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White Stag Tavern Apprenticeship and Work

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White Stag Tavern Apprenticeship and Work
10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1751


[!] This notice was placed exclusively on the noticeboards located within the tavern and of course the square of the Silver City. The notice read as follows:


To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State,


            The staff of the White Stag Tavern has been re-structured with hopes of attracting Mali’thill who are eager to learn more about the professions we offer. Most positions are open at the moment, due to the dire need to have them filled. However, please note that for most beginners they will be immediately allocated into some sort of apprenticeship program. For higher roles, we will require a bit more experience in the matter. Coming to work for the White Stag Tavern will allocate you with the knowledge and experience you need for all endeavors you seek. 


I: Tavern Keeper [Uppori Visaj] - Owner of the White Stag Tavern, oversees all tavern activity, creates future plans, and organizes events in the tavern. They are meant to socialize and do business with tavern owners across Arcas. They will handle apprenticeships for every category should they be absent.


II: Eletaynuel [Goan Aldin] - Co-owner and Manager of the White Stag Tavern, they organize and manage all the groups to the best of their ability. They ensure each group is properly supplied and monitored. They are able to become the master of whichever group they desire, and the Head of that section can consult them for information + help.


A. Bidanbilokir [Goan Aldin] - The Head Bartender. Handles all the bartenders, delegating tasks to them as they see fit. They lead the bar at all times and will act as a role model for all current bartenders.

a. Bartender [OPEN]
b. Bar Trainee [OPEN]
c. Bartenders are regarded to be experts in all sorts of drink preparation, and Bar Trainees will have to pay close attention to the Bartenders around them to learn mixology.


B. Fihernir [Cinh’llytn Leni’irrn] - The Head Chef. Handles all chef work, delegating tasks to them. They essentially lead the kitchen on all tasks, and they assign Station Chef’s appropriate Commis.

a. Station Chef [OPEN]
b. Kitchen Apprentice [OPEN]
c. Station Chefs have a special skill on top of their normal day to day routine, in which the Kitchen Apprentices are expected to follow without question to fully understand the culinary arts.


C. Elanahanair [Anya Asclepius] - The Head Waiter. Handles all the waiters, educates them all on formal executions of handling guests. They often will assist the VIP room and large city events occurring in the tavern. They also assist in ensuring that the apprentices learn proper manners and etiquette. 

a. Waiter [OPEN]
b. Waiting Novice [OPEN]

c. Waiting tables and guests will earn you the skills you need in terms of teamwork and organization. Learning proper professional manners + etiquette during your apprenticeship.


Prerequisites for joining the Tavern staff:

  1.  The Silver State of Haelun’or first-class citizens will enjoy the immediate ability to apply for all ranks in the Tavern.
  2. For those who reside outside of the Silver State, you are required to first come for an interview.
  3. Once you pass the interview, you will be requested to fill out the citizenship form during your apprenticeship.
  4. Constructs are not allowed apprenticeship due to unforeseen circumstances.


Perks for completing apprenticeship: [IRL 2-3 WEEKS]

  1. Guaranteed education throughout your apprenticeship.
  2. All extra tips earned is yours, extra compensation will be granted.
  3. Bartenders get immediate permission to mix and sell their own drinks in the tavern after being reviewed by the Eletaynuel.
  4. Chefs get immediate permission to cook freely all sorts of goods and sell their creations in the tavern after being reviewed by the Eletaynuel.
  5. Waiters get immediate permission to host private VIP room parties, at no cost and at the discretion of the Tavern Keeper.


Perks as Head of a group:

  1. Special items available on the menu, and permission to alter the menu.
  2. Ability to accept and decline applications.
  3. Allowed to host events without extra permission.


Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.



Eletaynuel, Goan Aldin
Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj

[!] The notice quickly ended with the stamp of the Okarir’tayna, and a bunch of extra slips:


-------= Apprenticeship or Work within the White Stag Tavern =-------

OOC: Discord ID: [example#1234] Minecraft IGN: ___________


RP Information
Name: ____________
Race: _____________
Preferred Position: ____________
Previous Experience:__________ [1-2 Sentences]


-------= Please turn in the slip to any staff member. You will be sent a letter of acceptance or rejection with a date of your interview. =-------


OOC: Please copy-paste your form onto this thread. For more information, please message me on discord! I’m currently accepting most applicants, please reply to this forum post with this exact form. If you don’t want to put your discord on a public forum, just privately message me your discord on the forums.

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-------= Apprenticeship or Work within the White Stag Tavern =-------

OOC: Discord ID: [Fooldude#7120] Minecraft IGN: __djcrips_________


RP Information
Name: Maya Noirette
Race:  cool small Human
Preferred Position:  EVERYTHING
Previous Experience: i don’t remember [1-2 Sentences]

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OOC: Discord ID - Blue Budgie#9655

Name: Elariel Lareathyrn
Race: Mali’thill
Preferred Position: Any position!
Previous Experience: I do not hold much experience in this field, i’ve only briefly helped in taverns along my travels. However, i’m a quick learner!

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OOC: Discord ID – Iconniac#4264

Name: Fynn

Race: Mali’thill

Preferred Position: Behind the bar.

Previous Experience: I’m competent and have laboured previously in non-affiliated taverns.

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