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Wubba ***??

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Shiitake and a small group of Shrogo Snotling wander around Krugmar, then stumble upon an odd tree.
“Wubba ***??”



 Shiitake points at the Red Tree, pointing it out to his group. 


”Wub iz dis? Peep like mojo tree.” The Snotlings nodded. They all decided to take a brake from hunting, and gather a short distance from the ‘Blood Tree’. This name was given to the tree by Shii. ”Duh Blud Tree iz a short diztunce frum duh Droodz, maybe iz Droop Dik sabatoge?” Droop **** being his made up slang for Druidic. ”Maybe iz sapping duh Uzg ub plant life? Zo no cropz.” Shiitake promptly knocked out the brainmelt of a Snotling. “Id’jit! Droodz nub harm plantz.” All the little goblins in the hunting party backed up. ”Though mi gruk dey might harm plantz fer a big plan, mi nub gruk, meh.” The Green midgets sat around for a short minute, as Shiitake Pondered. ”Maybe iz just a mojo tree from anover mojo group, dat iz just pudding deez mojo treez down fur fun, and to zpread ‘lub’ and ‘habbynuz’. Maybe iz just a fanzee schmanzee shrine, but dey usually include a sign detaling wub spirit the shrine iz for. Mi alzo remember peeping a tree juzt like dis near zootica, but ubba green culuh.” As Shiitake paced, he kicked a Snotling square in the face in frustration. He was Knocked cold. The Goblins now forming a defensive circle and shifting about, to avoid getting pulverized. ”We shud experiment on duh tree too. Maybe it haz diamond ztrong wud, ‘r it turnz on fiyah when latz blah duh mojo wurd. Well, zoon mi guezz. Abtur dis liddul hunt, zpread wurd of diz spooky tree.”



Small robbed goblin in Krugmar spread word, and are told of Shiitakes Theories, future experiments, and his strength, saying that he is able to control minds, and throw ologs.

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