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Klan Gorkil (Information/Recruitment)

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Ever since the unification of the Orcish people, few names has stayed as constant as the name Gorkil. Renowned for their honor and ferocity in battle, they have been called by some the ‘Prime Orc’ - strong and honorable, but in return incredibly prone to their own bloodlust. Fueled by pride and a passion for combat, the clan has stood as a pillar of not just Orcish society, but the world. Empires have been founded and crumbled, the dead risen and fallen, but Gorkil still stands, steadfast, eternal.










Gorkil was the second born of Krug’s children with his lifemate Grahla. He quickly grew to be, like all of Krug and Grahla’s kubs, tall and highly muscular. His dark lily pad green skin was marred with both smooth, shiny skin, from old and near faded scars, and the newer and sometimes still open wounds. He was a competent fighter, however he was always to be shown up by his older brother Rax. Rax was capable of beating Gorkil or any of their other siblings ever since they had learned to fight, much to the displeasure of Gorkil, who had to deal with living directly in the shadow of an Uruk whose strength was surpassed by Krug.



Gorkil, Son of Krug


While Rax overshadowed his siblings in strength, Gorkil made up for it with a knack for strategy and management. He was frequently put in charge of overseeing repairs to the fortifications inside Krugmar and occasionally even assisted his father in planning battles. Along with his strategic acumen, Gorkil was renowned for his bravery and his love for his family. While it’s well known Gorkil and Rax did not get along at all, family and honor were the two things closest to Gorkil’s heart, above all else. He was especially close with his sister, Dom. Since the day she was born, Gorkil had sworn to protect her and make sure she would become as great an Uruk as he would.



Gorkil had several notable children. The firstborn, Angbad, was Gorkil’s favored son, inheriting his father’s tactical genius, and he would grow up to found the Gorkil Clan. The second, Azog, the runt of the litter, grew up to be one of the greatest smiths the world has ever seen. Ugluk, the third born son, was renowned for his skill as a warrior. The latter two sons, while not the favored of Gorkil, would go on to be great in their own right and have clans made in honor of them.






The Gorkil Clan was founded by Angbad shortly after Gorkil’s death. At the time, there were a plethora of small clans that made up the Orcish race, rather than it being several clans that made up the entirety of Orcish society. After Krug’s death (the exact date and circumstances of which are unknown), the Orcs began to disperse and grow much less centralized, instead consisting mostly of small villages which would mingle with the other nearby villages. One could see upwards of twenty different clans in a single village. However, two clans grew to be much larger and more powerful than any of the other clans at the time: the Rax Clan and the Dom Clan.





A assembly of clan elders.


The Rax Clan, led by Warlord Tythor, had a heated rivalry against the Dom Clan, led by Warlord Or’ta, that would eventually erupt into a full blown war. After a surprise attack launched by Or’ta against the Rax, Lur, and Phol Clan left many dead in the span of a few days all throughout the desert, the Rax Clan retaliated and called to arms not just all its brothers, but for Clans to come and fight with them. This conflict, which would come to be known as either the Rax-Dom War or the Clan Wars, would both unite and divide the Orcish race. Clans and villages began to choose sides and align themselves with either the Rax Clan or the Dom Clan, and years of violent fighting followed.



The Gorkil Clan, before the outbreak of the conflict, already had a strong distrust of the Rax Clan, due to a combination of the vitriol members of Gorkil have against the clan’s namesake and the belief that Tythor was dishonorable. While the Dom Clan, they had a very warm friendship with, attempting to keep the kinship Gorkil had held with his sister alive between the two clans. So, when the Clan Wars started, the reigning Wargoth of Gorkil, Veruk, aligned the clan with Dom.



Veruk led a campaign in the northwest, annexing many of the smaller clans that aligned with the Raxes. The forces eventually closed in on Nomad Plains, where the first major battle of the Clan Wars would be held. At the Battle of Nomad Plains, Veruk personally led five hundred Gorkils, riding the fastest war boars the clan could muster, to eliminate the twelve hundred jabbernaks Tythor had brought to the battle. The group quickly broke through and began to wreak havoc on the enemy forces, decimating the cavalry and nearly routing the enemy. And as the Gorkils decimated the cavalry, the Dom shamans sent lightning crashing down from the skies, made fires erupt out of nowhere right in the middle of Rax forces. While the Rax forces were able to hold their ground for some time, it eventually proved to be too much, and they had to make a hasty retreat. By the end of the battle, the twelve hundred jabbernaks Tythor had brought to the battle was reduced to a hundred and fifty, while Veruk’s regiment had only lost thirty war boars, and even fewer Gorkils.





Veruk’Gorkil, leading the charge into the Rax Jabbernaks


Soon after the battle, Veruk would find out that Or’ta, and many others in the Dom Clan, had become the first generation of dark shamans. Or’ta had tricked many spirits into becoming slaves to him and other Dom shamans, gifting them with incredible shamanic abilities that had not been seen elsewhere, such as flesh smithing. Veruk was repulsed by this and pulled out of the war, having his Gorkil brethren stand by and protect their villages from any incursions by the Doms or Raxes onto their territory.



The Clan Wars went by with little involvement from the Gorkils from that point on. Due to the relative peacefulness of the clan in this period, it prospered and grew immensely, with a nigh unbreakable bond between this confederation of villages. However, there was an underlying sense of rage over the Clan Wars. The Dom Clan, their brothers in arms, had turned to such dishonorable and horrendous measures. There was a lot of suspicion thrown towards shamans within these communities, that even their own brethren might betray them for the sake of power.






Once the Clan Wars came to an conclusion, ending in Or’ta being smitten by lightning, an act of intervention by Krug, and Tythor’s son Tythus banishing all Dom clansmen who were not killed in the Clan Wars. Tythus united the Orcish people under one flag and founded the War Nation of Krugmar, becoming the first ever Rex.



Gorkil existed within Krugmar for some time. Their feelings of discontent toward the Rax leadership continued even after having sworn fealty to them, a sentiment that was held by many different Orcs, but most of all the Gorkils. This eventually led to the next Gorkil warlord, Mogroka, and his brother in arms Gorefang’Khor, to begin challenging the Rax leadership. Mogroka ordered the construction of a large fort meant to act as the home for Gorkils. By this point, Gorkil had grown to surpass Rax as the largest clan in Krugmar, so this was a huge upset to the balance of power in Krugmar. Tythus was furious, and at this point Mogroka and Gorefang declared open rebellion against Tythus, the full power of Gorkil, Khor, and numerous other clans backing the two. Mogroka and Tythus fought hard for the title, and the rebellion showed all the signs of becoming the Second Clan Wars, not even ten years after the first. Thankfully, the rebellion concluded after one relatively bloodless battle, in favor of the Gorkils. Mogroka, Gorefang, and Rax realized this and, not wanting to shed even more Orcish blood over a petty dispute between Orcs, decided to settle this in a one on one klomp. Mogroka and Tythus fought each other for a whole three days, with no water, no food, and no rest. Neither side was able to get the upper hand against each other. On the fourth day, both collapsed from exhaustion, leaving the honor klomp at a tie.



fight scene 3 FINAL.png


‘The First Klomp’ - Artwork by Qugug’Yar concerning the duel between Tythus and Mogroka


With the first klomp for Rexdom ending inconclusively, the War Nation began to prepare for another full fledged war. Mogroka and Gorefang were reluctantly beginning to rally their troops when the Elder Shaman of Gorkil, Krink, came to the two and tried to explain to them that there was another way. Krink had a vision prior to the klomp that Krugmar would be united by Gorefang and Mogroka, and that they were to challenge Tythus again, only this time together.



With the first klomp for Rexdom ending inconclusively, the War Nation began to prepare for another full fledged war. Mogroka and Gorefang were reluctantly beginning to rally their troops when the Elder Shaman of Gorkil, Krink, came to the two and tried to explain to them that there was another way. Krink had a vision prior to the klomp that Krugmar would be united by Gorefang and Mogroka, and that they were to challenge Tythus again, only this time together.



Tythus accepted the klomp and fought valiantly in the two on one, but Gorefang and Mogroka prevailed and deposed Tythus. The two ruled Krugmar as a pair, and ushered the Orcs into a new golden age. At some point during their rule, Gorefang mysteriously disappeared, leaving Mogroka as the sole Rex.





While all of this was going on, Aegis was in the midst of the great return of the Undead. Starting with the attack on Kal’Tryst, the Descendents were forced to band together for the time being and cease all hostilities with each other for the sake of warding off the Undead threat. More pressing to Krugmar specifically, though, was the brief return of Or’ta, supposedly having been fully corrupted by Iblees. He and the brief revival of Dom were mercilessly dealt with by both Tythus and Mogroka, quickly banishing him back to the legions of the Undead.


The Clan Gorkil continued to prosper, however Mogroka, as he should have, focused more on Krugmar as a whole rather than the clan individually. As such, the rest of the time on Aegis is mostly the same for Gorkils as it is for the rest of Krugmar.





(Please note the rank list is incomplete and only consists of people who have been active within Krugmar/Discord in the last few months or so.)


"Honour is not something granted to those passive; it must be claimed and worked for with every action and breath. To allow weakness to take root and fester is to betray yourself and every orc around you. I would see you dead before you do that."


- Mogroka'Gorkil the Glorious, Ex-Rex of Krugmar



The Wargoth has the ultimate authority of the clan. He supervises and ensures that everyone is accounted for, and everyone within the clan is properly represented to the Rex. He makes the final decision in every clan matter.


Hargurr’Gorkil (Sykogenic)



Elders are the wisest of Clan Gorkil. To become an elder, one must have proven themself through their service to the Clan, either through wise leadership, compelling victory in battle or sheer loyalty.. The title of elder can only be issued by a Warchief, and cannot be issued onto oneself as Wargoth. The Gorkils who proved themselves to be great leaders, masterful tacticians, or wise thinkers or shamans. Having proven their mettle, they are to be treated with the utmost respect, even by the Warchief, and look to to help the Clan and Warchief however they see fit. They are, however, still bound by the rules of the Clan, sometimes even more-so than their subordinates.


Shakul’Gorkil (dragonslayerelf)


Nazark’Gorkil (_Jandy_)


Murak’Gorkil (TheNanMan2000)


Skorkon’Gorkil (Vilebranches)




The Blooded are Kindred that have proven themselves as valuable Orcs, and capable of going above and beyond what is expected of them.  Dedicants to the Clan, these Orcs are scarred on their arms by the Wargoth with a special sigil to represent their loyalty to the clan.  These Orcs are expected to show tenacity in combat, or true cunning in strategizing. At this rank, these Gorkils have shown to the Wargoth and Elders that they have mastered their chosen path and shown undying loyalty. However, some exceptions maybe be made for those who show exceptional skill in other fields such as Blacksmithing or Alchemy.  It is at this rank that a Gorkil will truly gain full respec, for example a challenge for Wargoth from someone at this rank would be taken seriously, not laughed at and dismissed. Should they have not been birthed into the clan they will be considered a full-blood member, capable of starting their own Gorkil bloodline.




The majority of Gorkil clansmen. These are the Orcs who have been born into or accepted into the clan, but not yet achieved the status of elder. They are expected to follow the orders of the Warchief first, and the elders second. Outside of what their superiors demand of him, they have no obligation to any specific duties or to pursue a specific profession. lack the experience to become elders just yet. They are expected to take orders from their Warchief first, elders second and bluds third. But outside of any demands by their Warchief or the laws of the Clan, Gorkils will find no obligation to do anything such as follow a specific craft.



Ugghra’Gorkil (ThatEmoPerson)


Bolrug’Gorkil (Luca_The_Plane)

Blutige’Gorkil (


Groggnar’Gorkil (Elite_Snipes_)









  1. If a Gorkil finds a person who is injured or starving, be they Uruk, human, kha, or any other race, and this person has done nothing to harm them or another Uruk, it is a Gorkil’s obligation to assist them by tending for their wounds, bringing them to a doctor or healer, or feeding them and offering them shelter.

  2. If the Wargoth/chief demands something, a Gorkil should comply without question.

  3. A disagreement between two brothers must first be sorted out by talking with each other and trying to reach an understanding. If they fail to come to an understanding, they will have an honor klomp.

  4. Never betray your Clan: Betray it not by acting. Betray it not by failing to act. Betray it not by deed. Betray it not by word, sign or inscription.


blood eagle.png

Breaking any of these laws is very serious. Should one be foolish enough to do so, they will be met with an array of punishments.



  • For leaving an injured or starving person, you will be forced to fast for one week. If you repeat this offense, you will be cast up into a freezing mountain and forced to fend for yourself for two weeks. If you repeat this a third time, you will be killed by lacerations to the neck.

  • If you back down from a fight or cower, you will have your fingernails torn off. If you do this again, you will be branded with the word ‘coward’ on your forehead. If this is done again, you will be cast out from the clan and made a whitewash.

  • For not following the Wargoth/chief’s orders, you will have your right hand crushed with a hammer. If this offense is repeated, you will be branded with the word ‘disgrace’ and cast out from the clan.

  • For betraying your brother, you will have your neck lacerated with a rusty dagger.

  • In the most serious of cases, a “Blood Eagle” would be performed on one’s persona. Your back would be slit open, and ribs hacked away from your spine. This would cause it to spring apart to resemble an eagle’s wings. The executioner would then draw the lungs out of your back and draping them over your shoulders, leaving you to die.



Pureblood Trials:

A kub from a Gorkil bloodline is given a trial straight from birth. They must fight a scorpion on their own. If it kills the scorpion, it will be warmly welcomed into the clan. If it fails, it will be left to die as it is unworthy of being a Gorkil. If the kub is unable to complete the trial and does not die, they are cast off into the wilderness to fend for themself for a week. If the kub manages to return, they will be given a second chance. But if they fail again and still do not die they will be unable to attempt to join the clan without unanimous agreeance from the Wargoth and all Elders.



Gorkil breeds Orcs of all different walks of life with an immense variety of interests, as the clan is less vocation based but rather, ethics. However, many Gorkils are fiercely competitive. And as such, highly competitive games or activities are very popular. Common pastimes for Gorkils include war or strategy games, klomping, boar racing, and Hun’Zna .



Before entering battle, Gorkils will often mutilate and scar themselves, usually in an impromptu meeting before entering the battlefield. In these meetings, the Wargoth/chief begins the ceremony by slicing somewhere on their body, deep enough to let their blood coat the blade, and pass it around until all of those in the ritual are bleeding. The lacerations inflicted can be anything from a small slice on the palm of their hand, to intricate carvings covering one’s chest, however it is advised to not let too much blood, or else your ability in combat could suffer.



A scarred Gorkil


The reasons that Gorkils go to such lengths to harm themselves are twofold. First, it is considered a symbol of their clan’s strength and ability to withstand anything. And second, it helps to bring out the highly potent bloodrage in Gorkils, a tactic that has proven to be incredibly effective throughout the countless battles Gorkils have fought in.  Due to this, being covered from head to toe in these scars is considered a sign of longevity and extreme prowess on the battlefield.



Some Gorkils mark themselves with clan tattoos, symbolizing their kills. A tattoo, or perhaps a scar or brand of the blood crescent shows that the Orc bearing the tattoo is part of the Gorkil Clan. Gorkil Tattoos are split up between young and old blood. A Gorkil has to gain at least five young blood tattoos to gain one old blood tattoo. The tattoos will occasionally be substituted for lacerations that leave the shape of the tattoo as a scar.





Despite a Gorkil shaman being a rare sight at one point, that is not the case any more. The Gorkils have carved out a name for themselves as a mix of savage and spiritual. There are no rules surrounding worship, however Farseers of the clan may guide and advise other members to lend their prayers to certain spirits at times. The most commonly worshipped spirits on a clan level are Enrohk, Vulka, Kezt, Jevex and Leyd.



If you are interested in joining Gorkil, complete the following application. Once you have done so, either speak with or send a letter to the Wargoth or one of the elders. This will prompt a short meeting between you and the elder or the Wargoth. The meeting will consist of the elder or Wargoth getting to know the prospecting Gorkil, asking them about their life, their views and moral code, and their knowledge of the clan’s traditions and history. The Wargoth will then decide whether or not the Orc will be permitted to move onto trials.










Trials for newbloods and clanless vary greatly depending on the Gorkil overseeing the trials, and elders are encouraged to use creativity when creating a trial. There are three major categories for trials that a prospecting Gorkil must succeed: in a trial of strength, a trial of endurance, and a trial of wit. These categories all represent strength, in all its different forms, and anyone worthy of becoming a Gorkil should excel in all of these fields. The trials must be completed in the following order; Strength, Wit, Endurance.






The Trial of Strength is meant to to test the prospecting Gorkil’s physical strength. If someone wishes to join Gorkil, they need to prove that they have exceptional physical strength and are capable of holding their own in a fight. This trial involves fighting 4 other Uruks, win or lose. For the sake of this trial fighting an Honorary does not count, they must be born of Krugs blood. Should the Gorkil-Hopeful win, they are expected to do so with dignity and honor. Should they lose, they are expected to do so with the same.


The Trial of Wit forces one to prove their intelligence, how quick they can think and their ability to solve problems. A Gorkil needs to be able to think on the fly while in dangerous situations, and understand what to do in order to save not only themselves, but those that have been put in a life threatening situation. This is the trial with the most leeway for creativity. This trial tends to involve the Gorkil-Hopeful being put into a mildly life-threatening situation. It could be something as simple as being thrown into a scorpion pit and seeing what escape method they come up with, or being told to organize and lead a successful hunt of a dangerous animal. The Uruk giving the trial will need to accompany the Gorkil-Hopeful on this trial, however will not assist them in any way.


The Trial of Endurance is the final trial, and is where one proves their capacity for pain, physical stress and mental stress. Having the willpower to withstand physical pain and stand strong is something all Gorkils should be capable of. In this trial the Wargoth or Elder will attempt to get the trialing Uruk as close to a bloodlust state as they can by cutting, whipping or otherwise physically assaulting them. When the trialing Uruk has reached the brink, they will recite an oath of fealty to the clan. Should the Uruk enter a state of Bloodlust they will be subdued and need to start over. The Trial of Endurance is a simple trial, requiring very little work on the Orc going through the trial other than simply holding their wits about them and withstanding the pain.




(( Special thanks to 2samspan for putting everything together, Gamma_Byte for designing the banner and TheNanMan2000.))

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Meditating in the new land, atop a mountain he had found, he would receive news from the Clan’s trusty messenger-Goblin about the latest news.  Murak grins warmly as he hears of Hargurr spreading  knowledge about the eldest Clan in existance.  He then continues his meditation, trying to contact the Ancestors and gain more knowledge for the martial art of Hun’Zna.

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TIMEZONE: Swedish timezone.



DISCORD: Tae#5858

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