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The Vira'ker Accord

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The Vira’ker Accord




Issued and confirmed the 15th of Harren’s Folly, 1727



Since the noble Prince Vaelor of Vira’ker first stepped into the halls of the Imperial Palace, he has offered nothing but friendship and alignment towards the common goal of world peace. He has operated in accordance with the de facto alliance forged between him and the Imperial Crown, and has earned trust thereof. Therefore, we see fit to forge this alliance in accordance with all legalities, and bring our mutual affection for the peace we both seek to fruition.



ARTICLE I. The Holy Orenian Empire and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker shall rally to eachother’s defense in the face of external or internal threats to their sovereignties.


ARTICLE II. The Holy Orenian Empire recognizes the Sable Principality of Vira’ker to be the rightful sovereigns of the mali’ker, or Dark Elven people.


ARTICLE III. The Sable Principality of Vira’ker recognizes the Holy Orenian Empire and Alexander II as the rightful sovereigns of all mankind.


ARTICLE IV. The Holy Orenian Empire and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker commit to military cooperation in all operations pertaining to the security of world peace and the destruction of those who would seek to dismantle it.


ARTICLE V. The Holy Orenian Empire and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker commit to open trade and travel throughout their respective nations.




His Highness, Vaelor Syllar, Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker


His Imperial Majest, Alexander II, Prince of Helen, Duke of Roden

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