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  1. "Wot happend." Questions Mervel.
  2. IGN: Mrs_Glazik RP NAME: Mervel Frostbeard CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefu ck you
  3. “Ah dew like me sum Fighteh Fishies.” Said Mervel. +1
  4. ”Go hit medul wif hammur mijetZ!” Bapzapz calls out.
  5. I dont realllly like the idea of adding a base cost of 1k cause it dont make raiding fun. When you gotta shovel all your parties mina together to raid, it makes it Less fun, and destroys profit for the raiding party. But the defending city gets a bonus. This is gonna lower the amount of raids going on in the server. btw btw if you dont wanna get raided always keep gates closed
  6. RP Name: Shiitake’Shrogo Age:: 25 Combat Experience: Spear fighting, and small weaponry. Like knives and stuff. And light experience with bows. Useful Skills: Knowledge of the Shroom!!! And other cave related stuff. Also has knowledge on camouflage tech. OOC: Username: Boxboiy Discord: I do not trust you sorry.
  7. The dwarf is carried away by an orc, after being bought by him! All slaves have been sold.
  8. The Wood Elf is carried back to CT in a goblin-pulled carriage, to be sold to Cyrene (Unwillingly) The Wood Elf has been sold! Only the Dwarf remains, open to offers!
  9. -= Very Attractive Slaves For Auction. =- A large orc can be seen auctioning off two slaves in miscellaneous badlands with accurate finely crafted mud-sculptures representing the merchandise. "Petite dwarven female, has a brave heart." "Slim and sexually attractive WOOD elven female." Bidding for each starts at 300 Minas [Made by ggt]
  10. a bottle of bleach would have been handy at the wc.
  11. Potions and Enchantments could maybe be integrated into LOTC if the potions have a cooldown in between uses, and are very hard to make. And with enchantments they should be hard to make/get.
  12. Application: ((OOC)) IGN: Boxboiy Discord: Ill msg you it. Age:13 ((IC)) Name: Mervel Silvervein Age:43 Race: Mountain Dwarf The settlement you come from: Kaz'ulrah Why should you be accepted?: I plan to aid my settlement with my alchemy skills, and to pass on my knowledge to others.
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