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  1. Veggie

    Maiun dah'Rin

    Maiun dah'Rin People of the Desert Among the more obscure cultures found in humans is that of the Maiun dah'Rin, or dah'Rin(i) for short. This translates to People (Rin) of the (dah') Desert (Maiun). As the name would suggest, they originate from and primarily inhabit deserts. As one might expect, this harsh environment in combination with prolonged isolation from other cultures has lead to a hardy, yet upbeat people with unique traditions. With written documents proving their presence as far back as Axios, and speculation of their history reaching back much furthe
  2. The Deep Roads Cat Spider Appearance Slightly larger that a normal cat and mostly hairless the deep roads cat spider is very similar to its four legged kin but has a few large difference. The deep road cat spider instead of having the typical four legs is instead a host to eight legs. Each equal in size to the next, and each having similar anatomy to that of a normal cat. This over abundance of extra limbs allows the creature to climb vertical walls and sometimes upside down given adequate space for footing. As well as their increased number of legs the beast also has a multit
  3. Side Effects For the Voidal Attuned When one has been connected to the void for such a long time, practicing arts with the use of it, most will find that the void can be seen as an extension of themselves. Connection can be similar to a reflex, happening suddenly and on accident as an involuntary act to the mage. A skilled earth evocationist might cough out some sand, and a fire evocation might sneeze out sparks. These occurrences are simple, and seem to correlate with whatever subtype a mage practices. The connection to the void is an unnatural thing, but after some ye
  4. -=On the Irehearts=- In the days before the dead awoke to do battle with the living, the dwarves had carved in their caverns great halls and treasures. But such was the nature of those that linger in the dark, to covet in secret the hoards of the dwarves. Nameless things they were, who saw the khazamar as trespassers of the under-dark realms and so they hassled the bearded folk. Caravans, miners and merchants who ventured into the shadowed places of the caverns never returned and so panic and doubt fell upon the citizens of Khaz’Urguan. For what is a dwarven king if he could not pr
  5. [ Obligatory lore submission music ] [ Ambience ] [ Accompanying Inferi Lore ] “True power is not wrought by merit alone, yet from ambition…” Descendants of a scholarly disposition or those with a blinkered lust for power, may be lured to the path of the Naztherak for the promise of forbidden knowledge and unearthly gifts. Little do they realise however, that these prizes are scarcely guaranteed and even those which are, come at a grave price. Such infernal powers stem from the deepest pits of Moz Strimoza, and the nightmarish fiends who dwel
  6. [ Ambience ] [ Accompanying Naztherak Lore ] The Infernal hordes of Moz Strimoza burst into existence in an innumerable and wicked variety. From the meagre yet numerous, the cunning and wily, to the brutal and gigantic, they are all born from a seething cauldron of chaos and as such reflect the many facets of eternal conflict. Each are soldiers in an unending war, played out across Moz Strimoza by the Pentacle, and more recently upon the realm of Arcas. In such skirmishes and sieges many new corrupted forms of monstrosity were observed, but th
  7. Thallassos, Corrupted of The Abyss Background/Origin The seas lapped at the shores of the cove, a bar of lightly coloured sand shone in the sun as the winds blew and the seas swayed. No seagulls sang and no fish fed upon the riches of the murky water just beyond the shore. Thick and vile purple ichor tinged the seas a murky deep colour as a mere tendril of Dresdrasil stained the sands in a blackened colour as life seemed sucked from the surrounding area- a harrowing sight to an otherwise untouched and peaceful land. Left to rot and decompose the surrounding sea b
  8. ~ Celestialism: Menders of the Veil ~ “Go forth, the toilers of the Veil. Remerge from the shadows of the Void and the find the honor your kin lost for you.” – The Vigil, after the Breaching of the Veil. Background/Origin: Arcanism; the pinnacle of all evocations defined by the unfathomable summoning of the raw essence of the Void itself. The Arcane Magi birthed these wonderful gifts upon the descendants, limiting casters of infinite potential arcanic energy only by their imagination and mana pools - What had the potential to be used for both the peaceful, s
  9. The Stran; The Quest For The Seven Skies: An Oral Epic Recorded by Diedrik Carrion II "Now gather round small children and listen to tale passed down from my grandbub to my mother to me. This is old tale from Old Country, where Sun did hardly shine and winters were long and white..." A small rascal by the name of Alexei spoke up "Is this story of The First Strannik?!" The Old Bubovh smacked the small boy on his small head. "Quiet and listen to your Bubuhv! Make respect of your elders!" The old woman gave him the crows eye and continued on. "In c
  10. So, recently it struck me that Skeletons aren't actualy playable, only Darkstalkers, Liches and occasionaly some Skeleton bodies for a necromancer. It saddens me that one cannot be a simple, plain skeleton without being a super powerfull warrior or a 'wise' Wizard. Why can we not have weak skeletons playable by people? Some may deem it unnecessary (Probably butchered that word) with the amount of spooks we have roaming around but i don't. I think it would be a great addition to hand these feeble, fun creatures into the hand of players. Although they do need lore this is something i''m willing
  11. Hello friends and foes of LoTC! I hope that my post finds you all well, that the new year has been kind to you thus far and that you find yourselves in the best of health. It is my sincere hope that you are all safe and sound with your loved ones (or your pets). With the coming of the new year I found myself back on this wonderful server nearly three years after I took a hiatus. Much has changed and I felt like the type and quality of roleplay that we have had has changed as well, to my pleasant surprise! I grew nostalgic of my early days of playing on the server back i
  12. “Have you heard of the tale of the monsters within the sands? Shapeshifters, they say they are, of mortal men who have defied our curse by striking an unholy deal with some foul power… They seek the souls of the damned, for it is said the value of a sinner’s spirit is irresistible to the Lord of the Dead Realm. Better repent often, son.” The Men of the Sands and the City of Gold Long ago when the four brothers walked among us there existed children of the Father of Man that were blessed with a terrible hunger for knowledge of the world. These men even in
  13. We Want YOUR Screenshots! A lot of Orcish RP revolves around the Spirits & Ancestors, and particularly our ways of worshipping them. You’ll often hear a victorious Orc praising his chosen Spirit, or a Orc returning from a hunt dedicating his trophy to Votar. Unfortunately, few track our progress, and thus our Shamans cannot keep RP the Spirits or Ancestors being happy with an Orc’s dedication during the Spirit walks. So, if you ever construct a Shrine, sacrifice an Elf, dedicate a victory or in any other way please your chosen Spirit or Ancestor, send the screenshot in
  14. THE SER “Man is the cruelest animal.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Lore/Origins Long before the Ser were born, the dragons ruled the lands. These giant beasts flew across the night sky in search of prey, with no mercy. Yet, these beasts were one with nature, and when Horen, the first King Of Man, gained power, the dragons fell into ruin. Before their demise, however, two new creatures were created. Nephilim were the first, the Dragon People. These were the creatures men saw in dragons, yet not what they were. And then the Serpens, also known as The Ser. These
  15. Background/Origin While most over the years have forgotten the name Astral-Harnessing by the Descendants one name has lasted, Velurana, one who was thought to be a living goddess created the art of using the power of stars and even connecting one’s self to the stars. A tribe of Descendants had blindly followed her long ago, in her false religion. But one was different from the others not. He was no moth running to a flame, to the powers presented, as he wanted more than what she could offer through blindly following, by kissing her boot and submitting. He wished to lear
  16. Bilobooz The Rabbit Mani Goddess of large families, bloodlines, and Fertility Summary: As the Princess of rabbits, Bilobooz is more than willing to share her boons with those wishing to expand their families. She tends to value quantity of children over the quality of their character. Those who are looking to establish lasting bloodlines would be wise to ask for her aid. Bilobooz offers no protection, but luck in your personal quest to build a legacy. Those that come from long bloodlines will always have the blessings of the Rabbit Mani. Twins are said be the greate
  17. Iaquith Amu History Love. There is nothing stronger. And, as is common with strong things, there are those that are drawn to it. Iaquith Amu, they are called. Eaters of love. These creatures are drawn to love. They eat it, revel in it, provide it. For when one is filled with love, completely and truly, they will be visited by an Iaquith. If they display enough love for the Iaquith to survive, then the Iaquith will take a form, and begin to live around that person. Often, the person won't even know that they’re there. But they should be careful. For if they anger the Iaquith…
  18. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction: The magical arts of evocation is often viewed as simple and basic, given its straightforward nature. An aspiring mage is advised to learn a simple elemental evocation before they choose to delve further into the world of the arcane. With that being true, no spell is without its uses; the different elemental evocations offer the mage a diversity of tools that might be expanded upon further, depending mostly upon their expertise, experience, and creativity. Electricity is conjured into the world in a way
  19. Kings of the Old Realm Recorded herein are the transcribed oral traditions and histories of the dwarves that lived under the first sky, uncovered first by my grandfather, Valen Grandaxe, and now completed and issued for public scholarship. While its record likely remains incomplete, it preserves extensive knowledge of the old Aegian kings, the details of which were previously thought lost. May it act as a chronicle to future generations on the tales of our forebears and of the struggles they overcame to carry on the legacy of Urguan’s folk. Through the knowledg
  20. Althea leaves the tavern after a day of work, walking through New Reza’s square and unto her street. Upon reaching her door she can hear her cat’s soft meowing from inside. “Hello Bob, how are you doing? Do you miss Demetre as much as I do?” She asked the small cat that rubbed against her legs, another meow came out. Althea nodded her head, pretending that her cat was talking back to her, “I’ll go see if he wants to come back home. At this point he should have gone through most of the bones in the tomb.” Walking upstairs to her small bedroom she reached into her dresser and grabbed a less form
  21. Origin Since time immemorial the children of Malin have enjoyed longevity and wisdom in their lives. Many scholars have concluded that the blessing of long life spans is just that, a blessing which simply is a powerful and incredible version of the arcane that is yet to be understandable to the common magi. But little did all know that the blessing was much more mundane than first realized. In functionality Elf’s were not blessed with magic... but in fact it was simply a product of evolution albeit, evolution aided by the arcane creating an arcane Gizzard. Explanation A Gizzard
  22. THE FROSTBEARD FIGHTIN’ FISH OR OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE “FIGHTY FISH” AND “MAC FACE FISH” The very vicious fish in water Overview The “Frostbeard Fightin’ Fish”, or otherwise known as the “Fighty Fish” or “Mac Face Fish”, is a brackish fish originating from deep within Kal’Tarak’s inner cavern in Atlas, where small populations of the fish lived in aquifers and large pools of water. While not a dominant species in the cave’s grand ecosystem, it has proven to be a very hardy fish when introduced to other cavernous ecosystems, much of which can be attributed
  23. “The Elves are the longest lived of all races, some living well over a thousand years.” -Lord of the Craft Wiki: Elves The Elves of the world within Lord of the Craft are distinct and different to the other races, possesing near immortal life. Due to this extensive life they possess, they are able to learn a great deal more than the other races. Currently, the lore describes that the ”Elves mature more quickly than the shorter lived races, reaching the fullness of puperty in about two decades.” However, this does not make since. How can a race have a much
  24. Ikurn’Celiah, Silvered Steel History For much of their history the children of Larihei sought purity, beauty, and perfection above all else and thus the first ingot of Ikurn’Celiah, otherwise known in common as Silvered Steel was forged. Being unique to the High elves and by extension, only crafted by them historically. A metal alloy gleaming like pure starlight, light as air. This metal has been cherished and used by the Mali’thill for countless generations before the fall of their cherished city. Used for numerous purposes due to it’s beautiful appearance, light weight, and
  25. Scribed in remembrance of those fallen in the defensive effort against the Scyfling forces. Geast I Ve Fitsker As the smoke clears and the casualties are counted, a lone fighter hangs high in the sky. His comrades gather their wounded and rest their lost, trekking along a beaten path to their home of New Reza. As they venture through the lush and lively Haeseni countryside the fighter follows along, shortly behind his brothers as they return to the walls of the city. The fighter hangs his head as he knows his time is up and he no longer can walk with his m
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