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Behind Closed Doors - A Eulogy

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Behind Closed Doors – A Heartfelt Eulogy

by Mister Muffins

Nobody speaks for the fallen as the regret of their death consumes both the broken hearts and the heartiest smiles. It has been two years since the end of the war and the death of Godric I Edvardsson Ruric. His warmth and generosity is too insurmountable to just be ignored. Many restless nights were the result of Godric’s care for his people, for he was forever motivated to protect his people and cultural identity. It was 1760, during the night. His illness and chronic worries had finally caught up to him. Death had to take him in his sleep, for if Godric had been awake, there would have been a fight.


I owe a lot of what I have to Godric and his family, to which I am still serving loyally as a Chamberlain to the Highland Realm. If it was not for Godric, I would not be wearing my signature suit that many of my colleagues and friends recognise me by. Although I am Kharajyr by blood, the only man I consider to be family is Godric along with his only son Caedric. I was raised since I was a cub by the Rurics, their patience in a Kharajyr was astounding for I may have turned savage. It was the grace of Godric that made me feel truly at home however. Here I sit beside the Ash Tree like I have for months, waiting fervently for Godric’s return through the doors of the palace. No matter how long I wait, the truth is there is no hope...


As I am soon to hit my 100th year, the one thing I had yet to learn was heartbreak. If the circumstance were any other way, I would have agreed to being heartbroken. That’s the point of heartbreak though, is it not? To feel complete destruction of your emotional state. My half-soul has only felt full when I spent time with Godric, now I require solace in needing to even feel half again. I will never encroach on the claim to humanity, but if I what I felt was not human I am not sure what is. I spend my time outside of writing missives for Caedric reflecting on how I could have saved Godric’s life. If I lied and told him that we won the war, would he have had a quick recovery? After all, it wasn’t his illness that had killed him, it was guilt. Guilt that should have been better tended to. I think that if the All-Father had given me another chance, I would have brought him away from the war and had him seek medical attention in a former AIS state where many more were trained in medicine.


I have reflected on my regret and it has given me inspiration. Although I know that I will never be able to bring back Godric from uniting with his father. I know I can still be benevolent because I know that is what he would have done if he were still alive. It is because of this that I am trying to bring educational medical resources to the Highland Realm so that others do not have to feel the same strife...


I am tired. Can I sleep now, Master?

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doctor daniel is beyond outraged, as someone would put into the question the capability of his medical skills. whilst he is moved by the sentiment of the writing, he pokes godric ( @Narthok ) to assure that he is still struggling with his current flu.

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