank there drinking her evening tea and thought of which outfit for the wedding.
  6. Sabrina Halcourt simply smiles the sun’s smile.
  7. SilkieSilky


    @J_Wolf I had as well a terrible experience as a new player to say. But what you are going through is unfair! No one should be mistreated cause they join in the server and they are new. By the staff, the players, the whole entire community for crying out loud! I agree that you shouldn’t be attacked or harmed and have this terrible of experience. But overall you opened my eyes, making me Remember my struggles. Also I hope you are doing well and I wish the best for you To add this is a very brave thing to express your feelings and I admire it. I only wished that you had a better time and can see the greatness of this community.
  8. Sorry for this response everyone but! I Do want to say what I did say was very rude and immature, just feel very upset of how someone’s hard work is seeming to not be respected in my view, but overall I apologize for the terrible and rude comment which came out of anger. If you are a staff and feel upset by the comment I am sorry and respect the work you do.
  9. Can the LOTC Staff for once not be Corrupt? Or at least not filled with stubborn people? A simple thing, change the name . . . Thanks and Goodbye. [ Edit : This is not trying being rude to the staff team. I am simply saying how it is unfair that someone’s hard work is taken and it is ignored that how those or that person’s work cannot be respected! of course I thank the work placed by the staff of course still! This is not acceptable! ]
  10. “Might be murdered for this comment, but this to myself.” Sabrina Halcourt remarked to herself as she spoke out loud in her room in the Barony of Artois. As Lady Halcourt sat on her vanity brushing her hair softly, the woman opened her mouth to speak in a flashy tone. “Well how funny of our church to expel and shun this holy unity when the church has allowed incest and such in the past. I must say this is sad for the couple to be shunned for their love but no more all are allow to love in some way! I follow my lord of course but.” She’d pause taking a deep breathe and then going on to continue her statement in a now very serious and slightly sorrowful voice tone. “Did our lord say any such comment to in the holy scrolls that the clergymen shall be able to dive themselves into the politics or other nation’s subjects which are at least allied with our beautiful Orenian Empire?I know our empire was built upon our lord and his heralds but this is now, we have move from those times. Clergy shouldn’t have power over any citizen, they are here to spread the name of the lord and only that. Have I sinned of opinion? A escort to be called as for opinions, well at least this is to myself and only to myself, as if in public I would have been hanged as I am a woman.”
  11. Long live the baddie! @AnonymousAlexa
  12. SilkieSilky

    My Story

    I know I might not have talked to you a lot and I do not really know you well but. Doing something like this is very brave and admiring! Indeed to say so this action! Is very brave! Keep fighting off those haters and stay strong!
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