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The Western Alliance

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The Western Alliance




Adrian de Sarkozy and his entourage being greeted by the Helena garrison as he arrives to take up his post as Lord Protector.


Let it be known that in the face of the horrific misbehavior and desolate and barbarous actions of the Elven Axis, the nations of western Arcas codify with all legal pretense a true alliance. This alliance shall be based on the core principles of mutual respect, the upholding of diplomatic standard, and the utter defeat of those who would denigrate the security of the signatory states.




Signatories shall enter full defensive alliance. Should one be attacked by an external threat, all other signatories shall come to their aid in forms military and diplomatic.



Signatories shall commit the full force of their armies, first and foremost, to assist against the Orcish horde and Irrinor in the conflict concurrent with the date of the publishing of this alliance.



Signatories shall treat with each other, and offer each other signatory state an office from which to base an embassy within each respective state. Ambassadors must be approved by the receiving state.



Should a signatory feel that this treaty has been violated by another, they are bound to diplomatic discourse in an effort to resolve such disputes before declaring the treaty broken.



Signatories acknowledge the sovereignty of fellow signatories and respect the sanctity of their borders as well as their capacity to disallow trespassing upon their land.



Amendments to the treaty, or the addition of another independent state as a signatory, may be passed by an absolute majority vote of the signatory nations.



This treaty shall last for a period of 5 years, and must be resigned by all signatories at the expiration date to confirm its reformation.





His Imperial Excellency, Adrian de Sarkozy, Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire, Sovereign of Mankind, Duke of Adria, Governor-General of Helena


His Grace, Godric, Duke of Morsgrad


His Highness, Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj

 His Highness, Prince Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar of House Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern & Sovereign Protector of the Riverlands



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