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  1. Ain Maiden's Hunt 8th of Gronna and Droba. ES340 the Haenseti court invites the ladies of Arcas to a female-only hunting trip! The list of events shall be listed below [6:00 PM EST] The Gathering of Tea and Crackers! In preparation for the first event, all shall gather and thereafter wait for the others to assemble. During this time, herbal tea bear-shaped crackers will be kindly provided alongside other various items of food or drink. It is expected that all gathered will mingle, in turn growing comfortable and fond of each other for the hunt to come. Those hunting are expected to bring their own weapons, medical items, and so on beforehand, although the time allotted can be used to gather said items. [6:30 PM EST] The Grand Hunt! Once all have gathered and been lectured on the day suitably, off to Johnstown everybody will go. The group will veer off into the local woods, near off to the Barony of Astfield due to the familiar grounds, presenting little to no danger so long as all in attendance listen in full. When finally on the grounds, the hunt shall commence apace. Rules are few and heed common sense, such as no purposeful disturbance of an animal another is trying to hunt and no other purposeful sabotage. A set amount of time will be put forth appropriately on the day, and once the time is up a sharp whistle will be heard. The whistle signals all to come back to the starting location, to show off the game they have hunted. Mina awards and other prizes will be allotted for the following: The Most Sizeable Kill: It is as simple as it sounds, the one to bring back the largest game will be prized with a distinction, a unique medal; one of the kind. They will also be rewarded 500 mina. The Most Accomplished Kill: The one who displays the most skill in a kill will be awarded a distinct, yet still differing medal like the first prize. This can either be from the ferocity of an animal and the effort and expertise it took to take it down. Or how clean the kill is, being through the eye as an example. A minimum sum of 500 will also be rewarded. The Most Kills Of Them All: Another simple as it sounds award, the woman with the very most acceptable kills will be granted their own medal, just like the others. Yet again, a minimum sum of 500 will be rewarded. [7:30 PM EST] A feast of closure! As expected, many will go their separate ways and scatter throughout the time of hunting. Thus, a concluding feast will be held following the main event of the day, so that each and every one of you who participated can revel in your day of success. You might be there to sing the praises of oneself, or your fellow companions, or to plainly make merry at the end of your tiresome day. It is not required to engage in this final event, but we wholly recommend you do so! SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Isabel Franziska Barbonov, Queen Consort of Haense Her Ladyship, Theodoisya Fredrika Vryonov, Event Collaborator of Haense With special help from, His Lordship, Alaric var Ruthern
  2. “How terrible! Those bastards! MY LORD! SUCH TYRANNY! FROM THOSE JOSEPHITES!” The young Mercuito d’Amato teased with a joyful tone, at the public statement made by the delusional wife of the Helvetii fool. While all of this was going on he’d be drinking some tea at the upper level of the tavern, with a dashing grin on his face.
  3. Theodosiya Vryonov burns a powdered wig in celebration as well at the Barony of Astfield, the woman having a bright smile of joy and kindness!
  4. “The most amazing paper of all Haense!” Theodosiya Vryonov she’d say in a joyful tone while drinking her morning tea inside the Barony of Astfield.
  5. “Anton you’re an adult… besides we will be eighteen in a year... so don’t you think to apply.” Said Anton’s twin sister, Theodosiya Vryonov, in a very tired voice tone while reading a novel, but also said in a joyful tone right after with a soft smile. “But this is sweet though, Finally the children of Haense will have voice.”
  6. “He actually did it!” Theodosiya Vryonov said with a joyfully voice tone and warm smile, then running towards her father, the Baron of Astfield, to tell him of the news.
  7. Catherine Anne Pruvia-Albarosa throws the invitation into a shelf, but still cuddled all up in her bedroom by blankets, the child still crying.
  8. “My own mother... does not invite me to her wedding.. THAT TRAITOR AND WHOR-“ She’d move her hands to cover her mouth. The small and young, Catherine Anne Pruvia-Albarosa started to cry as she’d cover herself with blankets in her room.
  9. “Oh my! I must address my beloved of this event!” Sabrina Kovachev said while running in her Silver Jubilee House in Helena towards her husband in their Study and Library. The wife and mother having a bright smile as she approached her husband.
  10. “To battle! We must fight in the name of the Lord!” Recruit de Moutiers said while taking a sip from her tea, raising the cup up as she said her declaration of the devotion to GOD.

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  12. “Such sadness, that the House Ludovar is brought down to shame by a coward and fool.” Says the teenage Theodosiya Vryonov with a disappointed voice tone, from the Vryonov Keep in the north-land territory while practicing her archery and overall combative skills.
  13. “Wow, Edward, the one who randomly cried and I barely knew is getting disowned? Not surprising” Sabrina Kovacehv said with not much shock in her voice tone in her Silver Jubilee house, when she said this, Miss Kovachev was sitting down on the couch as she'd rock her sleeping newborn daughter with her beloved husband.
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