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(OOC) Looking for character to play

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Coming back after over a year some of you may know me some not, looking for a fresh new character to play as all my old characters are either really old or really dead. Open to any race and any gender.

I’d like to get back into LotC and start some serious rp again.


I have experience rping as an Undead, Orc, Goblin, Dark Elf, Human. But I’m up for trying something new. If you want to talk in depth about something add me on discord Connor#0476


Keep in mind I have no experience with the new worlds and any systems that have been added since the removal of Telanir’s Nexus which I loved. If you read this Telanir love you start the Sentinels up again. 🙂

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I have four children, one of which is playable if you release- A ker. If you’re interested, PM me on discord @ squak#8441  and ill hit you up with details. Also have extended family if you’d like. I want to get a feel for your roleplay, before I add you to family. 

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