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The Dwarves are a descendant race, the children of Urguan. Native to Kal'Urguan in Aegis, the Dwarves are known to create grand underground cities. Dwarves are best known for their honor, love of war and constant acquisition of food and ale. Although quick to anger, Dwarves show compassion and love to their friends and kin. They are notable for being among the shortest of all beings, usually only three to five feet tall. Dwarves are known for adapting to the underground, though some Dwarves, particularly Mountain Dwarves, prefer living on top of great mountains. Most Dwarves can mine great ores from the ground, craft the finest of armor, and slay the most horrific monsters. The most important thing to a Dwarf is his honor. That being said, they stick to their word. The Dwarves have a mutual hatred and respect for the Orcs because of their strength and might. Dwarves live much longer than Humans. They can live hundreds of years before they finally die out, though not as long as Elves. Most Dwarves, however, tend to die in battle or through mining accidents before they get old. The Dwarves mature in a different way than most other races. Dwarves have a unique outlook upon the outside world, due in part to their strong adherence to the ways of their gods, more known commonly as the Brathmordakin. They believe themselves to be the chosen among the mortal races brought into the world by the Creator, acting as guardians of the world's natural state of balance.




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Dwarves are short, generally with long beards of many dark colors. Dwarves are well suited to their mines, and while short, they can be very stocky and muscular. In addition to their beards, they can be incredibly hairy. It is very rare to see a female dwarf (or perhaps their females simply enjoy beards).


Mountain Dwarves 


Mountain Dwarves have a lighter tone of skin, but a bit more muscles on their shoulders. The majority of Mountain Dwarves have fiery red hair. If you are a Mountain Dwarf who is weak, but have fiery red hair, you will get shunned. Usually the red hair attracts others of their kind. Mountain Dwarves make the bulk of any dwarven warband, and often make the finest leaders. Mountain Dwarves are also regarded as fine hunters, and because of this excel in leatherworking.


Cave Dwarves


Cave Dwarves are known to have greyish skin and darker beards. Their beards are usually seen with braids, keeping their length from interfering with their work. A fashion trend for Cave Dwarves is weaving precious stones and gems into their beard and hair. Finally, their eyes are usually golden, or amber. Cave Dwarves excel in labor such as mining, blacksmithing, and stone-masonry. Often times a cave would would rather be underground than above ground due to their sensitive eyes.


Forest Dwarves


Forest Dwarves have brown, earth like skin. Their beards are often unkept and messy, with leaves and pines stuck in them. Forest Dwarves are also more compact, or closely united, to each other, unlike the other sub-races. Forest Dwarves are usually skilled in outdoor labor, such as lumberjacking, farming, and fishing. Many will pass the time in their forest dens by smoking various forest substances, or even try substances from far off lands.




Dwarven religion is a complex, yet widely accepted norm among dwarven society. Religious beliefs revolve around a pantheon of gods, they call the Brathmordakin, led by a Creator known as Yemekar. They believe Yemekar forged their world and that the dwarven race were the chosen among all his creations. In return, at Yemekar's will, they would act as the foundations that uphold the world, preserving a state of balance among all the mortal races. There is no greater sin in the dwarven faith than the desire for power and conquest, beliefs they attribute largely towards the fallen Daemon, Khorvad. Dwarves further believe that upon their deaths, their souls are carried by Dungrimm to the moon where they are judged for their actions throughout life. In an event known as the Auction of the Dead, Aenguls and Daemons of the Brathmordakin place bids upon souls, to be taken with them to the dwarven afterlife, known as Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Dwarves who fail to gain are bid are cast into the void, otherwise known as Vuur'Dor in the dwarven language. Here, they are forced to endure an eternity of suffering and despair.

Worship of the Brathmordakin is led by the Kirkja Dverga, the Holy Order in the language of the common tongue. Otherwise known as the dwarven clergy, they are led by a High Prophet and his council of Prophets, each representing one of the gods among the Brathmordakin. Worship consists largely of offerings, sermons and preaching, as well as the establishment of temples and shrines across the lands. Most dwarves choose one of the gods who they identify with most to become their patron. Dwarves who have achieved vast greatness throughout their lives and have shown an unending loyalty to the Brathmordakin are named Paragons of the dwarven faith. These individuals are said to feast alongside the gods, ruling over the dwarven afterlife from Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Upon death, all dwarven bodies are buried beneath the ground in great catacombs, usually among members of the same clan. It is seen as an abomination for any dwarf to have shaved their beard, and they are often prosecuted as a heretic.




"Urguan, your greed and lust shall overcome you, you are not worthy of the height The Creator gave you, your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find Gold and Gems in the deep underground of the earth, your hunger never satisfied." So said Iblees, according to the works of the Wandering Wizard. The curse of Iblees means that Dwarves are driven to dig deeply into the earth to seek out precious treasures. Dwarves can also display their greed by hoarding other items, including food and ale. Dwarves will as well always remain short, making even half-breeds such as halflings remain with both the curse of greed and shortness. "Urguan, may your descendants be hardy, strong hearted and strong of mind." Although the curse could not be lifted, through Aengul blessing the Dwarves were gifted with certain traits. Honor and strength of mind and body are found in the Dwarves.

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