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Found 5 results

  1. Adventuring is what makes life great. Unfortunately, not many folks do explore. So I, Agamm Ireheart, have decided to open up a guild fer exploring! -Agamm Ireheart What's the Adventurers' Guild? -The intent is to create a meaning of actually exploring the world that we don't see very much. Things lie around, even under our noses. But why should I do it? -It's a lore-friendly way to go explore the server's map. It'll begin with assignments and such, moving forward to see what's around. Will it benefit me? -Definitely from a lore perspective. Although I haven't come up with a reward system, I might try to have one go up. What will I get? -So far I can provide; provisions for journeys, a custom skin made by me (for the skin you have to send me a reference image), and maybe books and possibly maps. So what does the guild do? -Hopefully we can get individuals to venture to far off lands, and chart them. Of course, we also plan to have a mercenary branch or something. Where is the guild hall? Currently it's located in the hall that leads to the Deep Roads in Kal'Omith, off the East end. (right across the Engineers' hall and the mines) What have you seen Agamm? Here: http://imgur.com/a/0P1ph HOW DO I APPLY!? Application will be below this text. ADVENTURERS' GUILD APPLICATION FORM What is your character name? What is your MC username?-- What is your skype?(if you don't have one, no sweat. If worried about privacy, just pm me.) Of what race (RP)? (for exploration purpose) What is you proffession(s)? How familiar are you with the world(LOTC)? Would you like a custom skin? If so, send reference image and original skin: Any questions?
  2. -The Silver Legion- The Silver Legion consists of Elves And Humans, They were created By Ethan Silversteed. There purpose is to defend the Great people of Veris. They are currently Under Command of Ethan Silversteed. History: Ranks & Titles Rules: _____________________________________________ You may not harm another member of the Legion You may not harm Veris Soldier's or Citizens Follow all orders from your superiors. You may not steal or rob unless ordered to do so. ______________________________________________ Application: McName: RpName Race: Skype:(Dm me if u don't feel comfortable sharing on here.) Profession: Skill (Bow,Axe,Sword): Time-Zone:
  3. *A note is left on every notice board,house door,shop saying the folowing*" To all who wish to Make coin,gain honor,power or wish to make a name for there self But live in the shadow's or work in them place.Or just to learn magic, gain land,knowledge or to seek some one's death bed. Or just want some one to neel at your feet. Then just place a torch out side of your home and we will contact you. Follow The call of darkness and Power that one might seek or maybe you seek coin then join and your wish's will be granted as long as you stay loyal to the black crown Rank's Black crown -leader of the guild Head blade - They handle giving out order's to the rest of the guild Black knight - Do alot of the small thing's but are the basic soldier's of the guild Shadow -One that is there to be nor seen or heard but is to do as asked also sent on assassination missions (basically a dark knight in training) Slaver - They handle the slaves of the guild and make sure they do there work((will only have vary few of them it is the same rank as a shadow))but will be sent out to capture new slaves Dark minion- They are the newly accepted member's of the guild and will be sent to rob people follower - They are trying to prove them self's worthy of joining Reason the guild was made: To keep the good at edge to give all of these's new guard groups a job and to give city guard's a reason to patrol there area and there road's. to keep them on edge. and to add more rp. And spice up the whole every one wanting to be a good guy or the next hero it's getting quite annoying Reason for joining the guild: to kill some people/rob them to keep the bad guy's alive .To make people fear you or just to seek knowledge,power,land,honor the chose is up to you App OOC mine craft username: do you have have Skype (leave Skype name if yes) or ts: Country: Age: IC Age: Name: Reason for joining: Are in any other guild if so what guild: none lol Can you use magic? Race((all thought it dosn't matter )): Combat skills: Extra info you wish to share:
  4. *All the Tablets have been smashed and the Guild no longer exists* The Lakeside Shadows What do we do? What is our Purpose? We have two Goals... Equality and that of the Death of two Races... Orcs and Dwarves Why is this? For I have watched the Years go by and seen the Kings and Queens fall and rise, but yet we have no Power, we have no freedom. We are told what to do and have no say in this, Us Shadows work together to kill, de-throne the people. Why death to Orcs and Dwarves? For years and years I say this Guild has stood, yet no one knew, we hid amongst the Shadows from the days of Aegis, my Ancestors have looked at the Races around us, they have looked into there eyes, and saw pure Hatred from the Orcs, they looked into the eyes Of dwarves, they saw Greed. But how will you find us? We do not reveal where the Sanctuary Hides for others would plan to seek it out and destroy us, but yet we give a Poem, a song, listen to the words carefully and you will know where to find us... Down to the south, Into Dwarven Land You would find a big Inn, but yet its not so Grand And when night does fall, when no light is seen One small light will shimmer, a light un-forseen Its source from the bridge, A cave underneath A dark winding hole, take your sword out your sheath, But no monster delve down there, Yet us, its relief. ((If you go past the Dwarven Fortress and down to the right, on your way once past the Forest down the road you will find a Tavern named the Lakeside Tavern and Stables, Under the bridge is the Cove)) Ranks: ShadowLord: Commanding the Guild HighShadow: The Stealthiest person around. They'll teach you everything Dark Shadow: You will gain this once you have Killed many Orc/Dwarf Scum Skilled Shadow: You have chosen your place amongst us. New Shadow: You've Just Joined! Rooming: Each Member of The Lakeside Shadows is to share a Dorm with one other member whether that be the ShadowLord, A dark Shadow or even a New Shadow. The Form: Name: Age: Race: Why do ye wish to Join us? What skills do you have: Use Magic? Tell Us: Do you understand that we fight for Equality? ((OOC Form:)) Name: Skype: Timezone: How long have you been on the server: *The Tablets end with the Initials G.N* ((Griffin Janius))
  5. ~Atmosday~ Summery; we are a guild that helps players learn about the servers partake in adventures and build many epic creations. Legend: Atmosday- the meaning of this sacred word is only reviled to its strictly accepted members, whom are chosen through a set of questions. All those who do pass the test will see our growing guidance and teaching. We are now working on something deep in the mountains that only our members know about currently. We- We have but one simple purpose to teach and to guide our members with primarily unorthodox methods and strict teaching. Lore-..///....////... we were founded in the northern mountains in extreme secrecy, once we were found out by the lords of the land we had to move, over night we packed all our scrools,books and relics and left for the mountains westward of kul, urguan. Atmosday is highly needing members to build our guild hall and fortress we have found an old dwarven mine, we make current residency here but we need many builders to help us expand it. The mine was build 2,000 years ago by an ancient order of magical dwarves with many secret passages and great halls. this mine belonged to clan battle hammer but after they dug to deep the awoke an ancient shadow demon called barterok once he was awoken from the fire and ash he caused great torment to the dwarves killed hundreds of thousands of them until none remained. We have not yet seen this ancient demon but strange unexplained noises are heard from the inner caves at night that surprise even me. Please help us free this dark cruel place to its previous glory and beauty. Our classes All listed below all classes are in the form of a monarchy High classes King; our leader has the thrown on the House of Lords Elder; trusted superior has all the rights as a king Grand duke; can start quests & has a seat in the House of Lords Beginner classes Viscount; can own land for the clan & has a seat at the House of Lords Baron; can own land for the clan & has a stand (small authority half a vote) at the House of Lords Newest member Von; is a beginner to the clan has no power Our purpose- Our purpose is to teach various skills and trades as well as give our members great knowledge of the realms. We are made to teach, learn and have fun if we don’t have fun this guild would be like a prison. Quest- besides learning and teaching we love to go on various quests and journeys through foreign lands or in our own land we love exploration. Apply- please fill out this here application and send it to our guild king What is your name? Both What class are ye? what is some of your lifes story? Why do ye want to join our guild? Have you any skills? What do ye now about or legendary guild? What will ye bring to us?
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