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  1. Napalm and a laxative. Sounds sick as balls.
  2. I must agree, few new players are exposed to what the server has to offer, most left wandering about before logging off, never to be seen again. When I first joined, I was met with open arms, wonderful rp, and tons of help from my respective community, which has kept me going to this day. Hope new players can experience that. Just make sure to not be too pushy, and not pretend and befriend with a fake bubbly persona as mentioned above, just to bolster your nation's population. Makes you feel used when its realized.
  3. Ah alright. Thought it had some application as a neat way to launch yourself at/away from your enemies. But this makes sense.
  4. When mages launch themselves, do they still suffer the same amount of damage as an enemy they'd launched? Or would it be to a lesser degree, as the mage knew when the launch was going to occur, and prepare themselves for the fall?
  5. Age : 220 Alliance : Urguan Race : Mountain Dwarf Mervel Frostbeard
  6. IGN: boxboiy, the god eater RP NAME: Mervel Frostbeard AGE: 200's ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Clan List (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  7. Discord: conkledurr#5535 IGN: boxboiy Style: Bust
  8. Love the luck based spells.
  9. ((Username)): boxboiy Name: Mervel Frostbeard Age: 221 Are you a citizen of Urguan?: No Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): No
  10. MC Name: boxboiy Character Name: Mervel Frostbeard Contest(s) you wish to enter: Ograhad and Magic, Dungrimm and Combat. Are you a citizen of Urguan or one of Urguan’s Vassals? If so, which one: Elvenesse/Haelunor.
  11. WAAAAAAGH- Ah mean, ARUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! - A confused, but battle ready Frostbeard.
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