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  1. Got disband For the man the lead them has died
  2. The Guild is gone!! The leader had died!! ~Golden Knights~ The golden Knights Are a small Group That seek Minas and land and to help the common man. The main Goal Of the golden Knights is simple to protect the common man and make minas and glory, defend what they think is right in the world as well as roads and becoming a merc group to one day claim land and build a small village and protect all roads from monsters. We shall Protect any man from beast or a bandit. We are here to make sure every man and woman of every race has a chance to make big Mians And that is why our starting pay is 40 mians a day!!!!!!! Send a Bird to Ser Hoska Grimson ((Kingaff96)) if ya wish to join -~-~-~Ranks~-~-~- ((General's)) ((Pay:100 per mc day)) There will be Two Generals with in the Golden knights there job is to make sure every thing is going smoothly with in the company and make plans for when war is to come they send out orders to the Officers it ranges from gather ores,logs to make sure each Squadron Is in tiptop shape ((Officers)) There Job is to make sure the units with in there Squadron Are trained and always have something to do From just patrolling to finding recruits to even making armor and weapons and even fighting monsters at night there are up to three types of officers Recruiters,Field Commanders,Resource ((Recruiters)) ((Pay 100 per eleven week)) There job is to go out and find new recruits to enlist They get paid the highest Out of the officers for they get 20 minas per recruit ((Field Commanders)) ((Pay:60 per mc day)) These guys handle The Units on the field they train The men to march on the field in formations And Train the men how to fight Ony the best out of the best can become one of these men For each Formation they train a Squadron in they gain 10 minas ((Resource Officers)) ((Pay:100 per elven week)) They Handel the amounts of ore or Resource's That come in. they keep track and watch the books and hand out the ore's and such to each Person that needs them they also gather groups of Recruits to go gather Resource's ((Footmen)) ((Pay:40 a mc day)) These guys are the backbone of the Unit They complete task And train daily to become the best of the best they seek out jobs for the unit or just trade agreements ((Recruits)) ((Pay:10 a mc day)) New men enlisted to seek glory or gain minas there pay starts off small but grows as they rank up ((Ps. seeking some one to make this look all fancy and what not i do not know how make these look great :/ Also seeking some one who can make nice skins)) ((OOC)) Ign: Is this a alt persona: Timezone: Skype: Teamspeak: Age((Optional)): ((Rp)) Name: Age: Reason to join: Race: ((Crafting and such)) Skills:
  3. I know it looks sad lol but its worth a shot right?
  4. MC Name:Kingaff96 IC Name:Rula Ashvure Race:Woof elf Past Groups you Participated in:Deathmages, Why you want to join:Seems like a good cause to lend a sword to and rank up through the ranks Do you have Teamspeak(Info given in PM):yes Do you have Skype(Info asked in PM):yes
  5. haha ill ty sorry it was made at like 5 in the morning XD
  6. Scarlet Dawn A guild were all are accepted and none are judged were all types of work are needed from mighty swords men to the finest alchemist to even the smallest of farmhands we can take on any task and any job one might ask of Scarlet Dawn we trade, we fight and we will do any thing if the price is right .we can fill in shipments of armor to Lumber. Aswell guarding city's from bandits. We are scarlet dawn!! and we can Take On any task!!!! Ps. we also teach Magic and Sells goods Ranks Guild Master: The leader of the Guild They will decide all major choices of the guild Counicel member: Is A member of the Guilds Counicel That helps Run the guild And is also Head of a branch And will sort out quest into tiers Quest Finder: Members who go around looking for Jobs for the guild And Trade Recruiter: One who go's out an recruits for the guild Officer: Takes Charge is the counicel member is away and gives out quest ((With permission from Counicel member If online)) Teir 3 Quester: Highly Expeinced Questers that take on the mightyist Quest The elite of the elite Teir 2 Quester: A More Exprince quester that takes on more commen quest Teir 1 Quester: A new meber of the guild that take on small quest The guild Is one of many We look for Adventure. We trade. we may serve as guards for a city or a caravan or just as reinforcements in battle ,we can also find out info or scout out a place if you want. we teach magic as well as Study it.We can Build Or destroy. Name what you want and we will name a price. we will only recruit the finest of people so make your app good. We Are Scarlet Dawn and We can take on any task!!((We will recruit One Officer,Recruiter,Quest finder Starting off after that you will start off as a tier 1 quester) Application ooc mc name: Age: Country: How offen can you be on: Ic Name: Perfeshions: What you are applying for((limmited time)): Why should we recruit you?((Please give us a vaild reasion must be atlest 3 sentnces atlest)): Are you in any Curent guilds?: Are you willing to what ever it takes to get a job done right?: Race((It Dosnt matter just nice to know)):
  7. ok am I the only one who has stared at his profile pic for like 20 mins haha
  8. ?? What do ya mean :P and you just apply on here and i will get back to ya if you got accepted
  9. ACCEPTED ill pm you in game since ive rped with you before
  10. Doubble accepted please pm me to get cord's to the base and welcome to the guild and you got double accepted because you have experience in our way of work and seem to have a flame of vengeance in your eye's.
  11. Accepted welcome to the guild pm me as soon as you can for the cord's
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