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[PK] Gotta Keep Your Head Up

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Vallei’sul wakes up from a long nap, rubbing at her eyes and looking around the now familiar dim room. It was a quaint home within an orc village, north of the grove, owned by a few elves she has had some time to speak to. It has been a whole month since she last saw her mother, after having been scolded for wandering into the orc village by mistake, and was left to be watched by the elves who reside within the orc village, as her mother had taken leave abruptly, without say.


As her eyes wonder the room, a soft sigh escapes her. The home is silent, still; one could paint a picture of the scene, though the adolescent elf had no patience for sitting around for such an activity. What stood out about the environment however was that all the adults seemed to be nowhere in sight: Vallei’sul was the only person within the residence, where the adults had gone off to, she didn’t know.


“Haelun never came back to get me… She never said she was leaving either.” She says with another soft sigh, getting up from her place on the sofa.  As she moves through the residence, she recalls being told that adults can do whatever they please, because they are older and wiser. So, in her mind, not saying where they were off too must have applied to this. She tiredly rubs at her eyes, making her way out of the residence, and into the main underground cavern. The cavern was gaping, the drop below deep. There was nothing distinguished about the environment, as it was not hot, nor cold, nor humid or dry. She’d round that the place was rather comforting, like living inside the large tree in the grove.


“I should go home, Haelun will be upset I left without saying, but all the adults are away, so there is no one to tell...” Vallei’sul says to herself, walking along the wooden path along the edge of the cavern wall, and taking the lift up and out of the underground residence.  The adolescent Mali felt homesick. She wanted to see her mother, the grove, and all the friendly faces. As much as the orc village was interesting, she didn’t like the idea of not being in her own home.

Looking around the small village above ground, there didn’t appear to be many locals round, and what adults were around, they appeared engrossed in their work, paying little mind to the scrawny elf child. Vallei’sul wasn’t too offended by this; she’d ventured to many cities on her own and found that the busyness was normal. It also made sense that there were few people around, as it was dark outside. She’d spend enough time underground to not really register the time above ground, so it was normal that no one would be away and busy during night hours. As she makes her way to the gates of the orc village, she pats herself down, making sure she isn’t leaving anything behind at the elven residence.


With a curt nod, she grins satisfied with having everything she needs for the walk home. She would have no personal issue walking back to get her things, but she feels bad for already upsetting her mother with how much adventuring she’s been doing. However, as a fourteen-year old Mali’ame, she felt an itch of rebelliousness, to test the limits placed before her. She didn’t really understand how her adventuring was causing problems for her mother, or how people were thinking so badly about her adventuring. She thought finding new things was fun and meeting new interesting people to be invigorating. She knew of the dangers of the road however, she’d had her share of avoiding people whom gave her a bad feeling, or who looked bad.


She’d visited the big and pretty village of Fenn, where the colours had cool or mute tones, and the snow was cold, and crunched beneath her bare feet. The fold that she’d met there were interesting, they were tall, and pale. Some she would recall on her small adventures; like the Mali’fenn who reminded her of a large bear, but white! Or the short Dwed who she’d taken a shining to, and who taught her that wielding a blade is dangerous and should be handled properly.


Leaving the orc village, she keeps to the torch-lit path. With how much adventuring she’d done, she is quite proud of her sense of direction, and navigation.  She’d never previously travelled up this direction and happened onto the path by mistake while exploring off road. So she never happened upon a sign stating that there’d be an orc village. But with the the distinct path before her and recalling the signs near her home at the grove, she had a sure idea of where she was headed.


The land around her was rather flat and barren, she’d never travelled over much barren ground, and mostly in wooded areas, or even areas with lots of water. She recalls the time she’d stumbled upon Sutica; the city with lots of water! She’d been traveling along the river in her tiny boat by the grove, and made her way south, eventually meeting the larger body of water, and spotting the river city. There, she had made a human friend of similar age, and the two adventured the land! They kept to the river, winding around different bodies of land, getting stuck on rocks and swallows every so often.


Vallei’sul recalls the smell of the crisp rivers as she walks, and the discovery of the city donning yellow and purple; Renatus. The city had earthy tones and smells and sounds of great volume. Renatus was bustling with locals who were friendly, but also paid little mind to a human and elf child. They’d played boat in the town square, where a guard played along in a game of chase.

Rounding a bend in the road, Vallei’sul begins to pass a field of large stones, and deep ditches. She squints her eyes as she looks to the stones she passes. The darkness of night makes it hard to see what’s outside the path, so she keeps her guard up. Downing a small hill of the path, she passes a rather large stone, failing to notice a looming shadow lurking by it. The shadow’s steps match her own, and within mere moments, the assailant grabs Vallei’sul from behind, wrapping their arms around her, pilling her arms at her sides. A large hand is placed over her mouth, keeping her from letting out a scream.


From the comfort of the light, to the fearful darkness, Vallei’sul is pulled far from the path, and into the field with looming stones, and deep ditches. She struggles against her captor, unable to scream, unable to pull away. The shadows disorient her, she has not travelled this way before, and has no clue where she is being dragged off to. She can feel her heart beating in her throat as she is thrown to the ground.


The sound of metal being pulled from a sheath is heard, her eyes barely adjusting to the darkness as she scrambles to her feet. A shadowy figure stands before her, wielding a large blade, pointed in her direction. They are large hooded figure, and their figure threatening. The only face the child can see, is that of a discomforting mask. Vallei’sul feels her body tremble at the sight, her eyes watching the figures every move. She feels about her side and draws out the hunting blade given to her by her mother.


“Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” She asks with a trembling voice.

The shadowy figure seems to look to her blade but makes no sudden movement to approach her. “Fighting with the knife won’t help, now hand over your stuff. Let’s make this quick,” The voice sounds masculine, filled with confidence to match their posture.


Vallei’sul feels her brows furrowed, and unconsciously she reaches up to grasp her iron locket. “I don't have anything… Please let me go!” She lies, takin a timid step back. If she can just get far enough, she could find a place to hide, somewhere to escape, and make her way to the safety of the Grove. Was the River near? Could she possibly make it to the river for escape?


So many thoughts run through her mind, the feeling a heavy stone taking residence in her stomach worsens, and she thinks about all the things she could have done to have not gotten in this situation. How she could have just waited till daytime, or how she could have maybe just waited one more month for her mother to come pick her up, or to look for an adult to walk her home. Instead, she chose to walk home out of homesickness, wanting to sleep in her own bed, and explore the groves hidden nooks and crannies.


“Last warning gives it here,” the shadowed man says with impatient anger, they move to take a step closer towards Vallei’sul. Her fight or flight instincts beginning to tug at her muscles, as she takes an uneased step back. A shiver of fear runs up her spine, as anxious sweat begins to form at her hairline.


“P-please, I just wanted to go home. Haelun is waiting for me there,” She pleas, her voice cracking as impending doom sets in. Flight takes over her mind, her body taking instruction as she turns to run away as quickly as possible. Her eyes dart every direction, the darkness seems to distort the rocks around her, beautiful nature now appearing to be more haunting, more disturbing. She is alone, she doesn’t know where she is. No matter how much she tries to think of some way out, there seems to be no options present in that moment.


Quick footfall pursuits after her, it takes only a matter of seconds before a large hand grabs a fistful of her hair. The burning pain at the back of her scalp draws out a cry, as she is halted in her tracks, her free hand reaches up to grab the hand holding her head.

“I warned you.” The voice sounds from just above her. Without warning, excruciating pain is placed at the hand holding the hunting knife. The looming shadow had stabbed his blade into her hand, immobilizing it from wielding the small blade.


Cradling her bleeding hand, she continues to cry out in pain. The blade is discarded to the ground somewhere, but her mind doesn’t care in that moment, nor about the pain of her scalp. Her focus on the pain in her hand is moved to the new burst of pain comes from her right leg, dropping to a knee with a blood curdling cry. Blood begins to pour out from the back of her knee, her ligaments sliced to keep her from running away. Her once blue dress now stained with crimson.


Tears flood from he eyes, as heavy sobs wrack from her chest “Please stop! Please let me go!” She begs, her shoulders shiver uncontrollably. The only reply she receives is the sound of a blunt object being dropped to the ground. Her watery eyes follow the direction of the sound below her; she spots the vague shape of a spade.


Sobs continuing, she slowly picks up the spade with her bloodied good hand. “W-what is this for? Why did you give me this?” Her mind is at a loss, she had no clue what is to come of her fate. And with what she has in mind, a spade doesn't add up.


“Dig.” Is all the attacker says, his grip keeping firm to the back of Vallei’sul’s head.

Slowly, Vallei’sul complies to his demand. She slowly digs at the soft earth below with one hand, pain and fear driving her continued sobs. No matter her pleas, and no matter her questions, the man’s reply is always the same; ‘dig’. The job is slow and agonizing, and after an hour, there is a shallow hole, big enough to fit a small child.


She can dig no more, setting down the bloodied shovel, and cradling her raw and bloodies hand. She is kneeled in dirt that is lightly stained in wetted by her blood. Her head feels fuzzy from both the loss of blood, and from the adrenaline running through her.


From behind the elven child, the looming beast readies his blade for one last blow, driving his blade deep into the child's back, and out through her chest. The pain is too much, the loss of more blood is the driving point for poor Vallei’sul. She cannot scream as blood fills her lungs, her weak hands grasping at the sword protruding from her chest, as though there was something, she could do to remove it. All the sounds of the world around her begin to fade, as the world is covered in red, and fades to a sickly black.


Finally; the pain and suffering ends, as the child rests within the earth. Her lifeless body aside in a hidden location, both her lively possessions, and her head taken from her.

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13 hours ago, Kanadensare said:

((who is this a pk of, you never said the character’s name))

((The name is mentioned frequently, its the first thing mentioned in the story.))

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