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New Player Guide

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Welcome and greetings new players and applicants to Lord of The Craft. Disclosed in this guide will be detailed information that will help you on your journey and integration into our diverse community. There is a lot of information in this guide and we do not expect you to read through every single word of it, but we insist that you at least glance over it and have an understanding of the general information provided. Below you will be a table of contents to assist you in navigating and pulling relevant information to you from this guide. If you have any further questions that this guide does not explain to you in regards to the community or server feel free to Private Message any member of the Application Team, they will be more than willing to answer your questions!

In-Game Information




Client: Minecraft



There are a few rules on Lord of the Craft, it isn’t required for you to know them all by heart, but you should definitely be familiar with them! Please make sure you read them all so you at least have a basic understanding. A link to them can be found here alongside a list of the current staff and teams on LotC


Staff Teams




Staff Breakdown


What it says on the tin, they’re the top of the chain. You’ll never really need them unless something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.


Global Moderators (GM)

These are the general peacekeepers in game and on the forum, if you have a problem these will be the ones to help you.


Dev Team (Developer)

Devs ensure that the server functions properly and that the community has the accommodations that it desires on the server.


Forum Moderators (FM)

A lot like Global Moderators however they focus entirely on the Forums, they have a better understanding of how things work on the forums. Forum related problem should pass through them.


Lore Team (LT)

The Lore Team focuses on all the fun aspects on LOTC that make the community and server what it is. The are the keepers to what we use as building blocks of race balance and the in-game environment.


Application Team (AT)

These selected individuals work on the reviewing of applications, for a new player these will be the ones that will decide whether your application is worth accepting or not.


Magic Team (MT)

These individuals of the community focus entirely on the magic lore incorporated in Lord of The Craft and ensures that no one abuses it.


Event Team (ET)

The Event Team is what spices up your daily life on LOTC and creates events and stories that your character will sometimes be a part of.


Wiki Team (WT)

The Wiki Team are diverse among the many aspects needed in order to keep the wiki looking great and reliable. The Wiki can be found here


Whitelist Application Information




Within this list are descriptions of character development and roleplaying concepts we all use on a daily basis within LotC. These are extremely useful for new players that are new to roleplaying or applicants who don’t quite understand the application prompt.



Definitions are three basic keywords that we expect all members of the community to be aware of and be capable of defining. These words are Roleplaying, Metagaming and Power-emoting. When you answer these terms on your application feel free to look them up or use the Wiki to your advantage, but ensure that your work is original. In other words, refer to resources for guidance, but use your own words to describe the definitions.



The name you will place on your application is the name of the character you have created. The character name is what your character's friends, fellow soldiers, rulers, or what have you, will address you by in-game.



The race you pick is where your character comes from. This server is based off the universe of Lord of The Rings and thus you have your four main races. Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Orc. When selecting a race you are suggested to pick out of these four.



The age you pick will be the age of your character. Will you be a young 20 year old human starting his adventure off in the world, or a wise 500 year old elf who has seen the world transform and change before their eyes! The choice is yours to make! However, you cannot apply as someone who is younger than 18.



Your “Bio” is short for biography. A biography is the first person reflection of your character’s life. This is the part of your application where you truly get to be creative! What are the key highlights of your character’s life and what has he or she accomplished? Have they done anything noteworthy or witnessed anything happen? All good starting questions when you write your Bio. Helpful references can be found here!



Is your character a strong soul who jumps into danger with a light of fire in their eyes, or do they cower in fear as they watch the guards fight off bandits? Your personality reflects who your character is, mad, hostile, joyful or loving. You decide who you want to be as a character!


Strengths and weaknesses

Is your character a skillful lumberjack or a crafty blacksmith. Do they know how to use the pen or the sword? Your character must have a healthy balance of both perfections and flaws in order to create a healthy character to play as!



The appearance of your character is what they appear to be. Do they wear ragged clothing or do they have a long leather coat? What color is their eyes? Their hair? This section of the application is where you truly describe what your character looks like.



Seeing how this server is ran off the platform of Minecraft it is only fit that you have an appropriate skin to RP with. This is a short step by step guide on how to upload your skin on an application.


  • Go to: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/#

  • On the far left of the screen there's a button that says 'Open' Click that and select your character's skin.

  • Once you've successfully opened your character's skin on the top bar there should be a similar green button that says 'Photo'

  • Hit photo and it should show you a 3D model of your skin. Once it's come up and you're happy save the image of the skin to your computer.

  • Next, go to; http://imgur.com/ trusted image sharing site.

  • On the top hit the 'Upload Images', then hit browse computer and select the 3D model of your skin that you saved.

  • Once you've successfully loaded the image, hit 'Start Upload' and after a bit it should send you to a page with that image.

  • Simple copy the URL link and put it on the application.






These are basic commands that you will be using in-game on a daily basis. All commands are preset by a / followed by the command inputed. For example if you want to whisper (w) you would type w preset by a /. The command would then be /w which would allow you to whisper!

Roleplay Chat Commands

/rp - This command allows players to roleplay and join in interacting in the commutative story.

/s - Shout allows anyone within 64 blocks

/w - This makes your emotes a whisper. Whisper is only 3 blocks. Cannot be heard from behind walls

/q - This makes your character speak in a muffled tone that cannot be heard from behind walls. Has an 8 block radius.

Continuity (-, + or =. - By Default): Typing your setsymbol at the end of an emote or quote allows you to press enter and then continue to type without it popping up on screen. End the sentence(s) without the symbol to make it all show on screen.




Other Commands

/ooc - This is the global OOC channel. Players go here to chat out of character

/looc - This allows players to clarify locally what is happening in character. Do not clog up roleplay with OOC.

((messsage : Will post a single message in /looc channel but not keep you in /looc.

/join help - This command allows you to join the help channel

/h - You need to use /h to speak in help channel

/join <channel> - This allows you to join other channels such as Help, Wandering Soul, and Global OOC

/leave <channel> - This allows you to leave other channels.

/ws - You must use /ws to talk in the wandering soul chat

/me to open up the Prism menu where you can change your emote color and style


/modlist shows all on duty mods. Note: Mods not on duty will not appear on this list.






Our Wiki can be your best friend or a nightmare to navigate. There is a TON of information withheld on this platform and we highly suggest you familiarize yourself with where things are. To start you off here are a few useful pages on the Wiki that you might visit!


Roleplaying: What is roleplaying?


Vailor: Our current map.


Notable Characters: Important characters who have impacted their followers.


Nexus Professions: Our ingame plugin Nexus with detailed information on professions.


Nexus Crafting: How ingame Nexus crafting works.


Racial perks: What each race gets as combat & skill buffs.


Server Map



We also have a server map that allows you to view the world from a sky view perspective. Click around and find settlements and major cities that your character might visit some day!








BONUS: When you're whitelisted, you finally get to go and find that role-play! However, being new and all, you might have difficulty finding a group that your character's race or personality meshes well with. Fear not! For AT members are here to help you! If you do /atlist , you'll be able to see what application team members are around to help! Additionally, in game, we have a tag* that is dark green colored, so that we may be distinguished among other players.


* 33d1c4a6d05c57d5c46f66b294d9ace7.png

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