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Wanted: Villainous Slaver on the Run

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[!]A poster hangs on the bulletin board in front of the town’s cavern entrance. All other notices have been moved aside, leaving this singular post in the center.[!]


A large, vivid sketch of a human takes up most of the page, drawn neatly and carefully.


Residents of Vira’ker, be on the lookout for the above human. He has been positively identified as the man who recently enslaved one of our own citizens,  who would still be, presumably, under his capture had it not been for a resident aiding in her purchase and freedom. Speak to Vas Vincrute or Xavis Ashwood if you have any information that could lead to his capture. You will be rewarded. More information regarding the other accomplices will be posted as they become apparent.





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Daisy Applefoot sharpens her Halfling shovel “Toime ter PUMPKIN RAID t’a slavers!”

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