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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yays its good
  2. Le chief kiss! So good!
  3. "To our beautiful empire! Let us all vote! We must find the best of the best to lead the house of commons under our empress and emperor during the tragic time." Said Leana d'Emyth sipping some tea on a bed in the Eye of Man with an interested voice. After writing and writing into her note book for many hours, the woman said in a mellow tone "Let us enter a golden age! Let us pass onto the time for justice and rights for the ones who do not have that privilege." after saying this to herself in the mellow tone she owns, she'd then walk out into the cold winds for a breathe.
  4. "Ashes will not let us fall, but we will rise for a new age from the tragic loss of this year and our history." Said Leana d'Emyth while sitting near the campfire in the eye of man. The woman simply looked around and took notes of the surrounding area and the people."Forever Orenian! Let us all pass through this together!" Said Leana said in an honorable but quiet tone, right after taking another note.
  5. "Wow! I will be sure to follow this. A true inspiring man!" Said Leana d'Emyth already at the Eye of Man on one of the many beds, writing into her notes.
  6. "One Empress, One God, One Empire!" Said in a prideful voice tone with elegance, then the mourning Leana d'Emyth went on-wards with her campaign for the House of Commons.
  7. "Why... why must thou lord take and take... why did they have to go... my sister and father gone at once with a snap of a finger." Leana d'Emyth mourned as she'd break down in tears in-front of the graves of both sister and father. Her face becoming red as mars and her tears fell down like the tough storms in the deepest and worst parts of the sea. The young woman cried and cried, knowing she would never hear the voice of her fallen kin, until her time came to fall as well. Alas a new page started in the woman's life, one filled with an unknown future.
  8. "Beautiful! A piece of art! Continuing Joseph I's Legacy!' Said Leana Codeila d'Emyth with her stone grey eyes while sipping her evening tea with some of her fellow aristocrats, the woman's pale complexion shimmered under the lowering sun as she had a soft smile. "To an honorable campaign, ladies!" She'd cheer up her small tea cup with her honorable ladies with her proper and soft voice tone, right after her cheer she'd sip the tea softly while keeping up her soft smile, looking towards the lowering sun.
  9. “Alas, a very interesting way of thinking some of the current political ideals...” Said Leana d’Emyth while stirring their red wine in the crystal clear wineglass they owned. Madame d’Emyth seemed a bit off by some of the things in this paper... but alas, was exited and interested to see Madame Margaret’s opinion. Then the lady went into deep though, as she’d take a sip of her wine, then swiftly went back to her work on their campaign trail, while doing so she’d have a small smirk of slight excitement.
  10. This is my Character : Theodosiya Vryonov
  11. "How horrible! I send my deepest prayers toward to the Helvets and Kaerdini people for the safety of the child." Said Leana Cordelia d'Emyth while drinking her evening tea. The adult woman was filled with slight shock, but so much horror and fear in her heart. Then madame d'Emyth went up to the nearest Lorraine Cross in the small d'Emyth house. Leana then would send her deepest prayers to the people of Kaedrin and to the Helvets, praying so deeply and passionately for the safety of the little boy.
  12. This portrait painted in the year 1794 during the 14th of the Amber’s Cold, depicts a beautiful Leana d’Emyth into her studies TO THE GOLDEN AGE I, Leana Codelia d’Emyth, will run for the House of Commons. For the people, I will work my skin and bone to allow us to thrive! Put not myself but the people, first, to our glorious Emperor and Empress I will serve with my fellow House members with honor and duty above all else! So I ask of you to elect me for the House of Commons, I run for no party but for the empire I love and serve. The following things which I see fit to solve are. Non-Sexism for Inheritance I push for a system that shall not be of simply males only can inherit. Why not allow our fellow woman to inherit as well simply and I do think, a woman can do a good job such as a man, but he or she who owns the land, shop, etc, should be able to decide and not our law. Social standards are not law, law is the law. So listen to my words of passion, hear my cry! I will push for justice and liberty and attempt to tackle and abolish this law of male preference for inheritance. As it should not be the law that decides which gender inherits but the person themself. Marriage Approval I think, no I dream, no I will push for the day that women will not be denied marriage because of their father or patriarch of the household. The woman themself should be able to decide who they marry. No patriarch should be able to decide who the woman of the house is allowed to marry, but the woman themself should be able to decide this. I will not leave this unsolved and I will push for us fellow women to have the power of our own faith, their own destiny. Personhood The last and final thing I will petition for is to improve and add more, how about goblins, halflings as well olog?! They are as well people, they can think, breathe, and talk. Why should we simply allow the personhood to be limited? goblins, and halflings can be as well as any other Orenian Citizen. We must not allow ourselves to undermine these races! Additionally, for Wonks, Hou-Zi, and the Kharajyr to be allowed citizenship through a sponsor. That is outrageous they are humanoid people, fellow descents and they must go through so much to get citizenship? I will push for all of the races I say to get more rights and closer and easy citizenship. Alas The End My Orenian brothers and sisters, I beg of you to think, think of our beautiful land, and help me improve justice for all, races, sex, and love! Let us embrace a golden age and a step forward into a radiant light under our gracious and grand Empress and her husband the Emperor. Make sure to vote for Leana d’Emyth for the 1794 elections for House of Commons to push the Golden Age!
  13. SURNAME: d'Emyth FIRST NAME: Leana ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Pontian Place 4 DATE OF BIRTH: 1768 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): SilkieSilky
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