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Traditional Ardenin Coat of Arms

Issued and confirmed by Kjartan Arden on 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1682




With the newly created statement declaring that of Clan Arden, a greater clan within the Earldom of Nordengrad, to bare its own holding (clan hall) within the Earldoms capital Nordengrad. As Kjartan Arden deems so fit to bring a new light to the Clan of Arden, after it’s foul mistakes during the Staunton Uprising. He wishes to rekindle the ashes of old and make his family great once more. Thus, He is formally stating that Clan of Arden shall begin an official movement to restore the clan to what it once was back in the good days. Their people to be able to field large swathes of men to do the bidding of their Chief. With the help the Rurikid clansmen, this dream will come to fruition, and thus marks the beginning of a new age for the Clan of Arden.





The family's roots are relatively new; Richard took up the name of Ardenin the early years of Atlas. Having served King Jory Ruric during the Silversteed Rebellion, By infiltrating the Silversteed ranks and breaking them from the inside, He proved himself incredibly loyal, and started House Arden on the Path of Nobility.   A few weeks after the duel of kings, Richard went missing for some time. Years after Richard eventually returned as Lord of the House, beginning a large recruitment of Arden men. Upon marshaling a sizable force, he marched into Jornburg, declaring himself Count, and leaving House Arden to be known as a Noble House within Atlas. A few weeks after settling into the fort, Richard reached out to other lords and counts of the idea of vassalization under him. Thus he managed to convince the Baron of Ashwood, the agreement being that they will see each other as equals and friends, as well as the Baron of Driftwood. Finally after many diplomatic talks, Richard formed the Duchy of Nevaria. Richard, who in comparison to these new vassals lacked a sufficient military might, deemed it fit to begin a formation of the first House Arden military order, for which his house could finally have direct soldiers rather than vassals taking up a majority of his military. However, during the duration of the military reformation, Richard heard news that the Stauntons were rising up against the Horens with a hope of destroying them like they did back in Axios. Richard quickly joined the cause, seemingly holding some hope in the cause, Although a few days before the Siege of Whitepeak, the Arden men were held back by small groups of bandits attacking the roads just above Ashwood, preventing them from assisting their Courlandic allies. Directly after hearing the news of the Courlandic defeat, and how all their allies bailed out after the defeat, Richard quickly abadoned Jornburg, and marched his men to the mighty fortress of Ashwood.This would be the beginning of the end of Richard and House Arden, resulting in the blood bath known as the Siege of Ashwood, Richard fought valiantly, but eventually fell to the hand of an unknown Renatian soldier. Leaving the house bent and broken, the remnants of the household fled into the wind, remaining outcasted from the outside world for many years, until a young Arden rose up and began a long hard ride to the newly founded Earldom of Nordengrad, the boys name was Kjartan, he quickly joined the military order known as the Red Brothers, where he quickly rose up the ranks, becoming marshal after only a few years of service. He would then adopt a young man named Rae as an offical family member.





Richard Arden (@Anisgar) -Deceased

His Grace, Richard I of the House of Arden, Duke of Nevaria, Count of Jornburg, Driftwood, and Ashwood, Baron of Ashton


Kjartan Arden (@Anisgar) -Alive

Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad


Rae Arden (@Askuzai) -Alive

Rae Arden, Keeper of the Twin Hearths of Nordengrad, Patriarch of the Red Faith


Alexa Arden (@Zombiefide) -Alive

Alexa Arden, member of House Arden


Xalid Arden (@Xalid) -Alive

Xalid Arden, Sheriff of the Red Brothers


Favian Arden (Unplayed) -Alive

Favian Arden, member of House Arden


Clan Hall





Exterior of the Ardenin Clan Hall




Interior of Ardenin Clan Hall








Kjartans Bastard Sword

Worn by Kjartan Arden during his early days of Nordengrad, proposed to be passed down the family line upon his death.






Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad


Rae Arden, Patriarch of the Red Faith, Keeper of the Twin Hearths of Nordengrad








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Nods his approval at the posting. "Good to be a part o' the family."

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