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Found 8 results

  1. THE SEARCH FOR AN APPRENTICE Issued at Year 180 of the Second Age With the lack of someone competent coming forth from my call upon mages to take up the position of High Mage within my court, it has been decided that a person of any caliber may apply for this position and if this person is without magic, they shall be taught all that they need to know. All I seek is someone who respects the balance and can remain level-headed in situations where it is needed. WHAT WE OFFER We here within Cerulia offer that which we offer to everyone who works for our Most Serene March, though due to the special nature of what we seek, we also have added additional perks. -A home to live in (Tower if wanted) -Access to a Mana Obelisk -To never worry about food -An optional stall where you may sell goods for free -A potential seat on the Cerulite council as High Mage of Cerulia if proven capable -Knowledge that you search will be searched for you -A painless and swift execution if found you use dark magic or consort with darkspawn If one is interested, send me a letter at your earliest convenience with details of what you may bring and you will be taken into consideration. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin, Founder of Cerulia, Brickmaster of Lurin
  2. The Valorous Griffin guild An organization that came out of its founder's deep sense of justice and independence. Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin founded the guild. All so members could do good in the world in the ways only they could. instead of helping create, protect, or build an organization for someone else? He had come To be the founder of his own. A decision not made lightly in the slightest and one that did not change his ideals. To help those in need, protect those who need protection, Pursue knowledge, feed his creativity and to take care of his fellow guild members. all things he will encourage each member to strive for. The Griffin guild's oaths are ones Leonardo brought over from another guild. Ones he helped write himself and ones he adds to as necessary. His goals are lofty but attainable. The Griffin guild is to have 4 branches. One for each cardinal direction. They will also have a naval ship And in the future most possibly a fleet. The Valourous Griffins will take to the water protecting Aevos seas. Each member will be trained in naval and or non naval combat but that is not the only option to help. The guild has different crafts available, and divisions all its own. Such as woodwork and crafts, trade in weapons, alcohol and jewelry, a smithy shop, as well as the pursuit of magical, alchemical, or medical knowledge. finally don’t forget the care for the cities where guild branches base themselves. There is truly no task too small for every action and skill counts. People of all backgrounds are welcome to join. Everyone does their part to support the guild. Members will have access to knowledge, opportunities, and training they could not receive alone. They will be provided shelter in the guild halls, materials for their crafts, herbs if needed, and a forge for the smiths. The guilds combat-focused divisions will have chances to go on many missions. Be it fighting monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptors of peace. There will be Chances for competitions and activities will be plentiful as the Griffin guild has its own celebrations. Both to keep up morale and keep their members sharp. please read bellow for recruitment possibilities and contact information Contact Signed Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin
  3. Brothers and Sisters Ive saw a vision From the creator himself (yes i am a canonist) He said that the elves need to be converted so i decited to make a crusade against them! Those pesky infidels dont want to convert to our religion so ive decited that they should be converted by force! We need a lot of people to Make the crusade succesfull so ive decited to spread my word that you the reader are now reading to all of the canonists over the world! The partecipents of the crusade will be rewarded with land under the vassalisage of the King of the crusader state, And that King will Be Me. Lets make Aevos Great again!
  4. This is a serious post!!!! So here im making an application for the army of milkman. Who is milkman? you may ask. in short hes the fallen druid and a dwarf who wants to kill all of the elves and mages on the continent beacuse he was betrayed by them when he was lied to about "lactomancy"and wasted all of his live for it the idea is simple the army will try to assasinate the king of Hanseti-Ruska for the place of the Milkman to make a great army for killing all of the elves and mages. The elves and mages are the essence of evil and they are responible for the death of many so The Great Milkman Will kill them for the properity and the good of the Society! All of the people who will join me will get high ranked jobs in the new Milko-Hansa-Ruska kingdom like generals or Royals in the Palace. Lets make Aevos Great again! If you want to join Message me
  5. Hi, guys-- friendly not so friendly MAT here. This is just to clarify a few things that have been discussed. So, there is a common misconception that mages are effectively degraded stick men that can’t wear armor or wield weaponry. Well, that isn’t true. Mages can use weapons, and wear armor, both within reason (as in no overly heavy armor or BUSTER SWORDS, mages are still weak, and they aren’t strong men.) There’s more to this too, but we’ll get to that after rectifying armor and weapons. -The physical stuff, weapons and armor- On Armor: Mages can wear armor, the thing is that it has to be light, or needs to be made in a way where the weight is equally distributed along the body, which effectively lightens the load. A good example of something light would be leather armor. Something that has its weight distributed would be fitted plate. Although a mage cannot wear full platemail (which is plate that has an entire set of chain-mail under it, and then some with padding and whatnot) they can still protect themselves quite well. The thing is, the heavier the armor, the more stamina it is to wear-- which means you could get exhausted if you keep running around in plate. Tl;dr: Mages can wear armor, it just can’t be overly heavy. The more weight means the easier it is to tire if you keep moving around. On Weapons: Oh boy, basically mages can use weapons within reason (nothing huge and weighs like 1000 pounds and has a point of balance at the tip of the weapon), though not as effectively as a seasoned warrior. While they can retain the knowledge and practice of the weapon, they will most likely not be better than the seasoned warrior. Tl;dr: So long as the weapon is reasonable, a mage can wield it. Just, most likely, a seasoned warrior can overpower them. A very important rule of thumb: Mages aren’t starved African children. While magics that really deteriorate the bodies will make using both armor and weapons more difficult, it is still in the realm of possibility. -The casting- Now! Onto the next topic. Emotes don’t equal time. What I mean by this is that if someone does “draws sword, rushes jim, slashing wildly” Jim Darkmagic the mage can blast the guy with what he was charging. Effectively, actions make for time. Though, it has to be in reason. What I mean by that is that a mage can’t instantly cast a spell that would usually take a really long time to cast if they are in the situation above. Example of what you can do: Jim the mage glances at his opponent, doing his tell. Given he’s a master/is decent in his art, sparks emit from his hand. Saiko dedliest warrior draws his massive uchikatana, made of nippon steel. He swiftly rushes the mages, closing in the far distance whilst he slashes wildly. Jim’s flames amass, and within the time Saiko does such actions, he is able to unleash a torrent of flames. Other example: George the master swordsman draws his longsword, swiftly closing in the distance of 10 meters. Jon the mage, knowing that such a pace would involve some time, would issue whisps of energy. As George gets closer, the energy discharges in a magic missile. Example of what not to do: Saiko glares, his battleaxe ready as he steps forward, priming for a strike. Jim swiftly flicks his palms, flames amassed and unleashes in a cone of flame, immolating all it touches. ((Doesn’t work, Saiko did not warrant an instacast.)) That’s all, folks! Thank you, and happy RPing!
  6. An introduction to Dread Knights Section I - What are Dread Knights? Section II - How do I start? Section III - What do I do when I'm not killing? Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Section V - Providing a Setting Section VI - A high standard Section I - What are Dread Knights? This is a fairly straightforward question, that being they are artificial constructs. While some still hold their former bodies within their armor it holds no real purpose. This is only part what they are, however. Basically they're soulbound to a suit of armor and driven by their orders. A Dread Knight cannot effectively command itself, as it is made for taking orders and carrying them out. It's like putting a golem in charge of an army. Section II - How do I start? Well first off, you should know that being a Dread Knight makes you a bad guy. That's it, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong simply and plainly. A good first task might be going with another more senior Dread Knight and to kill a few people, to give you some hands on experience. You should not by any means have your character pulling a Thing from Fantastic Four and go and try and be normal again, as your mentality is different. You are not by any means a person anymore, you're a machine that takes orders. Section III - What about when I'm not killing? Well if you're actually on the character, most of your time is spent between killing and making repairs, forging new armor and weapons and of course capturing individuals got a conversion. As well, Dread Knights can sometimes serve as an emissary for their Blood Mage master, usually the message heralded by blood and a warning. However keep in mind your Dread Knight isn't going to be picking flowers and kissing babies, something that has been a problem recently. Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Good news! This isn't the end of your character! While you may not be revived by Monks, you aren't exactly dead. Nor are you really alive for that matter but it is irrelevant. It's hard to actually kill a Dread Knight, and it has always been a thing we pride ourselves on, that if you kill one properly we will permanently kill that character no questions, however sufficiency in the RP is required. If your Dread Knight happens to find itself taken apart and scattered or pieces broken, eventually the parts will seek themselves or the entity will choose to disconnect themselves from that part, sort of of a salamander chooses to detach a limb. Often times, Dread Knights missing limbs will simply make a new one if they cannot find the original one, or it is too hard or illogical to retrieve it. Section V - Providing a Setting As an antagonistic villain, you are held to a higher standard of Roleplay and are not only expected to, but required to uphold that standard. You are not playing this character for the loot, you're doing it to provide a villain that can be rallied against and that causes chaos. Too often did the role get abused for pixels or winning when that isn't the cause. The purpose is like the Undead were originally, to make fun. Sadly the Undead failed in this and we have before previously but all hope is not lost. A big part of this, is helping to coordinate events OOCly with faction or group leaders and maybe making a quest arc. If you do it right, you'll know because you'll be told. Section VI - A high standard I mentioned this briefly, how we are held to a high standard and expected to uphold it. In Asulon, the purpose of the Dread Knights was as a server antagonist. Unfortunately this fell through due to the heads of the group being preoccupied with other roleplay and such. Because of this, the Dread Knights went unproven. When you play a Dread Knight, you are making a statement you are there to provide fun for others even if it means you lose some pixels or you die, that is the risk you take. That is your job as a Dread Knight. Note-
  7. The Mages Guild ------*~*+*~*------ "There are two sides of magic. Neither evil, neither good… it is only the choices and actions of the wielder which shape the fate of all man, we can only say choose wisely" The Mages Guild is the dominant institution for the training and study of Arcane Magic. Looked over by the Arch-Mages, the Guild seeks out those who they consider magically sensitive and train them within their mysterious art. Perhaps being one of the oldest factions in the realm, the Guild keeps a persistent secretive aura about them due to their ancient and “dark” history. Despite their past they continue to act as one of the only major academies for aspiring Arcanists. -- Before the beginning of time there was nothing, no planes of existence, only the Void. But within the Void was a light, we know of this light as god, the one deity. But this is not the lore we are interested in. This deity created in the Void the world, wherefore you live out your lives. It came to pass that the deity molded on the world of Man, whom he blew his breath of existence into; giving life. After breathing his existence into man, he entwined some of his divine power, raw and unformed, into the world itself. This power was to be called magic by man, and just as man was placed in the world to be tested, the power was to be utilized by man to be a test, a test of greed and power. The power was entwined into the very fabric of both worlds; it ensured the worlds were linked, ever connected. So it was that all the races could access this power, but none were the same. As the power was channeled through the individual it scanned their soul, and was therefore manifested as an extension of their natural environment. So it was that the Humans had a diverse spread of magic, as they were the most versatile. The Elves came from their woodland homes, of nature and healing. Dwarves from their mighty halls, of stone, hardened and sturdy. Then the Orcs from their harsh deserts, strong and vicious. The power of the Nobel races came from their allegiance: the Ascended from their hallowed halls, pure and righteous. The Undead from their fiery fields, tainted and evil. The first of the Mages quickly discovered its usefulness, its power... they noticed how dangerous it was. They had the power to kill in an instant, or create in an instant... They had power over all. In their wisdom the saw that something would have to be done... The power was to be controlled, learned properly. But the magic was not forever present in the world. It was lost in times long past, forgotten to all but a few, when the evil Iblees was to be banished from this world. In his banishment he was sent to void by the ancients. This sent his minions back whence they came, and a barrier was erected between the worlds to stop their return. So it was that the worlds were no longer entwined, in separation the power no longer held, and magic all but disappeared from the world... But it was not to last. The power of Iblees was great, even in void, and he worked at unraveling the barrier between the worlds... Soon the barrier began to break down, the Undead taint spread once more across the face of the land known as Aegis. Although this time there was little hope for salvation... With the failing of the barrier protecting the world of the living from the dead the magic lost to the Descendants, all those years ago, once again seeped into the fabric of the world. The descendent races once more felt a somewhat unfamiliar tingle in their blood, unfamiliar but as though it was always there. So it came to pass that the ancient power of magic was awakened in Man. Those with the power of foresight could see ahead a fork in the path; one to light, the other darkness... They could only hope that with this new found power that the right decision would be made... So it was that the first Mage Roland, first in the line of the great mages, gathered to him a group of the most trusted and powerful Mages in the lands, and gave them a duty, a life quest. A duty, to protect the lands and the Descendants from themselves, from what lies within, so that the Magic which remained through the ages would not destroy all, but be contained and conserved. So it was that the guild of mages was forged into existence, accepting those with great magical power, or great skill in other areas of their interest. They will not interfere in the day-to-day lives of the descendant races, however would intervene at the mistreatment of magic. -- Ranks Arch-Mages The Arch-Mages control every aspect of authoritative power within the Guild. This is not to say that the Arch-Mages do not give a bulk of their responsibilities to the Guild Masters and Archanix, however matters too dire for them to decide upon are brought before the Arch-Mages to resolve. Archanix Also known as the Librarian, the Archanix plays a key role in the academic aspect of the Guild. Their responsibilities require them to act as the caretaker of the Guild’s magical items and archive the numerous books the College stores. Authoritatively they lack a great deal of power; however their role as the controller of the knowledge in the Guild is a necessity. The Archanix has access to all books within the Guild. Guild Masters Guild Masters are the most senior personnel inside of the Institution, aside from the Archmages and Archanix. Each Master represents an individual branch within the Arcane Arch-type, and are considered masters of that specific branch of Magic. The branches are Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration and Evocation. Instructors Instructors are those among the guild that are at such a state in their magic that they are available to teach students, though they answer to the Archmages and Guild Masters, they are not to be trifled with, especially by a lower subordinate. Mages Mages are not actual members or staff of the College, however are considered College Graduates. The Mage position is for those who have completed their Apprentice training under the College and have been deemed a proper mage by the Archmages. Despite their inexistence of political power within the Guild they are still welcome to return to the College as their whim and use the Guild’s resources, continue training under other magical sub-types or conduct their own independent research. Apprentices Hand selected by the Guild for magical sensitivity, the Apprentices are the newest practitioners of the Guild’s art. The first few years of their training consist of a lecture style teaching, however as their lectures come to an end, and they are chosen by the Conclave, they are to select a Master to take Apprenticeship under and be trained in their specific specialty of magic. Once the Master believes them to be advanced in their art, they are taken before the Conclave and must perform the "Somonium". If they complete this ritual they will be inducted into the Guild as a Mage. Arch-Mages Crumena Ilwindior [HeeroZero] Ceruberr Asul'Ailer [CaptainSheepy] Dasyra Linath [PandaC0mmander] Archanix Saeldur Asul’Ailer [Princetonlax21] Joe Orman [Joe_Blackman] Elindor [Jerry_Man] Guild Masters Alteration Guild Master - Silvos Sythaerin [bladeCreep] Illusion Guild Master - [Empty. If interested, contact an Archmage] Conjuration Guild Master - Joe Orman [Joe_Blackman] Evocation Guild Master - Aluuvia [TehLulu] Instructors Iatrilemar Elervathar [brandNewKitten] Calendir Maeyr’onn [Raptor14] Haadi Mudbee [Eladriendil] Corvo [ventus2] Mages Apprentices Chase Irongut [Dtrik] Eliza [daanyolx3] Avgust Steelwall [Origin_Lark] Kalamari C. [usopptheSniper] Beltran [bathRugMan] Will [Todd877] Avenel Synalli [philip_2011] Glacio Whitewolf [fitermon] Asher Faelcyn [spiffytaylor411] Lorien Vestiza [hugothechamp] Arthur Paxtera [ventios] Giradin Cuyper [ace134] Saren [giuseppe05] Resmira Centrella [Escharian] The Mages Code (Including server rules) -A Mage does not use magic for personal gain -A Mage does not assault other members of the guild -A Mage must follow the orders of the Conclave and those within it -A Mage must not perform forbidden magic -A Mage does not destroy or steal guild property -A Mage must perform regular visits to the college if they wish to remain active -An Apprentice is strongly encouraged not to cast magic whilst their Master is not present -A Mage does not teach magic outside of the Guild -Above all else, Mages must uphold the balance of the world, despite the effects it has on others Application We've decided to introduce a application system in order to quickly gain students and teachers alike for the guild. Please fill out the following and await either an Archmage, Guildmaster or Archanix to respond. --------- OOC Minecraft Username: Age: Please write a small portion of RP depicting you using magic of your choice, this should be done as if it were an emote and not include internal though processes: IC Name: Age: Gender: Race: Clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: What affinity of magic are you skilled in? Nation or city of residency: Address if applicable: Objective; what is it you wish to obtain from joining the guild?: Lists key achievements, skills, traits and experience you have encountered in your life. --------- Apprenticeship (Prior System, may be reintroduced in future.)
  8. *A note is left on every notice board,house door,shop saying the folowing*" To all who wish to Make coin,gain honor,power or wish to make a name for there self But live in the shadow's or work in them place.Or just to learn magic, gain land,knowledge or to seek some one's death bed. Or just want some one to neel at your feet. Then just place a torch out side of your home and we will contact you. Follow The call of darkness and Power that one might seek or maybe you seek coin then join and your wish's will be granted as long as you stay loyal to the black crown Rank's Black crown -leader of the guild Head blade - They handle giving out order's to the rest of the guild Black knight - Do alot of the small thing's but are the basic soldier's of the guild Shadow -One that is there to be nor seen or heard but is to do as asked also sent on assassination missions (basically a dark knight in training) Slaver - They handle the slaves of the guild and make sure they do there work((will only have vary few of them it is the same rank as a shadow))but will be sent out to capture new slaves Dark minion- They are the newly accepted member's of the guild and will be sent to rob people follower - They are trying to prove them self's worthy of joining Reason the guild was made: To keep the good at edge to give all of these's new guard groups a job and to give city guard's a reason to patrol there area and there road's. to keep them on edge. and to add more rp. And spice up the whole every one wanting to be a good guy or the next hero it's getting quite annoying Reason for joining the guild: to kill some people/rob them to keep the bad guy's alive .To make people fear you or just to seek knowledge,power,land,honor the chose is up to you App OOC mine craft username: do you have have Skype (leave Skype name if yes) or ts: Country: Age: IC Age: Name: Reason for joining: Are in any other guild if so what guild: none lol Can you use magic? Race((all thought it dosn't matter )): Combat skills: Extra info you wish to share:
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